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To where I want

I said to myself, leave the town of D, will not have so many scars, not so much pain, also, will not have any so-called unwilling, time will help me forget all, time will prove everything.
I now leave, give up, have some ideas to be opinionated, I don't go much beyond, never regret, but I am very happy, at least I was crazy for the things they want to pursue, success, According to associatedhappiness, dazed, everything is over. Until something, remember what happened in the past, although the heart will feel frustrated, but I still thank those who appeared in my life to people, is my life appeared in color, with bright, also have dark, all these, are indispensable to me through, only once in a lifetime experience.
Although the Aries girl is very stubborn, never because of some things and change themselves, however, it is this seemingly stubborn I, a time also prefer to fling caution to the winds of believe, would rather covering his own only a little trust to pursue their own mind as complete, or even silly to force myself to accept some later found simply can not accept. In such a matter, wake up, before those who be opinionated mind, but is himself with one of his gambling, gambling is all his enthusiasm and trust, the results, in hindsight, lose everything.
Then, I remember wanting to escape the D City, this I embarrassed City, escape this let me from heaven to hell,member not participation I thought if I leave, will not have any entanglement, and everything there. But, I once again be opinionated, I even do not know the next moment, what I want, and what do you want, because forget sad, go back to the past and no goals in life. Now, I have got one's wish, back to my original life world, I attempt to day did not let themselves live enrich point, let yourself live simple, however, there is always something, something between my naturally or half unconsciously stimulate central nervous, forget, I admit, I was not forget them. Someone said to me, you went to D City, people are getting old, yes, old, who was hidden inside, vicissitudes of life, there is also a weak struggle, is the grown up, the ivory tower, although very good, but lived a life, out process may have a little pain, but it is indeed an imprint is engraved on my heart. Memory, not for everyone. I don't know, this process will experience how long, maybe I forget that day, good moodperhaps the next station to grow, I will to you, time will help me to get where I want,
by fashiongirl | 2011-09-28 17:35

LED chip difference

The LED of the Chinese mainland chip business enterprise has or so tenses around and starts a little bit late currently, LED Shaanxithe scale isn't enough greatly, the biggest LED the chip business enterprise year production value about 3 is renminbis 100000000, each average year production value is in 1-2 hundred million.

These two the middle of the years LED of the country mainland the chip business enterprise development speed is quicker, the technique level promotes also very quick, winning the baby size chip(pointing a 15 mil is following) can already be basic satisfy local the need that packs a business enterprise, the big size chip(point a power type W class chip) still needs to be imported and mainly comes from the United States and our country Taiwanese business enterprise, need market integrationhowever big size chip only after LED gets into in general use lighting then can large numbers of quantity are applied.

LED the function that packs a spare part is decided by LED chip on 50% degree, LED the core index sign of the chip includes a bright degree, wave-length and expiration rate, anti- static electricity ability and Shuai to reduce etc..

Currently local LED pack a business enterprise of medium baby size chip is majority of brands with domestic choice, the chip function of these domestic brands is as smaller as foreign brand margin and have good sex price to compare, can as well satisfy overwhelming majority LED applies a business enterprise of need.Is the function of particularly parts of chip brands has already been as equal as foreign brand and pack a craft technical match through,LED light source becomes can already satisfy a lot of needs that the high levels apply realm.
by fashiongirl | 2011-09-26 17:11

Ao expects a horse

The Ao expects a horse:"go into allied" in objection Palestine will as occasion arise exercise veto powerLantern Festival
New China net New York gives or gets an electric shock(the reporter easily loves a soldier) American president on September 21 Ao Ba Ma keep speech to tell a Palestinian race power in New York on the 21th organization chairman Ba Si, the United States opposes Palestinian aspect to seek a member nation position through UN Security Council, will as occasion arise exercise veto power.

The Ao expects a horse and Ba Si made use of to attend the 66th united Nations general Assembly cleft to hold to summit.The White House national security business vice- assistant originally ·Luo mean after 2 leader to summit, the United States will probably have to oppose expect a square is in UN Security Council of any action, include to exercise veto power when it's necessary.He says that the Ao expects a horse to request in the middle of summiting expects Si not to deliver to "go into allied" application to the radicle text of U.N. General Secretary Pan.

Expect Si have already expressed to deliver to application will to the Pan radicle text in early time at the this week, anticipate he will deliver to an application after the United Nations General Assembly announces to talk on the 23th.

The deluxe adviser Ai of Ba Si thunder Carter the news conference that holds in United Nations on the 21th up mean, the Palestinian aspect takes nothing it"go into allied" application postpones a vote, "we can't allow on this affair and appear politics and manipulate".He says that expecting an application to become United Nations member nation is the only choice that avoids occurrence violencetechnical solution

The Ao expects a horse at with expect Si before summiting at allied greatly announce to talk to say, he still thinks that the Palestinian person should have "own of nation", but this nation have to build up at make peace foundation with Israel on.He admits that he is like others similar lack progress to feel"upset" to the peace negotiationses, admit that the Palestinian person has already waited for too long, but he believes deeply "ending 1 has already kept on few decades of conflict to have no shortcut".He appeals both parties around boundary, safety, refugee and Jerusalem the position etc. core problem launch to negotiate and reach agreement.

The tower Ni second beard inside Israeli premier opposes "go into allied" in Palestine to mean applause hard to Ba Ma of Ao.He says that he expects horses to all think that both parties of Israeli & Pakistan should sit down to negotiate with Ao, this is the realization"the only path of stable and last long peace", but once rounded this process to look for shortcut to achieve success.power consumption
by fashiongirl | 2011-09-22 12:56

LED the industry new rule

Standard in Shenzhen, LED the industry new rule
On August 29, the LED industry standard alliance in Shenzhen released 12 technique standards, the whole industry just from process a manufacturing to move forward to the standard establishment of higher layer.The national LED business enterprise is much like ox hair, nature not even.The guo jia lacking of standard for long time, make the place business enterprise produced of LED the product specification is different, can not mark to go together with and permit and biggest influenced the development oftraditional festival's local LED market and local LED the step of the business enterprise military advance overseas.There is parlance like this in the industry, the small and medium enterprises do the product that the low affixture is worth, the big business enterprise does the product of high additional value, but real have the big business enterprise of real strenght to do a rules of the game, it even can not do a product, it suffices to show the importance of the profession rule.Now, Shenzhen standard set, lead long one hair but move whole body, this LED the model effect of the industry key figure will be not and far willing gradually presenting in the future.
The whole country visits Guangdong, Guangdong visiting Shenzhen

Be"25" program the semi-conductor of one of the strategic newly arisen industries to illuminate(LED) industry, facility laser irradiationis driving on the speedway currently.Work believes a first half year data to suggest and closes for 6 the end of the months, the symbiosis produces to give out light diode(LED)39,280,000,000 and increases 26.4%.This means that LED industry still is invest heat to order.This ex- expert predicts that only illuminate LED of realm the industry will attain 500,000,000,000 scales at least till 2015.Numerous business enterprises were attracted to the high market expectation to ascend this industry chain each link, is a particularly medium downstream link.The industry insider estimates that national LED the business enterprise on the industry chain has more than 4000 houses around now.

Currently our country LED the business enterprise mainly distribute in the bead triangle and long triangle, in Guangdong packs yield to have 70% in the whole country and is national LED lighting importance to produce base and trade center.The data suggests that first half year of this year, LED yield in Guangdong reaches to 14,783,000,000 and take up 1| of the total yield 3.LED industry in Guangdong whole competition ability the row national ex- Mao, the industry scale whole country leads, and formed to take Shenzhen City as group leader, take Guangzhou-Shenzhen as a principal axis, the industry chain radiated extended structure and form to the stalk two sides.Can say, national LED visits bead triangle in Guangdong, bead triangle LED in Guangdong visits Shenzhen.Shenzhen has become LED the highland of the industry development, is global solar energy LED lamp the biggest production and supply base, LED carry the light source global main production and supply base on LED's back, LED show to hold the biggest production and supply base inside the country, LED to pack and the special kind industry illuminate a local main production base.

Shenzhen City is to reform a liberal row head soldier, is an in spite of economic system to reform still industry technique the innovation be all sent by the guo jia to the great and earnest hope.At LED industry, Shenzhen equally walks at the ex- row in ages.According to incompletely statistics, there is totally LED in Shenzhen lighting technique development, production and application business enterprise over thousand, occupy "section of country" in the whole country.Last year, LED industry scale in Shenzhen already 40,000,000,000 dollars.Currently, LED industry in Shenzhen owns a complete industry chain, Shabby-genteelswims chip from the Chen bottom of the upper stream the material, outside postpone a slice, and arrives the downstream to pack, application and kit material, process and examine an equipments etc. each link, have already formed a stronger industry kit ability.
by fashiongirl | 2011-09-20 11:36

Want to say

Want to say, want to ask, want to know, think, want to forget, like a quiet, think, want to cry
A person, loved, ended.
Have a word, saying, he regretted.
A wound, pain, numbness.
Have a heart, trembling before, will be broken.
A segment of affection, too close together, were cut off.
A friendship, close, diluted.draw lessons from
Love, too deep, will end.
A junction, too difficult, picked the wrong.
Some things, time long, will. Some feelings, time and distance, will depreciate. Some pain, brewing, the more the longer episodes of leave.
Sometimes, want to say those three words, but I have no courage. Sometimes, want to tell the other three characters, but didn't have the heart.
Sometimes, try to remember, but always forget.
Sometimes, want to forget, but always failed.
Only one, love, can't.
Only one person, want to hate, not possible.
Only one person, want to leave, but inept.
Only one person, want, but not.
Love a person, angel never leave.welding equipment production
Think of a person, never to open your eyes.
Looking at a person, the eyes where to stay.
Dream of a man, always in his smile.
Want to say, I love you.
Want to ask, but I don't like.
Want to know, what's on your mind.
Want to pack, all the pain.
Want to forget the past.
Want to recall, but fades away.
Want to quiet, but be confused in mind.
Want to cry, but tears have dried.
Had a dream, you and I are still together.
Had a dream, I will have you in my life.
But in reality, you see, I was trying to avoid, not see you, but looking for.
Now, don't know how I feel. Not to show the yearning.
In fact, I have always loved you, but, whenever I was your heartless injury, but secretly ran away, because I go to my world cry alone, alone and heartache, do not let anyone know, the deepest pain, I have to pretend.
Remember, I will not take your pain and joy to you, it is because I am very selfish.
I will only give their own happiness and joy to you, it is because love is selfish.
So, I hurt, never blame you.
Maybe, I just make amorous.industrial robots
But, like a person does not require the other party must love you, isn't it?
Alternative Title ever
Thank you for making me happy dead - Dead - happy happy dead - let my heart to you die.
by fashiongirl | 2011-09-17 11:22

triangle loves

Iran issues order:The television station can not broadcast to reflect the program that the triangle loves
A semi-official medium in Iran are 12, government has already issued orderprofession development analytical, the television station can not broadcast to reflect the program that the triangle loves and bare the male of top half also at is forbidden of row.

According to the report way of this medium, Iran government has already issued order and forbids on TV to appear triangle romance stanza in the program.This is seen by some observation personages to make that country to aim at another conservatism action of medium.Still don't know so far this concretely moving of the restriction order because of, Iran medium just report way said, "according to latest stipulate, forbid on TV to broadcast details that the triangle loves in the program."But report way also calls,competition of vehemence if the being the appearance that the rebuke is similar to a lens of television program performance then isn't forbidden.

Count year ago that country once broadcast a by the name of 《forbade a fruit 》 of domestic continuous play, related an old man because of fall in love with a young woman, but abandonned a cuckoldry story.A lot of Irans are all drawn on by this television drama.

In addition to forbiding triangle to love television program,Need estimate "latest rules" also has rules to the dimensions of male nudity.

Iran medium said lately stipulating to forbid to appear half in Iran television program or foreign television program a naked male."Otiose contact" details that can not appear both sexes as well.

Iran always highly watches out for to western culture.The 90's in last century has the Iran the not contented with local television program and personally installs satellite to receive antenna, behind is definitely forbidden by Iran government.This restriction order once hadn't quite a period of time strictly, but inside virtuous Gu after serving as the president and then have already tightenned trend.

Iran hard-liner usually blames western make use of "soft real strenght" to carry on a subversion to that country, they said,domestic cable business website and satellite channel television program of west were its two greatest tools.
by fashiongirl | 2011-09-14 17:29

toothpaste cancer-causing

"Toothpaste cancer-causing" takes charge of to lack who it lead
Had the medium report the way to say, American food drugs direct administration and the United States Environmental Protection Administration were evaluating the safety that three chlorines living, hence the tiny Bo previous news concerning"three chlorines in the toothpaste living to cause cancerhappy new principle" not Jing but walk, among them, the whole effectses of Gao Lou4 Jie and parts of toothpastes of good Jie private is pointed to imply three chlorines to living.

The usage that livings to three chlorines, some business enterprises mean, "if is a cabaret equal sets regiment customer, all generally request the other party to provide raw material, then carry on a purchase according to customer's need.Three chlorines living to use in the toothpaste generally as antiseptic usage, this is in general use rule in the profession."The reason that swindles to harm a person, also very full.

There is news confirmation, the Si, good private of the Jie, tooth Doctor, pseudoginseng radix of the bamboo salt, black, black younger sister and China, Gao Lou4 Jie and Na love, cold sour work properly etc. more than ten brands of toothpaste, there is water in majority of toothpastes, mountain pear(sugar) Chun and water matches Huo stone and the laurel Chun sulfuric acid ester the sodium and fluorine turns materials, such as sodium, cellulose gum, saccharin sodium, CI77891 and CI74160...etc., three chlorines living and it is a few in common uses, if gram dint boon, in addition to the germ is plain, three chlorines lately etc. didn't appear in the composition form.Still have already shampooed water and bathing dew, in the muscle man, Europe Lai friendship, sand, Pan Ting, much composition form that the aroma, sea flies silk etc. several brands in didn't discover that three chlorines living as well.It is thus clear that, this some business enterprises know perfectly well ghost, be don't tell a consumer.Who most innocence?I think that must be the latter.

As early as April 15, 2004, the The EveningStandard report way of England London, according to the research of American Fu Ji Ni second science and engineering university, three chlorines livinging will handle to remain the chlorine gas reaction in the water in the process with tap water,Full city gold born chloroform.The chloroform is been a possible carcinogen by the American Environmental Protection Administration mark, so the evening newspaper warning's reader carefully the usage imply three born cent of chlorineses' toothpaste etc. to use a chemicals for day.So several years, is what?Is the toothpaste profession still using the carcinogen"three chlorines living" as antiseptic?

No matter proceed from what reason, the quality check and hygiene prevents epidemic disease the sections can not get away from, Be existed to the fact in the toothpaste product for a long time because of taking charge of disadvantage to lead the carcinogen"three chlorines living".The working talent section takes charge of not good enough, depend on medium to expose to result in the social public opinion pressure just is forced to take action behind of way of doing, very what a mess.

Who all know, drive the medium expose the affairs of "three chlorines in the toothpaste living to cause cancer", connect down place to the checking of business enterprise and whole change essential to have., adjusts to 472 dollars|gramThis kind of profession problem, just return knot at the business enterprise oneself?I think that the quality checks to prevent epidemic disease with hygiene a section to also undertake homologous law responsibility and on moral grounds serverest rebuke!
by fashiongirl | 2011-09-05 18:33

foundation insulin use

How should the diabetic foundation insulin use?
The insulin treatment is a count for much means, so how use foundation insulin is correct?

No matter is for a diabetic still 2 diabetics, the insulin treatment is an all count for much means, while the usage of foundation insulin is also a control to get empty stomach blood sugar to the way of pass importance, so how use foundation insulin is correct?period difficult painting

Why to want to use foundation insulin?

The person's pancreas will produce the level of blood sugar inside the insulin control body of amount of foundation under the normal condition, the blood sugar is high it produces much, the blood sugar is low it produces of low, also have a kind of hormone call the Yi high blood sugar vegetable, it is as contrary as the function of insulin, so the talented person can maintain blood sugar level.

The diabetic can not cause pancreas' secreting insulin because of various reason, this even if don't eat, because of the function of Yi high blood sugar vegetable will also make empty the stomach blood sugar go up.Therefore, using the foundation insulin be imitate human body the insulin secrete process and give to act for a treatment thus in the daily life.

How should the foundation insulin use?

The foundation insulin includes medium effect and long effect insulin, under the general circumstance, foundation insulin act for treatment is take orally medicine expiration implementation the drugs taken orally and insulin unite a treatment of the head choose a project.expectation purpose

Operation method:Continue to take orally to decline sugar medicine treatment, unite medium effect or long effect insulin to inject before sleeping, the start quantity is about 0.2 units|kilogram weight.Adjusts dosage according to the sufferer empty stomach blood sugar level, usually adjust every 3-4 days, adjust 1-4 units each time according to the level of blood sugar until empty the stomach blood sugar reach a mark.

If the blood sugar doesn't reach a mark in the daytime, can change to inject for many times every day.

Familiar foundation insulin:Suffer the hurricane

Long effect insulin:Promise peace, come to in luck, long show Lin, ten thousand Sus and woods;

Medium effect insulin:Excellent Bi N wood, promise and work properly N, ten thousand nation N wood and sweet comfortable Lin N.
by fashiongirl | 2011-09-02 17:15

All time is no time when it is past.

by fashiongirl





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