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sincerely stay

Nian dynasty Mu it mutually meets and sincerely stay Mo Li Mo to leave
She only Cui, allow a current affairs vicissitudes of life to become a cocoon, safely proper of.Look for at that time of stabilize, return to rather look for hospice of the one a life time.Meet you, the this present life then starts Jian Mo mum live life of refugee, allow heart drive setting up separatist regime of reality cruelty, allow dignity is thrown by you to give up in a long distance outside, allow to love humble like dust, just if in the clout thus destine, so I be still the place that can stay in the cape, read aloud your generation after generation.

When you shed tears for me of, I also decline.

At that time just fall in a blood-red rose, bewitchingly beautiful bloom.

The this present life thus has to with the end and entirely has no Han.


.Mo Ai, the life bitterness is short and allow customs to jolt Mo Yao sorrow.

I think thus ordinary years, there are no all people, the world then will pipe down.

I think that you the days after leavings will have never appeared such as you similar and safe.

But when if the white receives the telephone of home that a moment beginning, then feel, originally even if oneself wants to eliminate to stop, world also can't like what you expected.

If a kind of insect committed suicide, if Li a kind of insect is if the elder sister of white, the only an elder sister, treat if white best, childhood years of if the white is very weak, is humiliated by the big, elder sister even if is a girl, also station at if the white before suffers beating for him, don't let if white be subjected to one silk injury, certainly this just if white remember the deepest act just, in rushing through way home, if white of the elder sister's feature that have been throwing in in brain is that black-and-blue miserable sight, the nose is still very swollen to flow nosebleed, green a piece of purple a piece of on the face of, that time the elder sister still smiles to if white say, :"The white shouts, Be free, walk, go home with elder sister."

Since the childhood, if Li the elder sister once gave, besides which, white natural affection all restly and almost is zero, parents give of, just the havings of the material, but how also warmth not Li if the white small and weak heart for example enjoyed small Xi, very silly, but thus of paid.Surprisingly can make him have peace of mind by himself.Even if be not is of oneself, for the elder sister, that is his first woman of love, but that is just natural affection, happy small Xi, be regarded as the second, only care and love feeling.In fact the love is to will definitely occupy, just want to keep her company and looking at her happy, which fear her happy because of the other people.

Return to Hangzhou, keep to straightly rush about the hospital of elder sister's place, see mother's noodles expressionless facial appearance, don't know that she is always cold-blooded or really can't sees any to originally should concern and feel pity on to what sons and daughters had.Go straight to an elder sister nearby, the mouth side still wears an oxygen cover and still ties a needle tube on the ice-cold arm, pale face, if Li the white is seen eye in, painful at in the mind, strongly bore to soon drop down of tears.O.K. the salvage returns to the elder sister's life, the not so bad elder sister didn't leave.If had no an elder sister, probably, if the white really doesn't know future will be what appearance, now, definite should small smallly rejoice once, not so bad elder sister still at.

Hasn't been having the omen of suicide, if Li the white doesn't know the real reason that the elder sister commits suicide, original, wanted to wait an elder sister to wide awake to ask her again, the mother seemed to see and then spoke up.

"Your elder sister fell in love with a man that has Fu, and that of the man still has a kid, in commercial circles the He He has , man and your elder sister to love each other, but give not you elder sister's honor and duties, and, on a dancing party, that man's wife knew concerning your elder sister and that man's affair and humiliated your elder sister there and then, and that the man didn't volunteer to help as well of protect your elder sister, behind, your elder sister is always depressed and saw several side with that man, again after, , , , probably, is we didn't concern her too much, should make her live in us nearby of, can't take place this affair, either at least."

The Chan Chan that listens to a mother describes and looking at the elder sister's wrist again to up wrap up snow-white gauze, doing not understand a moment that the elder sister mows wrist is how of flimsiness, with how of the carriage affect her that wants to leave the decision in this world, the heart heavily shivered once and looking at the elder sister whom the obfuscation dided not come to, if white wants to keep her company and looking at she likes to get up.
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color see healthily

From the agnail color see healthily:You of nail what color?

Healthy of nail:Present pink, there is no spot, there is no veins.

If the nail is pale have no blood-red color,Production House then elucidation spirit blood loss in business.

If the nail delivers purple, then the artery harden, blood fat Gao, or heart Zhi the early sign of the Zu.

If the nail delivers green, MotoGPthen is heavy cold disease, blood Yu.

If the nail delivers Huang, probably is that the liver and gall is wrong, or the blood sugar metabolizes Chang not.

If the nail delivers blue, show that the lung department is blocked, for example asthma or emphysema.

The index finger is more opposite than ring finger long:

The female owns higher fertility, more modest,bridgestone comparison sensitive, opposite easily suffer from a mammary glands cancer and don't love to take risk;The male fertility is weaker, the oral communication expression ability is stronger, the offensiveness is weak, sense of direction bad.

The ring finger opposite index finger is long

The female fertility is opposite weaker, excessively self-confident and opposite and not easy suffer from a mammary glands cancer and love to take risk very much;The male fertility is stronger,wireless keyboards the oral communication expression ability is weaker, attack the dint is relatively strong and excel mathematics and more easily suffer from a standing alone disease.
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The end of end

I once asked the someone"I calculated what in your in the mind" this sentence, until for a long time after of now, I just understand, when you can ask this sentence of time, you are in her in the mind already what all be not.

As for"friend" whom she answers-with as for afterwards I once wanted and then liked this stooded down with her as a friend.But probably a lot of time"unwilling" these three word head quarters make the heart dull pain.Accompany her sad sad, I rejoice to also give she comfortablely in the meantime heart but more painful …see her happy and happy, 強生洗頭水I hope forever while she is being such her happy but have nothing to do with me …
I tell her, I wait her here forever, her turning head is my figure, but she doesn't know, what my title sees is the scar that she leaves and see her once each time, the wound is once painful, can I am always lookinging at, because want to looking at she turn head to see one eye, which afraid just one eye …
My right here I tell myself, , she loves wound, harm.As long as she would like to, I can always make like this mean next go, until make mean to can station in her atrium, so the whole molestations all have no to me what greatly not, at least I know so she is also knowing painful …
I don't know to be trying to gain her a pity still a love like this.
Probably I am trampling my own self-respect,電器直銷中心 but I still want to accompany at her nearby, because I am afraid that she is sad no one will coax her and fear her happy no one will accompany her to share.I offer utmost effort to dissolve her sad, increase her happiness, then go to and adjust oneself is influenced by her of mood, tell her, my doesn't matter …
However I after all ain't a benumbed person, my emotion is taken by her whole amount to go, can my really beyond control I attain form inside such as a, say doesn't matter in mouth, but the in the mind is to have to call-after all you of happy sad because of someone, but that person but isn't me.You let how I listen to you again get off the heart you to me and his story.
I eat the next and very sour grape, but want to disguise a very sweet flavor to you, sorry, I can attain, can my tears can not do it.Smile of in the meantime drive sour to shed tears, the side smiles the drama that the side cries, I play not to come out …
I ever said to her, my telephone whole day switched on for her, I would like to be bothered by her at any time, I can get to the Internet to keep her chat company at any time, I absolutely at and at that time the message that return her, I can't become angry to her any further, I can't ignore her any further, and I will keep her company forever …
But, at the end of the end, I still kept leaving, because my unique didn't learn of BE:In the lasting end, academic association etc. wear she …
She ever said to me:Make me little to smoke cigarette, don't make me drink, don't make me get sick, let me have to be happy, don't make me sit up, let me look after good I, she finally says:Sorry …
But, at the end of the end, I 1 didn't attain, only because sorry, should be that I say just right …
I tell her that I don't believe predestination, Learn ChineseI don't believe distance, I don't believe to wait for …
However at the end of the end, I can not persuade I don't believe these again, if decree by destiny, if drew near distance, if need not wait for and isn't us can together …
She tells me, once wrote in book of diary full I, ever cried for me how much time, once wrote excessive little letter, once pulled my hand, once sat by the side of my body …
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benefits technique

The west points Iran to exchange Chinese long distance guided missile with the petroleum benefits technique
Iran has already constucts in the city database Mu of the northwest can don't need be subjected to underground of the air stroke of base, and install development nuclear weapon machine of underground of leave scheming, the intelligence report of the west says in addition to in private developing nuclear weapon machine Iran, the hurl sends the medium distance of nuclear weapon machine and the guided missile of the long distance, are also that the developments are quicks for these several years, the back of Iran uses petroleum benefits as commutation and acquires a Russia, China and the technique of the distance and the long distance guided missile in the Korean output's.

The Phoenix Wei sees November 9 《the military situation observe room 》, is a writing factual records as follows:

Dong Jia shows off:This week an international focus is Iran is accused clandestine development nuclear weapon machine,freshwater pearl the United States and Israel includes NATO, does the west probably begin, and we visit report in the latest inner part first.

The west points Iran:The Mi grinds nuclear weapon long distance guided missile to get a support to counter-attack

Dong Jia shows off:According to Voice of America report way, expresses in the international atomic organization Iran at checks electricity curtain under, Iran already the secret is studying nuclear weapon machine, and have the time of initial result, the United States Pentagon formally delivers to manies toward the U.S. Congress to possible military operation project in Iran and include from overall the war arrive partial of the war of raid.

Report way says that the United States has intention to solve the nuclear problem of Iran with the mode of Libya, be not and directly send a troops of the United States, but with the American solider's intelligence report support, or the American solider's unmanned battleplane to support directly the base of the troops and the pit facilities of Iran of attackstoning Iran nation.

But at Israeli hoot to the war of Iran the possibility is more and more big, the war that is pushing with the method of the military stroke Iran pit facilities to Iran in the push of the Israeli leadership layer,wireless keyboardimplementation to Iran of preemptive of military stroke.

Intelligence report suggests that Israeli air force's being located on the military base of Italy in NATO has already carried on the drill of the stroke of the emulation of the long range guided missile of aiming at Iran, participation practices 14 add the F16 Israeli battleplane and many fueling planes of and early-warning machine, all ever and clandestinely once practiced to the attack of Iran, probably want to take action right away.

For the war hoot of the United States and Israel, Iran sent out a scathing warning, armed strength total chief of staff in Iran says, Iran troops worked well to be on guard completely, the one who says to by all means will have scathing backstroke to resist to invade of Iran president.

But England of 《Wei report 》report way says, British Ministry of National Defense expresses, the American solider has any attackstone to Irans of the decision of the activity, the United States wants to acquire the help of England, England will support, the report way says that the decision layer of British military authority is considering in the future for a few months inside look for the submarine troops best deployment location in the Royal navy of England and England of the material war ax cruise missile, can on a sudden with air and sea of stroke activity to raid Iran.

Report way the latest proof that says that the international atomic organization of United Nations will soon announce Iran secret development nuclear weapon machine, but this report it is said that include Iran uses a calculator etc. the model designed the intelligence report of the latest nuclear warhead, on top of that, the international atomic organization acquires spy's satellite of the United States a steel system with large Iran taking gathers to pack of satellite picture, but these devices can be been used the experiment that Iran makes nuclear weapon machine high performance explosion, the intelligence report of the west says Iran already in the Na Tan of concentrated uranium item in the middle refines the concentrated uranium of four ton halfs, golden south sea pearl
and if Iran lifts the pure degree of these concentrated uraniums pure 90%, this amount can make 4-5 pits play.

The intelligence report of the west says, Iran has already constucts in the city database Mu of the northwest can don't need be subjected to underground of the air stroke of base, and install development nuclear weapon machine of underground of leave scheming, the intelligence report of the west says in addition to in private developing nuclear weapon machine Iran, the hurl sends the medium distance of nuclear weapon machine and the guided missile of the long distance, are also that the developments are quicks for these several years, the back of Iran uses petroleum benefits as commutation and acquire a Russia, China and the technique of the distance and the long distance guided missile in the Korean output's
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secret to greatly open

The big S successfully reduces weight a secret to greatly open
Recently, the tiny Bo of big S drive large the madness for reducing weight good friendses broadcast, reason be, she is lifetime for the first time in person public own true weight, and declare ownly reduce weight a plan is shown Zhao success.And, more let the Bo friends excitement of BE,綠茶配蜂蜜消炎又潤喉she still reduces weight the successful secret archduke to this and opens and leaked to keep secret in show biz of reduce weight a method-Be on a diet and add nourishment and reduce weight a method!

So-calledly Be on a diet to add nourishment to reduce weight a method, be say, while being on a diet, carry on nourishment to go together with a meal.Thus, can only not with promise a shape of slender, and then promise the nourishment that body needs, let to reduce weight and health two not mistake.Although say, in the many people eyes, so of reduce weight a method don't have special place, however I but think, has confidence good dimensions and there is carrying on of science operation, then can take to goodly reduce weight effect, certainly, more important have enough props up you reduce weight of strong motive!

The big S gets married, but robs the affair of eyeball very much!For this, the at the beginning big S is rather also a feeling pressure, after all want to entertain a lot of friends, she doesn't miss her own that Zhui meat horizontal rare loins, very fatty calf as well and become everyone's laughing stock!So, use this as the motive that she reduces weight, appointed a professional nutritionist to come to to carry on meal to match, and her own quasi- husband, 上火飲食治療 speed up her everyday, her reducing weight urgently is getting more imaginable!

Certainly, what the most difficult tube live was this to open mouth!To know big S in normal times inside not the love eats between meals and return the special love takes part in the activity that the friends holds, and each go to a city, the first affair must be the delicacies that looks for the region to carry on tasting, is this, the big S is also very hard to control!O.K., her nearby and every moment follow a nutritionist of profession, can also carry on appropriate dispensation instruction while meeting big S to can not control feelings each time and avoid absorbing of fat, this was also big S more delighted affair and had never let after all she thoroughly give up for reducing weight a delicacies, she is also very happy!

Be on a diet to add nourishment to reduce weight, go together with the Aerobic of last adequacy again, the in addition takes orally medicine, the shape of big S, soon started becoming slender, at recently mirror, she also means, willing continue will reduce weight to carry on throughout!The Bo friends see her reporter interview, marvel at her very much two varieties in month, 秋天除燥so find out to reduce weight a secret to her official tiny Bo, didn't what to thought of BE, the big S unexpectedly did to respond to and also greatly talked to reduce weight insight, this lets the Bo friends excitement pole, moment of redistribution quantity super 10000!See appearance, Be on a diet to add nourishment to reduce weight a method, very quick will become prevalent come!
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Inebriate a cordiality

Big four, seem to be to everybody to come to speak, all so of fan Mang, anyway have peace of mind that time is such, she gets the other people's help each time and always feels to be like to hold tight lifesaving rice straw, always in mind and silently record some persons of well.

That day, all people all look at this lately- come bond maid, probably is the vision of owner be attracted to her look in the eyes of that purity, anyway all persons who were drawn on by her is said because of she of look in the eyes, because she after all had no outstanding outward appearance,改善耳鳴症狀just that double of write full purely true eyes really hanged up a person and pretty recruited a person painful of, is also that day, she among those people see 1 let her dependable eyes, but that eyes seemed some fool him.On the second day, puzzling of she is arranged to follow him, he fore the noodles isn't willing to manage him all the way and occasionally buy a bottle of water for her, teach he how work, in fine, have peace of mind be really lived for earthquake by this handsome man, is much more than an outward appearance, more is his artistic talent.

Having peace of mind comes back and then knows on that afternoon that this person will be married and had peace of mind in the crowd to smile to smile, not language.He delivers a message in the evening and"shine on my hair", a burst of touched, touched at his help, touched at his elaboration.Continue for several days, she is arranged to him and became his small disciple.

After a week, she canned not bear and finally and secretly told own good friend, she feels that she showed interest,春捂秋凍 but he wants to be married, hence silent strangle this viewpoint of method, calculate hair to deliver small grievance, but carelessly, she orders wrong keyboard, give out a giving out of friend.

If that kind of each other of love, that kind of is silent helpless, she love, he say after being drunk with wine and suddenly stabbed her heart, but she is understand, oneself how should do, she chose a wish.She sends him to walk and sends him to get married, but the first time in her life got drunk and then was born that night.

Get married, that is his commitment and responsibility to a person.Have peace of mind of cool, probably the nobody can understand, she also not need the person understands, but hopes that he understands, also not think that he understands.Gossip Fei language, will hurt everybody, so she has to make none of owner understood.

He marries and returns to invite everyone.That a lot of persons, but she was embarrassed, in entertaining willing, she drinks lousily to inebriate again, have been crying, the end is just dragged along by everyone to walk.That late wakes up, she swears that whole life can't get drunk again, because of pain of is oneself.Although he has already made a phone call that night, deliver a message to come over to say sorry, but she accepts to can not stand any further.

Have peace of mind to tell oneself that day, keep distance with him, because small three is a deeply bad her whole life pain to cut off of, is not likely to let oneself be ascend small three.But that day after, she accepted heart, but he beyond controlly inherits.

Each time night, he gets drunk wine each time, each time he not and satisfactorily, having peace of minds will hear so many words once wanted to hear, but have peace of mind to understand,女人養生 if oneself really also sinks into and cry so in the future of is much more than a person, is a flock of person who loves two people.So she chose elusion.

Had peace of mind to find out whole life by himself/herself all soon at look for of the person, meet for the first time, didn't suddenly move of felling, for the second time also have no, haven't even wanted to have the viewpoint to develop with him, just pure want to get in touch with a friend, but this is the so-called predestination and soon have peace of mind and then decide that whole life wanted with this person together and all said that chemisette heart's changing quickly and in fact isn't false either.

But the in the mind contain a position, have been existing to belong to a someone.Although she a lot of time is doubting that person's words, but in nine hate not to get up, because he after all really a lot of time at to she good, though sometimes make her feel is have a purpose, after all, he is really a piece of old
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6 catties for 3 days

The honey reduces weight to drop 6 catties for 3 days
If the work the OLs of the busyness, want to pass to be on a diet or exercise to reduce weight and usually fail because of canning not insist.Underneath, the small plait recommends 3 kinds of very effective honey water for the MMs of love of beauty to reduce weight a method, let you need not hungry belly can easily and quickly reduce weight!LED small

Method essentials:early every day, noon, night three meals all is acted for with honey water or the honey tea, the whole distanceses aren't edible to drink other things.Reduce weight a period, edible the weight using the honey with 150-200 gs, at least eating a 150 g every day just accept to reduce weight of effect;If feel a belly hungry or weariness, can directly eat honey or drink honey water, ability instant replenishment body nutrient, refreshment.Dan cooking

Implementation number:reduce weight a method is the most ideal for three days to fat personage, periodically practice once monthly, like the weight super mark, want to reduce to be 10-20 pounds of, every month can carry on twice, at least light 6-7 pounds.Such as have already reduced truth to think a weight, want to prevent°from returning to play of, can choose to go to reduce weight a method for two days, practice twice then sufficient for a month.Want to adjust reason the appetite, clean bowel row poison of and suggest to be every week carry on reducing weight a method for a day.Do the friend of yoga, a day two meals are replaced with honey water, to health had better;But the half of a day one meal break a food method, aims at improvement physical endowment, would not° until keep on for three months to half year see reduce weight result.Owing to everyone physical endowment's being different, proper opinion for consulting nutritionist or doctor first.

Material:the material that need to be prepared is easy and include honey, tea and water.The flavor category of honey and tea can press personal taste but choose, but want to take the composition pure and unadulterated and the natural organic as good;Had better choose to drink mineral spring or decontamination water and don't contain high-quality water of miscellaneous quality.Each cup honey beverage's making weight is a 150 ml the clear water or tea join 1-2 spoon honeys;(about 10-20 gs)Carry on a meal single period, in great quantities drink clear water, have already helped a body row poison.Model Katrina once tries this meal list and indeed as expected saw the result of losing weight,

The first day:LED temptation

Early meal:honey water one cup

Noon meal:honey green tea two cups, one spoon honeys

Afternoon tea:two spoon honeys

Late meal:honey rose tea two cups

Feeling after trying:the afternoon feel a bowel department on the go and send out the voice of murmur murmur to ring, in the evening namely have the phenomenon of having a bowel movement.However the belly is all day long all empty, very not habit, one belly is then hungry to eat one spoon honey crest belly, however after eating, the slightly dizzy and hand goes limp feet soft circumstance soon disappear.

The second day:

Early meal:honey green tea one cup

Noon meal:honey mint tea one cup, one spoon honey

Afternoon tea:honey water one cup

Late meal:honey black tea one cup, one spoon honey

Feeling after trying:the second day, the belly is hungry to feel to ease a lot, start adapting to;And have a bowel movement the number of times Be getting more, the belly had no bulge Bu Bu felling.
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Feng meeting

Debt crisis in Europe holds the G20 Feng meeting
If the emergence of debt crisis in Europe, probably G20 meetings will successfully of be over, but the ideal usually has a very big margin with reality.But on this G20 meetings, debt crisis in Europe and Greece became leading role.American president Ao Ba Ma and nation chairman Hu Jintaos of Chinas all have already continuously gone to France to take part in this of the G20 Feng meeting, the EU leaders to also hope that China and the United States can ascend to develop an important function at G20 Fengs.美味幹果滋補

American president Ao Ba Ma embarked "air force the first" to all through the night rush through to France yesterday evening.But before the Ao expects a horse to rush through to France, debt crisis in Europe and Greece problem appeared dramatic variety, previous Greece premier Pa Pan Europe, Delhi declares the plebiscite appears the global market to fear, while the global stock market appears a slump on that day.But urgently convene a cabinet meeting in the overnight Greece, declare to give up a plebiscite.Became a market the Greece G20 the Fengs will be with the leading role of Europe debt crisis.

At that time, the White House the spokesman said Greece premier Pa Pan Europe, Delhi requested to carry on a plebiscite to the helping of EU project and became the focus of the G20 Feng meeting.And market analytical the personage think, Greece plebiscite is also the agreement that kidnap the last week the EU Feng club building of office to reach and kidnap this G20 meetings.

G20 Fengs that in fact holds in the Jia Na will originally want to provide an opportunity for Europe, Feng will of host main French president's Sa section together also intend in this Feng to will ascend a dew skill.However usually things go contrary to one's wishes, for it two days of Feng will happen to be the European Continent a per difference usually of dark time:Europe get bogged down in politics to disorder, it economy fall into a decline, the euro area foreground rains and winds are aery.Greece but give the G20 the Fengs will stir a bureau.秋季喝湯

Generally speaking, G20 Fengs will be the situation of agenda that the main host national leader expresses politician's poise and push by himself/herself the favor.The Sa section together also wants the request of reform national currency system he/she intends to make the Jia Na meeting concentration discussed that he puts forward, its purpose is the motion that reduces rate of exchange and raise euro area and other currencies is more opposite than the position of USD.

However, the affair of this week occurrence Sa section together with German chancellor Mo gram the Er pushed to go into political muddy water in the Greece.Greece premier Pa Pan Europe, Delhi appeals a civil plebiscite, but the global financial market make of agitated, make the European aid program back been one knife.Because the market expects, the failure of the plebiscite may cause Greece's immediately breaking contract and finally cause Greece's withdrawing euro area.So the euro area will take place a series of crisis reactions.

Sa section together and dissatisfiedly says, Pa Pan Europe, Delhi declares that the plebiscite sets against with the whole Europe, is also to a caught unprepared stroke in Europe.Because DIY珍珠粉面膜the market thinks, Europe isn't likely to spend quite a few star

Expect the result of waiting for Greece plebiscite, because was full of indetermination like this.And German chancellor and the Sa section of French president is together resolute but toughly declares, the Greece is to go to is stay have to have an explicit attitude.
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Greece plebiscite

Greece plebiscite, the EU rushes through to test
Greece premier on November 1 Pa Pan Europe, Delhi comes all of a sudden of the plebiscite decide and brought about a situation full of peril in the global scope, if saying is the most surprised, the most excited and can not accept most of a square, that perhaps must belong to EU.小肚腩

From respond then it is thus clear that one spot:The EU takes turns chairman and express to trap Feng will with G20 host main French president's Sa section together expresses to trap the most decisive euro in plan area nation and German chancellor a Mo gram with EU Er all means disaffection in the first time, 2 leaders in addition IMF, the chief executive officer pulls to add virtuous, European Commission chairman Ba Luo Zuo robs G20 the Fengs will hold firmly to meet a coordination position before opening, it is said that virtuous, the method all sent out the malicious words of "unique decide an options to want don't stay in the euro area", but Ba Luo Zuo then at"four tycoons"s meet an eve of meeting publicly to Pa Pan Europe, Delhi delivers words and urge it accepts pass on October 27 of expressing and trapping project, euro group chairman permits a gram to then mean, if Greece insists launching a plebiscite, passed two weeks ago of, Europe express to trap a fund to continue to provide the sixth to help a funds plan to probably steep soup toward the Greece, and can't re-offer before ending in the plebiscite.French premier is always thin then the simple and direct earth's surface shows, the Greece is in response to"whether quick decision oneself still intends to stay in the euro area", "Europe can not for a long time wait for Greece plebiscite result".

The truth is clear to put:The EU all countries engages in mental drudgery and moderates hard, a with in the week connect open two Feng meeting, just ground teeth to pass to almost drink on the whole the Zhen quenches thirst of negotiate on October 27, because this aim is continuing to help Greece and avoid its bankruptcy or pull down the whole project of euro area and equaled to publicly admit that Greece a series not agree with the data of matching the euro area standard:The government budget deficit has a GDP comparison to be up to 10.6% in 2010, is 《EU stability and growth convention 》3%3 times enough to spares of upper limits stipulated;The national debt has a GDP comparison to be up to 144.9%, is 《convention 》2 times enough to spares of upper limit, according to 《Ma Si especially inside He especially treaty 》and 《stability and growth convention 》, these performances originally deserve punishment, now change come really as long as more than two years, and don't know will keep on how long of the huge sum express to trap.Not only such, the agreement still uses to reduce to record private situation of Greece bond held, at the reputation that uses EU in fact substitute"depend on Zhang" in the Greece, more have very, the EU still continues to overdraw his/her own reputation and tries extension euro area to express to trap a fund(EFSF) plate, and turn its lever, persuade IMF and other main economies(is Chinese etc. emerging economies particularly) in the world to distinctly note a property to the"investment item"representative electing that lacks to requite foreground.Lets out an eve in the plebiscite news of Greece, Sa section together return is busy in making a phone call for each"gold lord", EFSF the thunder grillage of representative director more world run about wildly to look for funds support, the Greece is tantamount to here now the very critical moment flap deaf hair Kui ground to halloo "I may depend on Zhang at any time", at this time up be apart from on October 27 the agreement passes for only 4 days, under be apart from the Jia Na G20 Feng will however be simultaneously busy in persuading the Pacific Asia"gold lord" for 48 hours, ask them to believe "express to trap of fine foreground", "help each other of important meaning", is busy in coping with local opposition faction"don't foreign dirty money", "don't Munich treaty" on the other hand of politics attack by surprise, Sa section together, Mo gram Er etc. originally hard up for cash and tired from rushing around on duty, from the most surprised place, fly come most fatal of one hammer, not only the fire is just strange.Biggest of worried still is not here.

The EU is a lax combination, from birth of from day, opposition between"cent power" and"centralization" sharp existence, but the biggest test is just "plebiscite":Because the plebiscite is hard to rush a pass in all countries, the radical integral whole turns of 《EU charter 》do things by halves;Take but generation of 《treaty in Lisbon 》downplay the federal national color of EU consumedly, and try to round to open plebiscite threshold, but unique round don't open of Ireland plebiscite, still Ban that convention is an and head;This time Greece plebiscite, Pa Pan Europe, Delhi puts the reason of pedestal noodles, is "canning not make the foreign country decided the destiny and future of Greek", but from financial crisis explosion up to now, multifariously express to trap a project of so pull skin for two years of long, issue of is exactly "canning make the foreign country decided midland destiny and future", namely whether should change currently the EU"one country 1" and frequently need a movement mechanism for passing, make the this efficiency lowly alliance higher effect some, and for it pay a price of sovereignty(to small country particularly such) with parts of sacrifice.Plebiscite surely is Greece is making, but real rush through to test of is EU, very obviously, 《convention in Lisbon 》round the way of doing of opening the plebiscite pass will be more and more queried, but if all countries all imitate Greece on any great intention concerning EU prospect and frequently take"people's will" as from the plebiscite, the prospect of EU will at every step frustrated:Yes, if say that the EU is a big wooden pail, each member's national capital just among them a piece of wooden board, but if each wooden board carries on inner part to decide for"whether stay on the wooden pail" at any time, this wooden pail unavoidably separates three to differ 5 grounds for may take place at any time of leak but anxious.
by fashiongirl | 2011-11-03 12:09

Luo came back

The Luo came back, sit by me.The horary car wheel has never let up, seven years in of order to in every aspect delineate a constitute space.Seven year agos throws to lose in the seaside of shell, have already not and so and easily been picked up now, this is probably the distance that the space leaves.

"Doing not be small is far, the rubber lends me to use once."Is a familiar voice again, can my felling but is so unfamiliar."Feed, did you didn't hear?Doing not be small is far.""You not is have rubber?Why use mine."I lower the head to attend to a writing industry.Probably is that I am frightened to hit him that sparkling vision."I am to want to use you, 賢內助who let the kid sister younger sister whom you are me!"My pen the slide drop up the ground from the hand, feels eyes are very wet, I flurried bend from the waist to pick up and grew hair to cover up my face, can tears how can escape again lead permafrost gravitation, is almost, "the Luo is much clear, you and then talk on the classroom."Teacher the voice of the high pitch interrupted the car wheel that I recall, I have to lower the head noodles toward the lesson originally.I pour not afraid teacher's critique and just a little bit worry him.He was just backed by senior high school in the city to learn to arrive our school."Teacher, I have no, is don't be small to far seek I talk."His voice is so duty-bound.Regrettable I but could not see the facial expression on his face."BE?Doing not be small is far!"My thoughts and feelings slips away to pass by again and evade this terrible of reality, I have no many energies of again to answer her question.I thought of that to undertake everything for me and every moment protected my little elder brother, before is also so, I spread note to say to the girl of front her skirt was very beautiful, the result was discovered by the teacher, stood up of but is him, lead a class of person coaxed to smile, the Luo blushes Tong Tong of but stand an on every occasion.I think that the Earth really has gravitation, the tears really isn't round, is all water bead type of, take a sharp sting, not it how can makes the person feel ache.Not so bad my hair is long let all these only I know, showing him arriving not to know will smile what appearance.Probably owe always wanting of the other people to return of, probably my little elder brother don't call Luo much clear, the Luo is much clear I didn't owe you what.

Class is over, I followed behind the rhythm of her high-heeled shoes Keng Qiang to enter office.Numbness in front of her of I am like one pedestal gramophone, but she really don't know, the power hasn't been opening,微笑 I can excuse me you worked overtime for me, I but don't can give you the overtime pay.

I come out from the office, the campus inside has already had no how much person, attractive of place only have he and that bicycle Be silly to stand over there."Doing not be small is far, she useless high-heeled shoes Chuai you!Say for me, I went to and put together with her."I doubt whether he changed profession to say ventriloquist or composed novel.I the road that attend to walk me, this road originally belongs to my a person's solitude.The bicycle that hears him Be tick-tock to tick-tockly follow, I fore the side stopped and was like a mold especially similar turn round in the T on the stage, just I didn't smile and is was full of exasperation, behind of he also not Be getting more tick-tock, in a short while title see a sky, in a short while daut his love car, I originally have many words want and say of, can I but 1 also can not recall.He this was all the way tick-tock to follow me house."Doing not be small is far, can I go in with you?"He speaks so well-manneredly, does the person, who don't know, still think that he is four good youths.He entered a bedroom with me, and then ran veranda, I just embraced my snoopy stunned, in a short while, he ran to come over from the veranda and said very hard:"Doing not be small is far, it will definitely bloom."He by hand points at the flower pot of veranda.After again took him that will put bare eyes, this a ray of light is like a set of procedure coding, in a twinkling activating me this is several to exert be drop of machine son.Really forgot to water for flower today, 家是什麼I ran to ascend to picked up canteen to veranda again, I see the soil in the flower pot is turned over to once move and was water to spread into flower pot, my body imitated a Buddha to also infuse into new strength."Doing not be small is far, you have to be strong."This voice imitates a Buddha to send out from the heart bottom.
by fashiongirl | 2011-11-02 11:44

All time is no time when it is past.

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