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shower water temperature

Take a shower water temperature not too high to death
The expert reminds the elderly and patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in winter, hot bath time should not be too long, must be controlled in half an hour; take a shower of water temperature should not be too high, preferably slightly above body temperature; they should also pay attention to take a shower bath room ventilation, avoid steam lead to hypoxia.
Research has pointed out, take a shower in winter when the number of sudden death even more than the people killed in traffic accidents are more. The expert points out, the old man especially with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the elderly, take a shower in winter water temperature should not be too high, so as to avoid accidents.
Experts said, because of the cold weather, many people like to wash a hot bath, but for the elderly and cardiovascular patients, which may conceal is worn the crisis. This is because the body is often take a shower before and after to span a larger temperature changes, but old blood vessel elasticity is poor, it is very difficult to adapt to the changes come unexpectedly, prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accident.
In addition, some old people take a shower bath room for a long time, water vapor is more, may also be caused by hypoxia, leading to the elderly head, heart and other parts of ischemia, cause an accident. Therefore, angina, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral congestion is high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in winter.
So experts advise the elderly and patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in winter, hot bath time should not be too long, must be controlled in half an hour; take a shower of water temperature should not be too high, preferably slightly above body temperature; they should also pay attention to take a shower bath room ventilation, avoid steam lead to hypoxia. In addition, if the bath room temperature is low, the best use of Yuba and heating equipment, or put some hot water to bath room temperature. But don't take a shower door, the family also should pay attention to.
While the old man in the chest, take a shower once occurred when suffocation even sudden loss of consciousness and other unforeseen circumstances, the family should be timely make emergency calls, waiting for the ambulance personnel arrived, families to patients carried to ventilated place, attention in patients with warm, and allows patients to take side.
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Chi European Communication

British female Wu Chi European Communication Chinese Kung Fu went to Wudang Mountains to learn Tai Chi
" British Wudang disciple Lucia so dedicated, HTC flyer p512not only learned Tai Chi form, but also learned Tai Chi god!" The day before yesterday ( lunar January 6 ) at noon, the news channel of CCTV new year" Wuzhou line" special episode," British female Wu Chi, ten years the work " for the problem, reported the British Wudang female disciple Lucia during the Spring Festival with master Yuan Limin in Paris ( France), Amsterdam ( Holland), D sseldorf ( Germany ), Rome ( Italy) to teach Kung Fu.
It is understood, and the Jieyuan, 10 years learning to promote the Tai Chi Lucia is now the European center trainee reporter of cctv. From 2002 onwards, she joined London to teach Tai Chi Master to learn Tai Chi, 3 years later, Lucia traveled to Wudang Mountains, met the Wudang basaltic sent fifteenth generation descendant of Yuan Limin.
In the 6 month trip to Wudang Mountains, Lucia mainly learn Tai Chi, Tai Chi sword, its every day to practice 6 to 8 hours. Though life is a bit hard, but she felt very happy, also with the brothers learned some simple chinese. " In order to make better understanding of Tai Chi, I began a systematic study of Chinese language, Chinese characters, writing Chinese characters",samsung galaxysaid Lucia, Chinese learning process actually and learn Tai Chi process has many similarities, all need to lay a solid foundation, step by step. Therefore, in order to learn Chinese, Lucia has been devoted to return to his alma mater University of London Kings College a year studying chinese. In 2010, the school 's recommendation, she went to Beijing Normal University. In the summer vacation, she returned to Wudang Mountains official worship Yuan Limin as a teacher, becoming the female students. Later, in the fifth session of Tai Chi International fraternity convention, she won the silver medal.
Last year, Yuan Limin bring his disciples to France for Wudang Kung Fu show great success, Lucia learned that his dream is to make the Kung Fu in the world carry forward, like Shaolin Kung Fu as well known, this let Lucia sprouted up in London opened and taught reading. Subsequently, she posted everywhere through network and advertising, the first class will attract Laishiyu students. Although the school is the place in London to a small library in the community, but we get very seriously. With this good start, Lucia hopes to Wudang kung fu training can insist to do, and do better and better.
Now, in the master Yuan Limin 's advice, Lucia consciously take the spread abroad of Wudang martial arts mission, to become a cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign folk ambassador.
With Yuan Limin yesterday told reporters, study mandarin in Wudang Mountains, similar to Lucia's story and there are many," every year to Wudang martial art learning foreign disciples have twenty thousand or thirty thousand people, they all the time in Wudang story staged, is the cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries continue to write a new chapter!
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A ponytail

I am 34 years old this year, many people are not familiar with the sight of me, that is about 25 years old. A ponytail, sports clothes, and my husband went out to buy fruit, the boss asked:" is he your father?" ( she can think of our age difference are very big, and speech expression was very close, so the questions to ask my husband of 37 years old ), a doctor, in fact, maintenance of good. Maybe I looked so young, so misunderstood.
Said above, is not to show off, just feel qualified to send this post about experience. If the sisters felt wrong, also had seen a laugh.
I think women have a recipe for eternal youth, no more do two things: to maintain the body, the skin of young.
A lot of girls to lose weight, or use advanced skin care products, but the effect is not ideal. Because of these two, is from the external to repair the body, but the most fundamental, but should pay attention to the intrinsic. As the slogan: the beauty of a woman, to be by inside and the maintenance.
My inner nature is not good. His frail health, the university had a small accident. However many years tone down, my body restored many, even than I have many classmates good health. Then I will talk about my experience:
Get up in the morning, drink a cup of honey pollen royal jelly water, eat a spoonful. Although the royal jelly have hormone, but usually do not eat fried chicken and the like, simply never mind, my legal holiday has been very accurate. Now many by hormone ripening of poultry, actually contain much higher than the bee products hormone.
Then, is the bubble a pot of tea. I drink tea has for two years, weight loss of seven or eight kg. Of course, this is a very slow process, my intention is not to lose weight, so don't care. Feel the biggest benefits, let me excretion. Not have loose bowels, but has the law, every 1-2 time, drink one or two cup, have the feeling to the toilet. Women than men, the digestive system is weaker, so women are more likely to have constipation. This is the archenemy of female beauty: see so much rubbish in vivo, to health harmful. Therefore, it is very important to excretion, I every day until it too, can feel at ease to work and eat.
I drink tea, turned out to be my husband of a patient to send.
Drank a few cups of tea, after using the toilet, the stomach is hungry. If it is not summer, also not menstruating, is to eat a few mouthfuls of homemade gelatin. I was " Dong'e county" add add sesame walnut ( sometimes not buy, with sesame paste ) and red dates and medlar brown sugar boiled, these things have twisted plane trip to break.
Eat donkey-hide gelatin after eating grains, sweet potato is placed in a microwave oven to cooked, or porridge, or convenience stores to buy corn. If there is appetite, eat an apple. Finished the work ( I usually go to bed early, get up early, so let me breakfast beat that: - )
In the unit, I drink tea. Most own fruit, in the afternoon to eat a little. I was at home with a little teapot, where to put a small cup, put it on the table does not account for what place, units in the drinking water machine. Instead of boiling water, enough heat on the line. One day down, tea light, after work no longer drink, or there may be swelling and puffiness.
My lunch eats in the unit, only one element eating, sometimes will eat the fish, but not fried fish, nor touch the hairtail fish like high cholesterol. If it is oily dishes, in the water dip entrance.
The dinner is more complicated, I cook a pot of soup of Tremella red dates, wolfberry, add, lotus seeds, beans, barley, corn, black beans, angelica, Radix Codonopsis, astragalus, laurel Park ( winter ), mung bean ( summer ), Lily ( summer ), almond and so on. Everything with less, like a pot. I try to buy the supermarket organic grains, but every time you eat less, you point.
After dinner, go out for a walk in the village, more than 1 hours, take a shower before going to bed back to sleep, drink a cup of red wine. I always drink wine Emperor Xuan of senior dry red. In fact it is not too expensive, seventy or eighty piece of one bottle, can drink a few weeks. Previously tried thirty or forty piece of one bottle, taste much. Wine and tea, but also pay attention to quality.
The above is my diet, may appear trite and insignificant, but these diets is our long-term experience and learning from around, believe that inside the dietary structure is very reasonable, and is particularly suitable for woman. Bee products and supper Tremella miscellaneous soup, for women's skin is very useful, Pu'er tea and is given priority to with element lunch, and shaping. Of course, the greatest benefit, is good to the body. As long as the long-standing, can see the effect of.
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family parties

Do not drink and family parties
The second day is going to pay New Year's call, I. Two brothers-in-law rare poly, a banquet of war is inevitable. Difficult to refuse such kindness, they had to frequently proposed. Alcohol was not good, not drunk do not return, one of the stand only yourself know. Some people even make the gastrointestinal diseases, the loss outweighs the gain.
Zouqingfangyou Spring Festival, various party almost every day, wine is a feast on the protagonist.
On VA continuer, relatives and friends together chatting and drinking, more drinking urges to drink many tricks, appears to be only one can enjoy. However, this method has harmed the health drink.
During the Spring Festival how health drink, also have a lot of attention. First elected wine kind, wine, wine, beer, liquor branch.
Nutritionists point out that, from a health perspective, drinking red wine is best. Liquor is the most unhealthy, drinking less or no.
As for drinking to much volume as appropriate, can such conversion:
Hepatic metabolism of alcohol per day to about per kilogram of body weight of 1 grams, a 60 kg weight every day to allow alcohol intake should be limited to less than 60 grams per kilogram of body weight, less than 60 of the best control in 45 grams, 50 grams of 60 degree of liquor, beer, whisky, 250 ml of 1 kg. Red wine is not suitable to drink, to day 2 - 3 cups.
There are problems with food, best served dishes when pushed high protein and vitamins and more food, such as fresh vegetables, fish, lean meat, beans, eggs, salted fish, sausage, bacon with.
Before drinking a cup of milk, can in the gastrointestinal surface to form a layer of protection film, thereby reducing alcohol stimulation to gastrointestinal tract.
Need reminds is, following several kind of situations: fasting, fasting should not be drinking alcohol on gastrointestinal irritation, is not conducive to eating digestion; bedtime bath are not drinking; antibiotic drugs, not drinking.
Eat more fruits, such as apple, pear, orange, banana, strawberry, pineapple, carambola, can be dealcoholic.
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pearl is expensive

The best pearl accounted for only 10% of pearl is expensive
Pearl in China has a history of more than 4000 years, pearl crystal dignified, elegant and pure, rich and colorful, and agate,pearl jewelry crystal, jade and are known in ancient China, the traditional" treasures"; in the west, pearl is known as the" son of the sea" and" Queen gem", the international gemstone will also pearl as the June birthstones birthstones, married thirteen anniversary and the thirty anniversary stone.
Pearl misunderstanding

First of all, many people believe that pearl is everywhere, cheap, quality is not high. But in fact, it is because of pearl quality gap is too big, and the quality of the output is limited, a bunch of cheap Necklace 100 yuan, but a jewellery necklace on the level of up to one hundred thousand yuan or more. High quality pearls are not many, truly achieve the level of only 10% jewels.

Furthermore, many people think that the fresh water pearl as seawater pearl, in fact not at all. For example, a diameter of 8mm freshwater pearl and a 8mm seawater pearls, freshwater pearls pearl layer can be close to 8mm, plastic bag manufacturerand seawater pearl to remove the encapsulated nuclear, pure pearl is likely only 3mm, it seems, freshwater pearl pearl cheaper than no sense.

In addition, some people think that fresh water with round pearl degrees than Shanghai water pearl, it is true, but it is because of the freshwater with round pearl less, can produce a pearl probability is very low, so I think the same diameter of a circle of the freshwater pearl necklace price should be higher than the seawater Pearl necklace. As for the brightness and luster, freshwater pearls than seawater pearl slightly inferior, but as an ornament, and should the wearer's own characteristics of perfect matching can show individual charm. So, not blindly seek merely seawater pearl.

Drinking water
Never wears a pearl, take a shower, water from the micropyle ( especially necklaces and played full bore wear chain style ) infiltration into beads, easy to cause the bead layer detachment. Such as the Pearl comes into contact with water, should use a dry cloth to wipe it dry, and then placed in ventilated and dry place.

Avoid heat
Remember not to Pearl long time exposure, or stored at high temperature. When stowed, use a clean soft cloth wrapped, stored in a cool place, the optimum storage temperature is 18-26 C.

Avoid acid-base
Not wearing pearl under the kitchen, because the oil fume is acidic; do not wear the pearls makeup, perfume, mousse, nail polish this kind of cosmetics on the pearl is a great disservice, first makeup, then wear a pearl. In addition to often use a soft dry cloth, do not let sweat or body fat secretion of long time stay in the surface of pearls, because these substances are acidic.

Avoid hard
Don't take it and some sharp objects together, so as not to scratch the bead surface. When the pearl surface enclosing the stains, cleaning is required, the correct method is: use a soft cotton cloth dipped in clean water pearl's surface, then the buckskin dry bead surface moisture,office furniture do not use detergent.
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Happy birthday

I wish my dear dad. Happy birthday. Always health, peace. And mother always happily, "hold your hand, and son". I love my family.

More than eleven, suddenly to remember always remember, tomorrow is my birthday. So late is not much thought was called to want to give a surprise, a familiar voice, a sorry, dad has been resting. Can also be I wake up, should not. Think Dad the habit of staying up too late or did not change, but live load really let dad have changed a lot. Dad is old, tired, have white hair. These are not just the years trace left behind, as children we added.

" Dad, happy birthday." The first sentence of my dad 's accident. I asked my dad," November 19th know what day is it? Is my dad 's birthday, Dad. Remember? Dad, happy birthday." His answer made me sad:" Daddy don't remember, now is not the time to remember them."

My dear old man, happy birthday. How even their birthday remember? Every day for us life rush about tired, you hold how much heart, tired many circadian. You are tired, tired, but even his birthday is not remember. As a child I can now only be humble to deliver a blessing, wish my dear old dad can feel our one family 's heart tightly connect with. I hope my dad is safe, healthy.

Now I think I thought is mature, compared with before, really can understand family feel. Is empathy. Instead of the previous willful ignorance. These are the years of precipitation, family love touched me. Stand at the present time in the optical memories for treason and his family had said a few words: naive I will stay away from you, and never return to this home. Now replace is home to attachment and dependence. Kind of practical and sense of belonging. The happiness of heavy loading.

Because of love, we will never abandon. Home, always in. One family happy, happy, flat ANN, better than anything. If you can, I am willing to use my Lightyear for parents more happiness. Not too many flowery words, but also because of the oratory also modified not as deep strong love. Just want to own the most real discourse expression. Give me love mum and dad.

Always wanted for my mom and dad to write something for doing further memories, but always can't carry a pen. Because your pen will not be recalled long love. More afraid of their own poor writing write a love like that, but I know my heart is full of very full. Because of these, I can even more treasure. Originally want to learn Zhu Ziqing writers have made writing, want to give their parents wrote the preface," shadow". The idea for a long time, after all, not quantity, change is deep remorse and poignant, more was moved. Promise unfulfilled, just because love is too heavy, to the pen, not only is the preface preface. Any of the words are not modified.
My way to grow, in return is your way to the old. The hair in the bright dazzling white root. Ring still, was no longer young. What is our enjoyment. So I was disturbed, extreme uneasiness. Like the sentence" what youth is equal to have a death wish", too comfortable life for me will be deeper reflection and heavy. From small to large, my brother and I never let you down, is still proud of your children. At least, we learn a crucial point, how to do. Dignified and imposing man, hard man.
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protrusion to the hospital

Because of the mild protrusion to the hospital for treatment, who knows to finish after the operation not only did not achieve the desired effect, but it will lead to paralysis. December 15, 2011, Henan Province, Jiaozuo Jiefang District people's court sentenced the defendant in a hospital of Jiaozuo city for the plaintiff costs 220000 yuan.
On April 1, 2010, the plaintiff to the defendant for mild protrusion of intervertebral disc in a hospital of Jiaozuo city for the conservative treatment, during treatment, the medical staff, April 8th do interventional operation. Finish after the operation, not only have the expected effect, but also causes Lee nerve root injury, which led to the left lower extremity paralysis. In April 13th, Lee was hospitalized 12 days after discharge, to Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to continue the treatment. After a number of hospital treatment, are still left with disability. After the judicial identification, Lee's disability severity was grade four, in a hospital in Jiaozuo city on Lee diagnosis process has fault, should bear main responsibility.
The court thinks, the original illness, to the office administration, the defendant should stand mend his ways to save him a high degree of responsibility, positive for the diagnosis and treatment of. But due to the fault of the plaintiff, resulting in damage to nerve tissue, the plaintiff suffered great physical and mental pain. The defendant shall compensate the plaintiff suffers the loss. Court of the judicial identification of the judicial authentication opinions issued by the defendant, to bear the liability of 80%. In accordance with the law of the court has made the above decision.椎間盤突出
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Give yourself a window

The vast expanse of the human world, give yourself a window, let the love of friends to see themselves, to don't love, malicious comrade, shut out of the window, with like-minded friends to speak one's mind freely, singing wine, mutual exchange of needed products, talk about life, about a dream, enjoy life, happy life. Ask the bawdy, not fit to be seen, spurned things with their isolation, the dark, eerie, vulgar air out of the thousands of miles away. Called his fragile heart, do not hurt, do not talk about others comments, preventing others attack. Nearby a person of noble aspirations, goodbye cruel friends.

The hustle and bustle of the city, give yourself a window, called the rumbling noises, flying dust, sexual harassment is not to their emotions, have a cup of tea, taste the sweets and bitters of life, listening to a beautiful melody, life relax tight heart, appreciate the graceful prose, kite flying soul, far away from the world dissension, warm, comfortable enjoyment of life of quiet beauty,

Rush years, give yourself a window, at twilight water east, Japan and west fall, mesoscopic moon alternately, reincarnation, to spring open, see a riot of colour of the flowers, smelling the fragrance gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind, listen to the eaves swallow twittering, flowers bee butterfly love language, let the gentle spring breeze stroking your face, leaving thick rain intertwined in the heart. In the summer rain hung at eaves, rose in full bloom appreciate small courtyard, listen to the frog vitis. The autumn chrysanthemum charming appearance, similar to the faint fragrance, a piece of the yellow leaves from the branches lightly to my heart, see the moonlight as water in every corner of the room. Waved farewell to the sunset from goose. Winter closes the window, do not let cold rage to their small world, lonely standing at the window, watching the snow sing merrily and dance gracefully in between heaven and earth, feeling in your hair all year.

Warm home, give yourself a window body, have a look my parents are OK, life is comfortable. Beloved heart, cause without suffering, there is no need to help. The child's learning is hard, achievement has no progress, teacher evaluation.

Small business, give yourself a window, have a look whether the customer satisfaction, workers have to pain, whether the direction of social development, open up new space, a new future of fantasy.

Give yourself a window, the world learned everything essence, avoid social scum, listen to the melody of life, cultivate their own sentiments, purify their souls, better comprehension of life
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Life is light like water

Like a word, called wash plumbic china. I love it as a woman, you may go and tasting her, since there will be a charm in the meantime.

Wash plumbic China, it seems to say before, with three points of vicissitudes, three mature wisdom, three points, and a simple taste. Everything is over, and she sees things behind the scenes hanging smile, tirelessly to you to that story. Or relief, or both, are very dull tone, Poly Bags Factorynot to deliberately played down then the pain and sorrow, but, really some mottled memories.

Fault, has forgiven, so, forget. Hatred, jealousy, tears, the pain associated with past wind disturbance. It looks like a long, but the feeling is very nearly memories, let you in a trance that she just looked on, rather than the government, but you also won't have any doubt, is that really happened to her story. Is such a woman, her heart of tolerance and live together, and you never see her smile is a harrowing experience honed and behavior have on this world, between perceived transparency, whatever, can laugh clear, standing there forms a years of quiet, secular secure illusion. Her as a voiceless, the only slight reverb, should don't get around much anymore is sonorous, resounding and prolonged, but not.

Wash plumbic China, not" piece silty and do not catch", but the first dyeing of silt, finally feel it unclean, eventually jump out of. Presumably this than begins with a do not know what to do sludge is more valuable, because it requires more courage and strength, after all "the return of the Prodigal Son Jin buhuan".Office Furniture LimitedIt was read to the world of life, not a lotus aloof, just with different thought, but is integrated into one, you can still be spotted her good and outstanding.

Is it right? Really washed his earthly dust, through the sadness, such as Phoenix, rise from the ashes like, thoroughly to remould oneself can be floating dust. I feel not quite, wash plumbic China, just some of the things finally read, open, free, let go. All, both, hatred, love, grace and worry, just past, then meet again, can smile min strange.

To the end of his life, how can we wash plumbic China, I can only give time. It is because of the infinite time to let us feel the limited life with no reality whatever drowned in the past how pathetic and sad practice; it is because of the relentless let us see it passes like this. Regardless of day and night, then how to repent, all is in vain; it is time to experience so that we have come to realize that only offload the heavy burden,Medosan to meet again after their.
Wash plumbic China, that is a kind of life, such as water level.
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happy together

Early summer, I took a Southern University graduate, and my parents insisted that she go home. Pain makes us more lingering respectively, in addition to class, I almost day and happy together, in tears, sad with.
One night, behind the teaching building of the woods, I hold my, kissed her fondly, vowed to take care of her one's whole life. Nathan to curl up in my arms, her body warm, soft, imperceptibly, I reached into her clothes, she did not resist, silently let me touch her sensitive skin.
I trembled, slowly touched her breast, plump breast suddenly that I was unable to restrain from the impulse. The portrait was flame broils, be careless with to removed the Huihui skirt, so we rely on an old tree, hastily scribbled to complete the life in the most solemn ceremony.
After that, things get out of hand made,Ken Kam Limited throughout the summer, in the night in the woods, one playground, even the night after the end of the empty classroom building corner, we are driven by the passion, a clash with each other's bodies.
Because of confusion, we have no foreplay without touch, only the most critical parts of the contact, often less than a minute will end. But it's very strange, in a moment of Huihui skirt, she seems very soon the spur of the moment, ruddy, strongly suppressed moans, sometimes in a very short time reached a climax.
After graduation, my home, parents taught in secondary school teaching, and I was heading south to read inkstone. Our correspondence is unbroken, do v. lovesickness. During the holiday, I went to my hometown reunion with her. When my parents for our marriage is not agree, they hope that the local looking for a mate, stable life.
And then we had to endure suppressed our love. Nathan lived in his parents' home, I now Petite Auberge Hotel, a four people of room. When my parents are out, she called me, I got a sweat ran to meet her, we will fling caution to the winds to hold together.
Sometimes I could not resist, and no suitable places, we take advantage of the night went to the school abandoned warehouse next to solve physical suffering. That place is filthy, but we also intoxicated and meet.
Hard to read grind, I stay in the south of the scientific research units, while continuing to pursue doctoral. Units were divided into a single dormitory to me. My parents to see our love sthiramati deep, had promised her resignation south, after several years of respectively, we finally get together.
Then Nathan was always very cold. In July of that year, we get married, house is my dormitory, humble, very warm. Wedding night, Nathan after bathing in bed, the moonlight quietly in her white body, I gently stroked her hitherto unknown, tender, and I want to have a calm, soothing sex, and not in a sneaky way, hurried.
However, no matter how I love Huihui but no response, I lost control of pain, she almost exclaimed, I had to quickies. Then Nathan was always very cold, although she is also trying to tie, but there was no passion, I thought it was too tired, so double for her patience with yourself, in the middle of the night, patience, in the wife side secretly masturbation.
Later, the rest in a foreign company to find a job, one evening I went to pick her up from work, we had dinner in the restaurant, take a bus home. The car is very crowded, I stood behind her birthday, to resist the peripheral wall. In a road section, the car was stopped, I looked out the window a long stream, motionless.
Suddenly, I felt a hand on my body felt. I lower my head, is happy, she gently across the pants to provoke me. Days of abstinence made me a firm up. Nathan turned to face me, silent, her lower body paste.
It was spring, scantily clad, we in the wall in slightly over, my hands quietly unbuttoning my pants chain, she is leaning on my back, eyes closed, pale complexion, face intoxicated. On public transit vehicle bumps and penetrate the fear, I feel happy also reached a climax.
In our quiet little world, Nathan still cannot get excited. Gradually, she no longer hide" movement on the bed" disgust, night go to bed is turned to go, don't let me touch her.
However, in some of the passionate places, such as unmanned elevator, the night corridor, Nathan seemed to be in the best of spirits. I started to feel a perverse impulse, but the number of large, I was a bit tired, afraid of being caught.
Financing housing units, I and my all, bought an area of one hundred square meters house, at that time, I go to the major building materials market, in my efforts, the house was very elegant decoration,chitin lose weight for me and my happy life, I had bought an expensive king.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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