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The feeling fastens smoke rain Chiang-Nan
One is lonesome with who tell.Calculate a foreword, always lightly negative.Early know the Ren ground is difficult to work hard for, the regrets kept while being not appropriate.

In addition to romantic decorum, its Nai doesn't even have, fasten a person, don't deliberate on the first, also the Zan eyebrow is thousand degrees.

- Always 《day and night happy 》American women's magazines

Should be the northland is one woman and across the other shore of dream, but is a soul to lead long Chiang-Nan that the dream rounds.Well-dressed ladies, green brick, bluish green water, black ship, oil paper umbrella ……the thoughts and feelings Be wrong to cover up for 1,100 years, tonight in the official records Qing Xie of several plain Jians, flow to drip.My Wen Wan's Qian Quan, loving dearly of Ying bosom, such as smoke rain of Chiang-Nan, fall thick and fast into the sad but beautiful Psalter in my slender finger, the word word Chi Chu, go to tie up Mian.

One curved cold month, the pure Hui orders a point, the Zan eyebrow is thousand degrees, sorrow soft Mou, who understand my deep love how many, that tree red and gorgeous kapok, Chen2 Yuan's remnants falls of facial appearance, Kou awake my You dream, recovered my memory, but was the heart side that I don't dare to easily close to.Push Qi in the heart deep place, look for in spreading of Sung phrase sentence, the interleave folds rare is a looks to flow to turn, the beauty exerts Zun and gets empty to ask for rouge tears and mutually stays to inebriate, when heavy, naturally life long hate water to grow lightly sighing of the east Important part……

Water Xiu green clothes, I look beyond before the window at aloes wood vulture the west of the Lou, I am in confusing Chiang-Nan smoke rain deeply drunk, loiter, but you of figure already gradually go gradually and far, come out fog Ai for cloudy day.But I can be more writing a more thin poem phrase in will come and go of brilliant tie up into one song pipa light resent, sad but beautifully bloom at desolate Chiang-Nan rain night, wait you droopy know return.Remember fondly a style of style all night long, who pity?A feeling word, too thick, too deeply and too the Chi tie up ……

Tender feelings water, the wedding day is like dream, don't hate limits of the earth far, hates to long for shallow.The Zong has full stomach bead Ji, how say with detail my You again the cold Ning chokes of state of mind, again how call to return you leave no track far go to, lost all interest idea Lan?Tonight the fragrant dust full rank, the recollection flutters, I the melancholy of the quarterly, express to write into Yi Yi to palpitate of long book, at elegance of the Xian dust of in the mind purity don't dye;Allow worry to go to heaven as a fairy into Die, in the world of mortals attractively Pian Xian, without restraint rich in hues in the cripple phrase old Que.

One river spring water flow to the east and flow not to exert orchid boat to urge next Liu Ying.The abundant powder tears in the amber wine cup, radiant and extremely keen the whose is faithful the Yu is not.Halt enough, Ning Mou, Sha that, one a life time whole life, the fan inebriates Chiang-Nan, 1 inch longs for, and the affection is ten thousand Qings.The deeply drunk is in the dream and come to of edge, I shine on the loneliness of innumerable twists and turns with the Wan decorative lantern, the purple Mo fragrant car, all empty since then, Ji Ji but go, it is the Gu trip in a predestination to destine.

Even if limits of the earth outside is an overhanging cliff, even if prosperous fall to the utmost tear stain have been dry, I at forget Chuan on, still use the end that the longing of love of one a life time crosses time, for dead silent meet by chance you for these 1,100 years of smoke rain Chiang-Nan, return you are lingered around to heart of deep feeling Lian Yan, stay and wait the breeze more distressed than night in of expect.Hairstyles and headgear

Is my to rob, I don't escape.
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Yemen president's

Yemen president's the Sa benefit He body gradually the instauration return to country behind or silent resign
Medium wide net Peking June 28 news according to the voice of China 《the Yang wide news 》report way, encountered recently bomb Yemen president of the raid Sa benefit He, will publicly appear within 48 hours according to the report, but officials said, his condition of the injury is replying a dollar and soon returned to country.However the He that wait for Sa benefit in Yemen of, still keep wanting large numbers of demonstrators whom he resignsnotebook LED light.

Yemen president Sa benefit deluxe adviser Su of the He Be thin to say, the Sa benefit He will appear within 48 hours, he the healthy condition is good currently, is recovering, also have to handle a lot of affairs in person, but Su is thin to point out and say Sa benefit the He suffers from a burn outward appearance possibility different from having of the external world expectation.The 69-year-old Sa benefit He is assaulted by bomb in president's mansion on the 3rd of this month and Be forced to leave Yemen to Saudi Arabia to carry on a treatment and have the report way the device that says bomb is in the mosque, close quarter explosion, Sa benefit He whole body at least is have 40% of the skin burn and have news to reveal to say currently, the Sa benefit He will have two to greatly reach agreement a project after returning to country, the first is to hand over to the parliament all powers by himself/herself become have no the name head of state of solid power.At 2:00 be help the coalition government to advance presidential election, he will choose to quietly resign such a methodLED products.

Should be continuously for 5 months in the crowd's anti- government demonstration of Yemen currently, their purposes are also only 1, will beg Sa benefit the He to resign.Capital city and other cities in Yemen all have large numbers of people's gatherings, the people accused the United States and sand to obstruct this revolution especially and thought to need to establish a transition committee to handle power vacuum and wanted in the meantime the He is the Sa benefit a parties of the person also want to expel a government.After 5 months come of long term demonstration, the capital city of Yemen in fact still have a lot of Zhang Pengs is building, everyone is in the demonstration of the remaining emotion also have to alleviate and also have the reporter the report to say and see say them singing a song dancing in the square
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global LED patent

Domestic LED the listed company patent risk swelling

Abstract: a senior zhejiang institute of advanced industry analysts ZhangHongBiao said China LED enterprise in in the short term may not face patent disputes, because most of the domestic manufacturers of the income scale LED application is not more than 500 million yuan......

Patent less efficient, low, domestic patent or invalid seventy percent

In may, the domestic LED encapsulation giant guangzhou hon optoelec (300219 SZ), the LED display manufacturers kept (002587 SZ) electronic landed successfully shenzhen gem respectively and small and medium-sized board. Next, has had success in science and technology and the state will Ming ruifeng photoelectric are coming to the IPO. This means that, in the country of the enterprise number listed LED over 10 will be.

"Domestic LED the listed company, it means that the more international LED giant can be laid hands on him or the object can be aimed at the scale of the market, because big enough. China has LED lighting patent fights in recent days." Suzhou of the Chinese academy of sciences, suzhou, nanometer crystal, the chairman of the board of the photoelectric LiangBingWen recently the first financial daily said.

International LED giant and a lot of patent fishermen have in the collection evidence, part of a domestic enterprise already received LED the lawyers letters patent infringement, but there was no public.

Giants of the layout

"Although in recent years the domestic enterprise application LED many patent, and even LED LED invention patent, but most are not original, most of it in the international LED giant on the basis of the original patent, do some repair, became the patent to sell at a discount greatly." LiangBingWen pointed out. "if true and international LED giant dozen patent case, domestic enterprises LED invention patent nearly 70% May be invalid. International LED the reason they didn't use giant patent weapons to a domestic enterprise laid a hand on him, the main reason is waiting for the business enterprise growth." China LED

In fact, nearly 15 years, global LED patent case never persist.

In 2006, the day the chemical white LED to patent infringement Sue British retailers Argos company; That same year, day and chemical and Seoul semiconductor Sue each other each other patent infringement. Last year, the chemical and to Taiwan,, Japanese companies, the United States tsann kuen Wilmar patent litigation initiated. Philips has recently to Sue the Seoul semiconductor patent infringement, secco sharp prosecution xu Ming patent infringement. LED electronics

Industry data show that from 1996 to 2010 in 15 years, what has happened to the global LED patent case as high as 168 up. Among them, the days and 62 up, philips and up, families, Seoul semiconductor sharp 20 on 18 up, Toyota synthesis 15 up, osram 14, the crystal electricity group since 18 up, a patent license company 10 up.

However, the LED giant patent war between general to reconciliation, sign a patent cross licensing to an end. Since this year, osram, families, and chemical, sharp, Toyota synthesis and philips are LED a patent license agreement. Cross So far, five LED giant global has basically formed the new new patent cross nets.

"International LED giant build new patent cross nets, means that the formation of the alliance LED patent. Is the most terrible of the patent, LED the league has LED to the domestic enterprise out." LiangBingWen pointed out that at present domestic many patent is also LED the international application in China LED giant, "therefore, the domestic enterprise, it is a full of 'LED mines" industry ".

Perhaps more to show the digital crisis. At present the patent application for global LED up to 124000 pieces, including the United States accounts for 20000 pieces, 25000 pieces of China, Japan accounted for 49000.

"The more remarkable is 25000 pieces, China LED patent, how many is belong to China enterprise, how many patent is original currently still LED a question mark." Beam grasp said. Many road capitals

Our reporter, according to domestic LED enterprise annual report or data from the prospectus, Switzerland abundant photoelectric, hon optoelec, lehman photoelectric (300162 SZ), dried as photoelectric (300102 SZ), three Ann photoelectric (600703. SH) and Howard embellish of DE (002005 SZ) 6 enterprises LED in 707, and total number of patent invention patent just 77. And have 44 invention patent's house, the invention patent of embellish is the acquisition of the main sources EPIVALLEY South Korea.
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passes to check

Hu high speed railway in the city passes to check and accept to formally carry a camp before July 1
Hu high speed railway in the city passes an expert team the acceptance , market growthfrom June 9, will get into 10- days whole lineses to try to circulate a stage and formally break through luck camp before July 1 and start outward selling a ticket at the end of last ten days of month.

According to win a new agency June is 9, the 30 local academicians with well-known engineering field and expert embarks a harmonious number CRH380 type to move a car set recently railroad train, safety and stability and comfort experienced personally Hu high speed railway in the city, and looked into the Nanking great victory pass Yangtze River Bridge and Peking to move a car segment etc. subitem engineering, heard Hu high speed railway company in the city concerning the Hu high speed railway engineering construction in city and Chinese railroad science institute for research concerning allied adjust allied try and circulate the report of experimenting the circumstance.
"green light"

Report way said that the expert team evaluates enunciation, Hu high speed railway orbit appearance in the city comes to an a high high stable request;Correspond by letter signal and lead power supply system stability credibility;The CRH380 moves a car set to meet a high speed degree, high comfortable sex request;Carrying the camp safety guarantee facilities is well-found and start a project reasonable, meet an economy energy environmental protection request in nation;Various index signs all attain advanced level in the world and completely have a devotion luck camp condition.

Railroad department news spokesman, Wang Yong Ping, said, Hu high speed railway in the city started an arrangement soon 300 kilometers and 250 kilometers of two kinds of railroad trains, practice two kinds of ticket prices, started 90 rightnesses initial stage everyday, included city Hu one station went directly to, province the city went directly to and follow the line interleave parked the car three kinds of modes.

Hu high speed railway in the city sells an execution network after breaking through ticket, The choose and buy lampthe end ticket price hasn't made sure.Is this ex- news according to the wealth new net, Hu high speed railway in the city soon 300 kilometers of railroad trains have already canceled a luxurious business pack of VIP
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Net friend

Net friend hot argument Gao Kao's question in composition test"trustworthiness" this year most"impromptu exertion"
The language composition title has been being the focus of all social concern, is also many topics that the website net friends take delight in talking about.Yugoslavia early reports a net(the brief name"early report a net") and at that time after announcing this year Gao Kao question in composition test in Guangxi clicked to once measure ten thousand in 5 childhoods.National book II(concerning the trustworthiness) question in composition test that tests to examinee in Guangxi, more than half of new wave net friends think "not difficult"s, that question in composition test is most reviewed by the new wave net friend for 2011 "impromptu exertion" question in composition test.Blue synthesis

Question in composition test"once acquainted with" in Guangxi

"This isn't the spring the essay late?"Gao Kao's question in composition test is one announcement and early report a net net friend"ant Liu dog" send out question.Early report a net, net friend"Li Wei4 Tian" says, once see the spring of 2011 the person late, see this year's Gao Kao's question in composition testses all will be knowing on smiling, because the spring late has already taken this as an essay of already.

This question in composition test makes the net friends feel once acquainted with, can not only only because of the spring of 2011 night.Not a few net friends reflect, "trustworthiness" question in composition test, in the years gone by Gao Kao composition in many emergence.There is even net friend keeping speech:This was 1 to learn to write composition title for senior high school since the childhood."The national book II is to become a way at speak a trustworthiness?How old write these?"Net friend"person if didn't wait for" means to don't understand to the topic that Gao Kao's composition repeats.

However, such a topic for acquainting with, the net friend feels "have much of a necessity"."Should promote trustworthiness more, now society too the benefits turn, poisonous milk powder, dyeing plain wheat roll and ractopamine, all worth think deeply."A net friend thinks that although the trustworthiness is a topic of platitude,should promotes in the whichever ages.

"BE a person to take trustworthiness as origin, will as well give to bring infinite business opportunities in the future."Early report a net net friend"smile sunflower" , then from the aggressive angle, sawed the business valued that the trustworthiness brings.

The topic not difficult but difficult is colourful

For such a question in composition test for acquainting with, 18787 people suggest in the ballot outcome of the new wave net top participation and allow up to the afternoon of June 76 points, 55.6% net friends think "not difficult"s, 44.4% net friends think it's"difficult", and this question in composition test is most reviewed by the new wave net friend for 2011 "impromptu exertion" question in composition test in the meantime.

Although the net friends think not difficult with"trustworthiness" composition, have a net friend to put forward, is a more familiar composition title, get the difficulty of high mark more big.Net friend's the scope " the smoke Cang& rain Qiong"think, " trustworthiness" is too heavy, although easily start, get the high mark isn't easy.

"The composition title like this combines current news, then can more is colourful."Net friend"still didn't be able to know"s think that trustworthiness question in composition test, can guide a student to much pay attention to with thinking living medium of realistic problem, scoop out society antinomy, from cure knowledge to cure world.

Although the education meaning of question in composition test is deeper,minority of net friends think, the direction of this question in composition test is too strong.Net friend"LIYULAN" thinks that seeing to could choose 5,000,000 all to the other party and how to call a trustworthiness otherwise!This is call does the person tell the truth, SOIL WATERor call the person to say false words?The topic selectivity like this, allusion is getting stronger too much, how can call the person to speak without any inhibition?

Question in composition test the most stirring concern in Hunan

In the question in composition test of the whole whole country, this year Gao Kao's question in composition test in Hunan, it may be said the most stirring concern.This is a material that material question in composition test give is:Some singer the first words changes in to°from"everyone good, I came" "thank everyone, you came", let the examinee take this as an idea from draw up a topic to write a composition.Up to about 6:00 p.m. on June 7, new wave net friend's survey suggests, 71.8% net friends think that this Gao tests composition title it's"difficult", therefore is reviewed by the net friends for 2011 most"pit dad", most"to the dint", "expect" most of question in composition test.Although these evaluations have been already praised to devaluate,that question in composition test is paid attention to of Gao of degree need not to doubt.

For the composition title like this, not a few net friends keep shouting"difficult", the hair calls "kneaded for the examinee of Hunan the sweat".Net friend"I-zw" thinks that the composition of Hunan really the meaning is leisurely long, it makes the person cut and polish not and deeply, for test a composition come serious not write.

Next year will soon take part in net friend"the medicine becomes blue sea difficult rush" hair that Gao tests to say, test a top thus nervous mindset and see thus question in composition test of having the depth, there is difficulty.
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Chinese heat

The Xi is near even visit Italy second even rather the peninsula"Chinese heat" heat again
Should Italian president Na wave benefit tower promise invites, the nation vice- chairman Xi of China is near even carried on a formal amity interview to Italy on June 1, and attend "Italy unifies 150 anniversaries" celebration ceremony activity.This is after October, 2010 interview Rome of Chinese premier, Wen Jia Bao, and shell Lu Si Ke Ni manage to like to have diplomatic relation together 40 anniversary celebration activity and"Chinese cultural year" opening ceremony in Italy after, the Chinese Beijing leadership holds "Chinese cultural year" in Italy the period again visit Italy.company start

Every a few months, the nation vice- chairman Xi of China is near even visit an idea, not only show people China is a country with big responsibility, but also is 1 to brave to undertake an international obligation, the dint main harmony development in the world and peaceable race.In the meantime, can also in order to like an overall strategic colleague to relate to infuse into new motive, the push likes two each realm of countries cooperations to turn into a new development stage.But have to feel nothing is better than at overseas Chinese's Chinese people of the region most profoundly most directly to the all these.Gao Liang Du LED

Currently like a relation to be placed in continuously development of key period, the Xi is near even visit Italy for the push and deepen bilateral relate to to a pass importance.He says that China is the permanent membership of UN Security Council, Italy is eight country group important member's countries, both parties all exertion emphasize to want a function and trust each other in politics and the diplomacy on the international satge, mutual respect, mutual moderate.In recent years, both parties' key figures visit with all levels with each other don't the contacts is close, politics, economy, the cultural interaction cooperation make substantial progress.Both parties keep a good communication to harmoniously adjust on the international business.Two national affairses actually cooperate a development quickly, with each other for the important economic trade, invest, science and technology cooperate colleague.Both parties are plenteous in the realm cooperation results, such as science and technology and environmental protection...etc. and promoted two country economy development.

2010 likes to have diplomatic relation 40 anniversaries, both parties' trade volume amounts to USD 45,100,000,000 and carried out two countries leader the USD 40,000,000,000 target that puts forward in 2004.Last year, liked two country governments to put forward, till 2015 the bilateral trade volume attained the target of USD 80,000,000,000.From currently two international trades easily development power the head see and expect a target to can carry out.In the meantime, like both parties to also all have a close cooperation in the humanities, science and technology, and education...etc., each realm cooperation goes with a swing at present, the Mainland's foreground to the bilateral relation is full of confidence.

Should see, the integral whole turns day by day in global economy, China is subjected to today that the international society focuses attention day by day, the overseas Chinese Chinese people of overseas are living in the country to play an unprecedented important role and also does effort for the economic development of the region while they are carrying out personal value, become promote China rising, race renew of important strength.But multifarious interview Italy of Chinese Beijing leadership, in local Chinese people's overseas Chinese but speech is that one is proud of with expectation naturally.Request LED

Accompany with Xi near even vice- chairman's success to Italy interview, "Chinese cultural year" activity in Italy is holding, will welcome lately a high tide, second even rather the peninsula"Chinese hot" will heat once again, liking a relation future development the foreground is bright, while the all these necessarily will bring local Chinese people's overseas Chinese to lately imagine with expectation
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United States

Covering Ci to declare the United States can't suppress China to develop "do not learn a Soviets"s in warning ChinaPearl luster

Hong Kong text remits a net report way, according to June 3 sunrise versions of 《round-the-world Times 》report way, the fragrant space lira dialogue opens in Singapore today.On June 2, go to attend meeting of the American defense secretary cover Ci is on the special airplane to with go the reporters to greatly talk a China-U.S. relations, soft in take hard, on the other hand call "the United States doesn't want to suppress China to develop" and"Chinese now is also global strength in the future";On the other hand, he also reservedly warn "don't study a Soviets" in China to launch arms race with the United States, laying equal stress on the military expenses of stating the United States to cut can't cause in weakening of military force in the Pacific Asia region.Covering the Ci will at the end of this month from defend long position retirement, he summary says and works the development"feel satisfied" of the China-U.S. relations in period at Bush and the Ao Ba Ma's government to oneself on the 2nd, but Central America the military relation still has "development space".

"Cover Ci:The United States has never wanted to suppress China to develop", become on the 2nd the headline of associated press, the method major medias, such as new agency and British broadcasting company(BBC)...etc., cover Ci be extensively read to the this time"good intentions" that China releases is on the 3rd and Chinese defense secretary beam light the strong meeting manufacturing friendly atmosphere.According to the report way, in flying to the special airplane of Singapore, cover Ci to with went a reporter to say, his noticing China is looking for the scale and war capability of extending the troops, including development, deployment"long range, precision of cruise with ballistic anti- warship guided missile", anti- satellite weapon and stealth fighter-bomber and network war ability."The Chinese troops' modernization is soon flying a development", "China tries to acquire of the weapon make us closely pay attention to".Cheap price

Speak of Chinese national defense strength continuously strengthen after, cover once the Ci topic turn and call "do not believe the real strenght that China has in each aspect to challenge an American solider", "I think that China has already gone to school to°from Soviets body a very big precept, they can't try in all respect compete with us, but want to develop equal degree up ability at Asian freedom act of ability, and acquire the opportunity of expanding their influence."The BBC analysis said that the this time words obviously mean that the former Soviet Union and the United States launch arms race but pull down economy and send out the warning to China.

Cover Ci of this"warning" and Chinese military authority total chief of staff Chen Bing De early in this month ex- visit the United States declaring of"Chinese at enmity with, the United States competition" is unanimously.The report way of BBC the 2nd attached "Central America military force" contrast diagram and displayed two hanging of army dint extremely.The chart shows:Central America in 2010 military expenses expenditure respectively are 78,000,000,000 with USD 729,000,000,000, the military expenses expenditure has 2008 GDP the specific weight distinguish for 2.0% and 4.3%;Military equipment, Central America the fighter jet amount distinguish to 1320 and 2379, the invisible battleplane amount contrasts to 0-139, the sail female amount 0-11, submarine amount is 65-71, destroyer amount 27-57, nuclear warhead amount 240 compare 9400.In all datas, China is unique to is a military personnel in active service amount than many the United States:2,260,000-1,580,000.

《New York Times 》then put report way particularly on the conversation of covering the Ci"military expenses reduction after still need to strengthen a Pacific Asia safety".Cover Ci to say, the American solider is "worthwhile of" in the military activity of Pacific Asia's influence in this region to maintenance the United States, still will keep after military expenses reduction."Voice of America" said on the 2nd that the Pacific Asia peripheral nation will be an important subject of fragrant space lira dialogue to the misgiving that the Chinese military force increases.The Reuter's commentary says that cover Ci to hope to express to the allies of the United States on this meeting, though the military expenses of the United States will cut down, his tenure also wants be over, the United States will carefully obey it is to the safe commitment in Asia.

After finishing clapping "plank son", cover Ci to put soft euphonic, call:"We don't want to inhibit China, all of several thousand in the last yearses in China are a strong nation, it now and is all nation that has global influence from now on.Therefore, the problem lies in how we pass their their own effort, promise that we have an aggressive relation."While being started to ask by the reporter and requesting to sell the viewpoint of the weapon toward Taiwan recently to parts of councilmans in the United States, the cover Ci answered"have no his/her own standpoint in this question top", he also calls, " regardless during the ruling period of Bush is still an Ao Ba Ma, we are all very careful to this problems, since make Taiwan acquired the ability of defending, and then notice sensitive for China, all express very carefully."The Reuter's commentary says that sell armament a problem to the pedestal at the United States up, Central America the relation of two soldiers is still weak.Chinese military authority total chief of staff Chen Bing De is early ex- to visit in this month beautiful keep speech, if the United States insists selling armament to the pedestal, two soldiers relate to "still be subjected to influence".Clean water

In the interview dated the 2nd, cover Ci to also tally up his/her own work to speak "feel satisfied", "at me when the first time visits China in 2007 I then for Central America two soldiers relate to of the development drew up an ambitious agenda, although the relation of two soldiers afterwards once met the obstacle and the difficulty,was placed in quite good appearance now", and"still have development space".Covering the Ci will quit office at the end of this month, one daily publication in"politics" website in the United States ascended to his "farewell interview", this participation launched two wars, at 8 president's ruling period works of 67 years old defend long say, "one of the reason that I have to leave is, too many experience make me too careful".
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Guide Euro-American

Guide Euro-American fair lady vogue
In 2007, IIASOL is led into China, for day by day internationalization of Chinese female provide the special situation is dressed in of upscale clothing.IIASOL of the localization the target consumer of the brand positions at the 28-45-year-old and mature sense femaleRing thing language

The IIASOL name originates an ancient old fortress of French the south.Mysterious but beautiful fortress has the long history in 1390.The ample sunlight brings here the flower of riotous brilliant colors and brings up to equally have IIASOL the hereditary nobility of the name.The womans here beauty lovely, sexy flirtatious, self-confidence natural.The fresh flowers is their clotheses, the sunlight is their noodles to permit.IIASOL spirit and living manner make person surprised gorgeous envy.

Leaf after the last century, famous fashion designer BerookhimBehyar in New York deduces IIASOL to become upscale special situation ladys' wear brand, and set up the first IIASOL monopoly store in New York in 1985.He explains the IIASOL English connotation as ItIsAboutSexy,only a decorations Original& Lovely.The IIASOL brand is 1 concerning sexy, original, chemisette story.This story is used luxurious, classic, vogue, Chien about the abundant content of etc. different category to express to live diversified comprehension to the vogue, use fashionable dresses language to express IIASOL the womans enjoy the spirit of life, intense emotion work, diverse development, support environmental protection, optimistic philosophy and make the self-confident, true and fine life heartily bloomed.

In 2007, IIASOL is led into China, for day by day internationalization of Chinese female provide the special situation is dressed in of upscale clothing.IIASOL of the localization the target consumer of the brand positions at the 28-45-year-old and mature sense female;Have a certain economic power, pay attention to tasty and pursue a female who live the quality.The IIASOL brand combined wit and humour of appreciating beauty of eastern female and wear to pack a habit while reserving international fad vogue and chose upscale ready-to-wear clothes noodles to anticipate, the Jing work was thin to make, the style is exaggerated free, the color is gorgeous abundant, specially suit a female who have the international visual field to be dressed in in the cocktail party, and Party...etc. special situation.Currently IIASOL already luxuriant in 100 allied life times in Shanghai, Hangzhou silver Tai, become all Ren and in spring, Dalian comity market etc. several high level markets set up a counter.Degree of hardness
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Gorgeous in summer 100

Gorgeous in summer 100 change the supporter skirt guide vogue breeze
The qualities that have to own a dissimilarity usually, the demand vogue, even needs to guide vogue!Iner advance one-step than other people forever, outstanding oneself's perfect vogue is a purpose, supporter connect the dress skirt has been the single article that embodies female curve pleasant impression, numerous females favourite.To see the supporter skirt of this quarter vogue fad, let you forever vogue, beautiful.今夏条纹衣怎样穿最具人气

1.The Bohemian supporter connects dress skirt
Forever the cowboy of vogue plus mysterious race color, the supporter of very naughty amiability and charmingly feminine grow skirt of perfect combine, canning be to connect dress skirt a list to wear can also regard as half body skirt and go together with previous and simple T-shirt to turn head to lead extremely high, absolutely is a quarter is essential now

2.The vogue sweet big butterfly supporter connects dress skirt
This is a style of race stamp-tax supporter to connect dress skirt, the style is simple and direct and generous,今夏条纹衣怎样穿最具人气 Gao Yao Qun's type makes the body curve been getting more charming, the noodles anticipates softness to be dressed in comfort, let the person look very sweet.

3.The Han Ban lace supporter connects dress skirt
The supporter of this vogue lightness connects dress skirt, super have at the card of manner, the design is very original, beauty and sexy, many skirts put together to connect very magnificent, accept a waist design, the lightness shows to lose after being dressed in.

4.The super fairy V gets butterfly snow Fang ground flower to connect dress skirt
This style of very sweet butterfly stamp-tax long skirt integrated into eastern miraculous water Mo painting design and had eastern classic beautiful lingering charm.Each color butterfly on the clothes dances with the breeze and live vivid now.Letting is close the felling of body pastoral sort.国企参与国防竞标Several irregular skirts put, the elegance is delightfully fresh.

5.Sweet supporter blossom snow Fang connects dress skirt
This Joe its yarn material puts on a chest style thin take to connect dress of skirt, supple elegance.Art breathing strong peony, chrysanthemum stamp-tax, charmingly feminine medium the breathing for increasing literature.Ex- float a slice to fasten a rope can fasten not to fasten, the shoulder adjustable stanza.100 take a style, it are all quite good choices to match a small coat or beat bottom trousers.100 change style, need not worry to bump Shan forever.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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