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the old Tangqi

Film is engraved with the old Tangqi
In 80, the Tangqi sugarcane great reputation. Every November, water sugar cane market begins lively rise. The farmer put sugar into boats, buyers directly on board the selection of suitable sugar cane,Hong Kong water slide shipped to Suzhou, Shanghai and other places to go, the general will continue to Spring Festival around. Sugarcane planting in Tangqi was a major economic source of income of farmer.
Chia was when Tangqi more characteristics of an old alley, now it has built many houses. The woman, dressed like this is a very fashionable. At the end of the 80's, a fashion wind blowing, the young girls began to pay attention to dress up.
At the end of the 80's, franchise bike shop, but the bicycle or common people home large. At that time travel by walking, who a bike that man. A bike for 160 yuan, the equivalent of two months' salary.

At the end of the 70's, the ferry is busy every day. Henan shore to shore, Hebei farmer vegetable farm, choose the ferry, a boat can take more than 20 people.
American fried chicken fried duck appeared in Tangqi, caused a small sensation. The shop door every day of a long row of the team, people of all ages and both sexes of this emerging food are very interested in business, full
This place is called character bridge, this bridge is the axle oil. Axle oil connecting both sides of the canal, HK plastic woodis an important transportation channel. Now the axle oil had been removed, the picture of old house can all make only superficial changes.
Trainee reporter Jin Jing
From 1978 December start, candid young friends" canal wind", began with footage of Tangqi.
The first film festival, these photographs, engraved with the old Tangqi foundation.
Candid young friends" canal wind" is 58 years old this year, the Yuhang Linping, home to 15 kilometers from Tangqi.
He said:" the 70's of the last century, I just started playing the photography, also do not know what film, Tangqi close to home, and the canal from the town across the river, the life is very interesting, I often took the camera to shooting over there, on 1985 was established in the Yuhang area Photographers Association, association in Tangqi. Various folk activities, I often go to Tangqi, started the project, system of Tangqi ancient town people's lives, water style, characteristic street ... ..."
This concern is 30 years.
" I look at the old photo, a lot of places now have become a many-storied buildings. Social development is very rapid, Tangqi has changed a lot. I put the photo to see some great habitat, they all have feeling very much, because they had experienced, see the familiar scene, but also to tell a story with me. But after 80 young people do not understand these photos,Hong Kong safety surfaceI look to them, they feel very strange."
Snapshot snapshot network is being carried out in the first film festival. Will choose a champion in 2, the award of film 100; runner-up 2, 50 runner-up in the award of film; 2, the award of film 20.
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Ministry of industry

The Ministry of industry and communications industry development conference in 2012.
The news office of the State Council on February 7, 2012 ( Tuesday) morning 10 when does in news of the State Council News Office held a press conference, asked the Ministry of industry and information technology of member of leading Party group, chief engineer Zhu Hong was introduced with the 2011 national industrial development of the telecom industry and 2012 industrial communication industry development situation, answer the reporter asks.
Ladies and gentlemen, friends from the press, good morning, welcome everyone to attend the press conference of the Information Office of the state council. This morning we asked the Ministry of industry and information technology of member of leading Party group, chief engineer Zhu Hong president, Ministry of information industry and the communication of vice director of Department of development of MS Chen Jiachun, ask them to introduce you the 2011 national industrial development of the telecom industry, this year with the development of the situation, answer questions from you.
Now please Zhu Hong Ren is briefly introduced the first case.
Zhu Hong ren:
Ladies and gentlemen, dear media friends, good morning everyone. Very happy in the Chinese year of the Dragon Lantern Festival after the first day and meet all of you. First of all I would like to all the media friends, for the last year of industry and communications industry attention, concern and support expressed gratitude. According to our host arrangement, I want to go to the entire industry and communications industry development in 2011 of a brief introduction, on 2012 the main task to make a simple description, and my colleagues and I answer your questions.
Zhu Hong ren:
In 2011, in the face of new changes in international environment and domestic economy in the new situation, the Party Central Committee, the State Council under the strong leadership of industry and informatization system, adhere to the scientific development as the theme, to transfer mode, adjust the structure, continue to consolidate and expand the economic crisis impact results. The annual industrial communication industry has maintained steady and rapid development of national economy," 925" off to a good start and played an important role.
Zhu Hong ren:
Industrial economy moves basic and smooth. According to the National Bureau of statistics, 2011 countrywide dimensions above industry increases a value to grow 13.9% compared to the same period, industrial production in the year fast recovery on the basis of continued to maintain steady and rapid growth. Industries, raw material industry grows 12.6%, consumer goods industry grows 14.1%, equipment manufacturing industry grows 15.1%, grow 15.9% electronic manufacturing industry.
Zhu Hong ren:
Promote industrial transformation and upgrading. The central budget for investment to arrange 15000000000 yuan of the revitalization of key industries and special funds for technical transformation, increase the energy-saving and new energy vehicle equipment industry core competence construction, industrial energy-saving emission reduction efforts to support, 18 industries and eliminate backward production capacity of good progress. Announcement of the 2255 enterprises and backward production lines have been closed. Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou eight succeeding in space rendezvous and docking, 65-45 nanometer integrated circuit manufacturing process to achieve mass production. The organization carried out the key areas of the joint inspection of rare earth.
Zhu Hong ren:
The development of small and medium-sized enterprises to further improve the environment of small and medium-sized enterprises, finished draw standard revision. The State Council introduced support miniature enterprise financial and taxation as well as the temporary exemption from part of the administrative cause of fees and other policies and measures, arrange special funds to support small and medium-sized industrial enterprises to carry out technological transformation, the development of emerging industries. The organization created in 99 state-level public service platform of small and medium-sized enterprises demonstration.
Zhu Hong ren:
The industrialization and the information fusion to actively promote the introduction of information technology and industrialization, promoted the integration of several opinions, the organization began 12 industry "two change" fusion level evaluation, the "two" Experimental Zone construction obtains new achievement," two of" integration in promoting safe production, energy saving and emission reduction plays a positive role. The realization of software revenue exceeds 1.8 trillion yuan, an increase of more than 30% over the previous year.
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civilization and finally

Human civilization and finally a Valentine's day you ready?

Maya says, December 21, 2012 night, dawn in December 22nd will never come! So, this year's Valentine's Day was given special meaning before the end of the world, Valentine's day give a promise of love, Valentine's Dayno matter what will happen in December 21, the commitment will be forever etched in memory of love!

Festival marketing has become a large business and brand the most important marketing link, many Taobao merchants and e-commerce sites include the festival marketing and the normal marketing is separated, by specialized departments responsible for the marketing activities in the planning and execution of the festival. Especially significant holiday, many businesses have sought to strength and creativity on the competitors and the distance. How in the 2012 special significance during the Valentine's day do network marketing, promote the product brand, stimulating commercial sales?

Reporter recently interviewed 2012 Sina Valentine's day business person in charge, Hangzhou cool point network technology Qi Xiaolei General Manager

Reporter; the 2012 Sina Valentine's Day activity has what characteristic?netbook tabletThe theme and form what is it?

Qi Xiaolei; the activity of special subject borrowed from the Maya 2012 Doomsday Argument of human civilization, the whole activity around love, commitment, memories of the three themes. At the appointed time sina.com.cn, Sina micro-blog will open up Valentine's Day special page, through topic interaction causes a netizen in Valentine's emotional resonance, attract more the depth of involvement. In addition this activity will also introduce some calls to business for the majority of users to provide rich Valentine gift.

Reporter; Sina micro-blog in this activity to play what role? All micro-blog users can participate in Valentine's Day activity?

Qi Xiaolei; Sina micro-blog as carrier of activities, this is the network marketing activities of the biggest bright spot. The Sina micro-blog is the real social network, the most real map of the social relation network, Sina micro-blog users can say the most sincere love commitment, enhanced the willingness of participation, to attract the most extensive user involvement in group. In January this year just ended Sina micro-blog Xunlong Ji, cooperation, samsung galaxy tab 8.9 a total of about 4200000 micro-blog users involved in the activity, this Valentine's Day activity is expected to participate in a number to be able to break through 5000000.
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production only a qualified

Shanghai" beauty" production only a qualified variety of chocolate unqualified tag
Oriental Network January 30th news: according to the" Morning News" reported that, before the Spring Festival of January 21st, Morning News reported the color optical lenses ( common parlance as " beauty" )samsung galaxy tab 8.9belongs to the high risk of medical equipment products, the State Food and Drug Administration released a message to say, henceforth formally incorporated into the regulation of medical devices category, not to obtain medical equipment registration certificate, will not be allowed to production and sales; and recommendations, the operators to suspend production the products produced or imported. Yesterday, a reporter from the Shanghai food and Drug Administration Bureau understanding arrives, Shanghai has been in a research setting specific regulatory measures.
So far, Shanghai has not yet received color flat lenses serious injury event report. However, the Shanghai food and drug administration departments pointed out, even after the return of medical equipment management, also is not recommended for public use, because the color optical glasses on visual acuity had no protective effect, but have a high risk of.
At present, Shanghai only and a production color flat contact lens related qualification, the color flat contact lenses as the three category of medical devices registration. While the US of Johnson & Johnson pupil is invisible glasses ( including Plano lenses ) through the SFDA approval and obtain a medical device registration certificate.
Shanghai food and Drug Administration medical equipment safety director Yue Wei disclosed, color flat contact lenses into the medical device supervision related announcement has not been released, but the Shanghai experts for two consecutive years and local experts to discuss the draft.
At the same time, Shanghai also on the market of production, operating color flat contact lenses made investigation, market sales of color optical lenses dragons and fishes jumbled together, undocumented color flat contact lenses are not produced in Shanghai. Once the relevant announcement released, Shanghai will be color flat contact lens research, production,netbook tablet management, use of the implementation of a comprehensive supervision, including major glasses wholesale city.
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flash explosion

Crooked eye bye hook flash explosion eye makeup
How to create a charming eye? Painted eyeliner and shadow is the key! Little eyeliner and shadow is also the great learning. Dashed over askew eyeliner and eye shadow appear trite and insignificant said Bye Bye, small today make up teach teach you how to draw eyes, to sell bigger God "size uppercut" eye makeup. The new year the most eye-catching appearance, in the few pen!
Eyes are small, in the makeup is very important. But many people often complain about the makeup, difficult to draw out. Many MM certainly have had with colorful colored eye makeup tools but do not know how to do. Today Xiaobian teach teach you how to draw eyes, to sell bigger God "size uppercut" eye makeup. The new year the most eye-catching appearance, in the few pen!
Variety of Eye Makeup Foundation: small uppercut
Just draw the eye will not appear monotonous oh. A single picture on tail slightly on the pick" hooked", will be able to look for charging. If coupled with new year golden shine and inward eye shadow, vivid and eyes of God, the 2012 brightest must belong to you.
Step 1: matte brown eye shadow
Use eye shadow brush dipped in earth colors eye shadow, from below the eye brow concave back belt, eye type variable depth, nose Yamane more stereo.
Small tips: with Yu Fendai to the post orbital office, can create a natural sense of three-dimensional eye shadow, instant formation!
Step 2: pearl eye head
Dip the pearlescent meticulous eye shadow, the eye shadow stick to do before the 1 / 3 eye head up, increase eye lively sense.
Step 3: Golden Eye
The gold Eyeliner fine paintings in the original rise above the liner, increased eye level sense. If the fear of too exaggerated, just draw the eye first 1 / 3 place.
Step 4: bright eye liner
Selection of angle eye shadow brush, dip in with shiny metallic eye color, painting on the roots of eyelashes, so that the eye more amplification!
Variety of eye makeup Sublimation: small uppercut + big uppercut
If you feel" small uppercut" is not eye-catching do? Use eye shadow to strengthen it, can make makeup effect soft and not sharp, but also adds color to the sense of hierarchy, plus eye end false eyelashes, immediately turned gorgeous beautiful eye!
Step 1: Shadow enhancement effect
Using chromogenic effect excellent Eye Pencil Eyeliner, paintings stacked above, can strengthen the effect of liner, and the ratio of only Eyeliner appear more soft, full of color layers.
Step 2: an elongated end of eye
Use sponge stick eye shadow from inside to outside to do detailed halo, in the ending position of the eye shadow halo elongated.
Step 3: the silver liner
Silver eyeliner can neutralize strong sense on the makeup, the silver eyeliner to fill in the eyelids, can make your eyes become bright god.
Step 4: the end of eye lashes
False eyelashes halved, from the end of the 1 / 3 line began to paste, make makeup effect more charming
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All time is no time when it is past.

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