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From which star are you?

From which star are you?
Mercury -
My world has already been flooded by water
TV play of Korea S. can always be moving
It makes us see the most beautiful love, something has one day of success if make great efforts. Black pearl is number Tahitian pearl pearl 's most famous
Though idealize very much, but so beautiful!
Because does not exist in that purest reality of loving
Never know how to get and understand in life
The thing gone through, though can't achieve one's goal But it is the course of growing up to go through China Shenzhen water Pui international jewelry exhibition, where you can wholesale costume jewellery
Have complained, has cried, sad and over, happily
There is anything, everybody is the child during the process of growing up
Ones that miss, gave up, lost, got
Life to act in a play, dull busy can feel boring also perhapsing.
Except surviving, there is responsibility, everybody's his own responsibility.
In busy life, when you are boring, what do you think of? Who is the person that expects?
A lot of people, a lot of things, go over, no longer exist
What ne is the memory left?
Have a lot of thing need hard, don't fall into oneself a corner, come out to see sunshine Information about food best pearl, should south sea pearls
Without something, who is or totally wrong totally correctly
The thing of the emotion has no right or wrong even more, so long as has treated conscientiously-
Perhaps it is the true in understand whether what that treasure is /what a happy one /finally what there is
We lose a lot already, let, can come scholar go, bear, can be remedied, don't lose the chance again Now all kinds of women's shoes, most are in so one or two times, so suggest you buy discount women shoes
Make great efforts make oneself want thing that do, perhaps perhaps can not succeed while being diligent, there is nothing not to make great efforts
Do to clear, wanted hard, can't be given up
Come on - fighting - Strong
Can't do well, should have a try, believe oneself!

From which star are you
by fashiongirl | 2011-08-02 15:28

LED business

The LED business has already hoped an acceleration growth
On July 22, the wide steel share releases an important item to announce, the company's property reorganizes square wide day group to receive 《reply concerning Guangzhou wide day incorporated company LED item public finance subsidy 》, agree to arrange a wide day from the city public finance share LED item particularly the item subsidize 200,000,000 dollars, Be each to appropriate 100,000,000 dollars for 2012, 2013 years.This zheng fu subsidizes will is wide day share 2012 and bring increasing of 0.09 dollars-0.13 dollars zone EPS respectively in 2013 thick, in the meantime, LED the rapid development of the business will also speed the strategic layout of wide day share business diversification.introduction

Policy benefit like push industry development
The wide day share representative director said that this time application public finance the subsidy mainly useds for development implementation LED the green economy energy illuminates the industry turn item, that item draws up LED of adopting the domestic and international forerunner to illuminate product and LED the chip and packs a production line and installs related production and assistance equipments to produce by forming a year 100,000 sets of LEDs to illuminate a product production ability.maintena furniture

The LED business is several near newly arisen industries with haughtiness of the very influential and in the last yearses, the department of science and technology announced on July 13 《guo jia"25" sciences and technique develop a programming 》, the programming points out" push semi-conductor the lighting occupy local and in general use lighting market above 30% quota, the production value expectation attains 500,000,000,000 dollars and push our country the semi-conductor illuminate the industry get into world ex- three strong."Leather sofa purchase

The wide day share sets foot in that realm in 2008, and lead off to illuminate LED technique and product to apply at the elevator profession."In addition to being optimistic about LED development foreground company, another development ability and production equipments that the important reason is to have an electronics product in the company traditional business elevator production realm, have the mature craft and technique backlog of electronics product production, currently the product of being all industrial of production, illuminate this kind of public product to have strong advantage to the production.Used for elevator business such as the simplicity, the equipments utilization isn't high, but useds for producing LED then can raise its utilization, carry out new growth path under the sistuation that don't increase to in great quantities and lately invest."The wide day share representative director introduces.Qing Dynasty furniture

Be subjected to a benefit good at the policy benefit, the wide day share LED business acquired a rapid development in recent years, the company produces of LED the indoor's illuminating a product have already used at many cabarets with well-known house, the LED street lamp has already successfully been made use of to martial Gang City city, Hunan to illuminate as well and the view illuminate engineering item, the Kun mountain Dian mountain town town zheng fu model road LED street lamp in the lake and lately set up aircraft industry park and wreath lake road etc. to lately set up road lighting in the city.

Lately rank according to the Chinese lighting association, the wide day share underneath point conducts LED business of wide day electricity row LED is 100 strong business enterprise sevenths, among them ex-6 all for the chip, seal to pack realm, apply realm in LED, the wide day electricity ranks the first.

The technique leads to acquire market approbationsmart power
The wide day share passes and leads into profession and gets the strategic cooperation of the soldier business enterprise and is placed in local profession and leads a position in the equipments technique backlog, with in small LED produce the manufacturer have already drawn back a margin.In the meantime, the wide day share LED business can also share sale service outlet of elevator product and have already signed a great deal of intention order currently.

According to wide day share LED business the expert introduce, company science usage calculator technique is from the light, electricity, machine, material, hot all-directions carry on LED to illuminate a product to design a development, and own LED to lead inside the profession of SMT have no dust production line, independent development of LED production line's on-line test system, and mature of design ability and perfect craft standard;In the meantime, the wide day share still owns professional calories to analyze test system and goes together with light room etc. examine facilities and laboratory.

With lend firm product quality, the company develops of LED the product have already been been included in by Guangdong province 《green illuminate the model city recommend purchase catalogue 》, become a head to criticize six green lighting model cities to specify usage LED one of the street lamp products.

The cheerful industry stock certificate research paper said that anticipate Guangdong province will install about 280,000 sets of LED street lamps in five years along with the further implementation of the green low carbon policy.The wide day share criticizes 7 to get into a purchase roll's company for the head the only stateowned business enterprise, have confidence to acquire 50% market quotas, anticipate more than 300,000,000 dollars of income.

Another according to understanding, the wide day share still just other regions develop LED to illuminate model item and acquired a great deal of intention order, and will provide goods in the realization inside two years, along with the continuously releasing of the productivity, in the future LED business income the realization jump up type growth.

On July 20, wide day share's reorganizing the project of wide steel share has already acquired shareholders' meeting to pass.The analytical personage thinks that the rapid development of the wide day share underneath LED business is another value out of the elevator business is a little bit bright, will be contributing an obvious profits growth for listed company for the last few years.
by fashiongirl | 2011-08-01 12:43

All time is no time when it is past.

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