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official activity

Spanish king's husband of princess' wading economic scandal is paused to take part in an official activity
Officials in the royal house are Raphaelesque ·Si wave's giving on that day a promise Be"rare" to call a local media reporter and notify royal house decision.

The black Dan adds a wood 43 years old, is princess Chris the husband of the Di Nuo.He once was a handball athlete, participate in Olympic Games.poly bags

The Si wave gives a promise to urge an investigator to wind up a lawsuit as soon as possible on the 12th.He didn't explain that black Dan's adding the wood's official activity"restriction order" term of validity is much long as well as say princess Chris whether Di Nuo continues to take part in official activity in the royal house of aftertime.

The black Dan adds the piece that wood is involved is expect benefit the inside government in the region go bad case survey of one part, became each big newspaper cover story in Spain for the past two weeks.plastic bags supplier

According to the report way of Spanish medium, the black Dan adds a wood to be suspected of non-profit organization of 2004-2006 years any house supervisor's period, transfer this organization to used for the funds of public item.

The royal house in Spain has been possessing high reputation in the domestic, king beard Anne ·card Luo the Si is supported by people.Be subjected to European sovereignty obligation crisis influence, Spain at present economy look very bad, high jobless rate, the government have to adopt public finance to tighten measure and cut down social welfare.The black Dan adds the piece that wood is involved to expose during the period of sensitive, make the royal house very embarrassedtoner
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There is dream in the heart

Because young,
Because there is dream in the heart,
Because also have never felt tired,
Because still have never met a person who is worth oneself's stopping to halt footstep and loves and guards whole heartedly and with the life up to now,
So, only stand down.Gaosuibuyou Thailand

Each place arrived at in the time in youth, some persons meets, take place of some matters.
For current of I to say:
Each place is all courier station;
Some persons are all traveler;
Some matters are all memory.
Life don't interest, just just started, the footstep wasn't only.The time still passes away, still have to continue to stand down.

The future road is still very long, very long.Also get to a lot of places, meet more people, more matters happen.
The ever a certain place probably has been already forgotten;
Some people once probably had been no longer clear;
Ever a lot of matters probably have been already been put on.
But, regardless along with time how of change,
Ever a certain place can never forget;
Some people once still engraved in mind;
Once a lot of matters imitated a Buddha to remain now occurrence in the yesterday, so of clear.
Become a kind of can not forget of career, enriched own life and heart.

Because young, there is a dream pursuing, so have never stopped advanced footstep.
There is dream, have never feared to lose;Pursue, so happy.
Believe, lose and then lose to pursue, marry and then marry a girl happiness.

Still have never there been own one world, give in the future concomitant person's happiness.Still have never attained the target that oneself wants to attain.
Still have to be happy of, smile to stand down.
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Soltecture produces

Soltecture produces a the 100 W thin film modulesolar module cell
The efficiency of module is 13.4%, Soltecture chief executive officer Ni does the thou pull?Si plum(Nikolaus Meyer) believe that this is the important one step that leads to long-term target 16% conversion rateses.He says:"Our development work just next we draw up in the regular last facing of the milestone-conversion lead 14% headway.Expect for 2012 the middle of the years we can attain an end target." The contents comes from only the Fu gate around the world in the news website light Fu net Gaosuibuyou Thailand

"Certainly, we also continue to raise the conversion efficiency of our module.Our development section still just the full speed is worked excellent turn a manufacturing of process.Want to attain the concrete item of 16% targets have been already drafted and make sure."solar panels

The contents comes from only the Fu gate around the world in the news website light Fu net

The Soltecture module acquired DQS ISO9000 attestation."German manufacturing" attestation also ensured Soltecture the service standard and module quality of the product.

The contents comes from only the Fu gate around the world in the news website light Fu netsolar modules

The Soltecture chief sells an officer Henrik Kruepper say:"We will continue to improve our products and solution and simplify the business process of whole companieses according to the request of attestation.Thus we can keep adaptability, can provide service of tall quality for our customers."
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chrysanthemum wound

Previous incarnation things of the past still has chrysanthemum wound
Remnants joss-stick break, Liu Si Han, before the window bright moon harm, water still Mang, person's separation and reunion, river side plum remnants, the evening person's leave, the tears wet green Shan is full, one song disappointed top of tree, Yan wet eye in the door spends.

Long station month is curved, depend on shore in the sparse dream, a song longs for for who play?Separate shore breeze Lian, assortment the distressed person is disappointed and draw the bridge fragrant full mountain, who person light Qing cup the wine Be empty to stay a month, the pipa shallow voice with the flowing water, what then the person go, sheding tears dress the top is dry.

The You dream Xuan window, the smoke flower passes away an autumn to copy and free to things of the past dim moonlight double eye, the dust is full memory of painting Lian, the flower fades Liu Se to spread, misty memory of facial appearance, only tread in the yellow flower to pile up place, wander about unhurriedly in aqueous of 24 before the bridges, have never looked for autumnal winds to turn, withered away this chrysanthemum joss-stick.

The Se Se horizontal pond, the carefree song, hopes to not and to the utmost kiss water wild goose and write on the paper dissatisfied of carefree sorrow, flower from float zero, twilight dust the joss-stick is full and pour one cup inferior win, the 廋 is a new sorrow, moonlight the as before person is empty thin, the wet eye buries flower when rest.

The Xi copies the evening full court to spread and stays a cripple red month to copy wound now, gets empty to stop poem book to fall a chrysanthemum set and what then breaks Xian to die to have no voice.Who sigh pure chrysanthemum to float, the night color autumn grass blares, the breeze pure chrysanthemum voice, only the Ling remnants flower sing.

Draw a bridge side, fallen petal shore, whistling Mu rain, Mu rain buries cold joss-stick, bright moon light, copy loneliness, sigh to the utmost the human life matter if the floating cloud spreads.

Think of the old days red candle to cherish old joss-stick from the pity shadow dance, inebriate long station road of the leave in night side two boundless, the east hedge overflows the wine river's water and toasts to invite bright moon alone, bright moon depend on sparse reflect a bowl of bottom, book Lian regardless of autumnal winds idea.The passing years easily dies how may the facial appearance is old, wet eye pear flower who know beauty Jiao, the evening swing depends on to break bridge, disconsolate like dream, how know that the spring scenes is infinite like.

Lonesome like Si, the sadness is like phrase, who sends a grief, the bise dies chrysanthemum to cover up You joss-stick, but for autumnal winds such as knife Huang Ye4 die boundless.Tears still have the dress scar the remnants, dark fragrant end of the day deeply drunk, before the river river water whistle voice night, the gusset dark Yun is cripple chrysanthemum Fang, several reposition of redundant personnel water autumnal colors, the autumnal colors chrysanthemum set lane side exhibition, but for facial appearance frost temples white, the dust contains mire joss-stick to cover up in shadow.

Autumn waters before the western wing, side, die chrysanthemum to return shadow Pian Xian, thin the floating cloud Cheng blue sky outside book.Toss a title, the Cang is how many cool, who sigh aforetime facial appearance, gloomy setting sun west bottom, chase wine one song new phrase.

The flowing water lightly fondles Xian in bosom before the bamboo, the fallen petal full cup contains chrysanthemum Ming and plays one song"high mountain flowing water" and cantillates "plum flower three lanes", and the Yi sends a daisy and tells the inch inch sorrow bowel.

Chrysanthemum Yi, the dark joss-stick stays, autumn moonlit night, the Shu shadow resembles Huang.Keepses a petal remnants chrysanthemum, hatch one Xiu smoked joss-stick, open at this time, at that time fall, turn an eye and is an in a flash Fang China.

The green dress is like painting, who disorderly who separate the trace of a life time, the red candle light is cool and ask who spread the Chinese foot vegetable in the dream.Have no the language Ning chokes and attach elegant for thousand years, eventually however go to a long distance mist-shrouded waters inside of turn in a sudden one dream.

In early years feeling, Kou month who can solve, read aloud early times, heartless also rains and winds, tears thousand lines of side musical sounds broke, the dream is difficult to stay, long for paper of top who thousand lines of, the Chi was 1 and inebriated a , the fallen petal didn't understand an idea, things of the past with the flowing water, a don't spread for thousand years.

Balcony lock, smoke Liu Han, water Cang Cang, one Suo smoke rain is thin, the flower fades destroy chrysanthemum, and the evening leaves the dulcimer to the wine lane and only stays poem book joss-stick for a night.The flower flies to the utmost, the person is empty to lose, not Ci mirror inside from deliberate, ex- wet eye in the door who disappointed, gloomy one song bright moon is more grieved.
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electricity system

The solar energy combines a net to generate electricity system
Can renewable energy combine the net generate electricity system is creations such as the light Fu array, wind force machine and fuel cell etc. of can the renewable energy not keep an ability after storage battery and pass combine net negative change the machine is directly anti- toward the Kui go into generating electricity of charged barbed wire net system.solar cell

Because directly input the electric power into the charged barbed wire net, the absolution installs storage battery, the province dropped storage battery to keep ability and release of process, canning well make use of can the electric power sent out by renewable energy, let up energy to exhaust, lower system cost.Combine the net generate electricity system to proceed together to use a city electricity with can the renewable energy is the power that the local exchanges loads and lower the whole load of system to lack an electricity rate.solar water

In the meantime, can renewable energy combine the net system can have already adjusted a Feng function with the charged barbed wire net to Mr..Combine a net to generate electricity system is a solar energy wind power of development direction, represented to have the energy of attraction to make use of a technique most in 21th century.

Solar energy combine the net generate electricity a main product classification of system A, light Fu combine net negative change machine B and small scaled wind force machine combine net negative change the machine C and large breeze machine changes to flow a machine.(double the Kui change to flow a machine, the whole powerses change to flow a machine)solar ingot
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how from measure

The disease of human body comes from the impervious Chinese medicine in the body teach you how from measure
Thousand cold easily in addition to, a wet difficult go.The wet is sticky muddy, such as oil go into noodles."
Now person, eat meat to eat too manily, eat of there is pollution in the food, exercising the quantity is little, the body Yin prosperous sun falsely, wet evil inside Yu, so the bowels can not be normal.Why model move bowels few?Speak in Chinese medicine, Pi falsely then then Tang, the Chinese originally should take the grain miscellaneous food as to eat, now the food of the knish is lord, don't eat meat to feel for many people a day very Kui, over a long period of time so, hurt of is an appetite, the Pi is what carry turns water wet, the Pi suffers from injury, water is wet not ability complete luck turn, pile up in the body.So, the bowels doesn't take shape to mean the Pi also means to have moisture inside the body falsely.

A, moisture heavy severity endanger healthy body, is the source of ten thousand diseases

At to the breeze of disease, cold, hot, wet, dry, fire this"six Yin evil ways" is medium, Chinese medicine most afraid wet evil.

Permeating most easily is wet.Wet evil never the Gu soldier courageously fight and always want to act in collusion for evil purpose with another evil ways.

The moisture meets cold then become cold wet, this compare to the time in winter, if weather dry, no matter how it is cold, the persons still can accept of, but if moisture heavy, the person is getting more suffered very much.South of winter make person suffered more in winter than the north, be because the southern moisture is more heavy, cold wet set of person.

The moisture meets heat to then become hot and damp, this compares to the mulberry in summer to take a sky, is hot and wet, let the person breathe heavily however annoy, obviously rather scorching sun overhead, weather aridity of time come to heart's content.

The moisture meets breeze to then become rheumatism and get rid of breeze very easy, but once becoming common practice, usually is a chronic disease, at that time half will the son didn't well cure.The moisture is under the skin, form obese, also not the healthy problem of processing.

Two, the ego diagnosis is inside the body whether have a wet method

While getting up-see a felling

If the time got up everyday morning feels special fatigue, the hair faints and beat not to rise spirit, or was like to wear the piece wet clothes, the whole body isn't refreshing, the person is also lazy to move ……so can affirm your body inside have wet.

While going to toilet-see the bowels

After the convenience in the morning, can observe once move bowels.Whether glue on the toilet, water still hurtles not clean.Inconvenient observation toilet of, can also observe toilet paper, normal words 12 pieces of papers enough, if 35 pieces of papers again and again wipe to also wipe not clean,(this is to ask to diagnose a list a top why want to ask the reason of the bowels) also explain to be wet inside the body.Color and shape of moving bowels can also inside the in aid of judgment body whether is wet.The normal bowels is a golden color banana form of, but few someones are this kind of healthy bowels now.There is wet circumstance inside the body under, the color moving bowels delivers green, Tang soft not clean felling for doing not take shape,(this is the falsely important Pi sign, the many peoples all have) always have a row.Time grew, the night then output toxin accumulated to stay in the body, all kinds of troubles up then.

While washing Shu-see tongue-coating

Ascend we usually started washing Shu after the over toilet, we might as well draw out for several seconds and toward a mirror to see his/her own tongue before brushing teeth."The tongue is the seedling of heart, is again a Pi outside wait", the tongue can reflect our body condition by sensitive ground.

The healthy tongue is pale red and lustrous, the tongue noodles has the 1 F the tongue-coating, thin white and quiet, dry wet just right, not slippery not dry.If the tongue could not reach these index signs, that explains that the body function has already appeared a problem.If the tongue-coating white is thick and look slippery but moist, then explain to be cold inside the body;If the tongue-coating is rough or very thick and deliver Huang Fa Ni and then explains to have hot and damp inside the body;If the tongue quality is red and red to have no Tai and then explain inside the body already hot arrive certain degree wound Yin.
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Distant lover

Distant lover, thank you ever look down on me
In 1, during the University, he is living with her, she gave him all.

Before graduation, he told her to break up, he confesses he has another woman.
And really let him give up her event is the woman for him, flowing through the middle.
She said excitedly, I also flows! Or two times!

He have to say, I know you can not accept, but I can't hurt her again.
She smiled a nod.

In fact, there are two holidays, she was out in the cold operation table.
( a woman, to learn how to protect themselves. Someone doesn't love myself never mind, at least you have your own. )

2, just graduated they have such as the old couple as calm as the stagnant water.
After the breakup, she hated him to gnash the teeth in anger. At the same time, she discovered that she was pregnant.

She vowed to give birth, after ten years, his long as like as two peas children standing in front of him to make him regret.

The results did, children at a fall out. Her life was a mess.
Reunion inevitably met him, she felt that he cares about her.

She thought that their story is not over, she expects him to find her missing 't restrain.

Although she suffered so much pain, but instead he wanted to get married.
After a long time, he told her, when he wanted her, but lost her contact way.
She gently smile, like you have never heard of this sentence.

( together we know so much, want to find what is difficult to me. It is never as don't love and find a excuse)

In 3, before graduation, they took a walk around the playground.
She was wearing headphones, with a faint smile mouth.

He spoke to her, she has no response, it looks like being immersed in the song.
He sighed and said, if I ask you to be my girlfriend, do you agree?

Her machinery walked, the corners of the mouth is still that wipe the smile.
He watched her face heavy sighed to say, but I was always so timid.

Then he turned away. The ten step, to her text messages sent to: I agree.

He turned to look at, she is still so faint smile, different is, her eyes full of laughter.

He doesn't know, he said the remark, she just in time to hear a song ends, another song begins between the blank time period.
( love loudly. )
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United States of America

Visit the United States of America diamond jewelry industry" central"
New York Manhattan forty-seventh Main Street, is to be known to all the world diamond jewelry street. This is known as the United States of America diamond jewelry industry" central".

China News Agency reporters recently into the street, trying to uncover the mysterious veil American diamond industry, explore the tens of billions of dollars back, what is the secret of hidden in them.plastic bags

" Central " and " headquarters" -- New York diamond dealers club, hidden in the street a very modest building. The club was founded in 1931, has just had a history of 80 years. It is currently the most important diamond jewelry trading places, but also for the global industry to provide various consulting services.

Diamond business club is located heavily-guarded. The reporter entered must accept the security, reached the top floor will accept the security check, to enter the trading hall. Trading hall was a massive separated glass doors.

The reporter sees, trading hall interior furnishings and library reading room is like, traders sat in the hall whisper to one another, occasionally with diamond, under the lights look. They may seem like a chat, inadvertently completed a multi-million dollar deal.

Diamond dealers Club Executive Director, Dr. Hawke 's ( Martin Hochbaum ) in the business hall of China News Agency reporters, diamond New York state's first major export commodities, diamond jewelry industry for New York and even the national economy influence is increasingly outstanding. Diamond exchange function also more and more.

He thinks, current and European financial situation is not stable, to the contrary, diamond jewelry industry provides favorable development space, diamond jewelry in the economic downturn of the moment was shown to be the important value of investment goods.costume jewelry

Hawke Graham said, the club is the scale of expansion, also began to attract Chinese traders. A lot of diamond jewelry in the United States after processing is put on the Chinese mainland and Hongkong markets, very popular with the local consumers.

He then lead the reporter visited the 47 street a few famous jeweller diamonds. Most of them are be handed down from age to age, inherited the shop at the same time, also inheritance rules. The goods they sell are distinct, there are 50 to 100 dollar cheap goods, there is also a high amount to thousands of dollars, and even the need for" private bargaining" high-grade goods.

70 year old Jewish jeweler Ben Mose ( Ben Moses ) lifetime love diamond jewelry making. He told reporters he produced all kinds of jewelry, which are strange and eccentric work: a diamond ring inlaid with a small coin of eighteenth Century; another pair of bracelets carved galloping horses.

Mose said, his family for generations are engaged in jewelry production and trading business, to escape the Nazis during World War II, fled to the United States from europe. He felt able to survive, but it is really lucky, determination of the rest of your life hard for customers to create jewelry.

Mose proudly told reporters he had just received a customer a check in the mail:" look, $3000, not bad."

The jeweler Geoff Levine ( Jeef Levin ) store opened in 1937. He is the main distribution of various diamond, and combined with the surrounding 15 jewelry stores as part of a trade association, one is to prevent looting, more important is to share information.

Levine, more and more Chinese tourists to his jewelry stores to buy merchandise," which ten years ago is completely unthinkable". He said, China's national strength increased, the people have the ability to purchase diamond jewelry.

Hawke Graham said of China, that China has become the United States diamond jewelry industry 's important cooperation partner. He said, he recently received a" central" to American industry from China diamond business delegation. He said, is willing to put the experience to the Chinese counterparts, common to revitalize global diamond jewelry industry.
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sufferer enjoy low protect

The nation supports moxa Zi the sufferer enjoy low protect
Wen Jia Bao says that moxa Zi the patient of the disease should get government concern, social care and love.Government and society want to to the utmost help to solve their actual difficulties to the responsibility;The department concerned wants to hold firmly a research to subsidize the concrete way of basic living expenses appropriately.

December 1 is the day of the 24th moxa Zi disease in world.Medium totally central political bureau often Wei and State Department premier, Wen Jia Bao, arrive at the Chinese disease prevention control centre this afternoon and investigate the moxa Zi disease preventing and curing.And research personnel, medical worker and volunteer representative and infected personses and relevant international organization representative group discussion, and exclusively hear other parts of country to come to city to appeal for higher authorities help the crowd's opinion.

Wen Jia Bao successively investigated virus and immunity to study laboratory and three ratio laboratory, visited a national moxa Zi disease preventing and curing picture exhibition, met United Nations Deputy Secretary-general and United Nations moxa Zi the Planning Department of the disease carry out a director the west Di shell.Later on, Wen Jia Bao invites the west Di shell to take part in group discussion together.

Wen Jia Bao says that the our country moxa Zi disease preventing and curing obtains achievement very greatly, draw up 《moxa Zi disease prevention and cure regulation 》programs and strongly pushes forward prevention and cure medicine and immunity vaccine research to offend a pass and carried out "four don't need a to be concerned with ?" policy and continuously enlarges a salvage in the middle of prevention and the control moxa Zi disease with long term.Most is important of BE, we chase prevention and cure moxa Zi the work publication of the disease, extensively publicizee education in the whole societieses, get rid of the bias toward moxa Zi patient's hard, give it the equal treatment.Current our country moxa Zi disease dissemination already from absorb a poisonous dissemination for the lord change for sex spread for lord.To hard tally up effective measure draw lessons from and study foreign experience, go deep into to develop a prevention and cure work, raise moxa Zi the prevention and cure work of the disease quality and level.

The other parts of country comes to the moxa Zi that the city appeals for higher authorities helps the infected person of the disease represent little Chen and old Zhang Deng put forward in the speech and hope to face the moxa Zi disease infected person's community and they the difficulty for facing, help they solve a life and seek medical advice difficulty.Wen Jia Bao says that the infection moxa Zi disease is unfortunate, moxa Zi the patient of the disease is the most difficult in the social community, should get government concern, social care and love.Government and society want to to the utmost help to solve their actual difficulties to the responsibility.The moxa Zi disease high fad region wants to increase amount in the fixed-point hospital and passes "university section, small comprehensive" mode and provide with urgent surgical operation facilities equipments, organization hospital consultation etc., effort solution sufferer's surgical operation difficult problem.The patient opportunity sex appeal that passes medical treatment salvage's solution to the moxa Zi disease in the high fad region first in 2012 dyes treatment expenses personal bear an over-weight problem.To adjust basic medicine catalogue increase moxa Zi the virus and anti- opportunity sex appeal of the disease dye treatment drugs category.The department concerned wants to hold firmly a research to subsidize the concrete way of basic living expenses appropriately, hard for be subjected to moxa Zi the child of influence of the disease provide a basic life to guarantee, on an equal footing opportunity to educate and the medical treatment condition of convenience.The nation is enlarging funds devotion and support will match conditional moxa Zi everywhere patient all of the family bring into city country low protect, raise subsidy level.State Department will send an inspector set and leave for the moxa Zi disease high fad region, speed up to carry out various policies and work out the problem in the work.

The infectious disease hospital Zhao Qing Xia of Henan reflects moxa Zi the disease prevent and cure a front-line medical worker to lack a medical treatment guarantee mechanism.Wen Jia Bao says;Should study to bring the moxa Zi far-gone blood relation occupation revelation into the occupational disease scope as soon as possible, give an industrial injury guarantee;In the meantime, the research prevents and cures a grass-roots moxa Zi disease the front-line personnel's post subsidy or work budget bring into public finance budget.

Wang Jian Wei's suggestion in the Chinese medical science science, hospital, the enlargement moxa Zi disease defends to control science and technology to offend strength for pass.Wen Jia Bao says overrunning the moxa Zi disease prevention and cure hard nut to crack, basically wanting near science and technology.To quickly develop diagnosis to try and examine equipments and virussafe drugs control the virus characteristics of the our country moxa Zi disease, with the result that the mechanism of the disease, spread regulation etc., close follow international research make progress, make great effort to fight for a vaccine research to have breakthrough.

Infected person and volunteer Wang Xiao Dong wait to hope the government adopts measure and gets rid of the bias toward moxa Zi patient's, value society organization at moxa Zi the function in the prevention and cure of the disease.Wen Jia Bao says that people's dismay to the moxa Zi disease results in the bias toward the infected person.The whole societieses want exactitude to realize a moxa Zi disease, science prevents and cures a moxa Zi disease and forgives and cares and loves moxa Zi the infected person of the disease, this is finally to win moxa Zi the social foundation of the disease.To hold firmly to clean up current law laws every have the item of bias, all want to hold firmly emendation.The infected person of moxa Zi disease wants to summon up courage, the passion lives, actively integrates into a society and contributes for society.He emphasizes winning a moxa Zi disease, needing the joint effort of whole societieses.In recent years, social organization and volunteer of participation moxa Zi disease preventing and curing quickly increase.They make use of oneself advantage, developed many preventions and care work and gave more support to their works.

The west Di shell and World Health Organization halt China to represent blue Rui's clear etc. to give high evaluation to the result that the Chinese moxa Zi the disease preventing and curing obtains, and work well the next move work to put forward opinion and suggestion.Wen Jia Bao says that the moxa Zi disease has no national boundary and win moxa Zi the disease need whole mankind's joint effort.The Chinese government wishes to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, share result and experience with the international community and the international organization, for carry out the vision of zero moxa Zis in the worlds to do our contribute.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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