Harper’s Bazaar

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Senior official

A senior Chinese official has called for promoting the values of the country's religions, such as sincerity, harmony, safeguarding the nation and loving the people.

Du Qinglin, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and head of the United Front Work Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, made the remarks during his visit to southeastern Fujian Province from May 31 to June 2.

Du told religious people that efforts should be made to build temples, churches and monasteries into harmonious places and let religions be compatible with socialism and safeguard national interests.

He said as Chinese citizens, religious people should have the country, the people and the law in mind, safeguard the nation's fundamental interests, abide by the law and religious principles and keep to the rule of the profession.

Religious people should identify "positive elements" in religious sutras and tenets and "explain them in a way that was in line with the era and easily received by followers," Du said.

He said they should carry forward the tradition of benevolence and helping people in need, and devote themselves to social services such as helping the elderly and the disabled and in disaster relief.

Religious communities should find their "place in economic and social development" and let religions "better serve society," he said.
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Don't make any decision when being angry

Don't make any decision when being angry
There is a man, his wife has had difficult labour very much while giving birth to the child. Fortunately, there is a bright and capable dog, bearing the heavy burden of looking after the baby naturally at his home. One day, the man has things to go out, come back very late. The dog knows the host has come back, the cheerful one is come out to meet. But the man sees dog's mouth is filled with the blood, a kind of ominous premonition is swarmed in mind immediately, think whether this dog has eaten the child because of hungry brutish nature outbreak. Then he make dash for by the bed seeing suddenly at once, there were not people, only saw a group of bloodstains. Man when being furious, pick up rod beat these dog to death. Who knows just in at this time, child cry under bed climbing, coming out, man this does not know oneself wronglied blame dogs, four look over, find, lie one wolf, live, live, kill, watch that dog already nearby, the back leg has already been scratched seriously. When the man went out originally, a wolf slipped away to want to eat the child secretly, dog's brave rushing forward and wrestling with the wolf greatly, has kept the child's life finally. The man knows after the truth, cry loudly and wail, repent endlessly, but everything has been already unable to gain.

Why will such a tragedy take place? That is because he is washed routed reason by strong anger, ignore the most basic judgement and step of verification. In fact this is the people's common fault too. According to the calculating of the psychologist, people are when being angry, the IQ is the lowest. In angry a moment, people will make stupid decision but opinionated very, can make dangerous act but righteously indignant very too. Decisions made at this time, more than 90% are all extreme mistakes.

In fact, a lot of people are quilts " The air for the moment " And forfeit all one's life's. The far one drowns oneself in a river and commits suicide in a fury like Qu Yuan; It is near if the horse adds the rank of nobility, kill four people in succession in a fury. This is an extreme example. Resign, on Tao Yuanming, resign all living things that do not be in a fury in a fury, it is very stiff act even more. So, there is such a sincere advice - -Don't make any decision when being angry.

Almost all the are repentant after prison prisoner say; Almost all the behavior case has made an unwisely decision to happen when being angry; Nearly all criminals have said while giving an interview: " If at that time . " In fact, most people kindhearted at the essence, so-called " Man was born kind " Really devilish, there are few people taking committing murder and arson as pleasure. Whether speaking from the this meaning, there could be reason when angry, will influence people's life fundamentally.

People perceptual animal, live in love hating feeling hatred interweaving, and among constant choice in life, it is irrelevant to choose a bit, choose a bit but concern the overall situation; Some faults can be done the best to remedy, but some are unable to save the situation. Making the thing of the wrong decision because of being angry, everybody has happened on one's body. If you are not injured by that wrong decision, that should be happy, but might not luckily show appreciation for forever. Want, hold one's own life enable bias track it, please remember the sincere advice - -Don't make any decision when being angry!

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Host doing manual labour

Host doing manual labour
One day, the philosopher led all disciples to walk on the downtown streets, the whole downtown streets were bustling with vehicles, peddling the sound can be heard without end, a glorious scene.

After going out of part of the way, the philosopher asks the disciple: "Among the retailers that saw just now, which one wear happy color? " A disciple answers: "I pass four that fish, the people who buy the fish are numerous, the owner has more visitors or business than one can attend to, the face has been permeated with the smile all the time. " The disciple's words have not been finished yet, the philosopher shakes the head, say: "Heart although happiness of desire for gain, can be lasting. "

The philosopher leads all disciples to continue it forward, in the front is a block of farm houses, the chicken rings the mulberry tree, the dog calls the deep lane, the person in twos and threes shuttles back and forth busily. The philosopher sends all disciples and scatters in all directions and leaves. After after a while, the philosopher asks the disciple again: "Among the villagers that saw just now, which one seem more substantial? "

A disciple has the first step, answer: "There is a villager with black face in the east of the village, the family is raising chiken's and duck's oxen and horses, there is ground of several 0.667 hectares on the slope, he finish thing of family, reach slope wait upon, get field again, one either unoccupied in quarter, streaming with sweat all the time, this villager should be substantial. " The philosopher hesitates for a moment slightly, say: "Come from a trifling one substantial, want, lose when being trifling after all finally, no most substantial. "

A group traveling together continue it forward, in the front is a hillside, on the slope is the flocks of sheep like the cloud. On a huge stone, one sits to describe the withered old person, have a whip in arms, overlooking to the distant place. The philosopher stopped the step of all disciples immediately, said: "This old person visits the eye gives free rein to thoughts and feelings, it is a host of the life. " All disciples see eye to eye, think, an old man putting sheep out to pasture, it is too lonely to depend on perhaps, there is not the basic necessities of life, how could be the host of the life? The philosopher has seen the puzzled disciple, bright sound channel: "Can not you think his soul is taking a walk happily? " RELATED LINKS:
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6 type yoga makes you vigorous

6 type yoga makes you vigorous
Our sun of every morning has got up, does one's own body but can't stand up? Whether your body has stood up, but can't stand up in your mood? It is the most arduous task of the each morning to get up, yoga holds and helps you in early morning when let yoga expert design! These 6 simple yoga movements can also make you relax besides having function of reducing weight, focus attention, inject new students' energy into one day of yours.

Before beginning movements, do the exercise that inhaled and exhaled slowly in one minute. If you can not vacate 20 minutes to finish 6 movements of ways to do things, can do 1, 3, 5 first, practised 2, 4, 6 more the next day, was taking turns doing like this.

1,The spinal is spread

Cross both legs sit in ground, aitch bone pigeonhole ground, draw from spinal to top of the head. (if think the posture uncomfortable, can sit on the pillow or blanket) While doing this movement of spreading, should keep the aitch bone landing. Put the left hand on the right knee, inhale, then spread the backbone. Then exhale, wrench the waist at the same time, the body turns right. Flash and breathe, the health goes back to front. ( a) Change the direction, repeat movements.

The right hand is slipped on the ground, spread the left arm and cross the top of the head. Inhale, the left hand finger is stretched to the ceiling. Then exhale, the left hand is spread right at the same time, draw the health of left. If you think the aitch bone on the left leave the ground, the left arm needn't be stretched too far. ( b) Breathe once, change the direction and repeat movements.

2,The cat type is spread

Both hands, one pair of knees and both feet land, support the body. The wrist takes under the shoulder, the knee takes under the buttock. Spread the backbone, make the tension drawn extend to the top of the head, the head is stretched forward, the coccyx of spine is stretched backward. Suck the one breath deeply, then the crooked back is stretched to the ceiling, make the body join and look like an angry cat, the chin is accepted inwards. While inhaling next time, bend the back, will relax the underbelly to spread toward ground, lift aitch bone and collar-bone, head upwards, the eyes stare the ceiling. Repeat movements three times.

3,The puppy type is drawn

Reply the posture of landing to the four limbs of last movement.

( a) Palm and finger are pressed to the ground, crooked toe, lift buttock and back. Keep one pair of knees slight and crooked, then swing your " tail " (coccyx of spine) .

( b) Then put down the left foot and follow, stretch that left leg. Breathe once, crooked left leg then again, stretch the right leg.

4,Horse-ride step

Reply the posture of landing to four limbs, the right foot takes a big step forward forward, the toe, with the finger side by side, in toe right knee. Then, the left leg is slipped backward, let the knee be placed on the ground. Keep the backbone straight and upright, the shoulder blade is downward. Want, strengthen, spread, keep downwards forward buttock, to stretch collar-bone. Breathe once, change a leg and repeat movements once.

5,Step forward and spread

Lift a leg to take forward, some after both hands depend on to the buttock of direction lifting of the ceiling, let that preceding leg be tried hard to stretch. Then, pigeonhole later on following the foot heel of foot, the toe can be turned to the side. Try hard, keep exended legs with thighs, buttock continue lifting toward ceiling, relax upper part of the body curve Taxi the leg forward. Breathe, then change the health of one side and repeat movements once.

6,The triangle is spread

The right foot steps a big step forward, put the right hand on the right ankle or small thigh bone, the left hand is placed on the left rib. Open the body to the left side, let both shoulders become a straight line and left shoulder above the right shoulder. Turn left foot toe to the front, the right foot toe points to the right side. If you feel uneven, lift the left arm to stretch to the ceiling, let the left arm and right arm become a straight line. Keep the backbone spreading, the sight is placed on the left arm. If the shank feels too tired, turn sight to the front. Breath; Then change the health of one side and repeat movements.

Finish movements

Stand quietly or sit quietly for several minutes to adjust breath. Then smile - -It is the last that this is " Muzzle yoga " ,Let your appearance and mood all getting beautiful.

After practising, you will feel whole body to be full of vigor, let listless to go while being fantastic! ! This kind of vigor of letting yoga bring to you begins for a bright day! !
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All time is no time when it is past.

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