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Give you up

Give you up, because of loving you
Looking at that to be like in the in the moment shining head, several times all want to click it, over there very small dialog box in, have me unforgettable recall.I have been all aming missing you and want the head clicking you is like, but don't know what speak of, all thoughts and feelingses embed in the heart bottom, don't know how to bring up and at the beginning say that forget you, no longer miss you, really very difficult.At the beginning say don't care you, to just understand today, that is oneself to cheat himself/herself.Want to forget a person originally, really have no so and easily, at our chat record in, there is the footprint that we once walked together.More want to forget you, more think of you, the dead hour can not sleep to go and think so that you probably are a kind of happiness!Love so you, will even be a kind of sweet, miss yougold and silver jewelry

All write you into daily record at any time;Love you to put you in my in the mind forever, I am concerning about you, can not walk to your in the mind, want to forget you, can but also can not let go you forever.Each time here silently at the mid-night, will think of you!But I never regret to know you:I also know to own you!But, miss you, love you, who can not replace me, either, think that you are probably that one is wrong, but wrong worth, love you know perfectly well to have no a result, but isn't a fault.So, let me continue the head following you closely be like to in the moment gleam at me, so, follow you closely a head to be like gradual disappearance on this silent dead hour.Don't bother you, be not don't miss you, I am really to don't want to hurt you and don't bother you, be not don't love you, I am really to don't want to lose you.Liking you to have no is wrong,heat exchanger

If like you is that one is wrong, I prefer to a wrong again wrong, love you aren't a fault, if love you are a fault, I prefer to I bear molestation!Love you but can not together love you, but could not see a result, if sky having feeling is as well old for sky, I worry to could not wait.Will not see each other again, and be unequal to not to miss you, no longer meet and be unequal to not to love you!Because, you of happy and happy, the times will make me remember!Don't forget, I once had ever been to your in the mind as well and loved you, with no regret, again bitter didn't feel tired as well!Love you, not ability oneself, again difficult also concern about you at any time willingly, worry about you you at any time of everything all every moment touch wear my heart..Are you understand, I don't miss you are sad, at 1:00 all not think....Do you understand, my wishes is to want to make you happy and love you,

But can not see you again, can secretly bless you, love you, but can not own you, can silently comfort himself/herself.Missing you is unspeakable joy and miss you, is unspeakable happiness, I understand you have much bitter, also understand you have much painful, because love you, just fearing will lose you, because love you, just don't hurt you, if, one day, you thought of you, the heart please make you handing over to I, if, haveHan charities

A day, you could not see me any further, probably I have already parted forever with world, but I will remember, this world, you accompanied me to once walk together......
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baby sight health

Watch out for light Zao to pollute bane baby sight health
Each new mamas to new daddy, we know the kid's near sight has something to do with environment, all know water pollution, air pollution and Zao such as people voice pollution to mankind healthy bane, but don't discover nearby latent threat-Zao only pollution, just and seriously injure people's eyes.In recent years, the pollution of the environment turns worse day by day.Numerous occurrence of tragedies let people more and more know environment to exist healthy importance to the mankind.People pay attention to water pollution, air pollution and Zao the voice pollute etc., and adopt measure to devote major efforts whole cure, but only pollute value to the Zao not enough.Afterward the fruit is various eye disease, the especially nearsighted ratio quickly increases.According to the statistics, the our country senior high school livings near sight to lead up to above 60% and occupies the second in the world.The father mother wants to know and protects a kid and starts to do since the childhood and started to do from the nearby small matter, let us resided living Zao concerning the house together the pollution is only.create the positive

The Zao light in the sense of vision environment's polluting mostly can is divided into 3 kinds:On being an outdoors to see pollution of the environment, like wall outside the building;Two is the indoor to see pollution of the environment, if the indoor repair, indoor bad light color environment etc.;Three is a part to see pollution of the environment, such as book book paper, some industrial product etc.s.

A, only pollute

The young parents who chase fashion mostly like each kind of lamps and laterns of luxurious imposing style in packing new residence.Can they not know too dazzling light, is also a kind of the light pollution that pollution call to the kid.The light pollution mainly comes from mankind to exist sunlight within environment, light and various glint and refract the various surfeit and not harmonious ray radiation that the light source results in.Human body at only pollution in first what to victimize is direct contact light source of eyes and skin, influence to the infant and the child larger, the stronger ray will weaken the infant's sight, the influence child's sight growth.

Stabbing the eye Xuan purpose light will not only endanger the person's sense of vision function, also the function of interference brain nerve.The kid's incitement to the light particularly sensitive, the brain will produce a series to badly respond while being subjected to bare incitement.Specially remarkable is some young parents, for the sake of the nighttime convenience, grow a clear light in packing kid's bedroom, let kid"bright sleep", this can invite a series of problem, for example the interference infant sleep and hinder calcium quality absorption and induct near sight leukemia even etc. the disease suffer from.

Guard against a counterplan:

1, the indoor the lighting don't want to persistently pursue luxury, should with simple is good;

2, the kid goes to bed Mo Kai Deng and avoids "bright sleep";

Therefore child particularly when the infant goes to bed can not open a light for a long time, if have a special demand, can choose to protect an eye to use a desk lamp for night.pares off card

3, don't make the kid watch appearance flicker and change quick television program for a long time, contact when the computer and video game is confidential to limit the in order to prevent injures sight or inducts light quick sex epilepsy.

1 year old don't want to watch television in the infant;The 2-year-old kid watches television 23 pretty much the clock will take a rest a period of time after;The 3-year-old kid watches television also can not longer than an hour, finishing seeing a program empress should arrive outdoors to play.

4, the periodical check make kid's eyes more healthy

For some kid's eyes problems, the parent,such as earlier period, discovers, the earlier period treatment will receive the effect of half effort and double results, because age more young treatment effect more good, adult behind cure effect badly.

The parent periodically brings the kid to ophthalmology center to have a check and passes MTI, the Shai checks an instrument, hand to move Shai to check an instrument etc. to low age kid(1-3 years old) growth disease did to settle the examination of sex and fixed amount in early days.If the kid gets and bends light eye department diseases, such as iniquity, amblyopia and strabismus...etc., the Shai gets a treatment in time after checking and passes and early discovers and early cures, make the bane decline to lowest extent, let the kid is in the growth process don't need be subjected to the harassment of eye disease.

Two, noise pollution

Avoid a Zao voice pollution.Infant auditory organ growth didn't°yet be perfect, the too big orotund incitement will hurt childish auditory organ.Music of the high volume quick rhythm, will cause the very small blood vessel spasm of inner ear, provide blood decrease, make the dint descended thus, even result in the Zao voice deaf.Should be as far as possible little to take a child to song and dance hall etc. entertainment area, the stereo set volume of family cinema should also control appropriately.Don't let kid the mimicry adult wear headphones to listen to music, this causes to listen to dint damaged very easily.

The electronic game, stereo set, and karaoke...etc. get into a family one after another, although consumedly enriched people's life,brought the kid's healthy growth concealed suffer from.For example say:

1, Zao the influence of the voice upon the sense of hearing:The life is above over a long period of time environment person's 50% deafs in the 80 dBs, usually wear headphones to go to the concert to cause permanent sex deaf.

2, Zao the influence of the voice upon the sense of vision:Usually be placed in a Zao voice environment in, make the sensitivity of person's eye lowered, the eye pupil spread greatly, the color feel with visual field abnormality, creation dimmed eyesight, the sight descend, respond a dull phenomenon, will cause the occurrence of traffic accident.what good project

3, Zao the influence of the voice upon the digestive system:The Zao voice can make the saliva, stomach liquid secreted to descend and make appetite stagnant but cause a digest way disease.

4, Zao voice the influence that grow growth to the child:Living child intelligence growth wants and discovers in the middle of the quiet environment than 20% low nutritionists in the noisy environment the Zao voice makes human body of vitamin B1, B2 and B6, amino acids and valley the ammonia is sour and depend on the ammonia sour etc. nourishment material to consume quantity increment, to the child grow to develop influence very greatly.

5, Zao voice to heart cerebral influence:The Zao voice will make the brain nerve regulated function to appear to lose control a phenomenon and result in breath speed, violent heart beating, the blood pressure go up, blood vessel spasm, cause high blood pressure etc. the heart cerebral disease.

6, Zao the influence of the voice upon the immune system:The Zao voice in long time makes immune system function mess, make the person easily be subjected to a cause microorganism infection, cause skin disease or other diseases, even cancer.

7, Zao the influence of the voice upon the sleep:Zao voice the sleep quality and amount that influence a person.Continuous Zao voice the turn-over that quickly sleep soundly to lightly sleep, make to sleep soundly time to shorten.Abrupt Zao voice 40 dBs, make 10% people wake up with a start;60 dBs 70% people wake up with a start.The sleep don't will seriously influence the person's health and work so much.

The ear is the important organ that the kid obtains an information, the kid passes the discriminator, mimicry surrounding environment to study language, obtain knowledge and communicate emotion.The modern medical science proves that once the Zao voice in our environment is more than 50 decibels, will influence the person's rest and sleep, more than 70 decibels will make person fidgety, the energy isn't concentrated, but kid such as long term life at more than 80 decibels Zao voice environment, then probably influence to listen to dint, also appear a language development in the days to come bad, lack expression ability and curiosity.So, the dint of listenning to of protection baby, the clearance Zao voice pollutes urgent.
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pathological changes

The blindness"the row poison keeps Yan" easily suffers from a pathological changes before the cancer
For the sake of ability a thin again thin, not a few female drink several cups"row poison, pure bowel, reduce weight" type every day health care article, but sometimes have never attained to prepare the effect for thinking, because the toxin"had already increased don't reduce" that blindly lines up poison to make inside the body.Article letter

Ms. Lee from see not a few"row poison, pure bowel" type health care article, enounce ability lucid environment inside the balance, easily carry out a row poison, reduce weight.Since August, she connected to eat for three months, the inception effect is still good, but gradual disappear effect, the not only weight has already increased don't reduce, and the body endotoxin is more and more, the pimple on the face this that Fu.

Arrive one check in the hospital, discover that oneself unexpectedly suffers from a kind of cancer ex- pathological changes disease-colon black change disease.

30% knot and rectum tumor the sufferer have black colon to change disease

Discover, taking by oneself in the clinical diagnosis and treatment is various'the row poison, pure bowel, reduce weight'etc. health care article or the sufferer of Xie win, there was equal part to get a kind of new disease-colon black change disease, make to be constipated thus more and more serious.

Black change in the colon patient in, 100% once took'the row poison, pure bowel, reduce weight'etc. cared article or Xie history.In the sufferer of colon, rectum tumor, there is 20% to 30% sufferer's companions hasing black colon to change disease.Although to cause because of so far still not clear, have research enunciation, its occurrence development and some in common use Xie or relax bowel health care some chemistry compositions in article relevant.There was a research to say, the colon was black to change the disease is to grow'before the cancer pathological changes', often and the colon gland lump kind the polyp and colon cancer Be concomitant to mutually living."

The expert reminds:It is a food therapy to line up poison most in brief

Now, the constipation has become a kind of"fashionable disease", this absorbs decrease, taste with the protein, the fat material comparison ascension and meal fiber in the food to pursue incitement and has no regulation life living etc. close and related.

BE doing not clear up the reason of resulting in the constipation, listen to and believe some"row poison" and"reduce weight" a product advertisement, from make the decision piece or immoderation usage, not only invalid, oppose health disadvantageous.
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The expert reminds that want to make pure outbreak reason first, prescribe medicine for specific ailment under the doctor's instruction, the attention adjusts food, living, life habit etc..Should not blindly listen to and believe an advertisement, especially to the usage composition, constitute the health care article or drugs of lacking understanding.Under the necessary condition, can also arrive hospital to accept the electronics colon mirror check, only early discover and early cure, then can prevent°from colon black changing the depravation of disease.
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June of Pisces carries power

June of Pisces carries power to forecast June, 2011
Whole luck:Octahedron cleavage
Meet a baffling felling on the work, the many peoples all seem to see you with a revolting feeling.Suggest you communicate much and much and hard, don't believe a mean person opinion too much, would the gradual source of money widely enter.

Love peach blossom:
Have to be extra careful while communicating, don't the too big pressure don't make oneself sink into the condition of drilling the ox horn in the middle to the other party, the other party isn't happy, oneself will be also not happy in the meantime.Single a heart still an expectation love, but the opportunity is much many today, particularly mostly the opportunities all produce at the friend's party!

Healthy body:Lapis lazuli
You of spirit return fairly good, mood stability and more and more know to make oneself quiet, can't easily lose temper as well as literally start to be disorderly becoming angry.

Work studies:sagenite quartz

On the work will be small not and fluently, but need not care too much!However want to notice and work a colleague, still much and much communicate better, otherwise all want to get along with every day, if have a problem the communication don't will be troublesome of oh.

Special reiteration:Molecular formula
Recently for more argue you the mood have been being poor, also connect take to influence your close honey relations, problem find out each other as soon as possible, just can't make time diluted emotion!

Super good luck day:On the 3rd, the 19th
The mood is quite good, let you of the friend and family feel a happiness together, you will feel that the luck is certainly more prosperous some.various colours

The dark cloud spreads densely a day:On the 9th, the 17th
A lot of affairs much give it a bit of thought for other people, otherwise will more and more feel that everyone left you far, but didn't know why to neglect you.
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22 earthquake experts

On that day 22 earthquake experts call as usualLuxury wedding planner
If has the city that the prediction calls your place will take place a heavy earthquake, what reaction will you make?Face prediction to disdain to a to attend to, or pack luggage egress to seek refuge?According to England 《everyday the tele-communications report 》May is 10 and have a prophet to predict before a hundred years around Italian Rome will take place a heavy earthquake on May 11, 2011, this prediction caused the dismay of local residents in Rome City now, and several thousand Rome citizen escape home to seek refuge on the eve of the 11th.Weddings performed

Does a the meteorologist who dies already a long time in Italy pull thin Er?The class single Di once predicted in 1915, Rome would take place a heavy earthquake on May 11, 2011.In the last a few months, this topic is again mentioned by people on the network.Italian local medium suggest to the survey that the people carry on, choose for a candidate in every 5 Rome persons at 11 ask for leave on days, take a kid to seek refuge in sea beach or country.The prediction of heavy earthquake makes Rome City been full of panic atmosphere, many stores declare to close up shop at the time on the eve of the 11th, Rome mayor have to break through a hot-line to pacify citizen.Wedding dresses

The Italian parties concerned has already carried on refuting a rumour to the prediction of heavy earthquake.Do Italian nation geophysics and volcano learn seismologist Alexander of institute for research?The Ma gives to think, "have no proof to show that Rome City will take place a heavy earthquake on the that very day of the 11th.Italy is an earthquake to deliver nation more, the occurrence of the small scaled earthquake is very normal."Prince William

Another according to American medium report way, the Italian 11th along while in capital city Rome has already taken place 22 earthquakes, however don't with a run shake is the destructiveness"heavy earthquake".Earthquake the experts said that 22 earthquakes happen in the earthquake multifarious Italian along while are normal.British Queen Victoria
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old man time

Despair of old man time

That is an old farmer that honest Ba hands over.The home is poor, brings up a son and a daughter.Hard working greater half generation son, the sons and daughters all become a house.A tile of the old man hides house but cruelly a big on fire of crest naked.The old companion also before long dies of illness in a fire.Helpless, old man can follow son's a life.Because, thou come all is keep son to defend old, again say that daughter's husband's family doesn't like poor much kinner friendly intercourse as well.The old man has a liking for aer lot of than actual age old.That bends a curved waist and carries on the back to up grow a lot of old man's spots.Often only wear arm, the cloth trousers in a green blue, block a waist to bind with a cloth belt.The old man always sends some Luo Luo basket baskets to daughter's house, this is a handicraft of his meeting.Sometimes also go to periodical market to sell a basket, after daughter family outside of the brook, looking at own family that the daughter's grandson is in the river opposite shore to jump, loudly call grandfather, don't dare to enter daughter's family as well.Kid's son always acrosses river to toward a grandfather to shout, asking of oddness how to don't come over old man.After growing up, they will understand.Isn't a grandfather don't love them, but the natal home is poor, grandmother isn't good to mother and always fear some poor relativeses to take an advantage.To not make the daughter difficult, the old man always mutually hopes at the river opposite shore attention.Give repeated advice to those kid's sons, obedient, don't play water, don't take a sunbatheSpare parts`````

Before long, the old man died.That year, that day, rain is next to be specially heavy and be like at tell endless sad.That day, the old man just was the beginning of big disease more.He borns 1 kind to call:The thing of "fly snake" is on the waist.It is 1 turn to surround a waist.Someone says that grow this kind of thing on the waist, as long as the wreath waist mounts a circle, the person is getting more bealso yond hope.The old man's son has no how to take to once manage him, after all the old man is his nuisance, the old man dies earlier, he is super to living earlier flourishing, is his conviction of consistent persistence.Have no money to go for a doctor, don't also take medicine the condition of letting the old man very serious.The meat on the waist, the outsides are all lousy to become scarred, meat inside but lousy must snake son.The time that waits the old man's daughter to visit, just discover old father already in the approaching death edge.The skin connects clothes, can hardly also strip off.Daughter's bean big tears keeps and stayed to nearby look after old man's a day at the old man and just pulls back from the jaws of death the old man.The old man has been a strong person, his words say, is that the life is hard.Concentric baffles

The daughter returned to husband's family to go to, the husband's family there had already made to god.The mother-in-law thinks that the daughter-in-law has already stolen how much good thing to natal home.The meaningless war waits a daughter, she returns to face.Son heel the this place of daughter-in-law, at ordinary times mean old man, thought at first this old man will return west and had never thoughted to still live to come over.The old man became more to stab in the eyesore meat.Rice also not make the old man eat, rather pour to eat for chicken, also not eat for old man.Three meals, the old man picked up some orange skin to cook their he or she to hard save the next rice in the outside and burned into a gruel to eat.Sometimes and wear wild vegetable, sometimes chew some sweet potatos.Usually waste at people of in the food, which kind to old man, all very precious, which fear one vegetables leaf is also extravagant.He is getting older, dimmed eyesight, the wild vegetable finding out worse than before many.Body bone also a day and not equal to day.Besides he still needs to help a son to do an agriculture to live.The time that eat satisfiedly, he still helps a person the load the rock.Afterwards also really could not lifted up, also the nobody is unfeeling to use him.The Luo basket can not also weave how much, hand and foot already all ineffective live.Once, in the ground, the old man has already dug the sweet potato of son's home, pack full full two basketseses, this was what son makes the load sold.The old man was motionless true load of and gave a person to go home to shout a son to come to load.Who know, son a come to scold mercilessly.Old man can crustily the skin of head go to a load.On the road, heavy old man's two legs a soft, kneel on the road.Having no anyone to come forward to hand is a , the old man's son but eye disappear of go away.The old man's tears is breathed to drip down, concealed in the wrinkly scar of the face last vicissitudes of life.Current capacity

Old man finally walk last dead end, he drank agrochemical to commit suicide.His son lies that the old man dies of illness, only the old man's daughter see an old man the body of the iciness, the facial expression is painful, the arms and legs distorts and accept flounder appearance, the facial expression is green black, on the body again have strong agrochemical flavor.Just know that the old man commits suicide by poison.In the keepsake, only a set of daughter once did to the old man's a set of new cloth dress, the old man had been didn't being willing to give up to wear.She again the regrets hate again, but can become endless tears.The old man walked and changed into a heap of dust.His sub- descendant while spoiling a pet, have who remember an old man?When they waste food, have who have ever thought of an old man to pick up the orange skin Bao gruel?Suffering from cold and hunger, the slight illness molestation didn't defeat him, is natural affection inhospitality and asperity to make him walk last dead end.His in the mind has how much injustice don't tell, he let go of human world like this.He waits not go to his little granddaughter, grandson grow up and take he escapes from a hell.Etc. doesn't arrive they take he sees a drama and listens to ditty and appreciates a month and drinks tea and has a chat domestic life and says and washes feet for him and shear a naildiversified range``````

If say, a stars sinks into, the world has a life birth.The good man so died have mercy on whether person will become a star on the sky?Hope star sky every night, whether have who discover which gleam, call the person to looking at to cannot help but sheding tears?The star that the old man also became an among those to call the person to shed tears?
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forward railroad construction

Railroad department:grasp the quality safe stability work to have a preface to push forward railroad construction
Recently, the large staff officers and workers thorough study of each construction of railroad unit carries through Hu Jintao total secretary importance designation spirit, according to the deployment and request of railroad department party set, around science has a preface to push forward railroad construction, this important topic and takes the lead change section working talent and goes deep into to develop "three whole cure a to raise" activity, practical grasp construction quality of safe stability work, there is preface pushing forward point engineering construction.Nation altogether

After the whole road video-phone meeting on April 22, each construction of whole roadses unit quickly convenes party member general assembly and party sectional conference and inform and study Hu Jintao total secretary importance designation spirit, and carry through the total secretary importance to the study designation spirit conduct and actions at present a key job to grasp.On May 2, in the whole road constuct work video-phone meeting up, the railroad department party constitutes member, the vice minister Lu Chun Fang's whole roadseses to constuct unit how go deep into to carry through a beard total secretary importance designation spirit, the implementation department party set of the decision deployment make to submit a body arrangement and mobilize each unit around science have a preface to push forward railroad construction, this important topic and combine a work physically and unify thought, explicit task, implement a job and devote efforts to implementation, for overall completion this year the railroad constucted a task to beat good foundation.

The railroad construction management system reform is science to contain the important contents that the preface pushes forward railroad construction.The railroad department party set at concerning push forward railroad science development of in the great deployment, further and definitely the construction of the railroad department and railroad bureau manage a job.The department constucts a management the department and each railroad bureau, railroad company according to deployment and request of the unifying of department party set, around section working talent change, work mechanism innovation etc. point contents, organize party member staff's developing relieve thought is big and discuss.Manage a principle from the change, creative management way etc. sets out, each construction unit combs the key problem that the railroad construction regulation system, technique standard and item organize the last existence completely and particularly check to seek a section management working talent existence of outstanding problem, have already aimed at sex and have point the ground put forward improvement measure and suggestion, for push railroad construction to develop to dedicate to account to dedicate a plan well and quickly.Ideal shape

According to the construction principle of "protect in setting up, must, heavy kit", in the foundation that comb and again and again study completely of the railroad department party set, invested a plan to carry on adjustment to the 2011 capital construction.Each construction unit according to this principle, strictly implementation the capital construction invests an adjustment plan this year, further excellent organization design for turning an item construction, science reasonable arranges a work project and go all out to grasp at set up item particularly is a point engineering construction, the reasonable arrangement starts work item very lately.In the funds under the nervous circumstance, each construction of whole roadses unit recognizes pure situation, distinct thing have their order of priority, insist that the retention press and actively and steadily work well to constuct a funds to collect guarantee, science arrangement and strictly take charge of a work.

From from March 30, construction each unit of system started the invitation to bid bids, quality safety, investment control and funds' managing particularly an item is whole cure work and exaltation inspect a work of"three whole cure a to raise" activity.Over a month, each construction unit goes deep into a row to check railroad engineering completely, the invitation to bid bids, the quality safety, direct check, investing control and funds to manage etc. existence of outstanding problem, to construction scale and technique standard not scientific, construction work period not reasonable, the funds manages medium the super budget estimation, super investment plan, super funds budget and super contract and false hair ticket and safe quality takes charge of dint etc. not problem, carry on a research respectively, put forward the whole opinion for changing a processing, work well whole change a work.A process

The quality safety and stabilizing that grasps railroad construction, is support the current railroad constucts good situation of the realistic problem is also the basic problem that science has a preface to push forward railroad construction.Face current difficulty and pressure, each three set up unit to always keep to resolve to succeed of mental state, science reasonable arrangement railroad constucts scale, standard and progress, ensures construction quality and makes each engineering withstood a horary examination.A stage greatly checks the foundation of result before consolidation up, the engineering quality safety inspect a total station to send a check set to Hu high speed railway in the city and part particularly the high risk, high difficulty item carry on lately a the spot check.Department engineering management the center put forward to continue to develop technique advantage, perfect and related measure, for quickly push forward a passenger transportation special line the construction contribute.The core function of practical exertion item construction of each construction unit always insists constucting by law and strictly carries out capital construction procedure;Thorough push forward to standardize a management, take the lead a carrying out of standard and workflow;Open to do a lot of thinking, liberation thought, expand visual field, study to enhance quality safety and promise stable of new way of thinking, lately raise Cuo, make great effort to adapt to science to have the preface pushes forward railroad construction of new request
pearl powder are used
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World Economic Forum

The global vision is attracted to Africa-the 21th African meeting to World Economic Forum
The 21th African meeting to World Economic Forum convenes in Cape Town, South Africa on the 4th and attend meeting representatives in all countries and widespreadly entertains optimistic an attitude to the African development foreground and think that Africa will greet lately an economic growth high peak, the forum appeals that African all countries try and keep economy and invest of can keep on a growth, extensively develop an international cooperation, help integral whole in the region to turn progress, greatly develop and create good external environment for Africa.Dead lamp

The general assembly unites chairman, power company the Mu blessing of president in South Africa nation ·mark tile Na mean on the forum, the vision of world is changing direction Africa, energy's adding a resources has already made African Continent become"gold treasure ground", African energy and resources develop to need to be pumped capital into, and looking for the extensive international cooperation then can ensure an African economy growth's need for energy.He emphasizes that Africa still needs more infrastructure construction, this will create beneficial environment for drawing on investment and development economy.

The general assembly unites chairman and the United States finishes Ma Wei accounting firm president Di Mo Xi ·Fu wood said, owing to currently the complexity of the international economic political situation and the indetermination of the risk and opportunity, compare with the dialogue of Africa to seem to be more important at any time formely.He says that the international society has to know, the importance in Africa presents day by day, enlargement Africa is very necessary in the international business and the words power in economic structure and form in the world, of the west nation, emerging economies and Africa all countries need to build up a new mode of cooperation and mechanism to promote African economy quickly develop.Low power

Bank in Botswana goes long benefit Na ·Mo Huo Huo says, African Continent is heading for a globalization day by day, the population flows and the technique innovate of the speed all consumedly outstrips formely, Africa leadered the challenge and development opportunity that has to adapt to a modern era to face lately.Africa is standing at all new of rise to run on-line, it develops a situation world to focus attention.But the topic of the current meeting"from conceive alignment to act, the new literary piece of Africa", the heat that then highlights world to this mainland slices expectation.Africa necessarily will play the new role of importance under global economy new situation.He thinks that Africa the economic growth rate may attain in 20115.3%, will become global economy to develop one of the quickest regions.

The Lagos Oando group administration chief executive officer's Pierre · virtuous Wei Er ·Di Nu Bo says and develops international trade to push the African economy fast- increasing important means, as a result have to break the trade barrier of African in the nation, accelerate a merchandise to circulate.He thinks, although the African economy increases a situation pleased person,whole competition ability in Africa needs to be promoted further.Africa wants to quickly develop a step, have to put forth effort change economy to increase mode, and industrial structure...etc. many factors and thoroughly change African for long time economy growth main with export original material and primary commodity conduct and actions prop up of mode.
Short light
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Build to keep

Build to keep in mind Heng to point a cattle so much after the Hong Kong Stock Market holidays 63590, the Heng point bear 64010

Labor Day holidays later on, the Hong Kong Stock Market rises power after returning.Er cover's attaining organization leader to pull to ascend is killed by American solider's shot, benefit good around the world investment atmosphere, Hong Kong Stock Market the segment early rise about 150:00.Vessels Coal

The person goes at the holidays have no tighten money supply, smooth a market of worried, Hong Kong Stock Market this morning already once again heavy up 10 antennas, the next target can make reference to 20 antennas the level is about 23,980:00, as ability again next city, will have chance to arouse the Hong Kong Stock Market back up in highest month Gao Wei Jin 24,500:00 neighborhood.

Round the field funds take advantage of last week a big city time set, continued to deploy good Cang.The Heng pointed a cattle certificate to record on last Thursday overed 45,000,000 dollars funds inflow, the contrary bear certificate then recorded be close to 55,000,000 dollars funds run off;And summary all on Thursday trade day, cattle certificate totally inflow over 140,000,000 dollars, bear certificate then run off over 75,000,000 dollars, or the reflection is optimistic about of the funds is more.

If anticipate the Heng continues upward, can consider that the Heng points a cattle 63590, take back price 23,100:00, 11 expire in December, years, actual lever 28.000%;Seeing thin can consider that the Heng points bear 64010, take back price 24,600:00, 11 expire in August, years, actual lever 18.600%, change a ratio all is 10000.

If want to avoid taking back risk, can consider that the Heng buys 27697, exercise price 25,000:00, 11 expire in September, years, actual lever 11.900%, extend meaning a 20.3%.See thin then can consider that the Heng points Gu 28970, exercise price 24,000:00, 11 expire in August, years, actual lever 7.000%, extend meaning a 28.6%.

*Please read the doing not need of relevant Hang Seng Index responsibility pronouncement inside the document of becoming available in the market.

Don't need a responsibility pronouncement:
This data is issued by bank Hong Kong branch office of France Paris, it doesn't constitute any suggestion, invitation, want invite or canvass the business structure product.The structure price of article is nasty to rise or nasty fall, investor or will suffer completely loss.The relevant property comes and goes a performance not to reflect to will express in the future.The cattle bear certificate fully has compulsorily claim pawned article mechanism and possibility is in advance terminated, then(i) the N cattle bear certificate investor will not get to deliver any amount of money;And(ii) the surplus value of R cattle bear certificate probably is zero.The investor should cautiously check the related risk of structure product and evaluate risk by oneself, and consult with a professional opinion while having been already needed.The investor should read basic become available in the market document(include basic become available in the market document enclosure) and add all detail concerning structure product inside the document of becoming available in the market.The stock of France Paris(Asia) limited company circulates quantity promoter for structure product, be also likely to be its only market participant.The stock of France Paris(Asia) limited company, bank Hong Kong branch office of France Paris and it is allied to belong to a company all not to structure product:(i)Can in schedule to become available in the market the day become available in the market;And(ii) it becomes available in the market behind it circulate quantity and make to serve as what pronouncement or assurance.Surface area
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All time is no time when it is past.

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