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romance how do

I and male colleague in the office took place a romance how do
Guided reading:The woman don't always act as these flower flower man's war booties, they are playing, isn't at the love.To their game, you don't want to be so really, since take a wrong step sank into a mire pond, should adjust footstep to hurriedly come out in time.Don't say not to know how to face him, a lot of men and women's"ambiguity" Relocation Companyis an all such destiny.

Once the relation of that occurrence happening not, mean that before all ambiguous relations should over.I with colleague take place don't should take place of matter, don't know how to do?

He is a man who relatively has magic power in the my eyes, there are many girl friends, although Be married now,still didn't break contact.I don't know as well why so many women will like him.We were relations of good colleagues in the beginning, aer little bit near than other people.Can one day he suddenly kissed me, I am very excited, from that later I had a kind of another feeling to him.

He and moreover a female colleague of our unit relate to very good, other people tell me, they once made object before, can now 2 people because of bride's side parents' opposing don't get married but respectively constitute a new family.Can their relations are still very good now,International Moving I doubt that they remain lover's relation.The my relationship with that female is also very good, so our three people usually together has a meal chat and ever since that time took place last time he after kissing my affairs, I saw them together and very envy, old angry to him.He is also not cold to me lukewarm, original I intend at enmity with elsewhere, but his head quarter well timed of to stimulate once, I let my desire can not, can not let go him.

We so the ambiguity once wears for three years, recent day, I make him say clear he relationship with me,Mover Company result we took place that matter that occurrence not, I not know next move how should face him, in view of heart, I am to like his, and I also not know how he sees me, how should I do?
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successful India

New Gandhi"fast 4 myriad people celebrations in successful India
At 10:20 A.M. the 28th India local time, "new Gandhi" Anne Na ·admired Sa thunder to close lightlyLED light cheapness one mouthful honey coconut milk under the eying of supporter and stop an anti- Fu activity for fasting of 288 hourses at the around ten thousand.

The thunder that this cup honey coconut milk is 74-year-old to admire Sa since August 16 of"the first food" is offered up(like right diagram) by the daughter of"mean people" and the daughter of the Muslem, two India little girls represent this"hope"ing of nation with"solidify".

Some kind of brief after talking, have already appeared to dehydrate symptom of admire Sa thunder is directly sent to medical treatment center, he will stay a hospital to observe for 23 days over there.

The victory that fasts sport, makes the whole India sunk to immerse the joys in the festival sort to celebrate atmosphere in, change"rental"4 myriad peoples large-scale celebrations.From pull Mu lira the square arrive the home town of admiring the Sa thunder, the supporters carry song to carry a dance and brandish three color national flags and distribute candy and fresh flowers.Admire Sa thunder since 1980 of ex-15 times fast an activity never and acquire thus extensive support.This time fast undoubtedly is to India reality of an important examination, but the different soldier Tu rise in this sport of, is exactly the young generation of India.

Admire Sa thunder to stop fasting.

New Gandhi responds to"unconstitutional" blame

"This is the people's victory."Admire Sa thunder to appreciate India people's support, let him obtain "victory" of anti- Fu sport of national scope.The old man spoke of he fasts to exercise insistent 3:00 Card's wearing Shan matrimonyassertion:Citizen's charter, cancellation bureaucracy to nation of influence and adhere to 《the citizen inspects bill 》the establishment"inspect an office"."The tallest lawmaking organization adopted my assertion, I meant to say, this is worth our nation's feeling proud of moment."

Near segment time, some political persons in India of the births stratum of"mean people"s always at criticize admire the fasting of Sa thunder anti- Fu sport is "unconstitutional" and admire Sa thunder to enounce for this, he does thus of the inspiration come from "the father of constitution" Anne's shell in India virtuous Carl, while he is exactly representative's person of "mean people" in India."This activity proved'people's parliament'BE higher than'in the parliament of Delhi', but this is exactly virtuous Anne's shell Carl to give our apocalypse, he drew up constitution, we are to want to struggle for this."

The trip that will launch a whole country

Admired Sa thunder to speak of a future plan:Lead a better day for the sake of India farmer and the worker, he will concentrate on the reform of election and education system.Admire Sa thunder to say:"We have to reform election system, we have to have veto power.There isn't any person whom we want on the ballot list, we will refuse."He says that the hardships of the distress and worker that only just have to make those politicians considered farmer like this, LED in Shenzhenand make them unremittingly struggle for the sake of the work agriculture benefits.

Admire Sa thunder says, fast to exercise to his biggest apocalypse BE, he would not again remain mum, until the variety appears, he also means to launch the trip of whole country and brings sport of India"more need".
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highly relevant

The example is highly relevant, since, as I understand it, a key benefit of OFDM has been the possibility of operating all transmitters across a country on one set of frequencies. 50 miles is a typical distance between such transmitters, and hence 1ms was a design criterion for such applications used in deciding on the number of carriers. This issue is something the non-engineer can readily appreciate the value of. What is transmitted on a carrier is surely 'bits' in the basic sense of 'binary digits' ie on-off representation.LED applicationI don't see a need to complicate things with symbols, when the average person is familiar with bits
Web Interface option

This option allows remote control of the DVM 5000-L via Ethernet (TCP/IP). The system is based on a Web server mounted inside the DVM 5000 L. abundant foreground The Web pages stored on the Web server are designed as a complete graphical user interface (GUI) for testing the status and setting the parameters of the modulator. The Web Interface concept is popular because remote control with this system only requires a standard PC with a network interface card (NIC) and a Web browser (Microsoft Explorer 6.0).

SNMP client option
This option allows remote control of the DVM 5000-L in accordance with the SNMP protocol (Get, Set and SNMP traps).PAL have television This remote control option is intended for systems solutions where it is desired to integrate the control of a range of SNMP compliant equipment in a common management system.

Null Eliminator Option (patented)
This option allows the network designer to shift the stationary nulls in a typical DVB-H SFN environment, to eliminate dead reception areas.

All statements included or incorporated by reference in this release, other than statements or characterizations of historical fact, are forward- looking statements. These forward-looking statements are based on our current expectations, estimates and projections about our industry and business, Guard interval insertionmanagement''s beliefs, and certain assumptions made by us, all of which are subject to change. Forward-looking statements can often be identified by words such as "anticipates," "expects," "intends," "plans," "predicts," "believes," "seeks," "estimates," "may," "will," "should," "would," "could," "potential," "continue," "ongoing," similar expressions, and variations or negatives of these words. These forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future results and are subject to risks, uncertainties and assumptions that could cause our actual results to differ materially and adversely from those expressed in any forward-looking statement.
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Freecom DVB-T

The Freecom DVB-T USB Stick brings you into the Digital World of TV Programs, without monthly subscription! You can now receive and watch FREE Digital TV Signals directly on your computer screen. The DVB-T TV standard sends Digital Signals (TV and RADIO) FREE to AIR.With the Freecom DVB-T USB Stick, you can decode,watch and record Digital TV and Radio on your notebook or desktop. The Freecom DVB-T USB Stick frees you from television network programming schedules and allows you to easily record television on your PC so you can watch shows when you want to. Then you can burn them to disc and watch episodes of your favourite show over and over again. You will be amazed how such a small stick allows you to access free digital TV and radio signals wherever you are. Turn your notebook or desktop into a digital entertainment center and live the digital life. Keep it Simple! favorable policies

Chief executive John Fellet said he was cooling on a third option, which was to use the spectrum to broadcast a pay-television service to a new class of mobile phones that would be specially designed to receive television broadcasts. Another possibility was that Sky would simply hand back the spectrum to the Crown and claim a multimillion-dollar refund.Application Five

Fellet expected the company would make a decision by the end of the year.

Sky Lite would be a digital terrestrial television service with a limited range of channels that would be broadcast from the network of towers used to transmit FreeviewHD. It would only be available to the 86 per cent of households living in or near major urban centres. Fellet said such a service was one of the options the company was looking at, but it was "in no way committed".LED low learning threshold

With the Freecom DVB-T USB Stick, you can watch and record Freeview digital TV and Radio on your computer without monthly subscription. The Freecom DVB-T USB stick is characterized by amazing compact dimensions of only 28 x 15 x 86 mm and an ultra-light weight of 25 grams. This minute digital receiver is therefore perfect for mobile, cordless TV and radio reception. The only equipment required is a laptop or desktop with a USB 2.0 port. An IEC connector is also included to connect to a normal aerial to get better signal. The Freecom DVB-T USB stick offers much more besides convincingly sharp picture quality; in combination with the hard disk, it becomes a digital video recorder. In this case the user has the choice between "live" recording and convenient programming by means of the timer function. This is where the EPG comes into its own, which lists the complete TV schedule of all broadcasters, and provides brief descriptions of the individual programmes. Accessories Included Freecom DVB-T USB STICK External DVB-T antenna Remote control USB extension cable Quick Installation Guide Freecom warranty registration form Freecom manual & application CD 2 Years manufacturers warranty and unlimited helpdesk support LED industry
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advertent problem

Hold an outdoor wedding to need advertent problem and the condition for having
Many New appointees that the preparation gets married all look forward to an outdoor wedding(include a turf-grass wedding), fresh flowers, green grass now, the wedding dresses in white, the fellings of prince and princess, feel very romantic.But, hold an outdoor wedding to need what condition?Underneath I do a simple hint:

1.Hold the season of outdoor wedding.
Peking holds the season of outdoor wedding from the beginning of May in every year to mid- September.But the best time is in from mid- May to mid- June and from the end of August to the beginning of September.This two pieces time inside, the weather stabilizes, the sandstorm is small and rain of all lead small.But other time inside, Peking gets into the season of thunder-storm and all probably rains at any time.But can not hold a wedding on time once raining, is the whole money and equipments that the wedding prepares, all probably postpone or steep soup because of the reason of the weather.So the New appointee that gets married at this stage, if consider holding the factor that outdoor wedding must consider first and rain and thunder, safety first, slice and recordresources guarantee

2.Hold the location of wedding.
If is a turf-grass wedding, the principle of the choice of location had better face south, because want to take in the rites.But face north to take of negative light ineffective, is a wedding to shoot to be greatly like to hate.If win election to choose a location in the forest, also want to notice the shadow of tree, don't be at the right moment anti- on the body of New appointee.Take to there is also shadow so.The location wants to choose the place that keeps off a highway and prevent°froms the interference of noise.The restaurant that the wedding location wants to leave to have a meal doesn't have to be too far, in case the guest walks very long road, especially old man.Certainly, wedding on that day if is a cloudy day, that is the best, then avoided suddenly and violently basking, and then didn't rain, returned benefit in take.

3.Had better there are satge and background.color series

The satge isn't necessarily very big and go around and then go.The background of the satge behind had better be as just about as the width of satge, satge and background have to be fitting and proper with the landscape of surroundings, can choose that the yarn drapery does background, fresh flowers door, the road leads of decoration.But I severely suggest embellishing of need not purple yarn drapery and yarn drapery, as for why, because that isn't the color that gets married to use.

4.Want to prepare that the power of stereo set system(the equipments works well to defend rain work) stereo set has to be a little more heavy, is 44 Capes that sound box distribute in the assembly hall at least.Because the situation of wedding at spaciously, the transmission of voice didn't cover, the stereo set power is getting smaller, ineffective.

5.Want to prepare the guest's chair.(Ready to wipe the dish cloth of chair, use after raining) want to prepare a chair according to the guest's number, but in advance certain with the place own beat to receive so much, because the chair probably produces breakage to the lawn.Don't appear the problem of claim after wedding.It wants to notice the problem of environmental protection in the process of wedding.(If have a meal on the scene in the wedding, also need to prepare the collections tube of table and cutlery and discard)

6.Want to prepare a changing dress of bride.If have a meal in the place to hold wedding, prepare for bride to change dress of location.Have no chambered words, can make use of the behind of satge background, round a cabin, change clothes.In have to there is the tools and implements of disguise etc. is such as the mirror.Can also make use of automotive space to change dress.

7.Ready to an ample umbrella back up, if insist at carefully light rain or break and hold a wedding in continuous rain, at least give photographer, take a picture teacher, the stereo set teacher prepares an umbrella, and still needs to prepare to beat the personnel of the umbrella for them.They have no way Teng to make moves to beat their own umbrella in the wedding.LED light lighting corresponds

8.The wedding place that had better there is back up, prepare at rainy of time use.Above all speeches is fully all New appointees that aim at to hold an outdoor wedding to hint at 1:00, the New appointee is mentally once choosing an outdoor wedding, being willing make very enough preparation.
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United States travels

The United States travels 6 turning points tired dizzy visitor low price the United States swim to need to be watched out for
The United States is one of the most popular tour divine spots in summer vacation, this opened to travel time not to grow nationally to draw on large numbers of Chinese visitors to go to to China.The American regiment registers middle age and old people to contain not small comparison, but they usually can not stand because of the physical strength to in a hurry walk Ma Guan's flower.noodles anticipates

The reporter understands, the United States swims a market to open for just short several years, but the normal regulations product can not satisfy all visitor's needs currently.The visa is difficult, the turning point is long, self-provided item the feeling of mostly many visitors.

The turning point 6 times sight-sees a tired dizzy visitorchoose wedding

"My mama all at last could not walked anymore and got to tourist spot can the Xie write."Ms. Zhao took a mother to register to take part in American east west coast 14 antenna roads lately and midway and totally took 6 airplanes, was also a long distance bus to jolt on the road.All the way be get on the car a sleeping and get off to take photo.Walk till the last for several days, the old woman a little bit could not stood and got on the car a sleeping and got off don't want to walk as well, connect Ms. Zhao also feels that the physical strength cans not stand up by himself/herself.

The regiment contains not low fee in the this route of travel of Ms. Zhao, but among them the self-provided item still reaches to more than 20 items more.Although can from choose, self-provided all of majority in the item are classic the United States view areas, the nonappearance very pitiful.For example grand canyon part in Colorado's sight-seeing is USD 310 for a day|person;Mostly will museum and empire mansion are USD 50|person;New York and Los Angeles and pull Si Wei to add Si to visit each USD 60 for night|person ……all calculate down, everybody self-provided item wants to spend USD 1000 more again on the average.Ms. Zhao tells a reporter, the key is the United States to swim time very nervous, calculate self-provided item can in a hurry walk as well Ma Guan the flower rush toward another location again, majority of time all flower on the road.

The old people isn't suitable for "sweep blind swim"important point

For Ms. Zhao and the mother's career in American tour, travel agency relevant personage tells a reporter, the normal regulations American regiment is an east west coast plus 14 antenna roads in Hawaii, the journey is very hard.Some circuits still plused within 14 days Canada, swim a distance Be getting more tired more.Is this kind of is inside the industry called to do the tour regiment of "sweep blind regiment", the old people register a comparison but is higher, not a few register old people even over 80 years old.Travel agency is candid in saying that a lot of visitors embrace the mindset of "probably during a lifetime go to United States" and want to look over all tourist spots, but actually the road is very tired to have fun also dissatisfied.The travel agency also wants to develop the one more depth in the United States swim a product, but end also sell not to go out because of visitor"do not recognize".

This industry insider tells a reporter, in the route of travel of American east west coast, really need many turning points, this because compared with Europe, the luck dint in the United States is limited.Only beautiful three United States airlines uniting a sail and reaching the United States and AA currently can accept a Chinese visitor, the service amount is few.The country sail also has an American service, but it is subjected to restriction in inshore circuit in the United States.Therefore, leaving for a beautiful tour turning point many processes isn't too little.

In addition, the reporter understands and leave for beautiful old people inside the regiment to there is high need in the tourist spot, but the medium youth visitor has high need to the shopping.Arrived a shopping to order, the young visitor hurtled to buy luxury goods, while the old people may feel to have a little boredom.

The United States swims to need to be watched out for with low price

The reporter understands to°from a few large travel agencies, is more similar than American east west coast 14 days of normal regulations circuit offer much above 20,000, industry insider said, because the American round ticket discount isn't high, if the regiment fee was lower than 15000 dollars to need to be watched out for.

Related industry insider tells a reporter, report American regiment a is see whether the price is in the market average level and lead lowly Be about to watch out for.Also need to see a route of travel arrangement in addition in whether the free activity time is more.If the free activity time much may mean that the arrangement of self-provided item is also a little bit many.

"Do not feel money flower the little place walk much be earn, see tour quality."For body not so good old people, industry insider doesn't suggest that it takes part in the American east west coast long line to swim, the report regiment should also as far as possible have sons and daughters to accompany, and need to purchase offshore medical treatment insurance and rescue product.Rush about with journey and walk Ma Guan the flower compare with, a ground of short line swims a product and even has a quality guarantee.The domestic broke through Hawaii to sail directly this year, the old people canned be more to choose that a ground of depth with quality swims a product
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Ao Ba Ma's economic policy

Criticize the Ao Ba Ma's economic policy

In the United States, declared three to choose 2012 American presidential campaigns just on Saturday of get gram gram in the Sa Si state eparch ·wear in runs for an election activity in Iowa on Monday, criticize the Ao Ba Ma's economic policy, and mean that oneself will be "1 kisses an economic president".The core chip

Texas the eparch wears an inside to proclaim on Saturday will take part in 2012 presidential candidate inside Republican party party of election after, then and tirelessly launched election activity.Wear an inside to mean when Iowa solicits votes on Monday, oneself will be 1 to kiss an economic president.

Eparch in Texas wears an inside:"I am 1 to kiss economic eparch, I can't feel sorry for this, I be also 1 to kiss an economic president, let American afresh of arrive a work, is our nation faces currently most seriously of problem."

51-year-old wear an inside to win an election vice- eparch in 1998, take over little Bush in 2000, serve as Texas eparch, and be in a row 3 times served another term later on.Wear an inside between each tenure, in order to Texas increase 1,000,000 work opportunities, the supporters call this economic performance as "Texas miracle".Wear an inside to criticize Ao Ba Ma while making a speech, think the restriction that he should reduce a government to the business enterprise.electric appliance

Eparch in Texas wears an inside:"This is that I will speak with him:President Sir, you have to relieve the employers of nation to create a work post.Throw away those policies that strangle American employment opportunities.This nation the liberation come out from those ruleses that make the person suffocate."

There is a critic pointing out, wear an inside at Texas the opportunity created is mostly all work of low income, so he can for in working problem win the trust of votes will be the key that he runs for president's success or failure.Ao's expecting a horse will also go to Iowa to take part in an activity later on.20 Gao Guan of company stir-fries favour
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man dare to marry you

Why doesn't the man dare to marry you
The male joys female loves, original should follow own felling to walk, if blended too many utilities in feelings, isn't love, isn't pure feelings.You will make the man lose to marry you of courage, make him be placed in a minority in feelings, there is no intense emotion, can't lift matrimony with you on one's own initiative, even if you say that break up, he can also ignore it of appearance, irrelevant.

A lot of chemisettes choose a spouse to have very perfect request, request that the other party has building to contain rich car and also need to understand a romance love oneself.This makes a lot of men gradually become "perhaps marry a clan" and had no money to have no building have no the car determinedly don't talk feelings and want to get married more not.East ChinaAttaining these is standard of good man, and then worry female together is hurtling toward own property with oneself of, fear is cheated ……

Men and women's comparison although it is said contain certain margin now, let a lot of females feel basically impossibly unmarriageable with own condition, must marry a good husband.But, the fair sex but be outsidely bilked by these.To know man's choosing a spouse into a house isn't complete for carrying on the family lining.When you choose a man, the man is also choosing you, double to choose, how otherwise have does a words say "the person whom I love doesn't love me and love my person, I don't love".

The male joys female loves, original should follow own felling to walk, if blended too many utilities in feelings, isn't love, isn't pure feelings.You will make the man lose to marry you of courage, make him be placed in a minority in feelings, there is no intense emotion, can't lift matrimony with you on one's own initiative, even if you say that break up, he can also ignore it of appearance, irrelevant.

Do obeisance a gold too much

This is 1 to have no believing ages, it makes our beginning only believed in money, at such a lack the ages of being worth of the spirit, it delivers for us amusement spirit, in addition, it let us to everythings all totally unconcerned.This female who was social to achieve to a lot ofly do obeisance a gold now,estimated according they seek boyfriend or matrimony be for satisfying the desire of their material.

But now sexual equality, the woman is similar to the man to teach to teach, and originally different, the woman is similar to make money, can create social value.A lot of women's making money to return is stronger than a man.The woman in nowadays, the social status continuously raises and has already approached a man very much.

But, why still want the man to bear so heavy social pressure?Can the woman not undertake a family responsibility?The house car all these material foundation has no reasons to all press on man.The man feared, on the other hand not think that the crest wears too big pressure, on the other hand also not want to be stuck "Gao Pan"'s label.

The boyfriend wanting to want to let you doesn't want to become to perhaps marry a clan and let him enjoy your sweet loves and so go to school from now on meeting the independence Be self-respect to self-renewal, similar to the man undertake a responsibility.Do obeisance gold feelings that will ruin you, feelings had no and also wanted so much money to do what?

Woman entrepreneur

There are parts of women, the winds and clouds of Chi Mao of incumbency field , in their eyes, dided not do don't become of matter, man to them not essential, they are absolute woman entrepreneurs.

The woman entrepreneur like this doesn't depend on a man certainly is a good matter, but isn't all men to control thus pre-eminent woman entrepreneur.In front of woman entrepreneur, the man will also be afraid, don't dare to marry you.

The man wants to get married of object, want to depend on the own, go to school to°from oneself's body thing, get a help.Because the man all inside has a kind of great man's doctrine, all hope own small bird to wife depends on a person to come to display his oneself of strong, acquire mentally of satisfy, after all the mans all care for the face.

The woman in the traditional idea should assist husband and bring up children at home, while the man then makes money to support family to make a living in the outside of, although along with the variety in ages, people's idea has a change, but the subconscious of the heart deep place still has no the slightest a change.If the man and chemisette division of labour transposed, it's woman's independence's turn to start to support one in the outside sky, customer manager'sbut the man then seem to be an opposite minority, the marriage like this isn't seen okay.

Not pure with man's ambiguity

There are parts of women, understand the man's favour very much, master in football, car and political these"man's topic"seses, and actively join various activity of "the man helps", seeming to be with any mens can mix very familiarly.They will continue to keep a quite good relation with ex- male friend, and can and the male colleague go out bubble, the ambiguity isn't pure.

The loves are all selfish, people all have very strong occupancy desire to the love, don't hope other people and oneself's sharing.Isn't a woman only would lack a sense of security and worry that the husband has an extramarital affair in the outside, the man will also lack a sense of security but every moment inspect a wife.

Follow you closely in the male in front without any reservation, oneself completely had no a little independent space, he would even worry, you of opposite sex friend will because of you of personality but have scheme.If always at worry you which day with opposite sex the friend together control not good dimensions, the marriage like this is all day long all meticulous, will can hardly maintain.To want to make the man presume to say matrimony with you you have to make him have enough sense of security.

Man's hearts all look forward to a freedom, think that the marriage will chase oneself Shuan tight, having no freedom again can talk.But, while having already wanted to end a freedom as well, man as long as he nearby of you are good enough to tame he, let him have the desire to to get married.Since today, don't let you of the boyfriend Be frightened to marry you, let him say to get married.
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Imagine oneself

Imagine oneself as the favorite woe
Last night the good friend of an university inside hair the QQ got off the heart his persecution to me, originally he from thought that a girl liked him, hence have already immediately vindicated to that girl, as a result change come of not only was a brush-off, but also lost the opportunity of doing the common friend.I helplessly comfort him:"The next time doesn't be getting more imagine oneself as the favorite."Unexpectedly he but counter-question a way:"You didn't lead imagine oneself as the favorite."Hear his Jie responsibility, I am getting more silent and hold the hand of cellular phone also not from Zhan once.Yes, although I am just 20 years old,these years learn a Ya life again ever be not at imagine oneself as the favorite mid-degree lead of!

That year ascends a beginning two, leave now also already 56 years, can little male of that kind of heart that feel attracted also silently bloom in that blooming flower season.In order to being one time at the beginning, we are a language teacher teaches, although different class of, because of each other of the result is all highest rank in the class of, not from is compared in each other class by a teacher.Hence we knew that each other class has such a person.Probably the world really decrees by destiny so one thing, beginning two school begins soon, we have to know to divide at a class, afterwards several through adjust, we incredibly sit to front and back.Just started we discussed study and afterwards discussed a super female, NBA etc..Because the long time gets along with, I discover that I gradually fancied at present this girl, although is one time at the beginning, I hear she and we the class is an in love that the very very naughty boy talks, that love her heart occupied body.Until one day ……

"What kind of girl do you like?"should be expectant

"I like to be like your girl of this kind of type, result good, the temper is again so good, that what type of boy do you like?"

"I also like to be like your boy of this kind of type ……"

Probably this is also me to her vindicate, but I imagine oneself as the favoritely 1 that is also her for vindicating me.

For the sake of her, I chose up and late self-study and chose that the endless night road that oneself rides the bicycle career half for hour at the midnight hurries home, but at least in my eyes, with she together those three hours of self-study were the most happy last night.Can evening of that summer night but next have storm ……

"You tonight last night self-study?"She sees me standing in the hallway to daze and then walking up.

"I am also very hesitant, the sky seemed and rained heavily."

"That did you prohibit to have up and late self-study?"

"Want ~only you up, I up."modern marriage

Last night self-study process in

"Rain rains so greatly, you hurriedly return to, otherwise treat a meeting under rain of larger, the go is bad walks."

"Be free, does the self-study probably and late later on don't descend?"

"That I walk, will you walk?"

Silent after a short while, I firmly answer to"walk"


Probably this is me to her persist!But I imagine oneself as the favoritely think that am her care to me.

Very quick beginning two happy times ended, beginning three we the class be unfortunately dismissed, the members are all assigned other class of, I originally hope I can again divide to a class with her of, probably is a predestination already exert, we separate.However, love her heart to urge I everyday night self-study the front all seek her, we stand together hallway up, hope the scenery of school through the window, say that none of both parties understands of words.Until one day ……

"Do you know?I sit at the same table to like you."I sat at the same table to find out me to say his worry to me yesterday, hence I vindicated for him behind his back, although it is said oneself's in the mind wasn't a taste very much.

"In fact, I have favorite of, I have been canning not forget him, although it is said he spends heart very much, I still keep liking him."

Hear this, my facial expression's becoming Is can not imagine, but I am still strong to smile ground to say:"In fact I also pretty like you."

"I have been regarding as you my best friend, can say sincere talk of that kind of!"

"What name does that boy whom you like call?"

"His name and China found a nation one of ten great commanders similar."

", He and I are early one classmates."Give me a distance

After Gao Kao ends, my mother knows there from her mother that she fell in examination, and prohibit to fully review.Pass a past that sits at the same table, I wanted her cellular phone number and delivered a few messages to her with each other, and her end tail said a sentence:"Don't forget me."Original I also want to tell hers like this, can afterwards I give her the message of the hair she returns none.

The winter vacation returns to a house, I go shopping together with mother and walk to the front of her mother's booth, the mother seemed to be suddenly to thought of what, once turned a face to say to me:"Do you know?Lee**get married."Hear this me shocked, quickly ask:"When?""BE about October!Her none of daddies agrees of, but she insists on ……"October leaves I receive her" doesn't want to forget me"of message more than a months, leave the message that she doesn't return me no longer than a month.

Afterwards have no afterwards, understand everything, included my imagine oneself as the favorite.

Whenever I think of this things of the past, I will think of as well comfortable of 《do not lose Mo Wang 》, nothing but I than host's work in the novel more the woe is just.The Lai receives to give man to say:"The merriment easily dies, the sorrow is difficult to forget."But that kind of is imagine oneself as the favorite the woe always halt in my blooming flower season under go to, until now, without regrets of imagine oneself as the favorite became a scenery of that years.

Once hid a be named 《in fact none of us was a prince 》 of novel, the end tail wrote such a words:"At our childhood, youth, the middle ages all think that oneself is a prince, until afterwards just understanding small dwarf is so many, while the prince only have 1, you had to once think in fact none of us is a prince."Certainly we have no necessity go to from vulgar, but have much time the excesssive self-confidence to usually bring about a tragedy.

Have a kind of woe call imagine oneself as the favorite, there is host's Mr. that a group of persons call this tragedy.
by fashiongirl | 2011-08-03 12:27

synopsis finance data

Main business duty and synopsis finance data

1, main camp business

Bio-chemical in Anhui mainly produces the alkali of Mao Ding and double sweet Lian currently.Its product productivity the circumstance and main use is shown as form below:

2, synopsis finance data

Reach accounting firm limited liability according to Anne of benefit the company submits of benefit Anne reach to review a word 【2010 】 No.1059 and benefit Anne reach to review a word 【2011 】 No.1044 《audit a report 》, the merger synopsis of Anhui bio-chemical recent four years financial report is as follows:

(1)the synopsis merge balance sheet data

Unit:10000 dollars

(2)the synopsis merge profits form data

Unit:10000 dollars

(3)the synopsis merge the cash discharge form data

Unit:10000 dollars

(Three)the main property power belong to condition and outward guarantee

1, the main fixed assets power belong to a circumstance

(1)main production equipments

Up to December 31, 2010, bio-chemical in Anhui is using of main production the equipments is as follows:

(2)house and building

Up to December 31, 2010, Company Formationbio-chemical in Anhui owns a house building to totally have 12, add up area to 71, 055.16 square meters.

(3)the land use power

Up to December 31, 2010, bio-chemical in Anhui owns the land that use the power 2, area is 422, 162.1 square meters.

(4)the above-mentioned property power belong to a mortgage circumstance

Company in addition to the land uses power is mortgaged, the nonentity is anotherly mortgaged of property, the its concrete circumstance is as follows:

2, outward guarantee a circumstance

Up to December 31, 2010, bio-chemical nonentity in Anhui outward guarantees.

3, main liabilities condition

Up to December 31, 2010, bio-chemical liabilities total amount in Anhui 106, 4,470,700 dollars, among them current liability 88, 1,470,700 dollars(accounts payable 17, 1,903,200 dollars, notes payable 18, 7,279,800 dollars, other cope with a payment 1, 4,864,300 dollars), non- current liability 18, 3,000,000 dollars.

4, evaluate for recent three years, capital increase circumstance

On May 20, 2009, Jian cheerful industry in sky to object property with on March 31, 2009 for the shareholder rights value evaluating basis for day carried on valuation and submitted interest in the sky reviews a report word(2009) No.118 《property valuation written report 》, among them bio-chemical adoption income method valuation in Anhui, analyzing result is 109, 3,610,800 dollars.

On April 10, 2010, Jian cheerful industry in sky to object property with on December 31, 2009 for the shareholder rights value evaluating basis for day again carried on valuation and submitted interest in the sky reviews a report word(2010) No.122 《property valuation written report 》, company establishes to need what among them bio-chemical adoption income method valuation in Anhui, analyzing result is 110, 8,993,700 dollars.

On March 31, 2011, Jian cheerful industry in sky to object property with on December 31, 2010 for the shareholder rights value evaluating basis for day carried on to add valuation for the second time and submitted interest in the sky reviews a report word(2011) No.22 《property valuation written report 》, among them bio-chemical adoption income method valuation in Anhui, analyzing result is 141, 6,056,900 dollars.

The capital increase concrete circumstance that Anhui takes place for bio-chemical three years sees above-mentioned"2, history origin and development".
by fashiongirl | 2011-08-02 17:08

All time is no time when it is past.

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