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100 divide 100 Americans

American Upper House decides on the 27th and unanimously grants incumbent Luo house in commerce secretary Hui to serve as the United States' ambassador to China, from that time on Hui in the Luo house complete all official procedure and formally become a first Chinese descent in American history to halt China ambassador.The LED patent fights

Closes a Chinese descent American for ever since that time a few months, Hui in the Luo house will soon take a post the news of the United States' ambassador to China to spread, the many people Be surprised to shout the United States in in the wake of way of doing of more than 100 year agos and promote "with China system China".

Late pure seasonal changes, China is frail, great powers wreath Ci, cast covetous eyes on, divide bean Pou, the autumn of race life and death alive or dead.Because Chinesely the adult is many, extremely difficult manage, the great powers hand is limited, hard up for cash, hence appoint Chinese management Chinese, maintenance great powers benefits, call "with China system China".

Understand what call"with China system China", know to take a post Hui in the Luo house to halt China ambassador to say into "with China system China" that obviously leading Yu isn't appropriate.China isn't the colony semi-colony any more today, Hui in the Luo house doesn't do Chinese governor, and he is just the representative director of American diplomacy organization, is the guardant of benefits of the United States at R.O.C.talented person of LED

Although"with China system China" leads Yu not appropriate, but this parlance is accurate to expose a some people's Cold War thinking and victim's mindset.Go to today in 21th century, they still keep being divided into two poles of worlds and treat the United States as China of hostile a square, or treat China as a minority a square.

In fact and regardless test various history or reality, although Central America of have rift to contain conflict and have been already exchanged blows as well,also have a source to far flow long comity.The war against Japan period was exactly the United States to give China fight the invading army a sincere emollient help.Chen Na De's Special Duty Unit , helps China to give the Japan's Imperial Army fight by emollient air and did for the victory of China major contribution, the Special Duty Unit (SDU) then paid huge sacrifice.

After the reform opens, the United States is one of the main colleagues of outside China Mao, the reform of China more than 30 years can include the report card in nowadays, to a great extent that support in dependence the United States.

Today that deepens day by day in the globalization, Central America of the association of Be getting more extensive and multifarious, the mutual dependence deepens day by day, you in have me, I in have you.Today's China-U.S. relations far from enemy, but colleague.Regular authorization

So now, we have no reason to treat the United States' ambassador to China as spy a similar enemy, regardless is who to is an ambassador, we should welcome him.

Come to a Chinese descent American to is an ambassador, in addition to having news value, he is really probably more easy and Chinese communicate, exchanges, more history and culture in apprehensibility China is undoubtedly a good matter.

Hui in the Luo house represented a Chinese descent to struggle a successful model in the United States, is a realization the Chinese posterity of "American dream", are that the worth Chinese are proud.But we Hui in the Luo house is welcome, not only because his body boudoir drips the blood of Chinese, and because of the importance of the China-U.S. relations.

Although Hui in the Luo house is a Chinese descent,he has already said understandly, he represents an American benefits and supports an American benefits, he is an absolute American.This kind of declaring probably will make much Chinese disappointment frustrated, but this is expressing that he is qualified United States

Ambassador don't replace reasonableness by feelings.Same of, we make contact with with Hui in the Luo house in aftertime of in the process, destining can't be Bon voyage, at this time have to also follow can not replace a rational principle with feelings.Early ex- Hui in the Luo house once returned to set mountain in Guangdong to do obeisance Zu, the Chinese gave him the reception of the tallest specification, the manner respected also well, haltered feelings let it be, but could not consequently sink into the mirage of "oneself person" ability not from pull out.
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historical stage

LED lighting in green ecological trend came into the historical stage
Business dressAt present there are about 10000000000 incandescent lighting, they consumed approximately 1/5 of the world's energy. With the current" go green" ecological trend, in order to save energy, many people are looking for ways to save our earth. Solar energy, wind energy, hydropower and other renewable energy power generation is building, used to replace coal and steam such harmful environmental way.

Another saving energy alternatives through smart grid and smart system uses less energy, only need to consume energy. The lighting system, LED combined with intelligent * * circuit appears to be a promising method, can be used to solve the problem of high energy consumption. LED, or solid-state light source ( SSL ) protocol, energy consumption is about 1/3 of the incandescent lamp, they are more efficient use of energy. The manufacturer has such solution.Three-button sui

Incandescent lamp still continue to dominate the residential landscape lighting, although they are inefficient, and only a small part of energy conversion for light. The rest of the energy through the glass as heat waste and disappeared. As a result of, the incandescent lamp efficiency is very low, they are in many of the world's Guo Jia has begun to be eliminated. Australia and Venezuela in present stage in a leading position, the United States from 2012 through 2014 to start this thing. Energy saving lamps ( CFL ) have started to use, they save a family of power consumption of 25%, while generating less heat. In fact, a 20W energy-saving lamps and 75W incandescent light bulbs are the same brightness of light.

Consumers from incandescent to energy-saving lamps conversion is in 1990 time end, to the city and town people offer discount mechanism induced transformation. To attract consumers is" going green", realize the bill on the cost savings. However, which for many people is not always a positive experience, for example, they hope to dark, and the energy-saving lamp can not through regulating brightness, energy saving lamp containing a small amount of mercury, is required for the proper treatment of hazardous substances. Many of the light bulbs will be recycled and disposed of properly, but most were buried to a landfill, it will cause the pollution of groundwater. Energy saving lamp using rate is very low, in the United States is estimated to only about 11% of the families. In the past 5 years of energy-saving lamp technology has greatly improved, but it is still not optimal solutions.Business workers

Semiconductor lighting ( SSL ) technology to commercial and residential market LED lighting equipment is increasing rapidly. Commitment and long service life, luminous effect is better, and more energy, these are LED to replace incandescent lamp and energy saving lamp main factors. LED only need to consume its predecessors incandescent energy 1/3. It can make full use of the intelligent * * and micro controller, to really bring additional energy saving and economic benefits, is the real" green" technologies. Some experts expected, in less than a year, the majority of consumers are willing to use the LED lighting.

The next few years, the lighting industry will be in the lighting in the history of usher in a crucial moment, in the EU Guo Jia, Canada, Brazil and many states will take measures to make the incandescent light bulb from the market exit. The United States local utilities have started to introduce the LED lamp incentive plan, which will accelerate the speed of LED lighting. These incentives will compensate for the consumer to buy new light of the high cost, it is about five times the cost of the energy saving lamp.
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Micro-blog marketing a shady

Everyone is jealous of her
Just a lot of people also consider how to imitate the VANCL style when last year with vigour and vitality, we also created an Internet communication miracle. This time, we choose Sina micro-blog episode a Huang Xiaoming for her filming commercials, 3 hours get twenty thousand transponders. Huang Xiaoming in a commercial console oneself with soothing remarks about" not acting", and finally, the word is read out cavity round the sentence" noisy too set of" original pronunciation: Not at all. The phrase" no victory. Hold on, means everything" is touched now confused, helpless and desire the success of young people.
Many cultural celebrities to forward, the ad copy to give a high evaluation, more of Huang Xiaoming's bravery with warm applause. Eventually, this advertisement in micro-blog on forwarding number is broken through 140000, that is to say the 140000 friends are likely to watch the commercials, including many celebrities have hundreds of thousands or even millions of fans. The ad that reviews reached more than 8000, predict Sina micro-blog station will comment on more than 80000, which is at least 80000 people share their impressions of this advertisement. More than 3000 independent publishes the advertisement's micro-blog information, has a direct impact on their respective or scores of or tens of thousands of fans.
The communication effect, might make any broadcaster feels jealous. After all, according to statistics from the television ratings in the audience, how many people are there in the advertising time to go to the toilet, or go for a cup of tea, or being AWOL? Set up Company How many people can seriously after watching a television advertising films, even after repeated on several times? Moreover, television advertising could receive so many vivid evaluation, also get so many celebrities. These opinion leaders praise, let an advertising persuasion is a sharp improvement.
Such a huge volume of forwarding, about 80% occur in the advertisement issued within 24 hours. That the ad was around 10 in the morning from micro-blog issued, 3 pm Taobao sellers activities was a big seller cited as a case, and has been in many people's positive response. You know, it was at about one thirty in the afternoon began, from 10 to one thirty in the afternoon, not in Beijing on the time stuck in traffic, most also is 3 hours, became share case!
In the repeated success in all, micro-blog and SNS as the main carrier of the social media marketing has become a hot topic. A lot of people on social media marketing expectations is gain ten thousand percent, even unrealistic. Yes, the enterprise has any unrealistic dissemination target, must find a marketing agent is patting chest to say: my bag down. And, and the traditional media, Internet social media not only strong interaction, communication speed, communication cost is low, more important is all this can be accomplished by data evaluation. Because of this, the enterprise feels more social media is safe and reliable, look at those numbers will feel at ease.
The numbers behind the secret
In enterprises eager eyes, social media" effect" digital rising. This reminds me of a friend in about a year ago to say one thing.
He has also done to promote the network, in a bid for rival, commitment to customers to hundreds of millions of times browse. The customer is very fond of his creativity, and asked him if he could also promised to hundreds of millions of times browse. In the eyes of customers expect, he eventually decided to abandon the bid. I think, if the friend's rival to her old promise" hundreds of millions" browsing, may be the boss Chen kicked out of office?
I would never deny social media value, also won't deny digital evaluation of social media is the important means of. However, to recognize the number of true and false is very important. In fact, social media by the numbers, it sometimes can also use digital lie.
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dropping risk smaller

The Chinese economy increases soon fast- dropping risk smaller
Statistics a spokesman from news in bureau prosperous to carry to mean, from current and aftertime a period see, the Chinese economy increases of the motive is still more sturdy, the economy increases soon fast- dropping risk smaller.

News office in State Department certainly does news to release hall to hold to release at the news of 10:00 A.M. July 13, 2011 at State Department meeting, invite nation statistics spokesman from news in bureau, national economy comprehensive statistics department the department chief is prosperous to carry introduction this year first half year of national economy movement circumstance, and answer a reporter to ask.mainly is divided

The current economy increases to soon have to slow down, but the commodity price create a problem that new high that has ever had will can't meet economic Zhi bulge concerning China, the spokesman from news in statistics bureau is prosperous to carry to mean, most core of still how treat the movement situation and trend problem of current Chinese economy.

From first half year of of the main index sign data sees, though part of economic index signs have to drop,the total movement situation of Chinese economy is good at present, the economic growth continues from ex- expect the policy stimulate of be partial to a quick growth to have a preface change to the independent growth.

First, the mainly economic index sign still keeps steady to increase a little bit quickly, GDP is from last year three quarter, degree 9.6%, the four seasons degree 9.8% till this year the quarterly degree is 9.7%, two quarters, the degree is 9.5% and see from this circumstance, continuously for four quarters the degree economy increase a soon basic stability between 9.5%-10%.This economic growth speed is more opposite than the development target established by"25" programmings, and comes up to see from each international level of nation, this increases soon not low.First half year of fixed assets investment's increasing is soon 25.6%, from second half year of last year, were also four continuous quarter's degree fixed assets investments to increase soon the stability was about 25%.The society consumes retail price total amount, first half year of increase on the average is 16.8%, is also that four continuous quarter degrees increase soon stable about 17%.Gold market in London

See from the real economy, the scale above industry's increasing a value is also four continuous quarter's degree basic stabilities about 14%.Sees from the employment circumstance, first half year of the index sign working is also keeping on the improved, this year 1-5 month, the town adds an employment number over 5,000,000, two quarter, degree the number that goes out farmer work continues to increase on the foundation of quarterly degree, so employment is at stable of increment.From the growth the index sign of the quality to see, the profits of the scale above industrial business enterprise increases 27.9%, the reflection increases quality still higher.

The second, though the part main economic index sign appeared some times to adjust in the two quarters degree, also mainly is adjust the result for controling on one's own initiative and is also a part to stimulate a policy to withdraw a later market of a kind of normal reflection.Before after expecting to the subsidy policy that the car sells cancel, and parts of pedestals in city the car limit buy a policy and automotively sell quantity this year, the sale amount of money of the quota above car increases soon and together compare drop more than 20 percentage points.The real estate adjusts to control to also result in the certain influence on the sale of related product and just released of in the data, the sale sum of furniture, some sale amount of moneys of materials including to have some a building materials and repairing all compared to will appear 1 to obviously drop last year same period.This is to stimulate a policy to withdraw later of normal reflection, be like one personal running, can not always the acceleration is sprinting, he has to put slowly and once footstep, for the sake of hereafter run betterly.

The third, from current and aftertime a period see, the Chinese economy increases of the motive is still more sturdy, the economy increases soon fast- dropping risk smaller.Seeing from investment, this year BE"25" of open the year of bureau, the aggressive of place investment is higher everywhere, is just releasing there is an index sign in the data, place investment of increase soon is 28.1%, this speed is still higher.The growth speed of first half year of folks investment is 33.8%, this speed is more significantly high than national fixed assets on the average increase soon, this explains that this market invests growth velocity by himself/herself quicker.

First half year of city country residents' income continues to increase, this will also raise consumer real strenght.In the meantime society guarantee and consume the environment is continuing to improve, will also raise consumer tendency.The import and export increases soon although is the range dropping is a little bit bigger, 20% or so speed is still not low currently of, because the cardinal number in last year is higher, and first half year of surplus 44,900,000,000 dollars is stabilizing augmentative.China still keeps being placed in the boost phase of industrialization and urbanization, three harness horse the motive of the car and the spaces of the growth still compare bigger.Moreover, structure adjustment and development method change everywhere, include the step of industrial upgrading at speed, this will also continuously give economy to increase new vitality and motive.So Chinese economy in the future a period of time of increase still or keep stable to increase, to this kind of situation I am to be full of confidence.

The fourth much changes in international situation complications, the domestic macro view adjusts to control the circumstance that two difficult problems increase under, Chinese economy's keeping steady to increase a little bit quickly is very not easy, also very fantastic.This explains that the mindset of the macroscopic economic policy of China is correct, macro view's adjusting to control is emollient, also effective.
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Benefit opposition

Benefit opposition faction west the line push forward to get close to desire in the capital city directly and quickly to cut off the card firm thin important supply line
Armed 6th local time of Libyan opposition faction at arouses with government soldier post-war, seized a southwest in the Li wave of capital city village is about the 100 kilometer per and thus leads to the target of strategic main route that the card ties thin political power"heart" and exceeds toward the control further.

According to 《of Li wave inside post 》report way, fight a cent from the day dawn beat ring, anti- government armed play to act on the offensive with trench mortar and rocket.The card firm thin troops returns shot by"hail" type bazooka.BE arousing to fight after 6 hours, garrison to hope the government soldier of village in card tile is beaten off, about 400 soldiers with armed opposition faction flow out to go into that village, and dynasty the sky blare a gun to show a celebration.Knot's place

Attack and occupy card tile rare village of inside is seen and obtain as the opposition faction of the important military make progress, it armed can on these grounds add toward another key figure inside the Yang push forward.The main trunk highway in the Li wave that add the inside Yang town to at the right moment guard to lead to the place position.

The opposition faction is armed to enounce to capture a non-commissioned officer soldier of a batch of governments and also captured to hope some strategic important positions of neighborhood in card tile and included one to generate electricity station and a water tower.Living to reveal according to a famous doctor of the region, at least 4 opposition faction soldiers are killed, 17 people get hurt.

According to Arabian television station report way, after getting the support of France airdrop weapon and NATO battleplane bombing, the opposition faction is armed to bear from its base of western front rich fill a mountain area, to the card tile of northern side plain region hope a to take to launch aggression.

The armed commanding officer of an opposition faction is bearing to enrich to fill the mountain city Jin Tan to mean, its troops will take the offensive process in the near future in moderate a battle with NATO.NATO battleplane enlarged an air attack last week and destroyed the card firm thin political power fore line of armor strength.

According to the peninsula television station report way, in western front after making military progress, opposition faction control of the class add a west, rice Su pull tower etc. the city hold a catcall expression the celebration harmony aid.Add west in the class, around ten thousand opposition faction supporters go into the street and holdses the anti- card firm thin cartoon and slogan and chant slogans, and someone blares gun regards.Secretion package

Bear rich filled mountain range to extend to the east from the frontier of Libya and Tunisia, ever since that time conflict explosion have been being placed in the control that Libyan opposition faction bears arms bottom.Adding the inside Yang town is to bear rich fill inside the mountain range scope of the last city, the opposition faction seizes this time of hope village to be located on to add in card tile inside 50 kilometers in the west of the Yang.

Add an inside the Yang be still occupied by the card firm thin political power currently, the Li wave of a conjunction inside and city Sa cloth in desert in the south admire of the main superhighway go by way of here.The Sa cloth Harry of the government Arms Control system uses this highway to provide supplies to give to keep to the capital city and other regions.

Bear rich fill a mountain area of the opposition faction armed plan overruns to add inside Yang town, cut off the supply line that the card ties thin political power.And, opposition faction can also with add in the Yang for the base enter hair to the capital city.Attack and occupy to hope in card tile is dynasty this direction exceed the important one step of .The Li wave that the strategic target that the opposition faction bears arms obviously beats in inside.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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