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technology development

3D display technology development
AUO display 65 inch uncorrected 3D display, Lenticular lens ( lens ) technology to design the 8 visual area, HK toshiba tabletwith the camera tracking and dynamic adjustment, reaching almost ignore zone corner windows 3D effect, and gesture recognition function. LG launched polarizing hurdle technology of 47 inches of 3D television, and can track / dynamic adjust the angle 3.5 inch, 15.6 inch windows 3D display.

To shutter glasses technology mainly Samsung ( Samsung ), launched 55 inch 240Hz high driving speed and thin frame design of the 3D television show, friends of mining shutter glasses 240Hz 55 and 65 inch 3D display. Mei also exhibited similar technology 27, 46 inch 3D tv. He predicted that the shutter glasses still accounts for the large size 3D television in the mainstream,HK acer tabletand the small size display will be more and more uses column lens and parallax barrier technology.

Touch panel toward OGS and embedded ( In-Cell )
Luo Fangzhen points out, touch panel into a plug-in One Glass Solution ( OGS single plug-in sensing glass layer ) and embedded type touch sensing layer development. AU Optronics has done 27 inch FullHD 10.1 inch high angle and AHVA FullHD plug-in OGS module, especially 10.1 inch AHVA OGS module weight down to 225g, support for gap junctions ( Air Bonding ) and direct connection ( Direct Bonding ) two kinds of mode, the latter can be in the sun still have excellent imaging quality contrast.

In-Cell TMD in-cell WVGA, published in 7 inch and 7 inch In-cell Optical WVGA touch panel, Tianma Microelectronics ( Tianma ) G / G 8 inch 2 touch, Chi Mei published 7 inch OGS panel support pen to write,HK samsung galaxy 10.1 inch G / G 10 on-cell 60Hz 4.5 inch touch, touch panel, 2.8 inch in-cell VGA touch panel. While in 2011 Q4 's In-Cell would have the panel prototype is expected to the first half of the 2012 sample.
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attributes influence

Mail system attributes influence
Either by mail tool or webmail mail, there are a lot of mail settings, here I put these on the mail settings and the message itself is called "the mail system attribute", the following to explain these properties influence.

Obviously, one of the most important part is the content of the message. Message is too long, was slow, easy to cause the spam suspicion; content short, others just have patience. If the receiver of the message is not interested in the content, generally do not see more than three lines, only the contents of the message are interested in his talent will read. In mail content in addition to products, services and pricing information, should also contain an effective network address and e-mail address and other contact details. If possible,Email Marketingas far as possible at the end of the message." I don't need this information to increase" tips, to ensure that it does not want to receive this information have their email address is removed from the list, thus avoiding being the recipient as spam.

As the mail subject title, content, the attachment is the recipient pays close attention to most part. Typical marketing message general to the company name, product name, price advantage of descriptive statements, we want to use the title to attract people, it takes a special statement or are seductive statements. For example : the sender's real name, can improve the information degree and affinity; with thorny problems solution named recipient to open the message, temptation; with the recipients of care most about naming, is one way to temptation. In short, the title name to accept mail for the center, standing on the receiver's perspective to think, you will find the best headers. But it is best not to use deceptive language as a headline," free" to" win"" old friend, long time no contact" more easily lead to misunderstanding and deceptive words as far as possible without.

When open the message, the message content on the show in front of customers, if customers read the entire content of a message, so he read, will certainly to have some feelings such as: information, high expectations, interest, disappointed, boring and so on, these feelings directly affect the customer 's judgment. If the content does not hold the customer psychology, it is all in vain. So the content must include the excellent products, excellent service, affordable price, mature market and other major advantage, to ensure the defeat opponent, get further opportunities. The important information and the demand key arranged in the front part of the message content, preferably a screen can be read at the same time we must pay attention to prevent content; spelling mistakes and not politeness. Specific content from the customer perspective, such as in product description, minimize the specialized words and detailed description, using simple statement replace sb., particularly outstanding is that customers need to understand the information and the solutions of the problems, to enhance the interest of the intended recipient. In short, what customers need, you just let him know what, that is no worry about the enquiry, there is no lack of orders!

In the message format problem, a lot of people with contempt, in fact it is a crucial problem. The more common way of pure text, HTML form and attachment methods, each has its own merits. Due to the network speed and the effects of the virus, so most people don't open the unidentified e-mail attachments, so it is best not to use the attachment forms of email marketing, although attachment can hold more information. Either plain text or HTML form, should pay attention to the format, the text font, size, color and other visual effects, for HTML messages in the form of words and pictures, more attention should be paid to the color visual effects.

Basically, the above several forms of mail has no interaction, I think the message development trend will certainly to the interactivity of direction, in fact already have some mail using such a form, is the use of Web Dynamic Technology ( such as: ASP, asp.net, PHP, Perl, CGI, Java etc.) and streaming media Technology ( such as: flash, GIF, media etc.) to realize the dynamic exchange of messages, such as online submission product orders, delete email list address information, apply for membership, products and so on. But notable is, no matter what form, content of mail to" brief, practical, centralized information" as the basic principle.

If you use the webmail send mail, so attention should be paid to service provider provided some special mailbox management functions, such as: automatic reply, receive reports, address, signature management, mass and so on, in the use of these features before must read the relevant protocol and method of use, so as to avoid unnecessary mistakes or loss.iPhone Application developmentIf the use of bulk software, also want to pay attention to the software to set some parameters.

Here, I would like to recommend how to write e-mail article:" Ten Commandments" Harvard email
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Distribution of mobile

Distribution of mobile Internet application build top video carrier
The application of mobile Internet emerge in an endless stream, is expected in the mobile Internet watch TV whenever and wherever possible, especially to watch live show needs have not been fully reflected, so far in the apple AppStore, Android Market has not been a capable of integrating hundreds of television signals, powerful, has a perfect user experience of the application of products.

Recently, Chinese network TV station CNTV combined days source media science and technology limited company officially for the global iPad users based on mobile terminal top video applications -- China mobile phone TV, has now begun global pilot. China mobile phone television is the mobile Internet video within the field of an important breakthrough, Mobile Applicationthe CNTV and days of cooperation is not only the combination of mobile Internet, expand the 3G layout of new media application important performance, but also the industry's milepost.

The day is responsible for the construction of development" Chinese mobile phone television" is committed to creating the first cross media interaction of mobile phone TV station, CCTV and will rely on huge content resources and video products audio-visual production capacity, China, interactive world, for users at home and abroad to provide the most authoritative, the most exquisite free, the most convenient, best look Chinese television program broadcast services. First time users can enjoy the smooth, clear, high speed video viewing experience.
Mobile Internet" media cloud services" platform

Days as the most professional digital high-tech enterprises, is rich in the " media cloud services platform " construction experience. Days of construction of the" China mobile phone television hitherto unknown" mass movement" media cloud services" platform construction, the platform is divided into two parts:Digital Marketingone is to achieve a CNTV hundreds of distributed television signal integration road code collection, while the realization of the mobile internet terminal large-scale live streaming push service, being able to support 5000000 users online high performance CDN distribution network, has garnered from signal processing to real-time coding to multi protocol, multiple terminal broadcast stream publishing process. Two is the terminal software platform based on quick release, days of unique TMFC days based application development library, to the rapid development of deployment support Android, iOS intelligent terminal client application, ensure the best user experience.

The project is based on the international commercial H.264 coding technology, realize the 512Kbps rate can reach standard quality. Rapid construction of 7 days of EPG, 10 seconds screenshots of the enhanced stream application service. HTTP protocol based on debris flow transmission technology, can completely ensure that in the public environment stable lossless transmission, substantially better than the existing RTMP protocol flow instability in push mode. China mobile phone television to achieve a coding multiple delivery, in a coded, using a general flow structure reuse technology, video data is multiplexed into different types of broadcast stream terminal adapter. Support for Apple HTTP live streaming specification and TS flow, meet iPad, iPhone, Android series of intelligent terminal. The" media cloud services platform" business system reached a hitherto unknown scale.

Leading mobile Internet video industry development
Day is a leading global media cloud computing services, built in Wuxi video cloud computing industry base, is a 600 server is one of the largest mass television intelligent processing and information service platform. The launch of the Chinese mobile phone television is relying on the days of strong live video service cloud, Cloud Computing Adoption processing mode, on the television program fragment processing, to ensure the smooth seamless viewing program.

Days the company thinks, video field is the mobile Internet the next gold mine, the next killer application. Fragmentation, Plate Heat Exchanger whenever and wherever possible, free to watch video is the mobile Internet video applications a big characteristic, but consider video technical computing quantity is huge, to a first-class experience of users must rely on the cloud, the cloud service manner. Can say, the video processing cloud computing is the mobile Internet future development of an important support, is the trend of future development.
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nutritional food

The forgotten ten nutritional food
The food of high nutritional value, but a lot of people don't like to eat it:

1 cucumber seeds
Cucumber seeds contain large amounts of magnesium, magnesium in the blood study found, people with higher levels of probability can be reduced 40%.

2 sugar beet
This red vegetables contain a lot of folic acid and betaine. The two chemicals together can lower homocysteine levels, this is an inflammatory mixture, can damage arteries, increasing the risk of heart disease.

The natural pigment, and Sugar Beet Beta anthocyanin experiments prove that can prevent cancer.

The 3 pomegranates
Pomegranate contains high concentrations of lycopene, tomatoes and watermelon more than can prevent prostate cancer. Moreover, a cup of pomegranate contains 688 milligrams of potassium, potassium content in more than 63% of banana.
Pomegranate also contains large amounts of fiber, containing 9 grams per cup.

4 lettuce
Half a cup of cooked lettuce contains large amounts of lutein and maize yellow matter, containing 10 mg per cup. These are called carotenoid chemical can prevent retinal aging, because these substances can absorb damage eyes light.

5 cinnamon
Cinnamon helps control blood sugar, reduce heart disease prevalence rate. In fact, studies have found, in type 2 diabetic patients with a daily intake of 1 g cinnamon, lasted 6 weeks, the blood glucose, lipids and bad cholesterol will have significantly reduced.

6 of Portulaca oleracea L.
Purslane in Omega 3 content in the highest, and the findings, purslane in melatonin ( stop the cancer cells produce an antioxidant ) is any other fruit and vegetables 10 times.

7 pomegranate juice
Study found that, every day drink 2 oz ( 56 g ) of pomegranate juice, lasted one year, systolic blood pressure can be reduced by 21%, to the heart blood flow may significantly improve.

8 Chinese wolfberry
Among all the fruits, medlar antioxidant capacity index is the highest. But the study found, Chinese wolfberry sugar can reduce insulin resistance, thereby preventing diabetes.

9 plum
Prunes contain a large number of new chlorogenic acid ( neochlorogenic ) and chlorogenic acid ( Chlorogenic acid ), this is the two can resist free radical chemistry. These freedoms can cause the cell body damage, leading to cancer.

10 Chinese Cabbage
Cup chopped cabbage contains only 22 calories, it contains a large number of nutrients. Cabbage contains sulforaphane, can increase in vivo enzyme content. ( enzyme can prevent damage to cells by free radicals and can prevent cancer ) study found, and any other phytochemicals, sulforaphane promote enzyme generating capacity is the highest.
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Beijing house price

The housing price to income ratio measure of Beijing house price also has 20% drop space

Since the real income than in the 4 to 6 times more reasonable, so if beyond this standard is the housing bubble? Insiders said," 4 to 6 times" is a relatively common reference values, each country according to economic development level is different, the state of the housing market is different, show value is not the same, so can not mechanically apply this numerical.

Cause I love my family group vice president Hu Jinghui said, reasonable price and household income of more than, the world bank standard is 5: 1, the United Nations standard is 3: 1, in reality, the United States is 3: 1, Japan is 4: 1, the developed countries are the highest in Sydney 8.5: 1, New York 7.9: 1 : 1, London 6.9, Seoul 7.7: 1, Tokyo 7.9 : 1, 5 : 1. Considering that China is currently in the social transition, the characteristic of economic shunt period, the city changes a course accelerate, person much ground is little status, as well as market supply and demand proportion is unreasonable, so Chinese mainland prices reasonable interval, shall be the total family income 6-8 times.

Hu Jinghui said, in a family of three, two people of husband and wife 's annual gross income 200000 yuan as an example, 80 square meters of housing price range should be 120-160 million yuan, and the price of 1.5-2.0 million yuan / square meters, so, 1.7-1.8 million yuan / square meter will be a reasonable price point bit. Taking Beijing as an example, after a year of market regulation, the current Beijing new premises transactions fold to 19606 yuan / square meters, second-hand residential average price of 22018 yuan / square meters, accordingly, Beijing prices will have 10-20% space down.

Caution: simply apply the professional concepts easy to mislead the market
However, although house price to income ratio by the majority of property buyers and the industry's attention and recognition, but also the personage inside course of study on" real income than" application maintained a cautious attitude.

Huayuan Real Estate chairman Ren Zhiqiang believes that," real income than" seems to be a person who can understand the concept, but it has a strict definition, if simply apply a appear wrong concept, will be to judge the market to mislead. Ren Zhiqiang said, the" real income than" should take the calculation data is strictly defined, such as must use all the income of the median and mean, all of the housing area of the median and mean, all of the housing transaction price median rather than average, especially not only with a commercial housing the average market price, instead of calculating economic applicable housing, applicable housing policy enjoyment of economic housing, second-hand housing prices of the median or mean.
In addition, China has no strict personal income statistics, and more are working mainly include median wage income statistics, statistical and almost no various tradeable housing prices. These data are mostly depends on a number of comprehensive statistical computing, and some experts are not only simple to calculate, using a variety of average to estimation, natural difference distance real great. " In the absence of accurate median income statistics and the median price statistics before, housing price to income ratio easily become a misleading market and public tool, it is better to give up the house price to income ratio with other indicators." Ren Zhiqiang said.
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medicine preparation

Traditional Chinese medicine preparation" Daddy soup" elimination of a beer belly
Addicted to drink beer, in addition to grow a" beer belly", due to abdominal long cold gas invasion, but also indirectly caused by the wet of spleen and stomach.

Beer belly, also called" prominent paunch". With the increase of age, male deep sleep stages decrease, due to poor sleep quality, hormone secretion decreases, the lack of hormones so that the body fat and increase the accumulation in the abdomen, but the older more apparent effect. In addition, many middle-aged people long time sit the office, lack of exercise, easily lead to abdominal fat accumulation. In the pressure of work, many people will be eating too much, cause indigestion, it is also easy to cause excessive weight.

Beer belly buster" Daddy soup"
In China, Hongkong and other places have a traditional Chinese medicine preparation by" Daddy soup" is a beer belly Buster, the soup can not only to the lower abdomen cold, elimination of abdominal fat, and warm in winter and the effect of weight loss.

Material: 200 grams of water celery, crucian carp 1 ( about 1 kg ), ginger little.
Traditional Chinese medicine: 5 grams of Amomum villosum of Cyperus rotundus, incense 5 gram, yam 3 grams, 3 grams of semen hoveniae.
Production: fish plane net viscera to the wash, oil pot, fry yellow approximately eight cooked after the stand-by. Celery and various medicinal uses ten bowl of boiling water 20 minutes, join carp with boil for about 2 hours. If the water celery, single use crucian carp are also available, and taste depending on personal taste seasoning.

How to remove a beer belly?
In order to eliminate the" beer belly", need from many sided joint efforts:
In 1, at least 30 minutes of exercise every day
Japan medical experts developed a set of whenever and wherever possible to do sports, to eliminate the" beer belly" the effect is very good. One is holding hands and legs, and; two elevators, walking upstairs; three is where to stand . It, the best stand completed, such as et al, call, reading the newspaper, shoes and socks.
Stands slightly on tiptoe, the body in a nervous state. The experts also suggest, to lose belly fat, preferably in enhancing systemic movement situation, strengthens the abdominal exercise again.

2, to three meals a day: should not ignore the breakfast and lunch
If you do not eat lunch, you might be hungry to back home, at the dinner table to eat a big meal. Eat snacks: only carry a low fat, low energy food or snacks, such as fruits, vegetables, such as cookies.

In 3, desk bottle of water
One day will often drink. When you want to eat something sweet, drink water, eat sweets wishes will soon disappear. Don't let the mental pressure to eat: when there is stress, don't pick up food, but go out for a walk. Physical activity than to eat more conducive to relieve mental stress.

4, do not eat outside.
The restaurant food more often than a home cooked meal contains more energy and fat. Pay attention to your unit is provided near the low fat food restaurant. Don't go to the fast food chains, where the choice of low fat food rarely.

5, not a person eating
And colleagues, friends eating. Focus on the companion's conversation, not the food. Don't eat buffet: Buffet often leads to eat a lot.

6, pay attention to drink
Alcohol with higher energy, it can prevent the consumption of fat, but also reduce the willpower. If you want to drink some wine, preferably with soda drink mix. Drink plenty of water and low energy drink.
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times require

CMS is how to emerge as the times require?
With the network application of the rich and the development, many websites are often not quickly follow up large amounts of information and the business mode of the reform pace of derivative, often need to spend a lot of time, manpower and material resources to deal with the information update and maintenance work; encounter site extended time, integration of internal and external network and branch site work becomes more complex, even need construction site; and so on, the user is always at a high cost, low efficiency, integration cycle upgrade ... ...
Then, we hear a lot of users of such feedback:Web Content Management System

Page production disordered, website style is not uniform, a large amount of information accumulation, release is hard;

Complicated content, low efficiency of manual management, manual link for audio visual information frequently fail to achieve;

Application of high difficulty, a lot of work to technical staff to cooperate to complete, the role is not clear;Website Development

Correcting workload, poor system expansion capability, integrated with other application is less flexibility;

For website construction and information staff, they are most concerned about the system 's ease of use and function perfect, therefore, the website construction and information dissemination tool presents a very high demand.

First of all, the role is clear, to fully guarantee the work efficiency; secondly, complete functions, to meet the various doorways" gatekeeper" needed for the application, the information is accurate. For example, as editor, artist, editor and maintenance personnel to set permissions and real-time management function.

In addition, security architecture of website safety is also a user focus. Effective management of Web site visitors landing rights, so that the network database from attack, which always ensure site safety and stability, from the user's any menace from the "rear".Plate Heat Exchanger

According to the above requirements, a set of professional content management systems CMS emerge as the times require, to solve the user website construction and information release in the common problems and needs. On the site content management software is the biggest advantage, it processes to improve, rich functions, can be arranged and authorized manuscript for a legitimate user editing management, without requiring the user to ignore the difficult SQL grammar.

CMS is how to develop? Content management from the beginning of 2000 has become an important field of application, the . COM and B2B, B2C experienced capital and the test of the market and baptism, people back to the application of Information Technology Fundamentals - how to improve competition ability, content management can be precisely based on the enterprises of various types of digital assets, management, produce the value and utilization, improve organizational efficiency and the competitiveness of enterprises, enterprises also begin to realize the importance of content management.
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watching memories

There is a beauty called alone watching memories
In between black and white, a person alive, a lonely man ...
A man always used in twilight melancholy, depressed for a long time. Thoughts, also in a nameless sorrow atmosphere the stay. Sigh the beautiful, is about to die, will put the blue decorated with color, make the person wants to blame fate, however, say not to export.johnson baby shampoo
Want to sing, like no one listen to; to work, as if just to pay; live, like the road without direction; to love, as if afraid of hurting anyone.
Once the blooming, also beautiful, but it don't stay, just missed because of a bloom time. Want to pass there, take the fragrance, unfortunately, the flowers have withered away, disappointed. Just, just turned to the moment, who hear, spend crying? Not to see, treasure in the heart of a drop of tear, and also can not flow out.
Perhaps, fade, is the most true, while flowering is past.
Some people say, can not put down, is always the best. In the surging crowd, and one pass, either leave a trace of jostle one another on the way pain, or miss the deja vu.
Some silly, some laugh, some immature, childhood sang songs, songs with a dream, are engraved in time, as on the walls of the wet moss, record of the green life, but also left a hint of sadness.
Many times, the unspoken thoughts, wind blowing, leaves no trace. Like the falling leaves of autumn, even if the fall, will also vaguely remembered in fall colors. When autumn leaves quietly away, the whole world will not remember, let the autumn leaves blowing wind, ever after? The next samsara, started again, never to be forgotten in the wind, lonely wind once memory, really who remembers?
Do not know from what time, I've always wanted to find a reason, leave the text, tell yourself, don't write.JOHNSON Shampoo
However, when busy later, whenever the mood is low, when in the dark alone, fingertip always wanted across the keyboard. Eyes, always want to look at the gray screen, flashing a writing wizard. Perhaps, it has become a habit, some once a habit is formed, it is difficult to be replaced. Can compromise their own, quietly writing his own simple happiness, bitterness. Small happiness or pain in life.
Earth wind and rain, wind blossom, irrigate the shade. Simple me, just want to write me a seasonal cycle of psalms. I am not a poet, but, writes the thing, who understand and do not know, I think, this is not important.
Had destiny not wrong, years of contribution, every paragraph encounter a collection of precious memory.
Those who pass by the time the friend, the red road meet, and not gone in the wind, all one one in the heart of brewing. Life with these colors, will never fade. In fact, as long as the experienced, treasure ...
I admit that he is a man of sorrow, but doesn't like to be one of. Still love her like the winter sun, a warm, quiet, also like those pretty happy, such as cherry blossoms like full, more like the pure white as snow and ice.
When a flower's end of story, another flower story begin. During this parting is never confused, puff of smoke. Those beautiful fireworks, first slowly out of brilliant flowers, and silk thread, correct bound entangled, gradually disappear. Beautiful with desperate affection, and then, to bloom, to die, never stop.
There is no forever, but also was a fool to ask, how far is forever. In fact, a turn, is forever. Mind if there is no person, will secure to rely on, not to fill the heart's empty and incomplete. If one day, no more tears, then, means have forgotten. " To have sailed the seven seas, except Wushan not cloud". I am afraid, will not have such tenderness and patience ...
In the confusion and snow cover, flash memory. Light lock eyes, with a bleak tone, I saw the red dandelion, beautiful incomparable. Unfortunately, not into the dream.
Forgotten in the corner of the purple Campanula, broken. A drip string missing, loose. A grain of a snowflake, melt. I do not know when persistent direction, changed.L-Carnitine
Looking back, everything is in sleep, that is, I woke up early.
Firework in March, spring. From a drop of soft water, into the south of the Yangtze river. The South outside the draw in the United States, were collected into a dream, and then continue to sleep.
Wait for wake up one day, will understand, there is a kind of beauty, called lonely watching memories.
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myocardial infarction

Workaholic prone myocardial infarction in 20% young white-collar workers have a high lipid

Experts say, cardiovascular internal medicine ward three, myocardial infarction, stroke and other cardiovascular problems in young patients, has accounted for 20% of the total number of patients, this with drinking, smoking and other factors a great relationship.Plate Heat Exchanger

40 years old man is often called himself the workaholic: a veteran of a small, but the old man, also just is career evaporate day, work in this string cannot afford to relax. Then, the body because of excessive overdrafts and protest, high blood lipids, hypertension, hyperglycemia, stomach, these problems also followed the come. Department of Cardiology expert says, in recent years, life and work pressure, so that 20% of the young white-collar workers have suffered from high blood lipids and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, especially in winter, more and more white-collar workers poured in myocardial infarction.

There have been reports of last week, a 37 year old IT elite due to acute myocardial infarction, was admitted to the hospital 's emergency room, managed to save my life. After his illness, chat to the middle-aged white-collar this group, said of his age male friends, almost everyone has high blood fat. What is the reason for their health status gets so bad? And how will they" think"?

Drinking, smoking, staying up late, catch up on some work injury vascular
Experts, like the above said IT elite experience and not the one and only exception. In the huge young white-collar groups, young myocardial infarction or burst blood vessels of the human really is not uncommon. More and more young suffered a stroke, induced because much because processing is carried out, a series of activities, often drunk in a complete mess before returning home, three questions had sought the door.

Experts say, cardiovascular internal medicine ward three, myocardial infarction, stroke and other cardiovascular problems in young patients, has accounted for 20% of the total number of patients, with pressure, drinking, smoking and other factors have a great relationship.

Stair climbing preventing cardiovascular diseaseplate heat exchanger manufacturer
Heart disease is one of the important reasons is the lack of movement, in the same environment, life, often sitting motionless, coronary heart disease than the regular activities of more than 2 times. Exercise can induce heart of small blood vessels expand, extend, grow in quantity, improve myocardial oxygen supply, improve vascular in lipid metabolism, helps to improve myocardial metabolism, improve working ability and myocardial metabolism of the heart function. In addition, but also improve the blood fibrinolysis activity, prevent blood clots too high, to prevent and retard the development of atherosclerosis is very helpful. He suggested that cardiovascular patients choose to walk, ride a bike, stair climbing, jogging, Tai Chi, exercises and other projects for the exercise, but should be gradual, do not be anxious for success. Experts say, if you complain about their work, best every day adhere to climb stairs, because it does not require too much work time.
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more flexible

Money supply growth of low preset tuning at more flexible
The central bank announced the 14 data display, as of the end of 11, the broad money ( M2 ) grow 12.7% compared to the same period, the narrow money ( M1 ) grow 7.8% compared to the same period, money supply growth rate fall again to several years of low.Plate Heat Exchanger

Analysts expect, monetary policy" preset tuning" will become more flexible, the end of this year to next reserve ratio will have cuts, open market operations more flexible.

Data display, as of the end of 11, the M2 balance of 82.55 yuan, an increase of 12.7%, 0.2 percentage point over the low end; the narrow money ( M1 ) balance of 28.14 yuan, an increase of 7.8%, 0.6 percentage point over the low end; currency in circulation ( M0 ) balance of 4.73 yuan, grow 12% compared to the same period.
Cause M2 year-on-year growth for 5 consecutive months of decline for a number of reasons. The gold chief economist Peng Wensheng thinks, partly because the November total RMB deposit an additional 262600000000 yuan less, increasing from 13.6% the previous month dropped further to 13.1%. On the other hand, is expected in November of new foreign exchange reserves is not worth 100000000000 yuan, far below the average for the last 5 years 275000000000 yuan of growth. But fiscal November 376300000000 yuan deposits, at the end of the year fiscal deposits began to appear in line with the laws of history on, effectively alleviate the M2 continue to trend.plate heat exchanger manufacturer

At the same time, the November M1 year-on-year growth of 7.8%, a record in 2009 the lowest level since January. Peng Wensheng says, because M1 is the main component of business demand deposits, and the industrial added value growth trend in certain relevance, M1 growth continues to decline reflects the enterprise funds tight situation continues, it is also associated with the November PMI index decreased substantially consistent.

In accordance with the central economic work conference of the tune, and the central bank 14 days " in accordance with the total modest, prudent and flexible, directional support requirements, the use of various monetary policy tools, regulate the monetary credit, maintain social financing scale reasonable growth " position, the market is expected to more flexible, preset tuning.

The gold center analysis, taking into account the early credit demand pressure, during the Spring Festival and the increase of foreign exchange cash demand growth nots allow hopeful, the end of this year and next, reserve rate may be lowered again 2-4 times, each time 0.5 percentage points. At the same time, the future of open market operations will continue as the main policy tools and flexible use, maintains the market fluidity is reasonable.

Peng Wensheng also predicted, the next may lower the deposit reserve ratio time is in January next year. ANZ Bank China Economic Research Director Liu Ligang expected, until the first half of next year, the central bank still have 3-4 cut the deposit reserve rate of space.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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