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Web1800 remote service system

Web1800 remote service system is the first online remote support platform.. Web1800 will the international advanced" service concept" and "domestic service management practice" combination, through an online session, PC remote controlremote presentation, remote control, remote computer information detection and real-time interactive means to solve customer problems, to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce the enterprise customer service cost, easy for enterprises to achieve service innovation.
Compared with traditional remote control software, Web1800has no need of preloaded with any software, without the need for any system settings, easy to use and the characteristics of human nature, the unique BRD ( best choice ) technology and multiple line of server cluster but also ensure that the remote service speed is fast and stable. At the same time, through the background efficient workflow management mechanism, aided by advanced customer service data management and data analysis program, Web1800created a " session - Remote - live" of the new generation service mode, realize the line under the service integration management.
This professional remote support function:
Online remote assistance
Including the Web mode remote presentation, remote desktop, remote control, file transfer and computer system information.
* Note: Web mode that is no pre-load program, directly accessed through the browser webpage form
And other interactive and value-added function
Includes an online session, collapse rescue, the message and the Email, satisfaction, service charges.
Service efficiency function
Includes a pair of multiple services,bluetooth keyboardknowledge base, common language / common link, news, customer switching, predict automatic distribution, automatic response.
Customers feel promotion function
Including enterprise custom client interface, the custom prompt, all kinds of system security warning, history records of inquiries.
by fashiongirl | 2012-04-30 12:48

miss the past

Dear, you will often miss the past, your space is full of" her back in her footsteps." the old king, the old faces are the only comfort. I know, in fact you these days are not moving the" dust" memory, Yunzhi pspyou dare not to touch those once. You don't know how to face once, close your eyes and your mind is full of beautiful memories, but not even a shadow of you want to, but in reality the more you care about the people and the farther away from you.

You stand at the time of this site, looking forward to the missing time and certainly not the future of faith, even the wave of courage, the shuttle in the busy and nervous City, you say you do not want to study, do not want to annoy myself, can get the opposite of what one wants, you must taste it. You look more simple more simple, more stories, the deeper ayutthaya. And every day you will say I'm heartless laugh, but laugh when the head will hurt,PC remotethe heart will be painful.

You suddenly you said solemnly, although you are tired, but you need to change, because the senior high school entrance examination will reject you, you will become the senior high school entrance examination of abandoned children, your heart tremble, you want to make yourself busy, let yourself be thought memories, but suddenly into the eardrum Lyric will make you downpour.

You just let yourself getting wide belt she does not regret the end, in order to eliminate the Iraqi people languish. Flowers bloom, you smile.

Dear myself thousands and thousands of words, windsor healthonly a word, love yourself, love can not tired ...
by fashiongirl | 2012-04-23 13:55

use deep breathing method

Inhalation method is to use deep breathing method will plant aromatic oil molecules through inhalation, pulmonary circulation, PC remotewas used by the body after discharge in vitro.

Inhalation of two functions: treatment of respiratory system infection ( such as: bronchitis, asthma, cough, cold )

Or chronic disease, refreshing or calm mood.

Simple inhalation can be by one to three drops in the handkerchief, towel or half a cup of warm water, at any time to smell; Yunzhi Essenceno pay attention to do not use plastic cups, glass, porcelain or earthenware remaining cups can be, if the paper is not on the EP must choose.

At home, you can also be injected into the hot boiling water in a basin, trickle a few drops in water through, scattered, large towel to cover the entire face and basin, mouth, nose alternately breathe deeply, to feel more comfortable or temperature becomes lower.

Long distance driving or working late one, can prepare two to make three kinds of essential oil, used interchangeably to deepen a refreshing effect; wherein, peppermint oil can be refreshing cool you can strengthen memory, rosemary, basil can increase responsiveness, these are long time work and people often choose to use a lot of energy.

But in the dropping number to control the not too much,office furniture because there are some essential oils of different will play a reverse effect.
by fashiongirl | 2012-04-19 11:55

Parents stay

Last night I dreamed that his father, I am the unit meeting, he suddenly appears on the outside of the meeting room, a face gaunt desolate ... ... His father has been dead for two months, as he remembered dying before the big stars falling tears, I just fell into the inescapable heart punishment.歸我管

That night nursing home phone that my father is seriously ill, I'm partying. At that time, the atmosphere was warm, I drank a lot, my life, my classmates and I said:" my father is all right, I got this phone is not a two time." When I arrived at the hospital with alcohol, father has been in a coma, nursing home say father was holding the last breath, waiting for me. See me, father's weakness to open the mouth, but there are thousands and thousands of words, has said a man, big tears rolled down from his eyes, then, he closed his eyes wearily, and he did not wake up. I kind of awl heart pain and remorse, nobody can understand.

Five years ago, his father was unable to take care of themselves. Mother had died, called father became a burden to me, probably because of illness, her father's temper is weird. In the nursing home three years ago, I have to find my father had eight nanny. Sometimes I get home from work, was about to give children to cook, nanny to the phone, said his father got angry again, refused to eat. If I were not there for the day to see his father, and his nanny going, he said, the girl cooking. The girl.分到頭

His work in Beijing, my work is also great pressure. Every night I settled after the father returned home, children have slept, day in and day out, come down one year, I tired, people lost a lot of weight. My little family into a disordered state, also began to complain of.

By the end of 2006, my heart tired tired reached the top, I like foreign big brother talk, saying that my body is not good, want to father to nursing homes. Big brother agreed, in fact, not on the father's side filial, big brother for me has always been full of guilt. He called persuaded her father to go home, father has been silent. Later said the eldest brother, sister, the body is not good, a long time will be the sister exhausted; besides, would also affect her family harmony. My father cried, he said: I muddled, I dragged down girl.

In this way, because our economic condition is good, but also to spend money to buy peace of mind, make up the feelings of" debt" to my father, I chose a very good nursing home.こんな
by fashiongirl | 2012-04-13 16:27

Solar panels were sold as scrap

March 23rd, palm camp, in the area 23building 404,401,104 households found their placement on the top floor of the solar panels to be rather baffling was stolen.
Household alarm,HTPC Keyboard residential entrance waste recycling old Peng boss admitting3 Solar he poached. He explained:" a man said to be solar companies, he said the company now begin with old change new business, by404,401,104 households will be commissioned,3 solar as waste to me, so I take people upstairs had3 home water heater, I paid him 800 yuan. I don't know the man is a cheat!"

At present, palm Camp police station has been on the matter of investigation. Police officer said:" only at present period, in the area that series of hoax, other areas have not had the similar incident."

Be resident:" TM" remove the guard
At noon on March 19th, wearing a black jacket, look around more than 20 years old man knocked camp palm, district 26 in204 households in the door of the house.

Open the door is a 56 year old poplar aunt. " Jacket" very politely said: "Auntie Hello, I is a solar energy company staff, your home solar water heater has a very old, probably because of equipment aging and lead to water leakage fault. The government will promote water conservation, now our company free of charge to help you remove the waste of the water heater, can you see?"

Aunt Yang see man smiling, talking refined and courteous, put down the heart of the alert, and promised to dismantle the attic waste water heater. Later," jacket" out of the community came to the door of a waste recycle bin items, find the boss Peng Tan business.

" This jacket for men to find me, he said that he is a solar energy company clerk, now the company is carrying out ' with old change new ' business, to be dismantled in26, building 204households home solar water heater. He said that as long as I promised to help him remove, he will put this water heater with waste sold me. At that time, my heartbeat, because there are many solar aluminum metal, can sell some money." Mr. Peng said.

Lao Peng take tools like" jacket" came26. He glanced at the young aunt home solar water heater, said only willing to pay200 yuan, did not think of" jacket" without demur agreed. Two people work for nearly half an hour before the solar water heater removed, during two on the top floor of the aunt Yang for fear of accidents, especially the ladder upstairs to see a.

" Now when dismantling, householder aunt Yang climbed the ladder up. Poplar aunt I have ever seen, she come to my shop to sit.solar module cell See her up to supervise the work, I believe firmly." Mr. Peng said.

Lao Peng pay with" jacket". " I see the boy will Peng and old solar down the stairs, but did not think of to that person phone number. I think he is the very next day would send me invoice, sent money, but the other4 days not to see the silhouette." Aunt Yang said.
by fashiongirl | 2012-04-02 16:14

All time is no time when it is past.

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