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parts does woman

Which parts does woman have to have to lose hair
As a female, which parts have to carry on depilation?The underneath shows us the part that the female has to lose hair to have which.

The body hair leads long or too thick airtight will influence beauty, even influence a social intercourse activity, especially some female lips department sweat hairs are thick airtight, have a liking for the elephant grew a beard general, severity ground the external appearance image that influence a female.Is female so, which parts have to carry on depilation?The underneath shows us the part that the female has to lose hair to have which.

The part that the female has to lose hair 1, front line greatly and very scenery-lips hair

Clearly like flower facial appearance, on the it happened that lips very black 1 turn, seem to be"small beard" very scenery-many body hairs heavier MMs all have the lips hair the over-weight embarrassed harassment, and the skin is more pure white, will be more obvious, let everybody to frighten into inaction.

The part that the female has to lose hair 2, the nickname"fast runner"-leg hair

The leg of a pair of high smooth sex appeal top but spread all over bushy sweat hair, it was more unbearable and to the eye legs to is a female, usually is called "fast runner".

The part that the female has to lose hair 3, armpit sheep beard quietly but-armpit hair

Armpit sweat the hair is thick heavy like sheep beard sort, in summer at one pay no attention will be embarrassed to outside expose, and can not also at will wear the type beautiful clothes of supporter skirt, is annoyance of a lot of female friendses.

In addition, if back, arm and neck the sweat hair is thick airtight have to also carry on lose hair, these part to the female come to say all is very greatly very the scenery is how could a women hair hair rashness rashness.

So, should how lose hair?

Speak of depilation, the skin hairdressing expert means:Traditional depilation such as:Shave the division, wax takes off a method, chemistry product to lose hair, the electrolysis loses hair method etc.s all just palliation in addition to hair, consume time very much, ache and easily stay scar formation.But very popular currently of, being called had better the most rapid freezing point depilation can dispeling of permanence in addition to hair, cure a process freezing point to have no pain, real attain the purpose of permanent depilation, can also make skin clean and pure white.
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Seven years of love

In this sad and beautiful winter months, from my youth in thin foot and, through the Corydalis, through the hibiscus, through appear and disappear eventually is sad and impermanence. I really don't know at this time I who should write something good, just feel had hitherto unknown pain, pain, I can't see my life, my pain do not have enough courage to face all the pain, but also with a happy heart to conceal the pain of the wound, the pain I,,, feeling if you speak words choked up, looked out of the window, today the weather is very good, the good is hitherto unknown, but thought the conversation last night, I have no reason to give their own interpretation of it is a dream, is an I sleep disturbed while doing a nightmare, even the dream also think to do is twenty years the most unforgettable remember dreams, and is converted to a realistic dream, I don't want to cheat myself, I don't want to what is done cannot be undone when he said to himself, no, this is all a joke is a test, however after hearing that sentence like lead weights words, severely hit my psychology and most fragile barrier, what I can for their retaining the continuous emotional fragmentation, what I can for their losing emotional pursuit of the soul? I still have what can go alone with lonely love for pale love!? Ah, ah, ah,,,,,,, my mind kept deep cry, once every morning and evening, now broken up, shout oneself hoarse to call, but the huge living space is always my voice return, seems destined to the previous way of this section to part company each going his own way, I am not do not understand love will have different way, but did not think of in front of me was that this is a result of, or remember the last time blessing: wish our emotional stability, wish my academic success, wish you success in work, but, this time is not very fast., only one month, only one month! I follow you Xueyeyoucheng, just try not to waste my life according to your word, emotional stability, adjust your emotional shortcomings, however, things are not what I want to be so perfect, there is lack, be at a loss what to do with lost and helpless and scared.Now my heart is still difficult, because when unable to walk down the road, I feel I can recall the past, however, think always let me pain no effort in thinking of the past, but it seems like air erosion my every pore, until all converge to the bottom of my heart in such a situation, I endure bear, besides suffering is being tortured, after all, if less one person company, I really don't know can find a way for my heart quiet walk, I know that I am walking alone, ignoring all of existence, so it don't know how it would be, remember once wrote a poem is perhaps what I now portrayal. " Wandering life, waiting for a feeling of home, the silly waiting for, and then into the heart, if do not forget, because I am afraid to not think of you, perhaps, you would say; do not be afraid of forgetting, don't think I look like, you are my heart jump but black smile hurt, perhaps, too much of the past to you as to my leaving imagination!"
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listenning to the person

The telephone rang out, listenning to the person of telephone was the most close person for he or she and say what, chat own ideal, chat own living condition, or don't chat anything, much time, we all dummy, two men chat what, dream?Living?Money?Power and influence?Woman?An aged forty, the person of a teenagers, isn't a years to make us be getting more silent, we still keep liking to touch the voice of cup, do one cup, come to one cup again, one mouthful stem.Or the most close woman for oneself, slowly we each other the one who became to listen to, have of chat, say what all good, here have no topic, very lucid.But also unavoidably lived to give we are too many vicissitudes of lifes, you will can't in these time is counting down own tears, count to count, have already canned not reckon how many, or in the time in New Year's Eve dinner of you and father, have nothing at all says and only touches the voice of cup, probably is the time in kitchen, hear the mother shout and take down this for me, I without extra trouble the affair a while, I with mother of bad of not only only is a distance of head, but the weight of years.I imagine and be I carry to wrap to go home, the heart is very complex and looking at daddy's mama to sit on the doorway to lean on to hope, a "daddy, mama, I came back."Daddy's mama says" comes back good."poly bag manufacturer

In times before, talk to talk and then can not help smiling with friend, is not is living ridiculous;On looking back, now, I say with friend that say, the tears came out, is not is live too bitter.BE be not, we don't understand a life in times before, the life gave us sweet, but now, slowly we understood a life, originally the life isn't one cup beverage, just formerly the other people added some sugar in our life, is sweet, we left them now, oneself become sugar of person, but we usually forgot to sugar now, because life is one cup coffee, some people but at bitterness in have a good time, but some people at bitterness in collapse after one setback, but my life has a bitterness to contain joy.Much time, I like to replace a life with one cup wine and there is the strong and there is the light, but drink, however always can enjoy in retrospect.But now, slowly we like to play trick, some funs are small, some funs are big, but I always don't like fun, because I don't know what fun is, how should comprehend, say it is a kind of humor and still say that it is a kind of false, is add nutrition for life?Still rather say is that I don't have sense of humor, this humor goes to the humor, the fun comes to fun to go, what to play with is oneself, slowly interpersonal remained fun for, on looking back, passed by for many years, you again return to give it a bit of thought, you is not is was like fun to smile all of a sudden once, much boring.The real meaning that you misses it only added smiling of some surplus for you, but other people is in the wry smile, I morely like both parties knowing on smiling, understood everything, this is a kind of from inside but outside, is like the Nian of Buddha Zu and spends an and smiles, this Chan idea, and then several people understand, but we of fun?I mean to say, the fun anything but living nutrition isn't sugar of coffee, probably seriously some at last the salt flavor in the wound, or the bitter taste in the tears.fashion jewelry

In fact, be we are placed in not quick of time, or low fall of time, our hearts want to be returned to nature and only have with attain naturally harmonious and consistent of time, our hearts become naturally Be getting more thrilling, slowly become lucid.In winter, is a good season, I still keep still keeping thinking of so a mountain, there can climb mountain as well as hope far.I remember there is a well there, the person of periphery, climb to climb mountain, the thing take to hold water, or simply pick a load of son, the one step is a stairs and floatingly run about a mountain.Yonder tree Weng Weng Yu Yu, high short of, but have a kind of open and spacious felling again, the cleft is very big, the body is in the forest, be like place oneself among the bamboo grove.Walking on the road is like a countryside path, very the thou is plain.I remember that I still counted to ascend a mountain at that time the mountain contained a few stairs, I still counted a mountain to arrive summit of hill and had how much stairs.We can quickly of the one breath strut about ground to by leap and bound climb mountain summit of hill from the mountain, then pour at flat of of mountain grass, especially on the time in evening, you can see be suffused with a yellow felling, under the setting sun west of felling.Going to summit of hill is still flat and spacious of, although lost the taste that the summit of hill should have,have a kind of special style, old man now, kid, can play around here, from the summit of hill the side hopes pass by be east, is also the place that the sun rises, the time in dawn, a turn of dizzy and red ray of light slowly cuts and falls a Cape, again from a kind of dizzy and red become and be suffused with white, a kind of joy can not speech.hong kong restaurants

Much hope, looking at setting sun under the west every day, and then stay by the side a rising of the sun.

The youth is a kind of fine, but be not on cultivating flowers, because the youth doesn't sprinkle to infuse out with water, that is falsely, what we pursued is true.Often, we need urge on, so you just may walk more far, tired of time, footstep please stop you, Xie Xie, unimportant, inside is unending, the outside one day there will will arrive peak.Positive because the youth is a kind of fine, fine thing, will have been already withered away in some time, will have already declined, so more fine,wedding dresses
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strength champion singer

Recently, "strength champion singer" music in Guangzhou's making awards ceremony had already fallen a purdah, in making awards the performance link of ceremony situation the hinterland of"break to take a door" female singer"S princess" Xu Sha with his hot hot dance Zi, sexy shape, thin settle the hold lived the spirit field of satge drive net friend hot argument, recently, Xu Sha is generous to show a satge on the tiny Bo up"bring calamity" of full dress, the net friend leaves a message voice support to call "full dress is very beautiful" in succession.poly bag manufacturer

Xu Sha whom the singer is from once was a hinterland front line to combine clear Jun girl captain way, combined to dismiss behind, made a contract the hinterland well-known agent company sea smooth showbiz by personal identity, and started in movie circles and Zhan dew head in circle of singers Cape.Movie 《rich and honored daughter 》medium play a spicy stewardess, subsequently in the youth aim high movie 《the princess' temptation 》in the impersonation has no confident"beer younger sister".This time three choose the song that"strength champion singer" makes awards ceremony is exactly 《princess 》the theme song is sung on stage by Xu Sha of 《the princess' temptation 》, and with one action win "the best dancing song" prize."Break to take a door" the video frequency cause many hot arguments to net friends after being up spread each big website by the net friend, the net friend describes with"thin settle elder sister" in succession the Chinese fir slowly faces the town of bursting the condition quiet self-composed.Recently, slowly the Chinese fir spread to"bring calamity" dance dress photograph on own tiny Bo more, anecdotage matter hair of also very flurried for an instant, but in no case will evade, have to the hold live this kind of small accident on the satge.Net friend in succession the voice support call dance dress very beautiful.

The Chinese fir of this time Xu is in making awards ceremony because of dance the dress fall almost walks only cause a net friend, "person's meat" searches, and is Xu Sha Re hot dance Zi and sexy shape and talk to certainly annoy place attraction, cause a hot argument on the network, however the net friend thinks this is artificial stir-fry to make, to this, Xu Sha is calm to face and again make a show of the elegant appearance of "thin settle elder sister".According to know, Xu Sha Shen plays of two movies 《rich and honored daughter 》and 《the princess' temptation 》will soon also parachute each big cinema in the whole country in 2012.fashion jewelry
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Engineering plastics

The general can bear a definitely outside dint function and have good machine function and bear Gao, low temperature function, the size contains better stability, can used to the plastics of engineering structure, if gather Mao An, gather Mao...etc..

Engineering plastics
Is again divided into plastic bag manufacturertwo major types: its in general use engineering plastics and special kind engineering plastics in the engineering plastics.

The in general use engineering plastics includes:Gather Mao An, gather a formaldehyde, polycarbonate and change sex to gather benzene ether, hot Su polyester, extremely high molecular weight to gather ethylene, A radicle E Xi polymer and ethylene Chun totally and gather a thing etc..

The special kind engineering plastics separates hand over unite the not handing over of the type allied type again.Hand over to unite a having of type:Gather an ammonia radicle double Ma Lai Mao An, gather three Maos and hand over to unite to gather the Mao second An and heat-proof wreath oxygen tree to point etc..Don't hand over to unite a having of type:Gather Mao,toilet facial paper maunfacturergather ether Mao and gather benzene sulphur ether, gather the Mao second An and gather ether ether Tong(PEEK) etc.

③ Special kind plastics
Generally mean to have special kind function, can used for the plastics of the aviation, and aerospace...etc. special application realm.Have to outstandingly bear heat such as the fluorine plastics and the organic Huo, from lubricate etc. special effect, strengthen plastics and foam plastics to have high strength, and high buffer...etc. special function, these plasticses all belong to the category of special kind plastics.

a.Strengthen plastics:
Strengthen plastics raw material is in shape canning is divided into a grain-like in shape(such as the calcium Su strengthen plastics), fiber form(if glass fiber or glass cloth strengthen plastics), slice-like in shape(if the mica strengthens plastics)3 kinds.Pressing the material can is divided into the cloth radicle strengthens plastics(if the ground cloth strengthens or the asbestos strengthen plastics) and has no machine mineral to fill the plasticshong kong attractions(if quartz or mica fill plastics), fiber to build up plastics(if the carbon fiber strengthens plastics)3 kind.

b.Foam plastics:
The foam plastics can is divided into hard quality, the half hard quality and soft foam plastics is 3 kinds.The hard quality foam plastics doesn't have pliant and tough and compresses degree of hardness very and greatly and only attain definitely in response to the dint value just creation transform, in response to dint relief behind can not recover original shape;The soft foam plastics is rich with pliant and tough and compress degree of hardness very small, transform very easily, in response to dint relief behind can recover original shape, destroy remaining to transform smaller;Pliant and tough and other functions of the half hard quality foam plastics lie between the hard quality and the soft foam plastics.
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economic trade cooperation

2011 that held in Hong Kong yesterday the E harbor economic trade cooperation talks meeting, draw on 300 near harbor companies to take part in.Wuhan recommends 6 greatest realms business opportunities to Hong Kong and hopes to go deep into to push forward a man harbor in the finance, modern logistics industry, meeting exhibition, high level business, travel, city infrastructure construction etc. of cooperation.
The mayoral〃 Tang good Zhi makes to recommend speech.

Since 2002, Wuhan has already held an economic trade activity in the harbor continuously for 9 years."25" is the key period of realization cross over type development in Wuhan, greatly open, hong kong restaurantsbig construction, Wuhan in the big development, the business opportunities are huge.The Tang good Zhi thinks in the modern service industry and the infrastructure construction realm in city, man the harbor cooperate space very vast, he puts forward to deepen man the harbor economic trade cooperate 6:00 suggestion.

Wuhan is constucting local area banking center.Tang good Zhi means that Wuhan will create a condition, encouragement and support a man financing institution in the harbor two sides establish a branch to the other party and draw on more Hong Kong financing institutions and business enterprise to come to man to carry on finance investment, push more Wuhan business enterprises to become available in the market to Hong Kong.

The Tang good Zhi hopes that logistics in Wuhan is in line with Hong Kong, makes use of Hong Kong's advantage in the facilities operation management of the supply chain management, international freight transportation and logistics and promotes logistics industry level in Wuhan.

After Peking, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Wuhan will the exhibition industry just different soldier Tu rise.Machine Bo will, light Bo will etc. enjoy high prestige in addition to the world, nations in Wuhan read extensively exhibition building in the center building area 460,000 square meters, the central part is the biggest, the whole country third.Hong Kong is "Asia meeting exhibition it all", meeting the exhibition industry is very mature and flourishing.Tang good Zhi enthusiasm welcomes Hong Kong industry and business business enterprise to go to Wuhan to hold exhibition and invite a well-known meeting exhibition of hong kong storesHong Kong the organization comes to man to establish a branch and create Wuhan into hinterland together meeting the exhibition"Szu-cheng".

The Tang good Zhi still welcomes Hong Kong commercial circles elite to continue Wuhan invest to constuct upscale cabaret, office building and high level business area and promote business service layer in Wuhan and level;Participate in Wuhan to travel item investment and development;Ask for help of Hong Kong business enterprise is constucting item the last advantages, such as funds, technique and management...etc., participate in infrastructure constructions, such as Wuhan port, subway and rapid road...etc..

City Wei often Wei Ping2 Ji Chun, hong kong clubscity hall Secretary-general's dragon is just attending meeting.
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GDP China's increasing

Next year GDP China's increasing soon will decline to 8.4%

Releasing will ascend an estimate, GDP in Chinese this year increases soon for 9.1% and will fall to 8.4% next year;This year's CPI's increasing soon will be 5.3%, will fall to 4.5% next year.

"I feel to say to compare with a few before the months, inflation pressure already reduce, economic next risk mainly embodiment in the depravation of environment in the exterior, and real estate profession if suddenly appear abrupt adjustment, may face under go of risk."pearl jewelryHe points out to the reporter of this report and suggests that the government keeps to hesitate and the vivid of the policy.

He discovers in the meantime that tending along with the flourishing national need is weak, China is importing in the world in of quota increment, become in the world important[one] need source day by day.China changes direction increment consumer goods import and also makes manufacturing industry exporter in East Asia benefited from it.

The stock certificate of Rui silver Chinese chief economist Wang Tao also approves this kind viewpoint, she is giving out the this report reporter's report middle finger, because exit and economy of China are slowing down gradually, and the government still leaves behind in the processing previous incitement policy of some negative effect, therefore the government will keep careful and keep policy from relaxing lead quick lead fierce.She anticipates to believe in 2012 the loan limit will raise to 8(anticipate to carry out 7.3 in 2011~7.4 dollars), the budget deficit will increase to GDP 2.5% or so, but the policy keynote can't appear obvious variety.

"In China, the policy relaxs to usually tighten to want easily and get much than the policy, because relax a policy, the benefits of central government, local government and bank very easily reach unanimously.freshwater pearlBecause the local government is changing currently, but a new leadership actors of one troupe is taking a post the first year(2012) to usually have investment tendency more, requesting central government to relax the pressure of policy has already risen.Under this background, the central government of the few months will may is caution particularly and avoid releasing to too and severely relax signal in the future."Wang Tao thinks.

《Report 》estimate, floods the circumstance that indetermination and global growth slows down in Europe under, the actual GDP growth of developing country in East Asia anticipates to 8.2%(if don't include China then for 4.7%) and anticipates to 7.8% in 2012 in 2011.Inside need and is biggest to wait the income national economic growth to contribute in East Asia, but turn to drive as usual in the public finance monetary policy under is slowing down gradually.

In fact, concerning how is stimulating a growth and guard against of global indetermination influence to look for a balance point, is the whole East Asia decision maker to currently trap a bureau.Future East Asia of the World Bank and chief economist Huo man in Pacific Ocean region Man points out to the reporter of this report, , East Asia nation will face the environment of long-term low growth.Time in 6~9 future months in,golden south sea pearl include European bank letter loan, flourishing national excrescent monetary policy at inside of the financial realm motion is majority of problems that the East Asia nations need to be faced.
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business is prosperous

Career geomancy:How let you of the business is prosperous
If a person is just virtuous to have, that lets go an usage;

If a person is just virtuous to have no, that develops an usage;

If a person has no virtuous have just, that limits an usage;

If a person has no virtuous have no just, that refuses an usage.

Suppose you are a current virtuous have just again of person, you can meet 1 to make you be satisfied with of good boss?In fact, we see, a lot of elitists include "sea turtle" to find out few with the bosses that oneself match, the difficult idea of not a few people also usually the effect is so-so;Even if is hunt head's getting involved useless.

Where is the problem ?How find out 1 "match"s with you of good boss?

Reason learns to tell us and sees from the career circumstance of geomancy calculation person, office furniturea person's occupation appearance is as close and related as the spirit field of oneself.In other words, you live of the house house appearance strive for a job to work with you related;You of the layout of office(unit or in home) can meet with you 1 matches with you of the good boss is more vitally related.

Geomancy's paying attention to back has been already depended, ex- have brook, behind have a hillside, transact environment for the most ideal reside.There is hillside behind being a powerful supporter, can hide breeze to gather spirit, the geography is also that"front low empress Gao" is steady like Mount Taishan.The front clear hall is spacious, the visual field is good, the brook is curved curved, just like "have feeling water";"The song then has feeling" slowly, nine song jades take to encircle to bring wealth, geomancy structure and form transact for the most proper reside, but the present city wants to seek this kind of conditional house to be very difficult.

Actually, "powerful supporter" learns the person of ancestors form as superior(from the officer) and boss(go into business) in the geomancy, you can find out a good boss with you of the powerful supporter is close and related.Suppose you of house house or transact following 1 kind or a few circumstances of location existence, so, very unfortunate, you belong to "powerful supporter"flower shop rickety or have no"powerful supporter", you again change employment don't also expect to meet a good boss.

This 10 kinds of circumstances that make you have no powerful supporter are:

The Gu is very:You of house house or transact to there is no powerful supporter in location, the mansion is very farer high than other whole houses to would be Gu.Through cloud:The breeze blows a head, descendant sorrow.

Bad very:You of house house or transact although the location has a powerful supporter, but depend of mountain not famous mountain, but the mountain stone Lin Xun and completely devastated poor mountain, this is very that a rather big place of the ferocious mien geomancy is bad.

The Jiao is very:You of house house or transact a location to before and very approach 1 to compare from already Gao greatly get many buildings.(But such as on the rear of mansion anti- then become a powerful supporter, make a Ji theory.)

Office desk:You of the office desk put before big window, oneself then carries on the back a window but sits.

Future:You of house house or transact the future back of location is a transparent glass window.

Den:You of house house or transact den table chair-back in location behind have no depend.

Sofa:You of house house or transact the sofa of location to have no wall to do a powerful supporter behind.

Fish tank:You of house house or transact the fish tank of location to put in the sofa back, the formation sways very.It is unappropriate to do the powerful supporter of back with water, because water is impermanent.

Stove cooking stove:If you are a female, so the stove cooking stove of your house house represents you, the behind of the stove cooking stove had better be a wall, if behind is the words of window, mean that the back has no to depend.http://www.health-checking.com/stjc.html
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natural good skin

5 styles of Mi system hairdressing recipes keep a natural good skin
Use a natural delicacies match and then can keep a natural good skin mutually, would you like to try?Mix us everyday the most familiar natural food, can keep a beautiful and perfect skin, interior designso should how correct match a beautiful skin of these naturals of delicacies?With edit to come to lo lo together!

The Qiao takes a natural delicacies to keep a beautiful good skin hairdressing recipe:Brown sugar+milk=the body whet a sand cream

Add just the right amount of brown sugar in milk, periodical usage, can soften and clean skin surface of old discard horniness, the equal to and natural body whets a sand cream.

Hairdressing recipe:Sour milk+honey=the salvation flush a skin

Everyone knows that the sour milk honey emergency mask contains the function to nourish a skin, in fact hybrid take orally to still have other extraordinary effects, can smooth a town settle skin, improve the symptom that the skin flushes.

Hairdressing recipe:Red flower seed oil+sunflower oil=the skin of head cure

Changes the edible oil of home into red flower seed oil and sunflower oil, both alternately appropriate of edible, festival city iiyou will discover that the scurf will disappear to have no shadow Zong gradually.

The green tea can defer decrepitude to also moisten to hydrate hairdressing recipe:Green tea+water=hydrate

The effect of green tea is a lot of, in addition to the tea polyphenol that it contains has very strong anti- oxygenation, can help to defer decrepitude an outside.It still has the effect to moisten hydration!

Hairdressing recipe:Lemon juice+chamomile tea=lift bright hair color

Lemon juice has fair effect to skin and matches the lemon juice and chamomile tea together still has the effect to lift bright hair color.

In addition to above of these outside have some similar hairdressing recipe, they also have miraculous hairdressing effect, Xie salt+almond oil+cinnamon oil+sandalwood ethereal oil+the jade laurel oil equal to hand and foot department whets sand, rose ethereal oil and coconut milk mixs to take to keep a good skin that milk bathes.http://www.flower-corporation.com/dinghua.html
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building to stay monthly

Hong Kong star also rents building to stay monthly Hao to spend 100,000 to rent a house the meat pain is not
The HongKongness likes to place an industry, ground mean person many money are many, for this reason thing industry the price is always high, although the everyones all take placing an industry as glory,not a few people all like to rent a house to live.In the middle have of person really is temporarily can not have ability to place the industry "get on the car" and can rent building to live, but a lot of person's stars are also "long rent one clan".

Singer, Zhang Zhi Lin, is an among those"long rent" personage.The Yuan sings instrument and Zhang Zhi Lin this often moves new residence to the star husband and wife's recent years, after last year a blessing Hui mansion that moves into a month to rent more than hk$10000s 10 after, month they spend about hk$200,000 regardless of month again, a three people's secret moved into the high unit of shallow water gulf way 63 numbers whole sea view more than 200 square meters.According to know what happened a personage to reveal, the structure and form of that several-storied building is advantageous to this to add a baby again to the husband and wife of star.In addition, net in the school of the area's place is quite good, national school in Hong Kong to once the inhabitant in net in our school see colleague, regardless the inhabitant sons and daughters of for rent of sale be subjected to right of education can ensure.So also convenient Zhang Zhi Lin's son hereafter best school.

The little husband and wife keep 4 old mans how carry out to buy a car to buy the building festival arrives in close succession the Qiao is collected as treasure an article white spirit to change with the credit card finance mangaing the body finance mangaing lately spoils the degree finance mangaing market in the four seasons welcomes the new structure and form financial elite to change employment a cost number 100,000 expect January the following manage finance a nasty brake of product ex- Asian young lady department Ma Yan like to buy building to protect a value most , at our country hinterland Tienjin, Shanghai and Canada all own their his/her own thing industry, however the place that she lives in Hong Kong rent.Took charge of Ma Yan to say, her Sir was a Hollander, there is accommodation allowance in the company of Hong Kong, and these accommodation allowances speaks clear can not use to provide building, hence her 1 have been growing and rent in Hong Kong half mountain plum way Jia beautiful Yuan and significantly raise the rent because of the owner this year, her the entire family moves the west half mountain a big house of more than 240 square meters live.

Personage of Hong Kong real estate reveals, not a few high-quality thing industries in Hong Kong are what renting doesn't sells, the personage of some adoring some districts and special view is all rich to can not buy these houses, hence can pass to rent "heart water house".The reporter once went to Hong Kong west last year, nine Xis in the sky in the dragon luxurious residence covered, knew that 4 global famous investment banks will chase office in Hong Kong where around the world at the side of Xi in the sky trade square(ICC) up, these were monthly to spend since hk$100,000's renting the elite that the building lives be very likely to become for a sky, renting of Xi guest
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All time is no time when it is past.

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