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also very miraculous

The diamond tiny vulture is also very miraculous
Everyone knows the nobility that the diamond jewelry can set off a female with cultured.Bring different United States for female friend.Can everyone know?Diamond can also with hairdressing Huan skin, this everyone is surprisingly.This is the tiny a kind of diamond vulture technique, can become better for the female's skin.

As for the diamond tiny vulture Huan skin therapy, is the tiny vulture tube that the exploitation insets to have diamond grain, match friction and vacuum take out to absorb a technique and thoroughly clean the most outside layer of epidermis aging cell and help the skin cell to renew of technique.This is a kind of physical sex therapy, it made up the weakness that the chemistry goes to horniness and made use of a vacuum attraction method to adsorb a skin the thick thin diamond tiny vulture auger is at the dissimilarity up, match with feat vacuum force and the ambulation speed of the auger, over vivid control treatment process.Is 1 kind don't invade sex therapy, don't have any stimulative, safety, simple, rapid, have no side effect.

The diamond tiny vulture Shu in addition to have to quickly get rid of small crease and improve bulky pore etc. the skin hairdressing be worth of and also have certain curative effect to some skin diseases,Cultured pearls
like the Ba, general scar formation or striae gravidarum etc. of treatment pimple, pimple and pox.The skin is dark black or the dye print can still just the diamond tiny vulture Shu after, match with to use a super voice the wave ducting e fair chemical element, attain to quickly dispel to print a fair purpose.

The diamond tiny vulture is to make use of a fine patent diamond grain vulture head, by rub of the way also match with vacuum to take out to absorb machine control vacuum force strength, remove the bad dead cell on the skin, old old periostracum and attain a skin to downplay dye to precipitate, improvement after the pimple Ba, pimple, old man's spot and insolation skin of aging with rough etc. of effect.The effect of watch shallow is very rapid, the skin doesn't have stimulative while operating future reunion to immediately present thin slippery touch, plusing an operation, Shu after look after also very convenient, therefore cure satisfaction and accept the degree equal Gao.

Could see from the top a diamond not only just decorated a thing now, in the medical treatment hairdressing field's eyes is also still have certain development space.The Zuo card Yi jewelry jewelry can even set off the chemisette noble qualities.The diamond tiny vulture can keep Yan by hairdressing.The seeing to everyone don't definitely despise the magic power of diamond.我國LED路燈技術發展現狀
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asseveration representative

Hui in the Luo house appoints a hearing Senate to easily pass asseveration representative the United States be worth of
On May 26, American Upper House serves as the United States' ambassador to China to hold a hearing for Hui in the Luo house.This front, Hui in the Luo house of incumbent American commerce department minister meets with Ao Ba Ma's nomination to serve as a new term on March 9 the United States' ambassador to China.Wu Qing just shootsOn the life road

Medium the new net give or get an electric shock according to the United States on May 28 《Qiao report 》the report way is expected Hui in Luo house in Chinese descent, commerce secretary, that President horse nominates for the United States' ambassador to China 26 ordination hearings that Upper House diplomacy relates to committee by the Ao and have never suffered to"make difficulties for" and easily pass.He said that if can get a Senate approval, he will represent with family American Be freedom, equal, the commitment of the ground of opportunity, exert it can halt China with the United States to make the regiment pursued and push American benefits and target and concentrate on construction actively, cooperate, overall US-China Relations.

Hui in the Luo house receives with wife Lee on that day and 3 statures the female attend a hearing together, the facial expression is easy.Hui in the Luo house says the importance that Ao Ba Ma nominates an incumbent Ge member and serves as and halts China ambassador, shows an US-China Relations and also appreciates the Hillary Secretary of State's support and trust.If father still just a life time, will definitely son's becoming first U.S. citizen Chinese people is nominated for to halt China ambassador but feel proud of.

Hui in the Luo house means that support two countries the extension cooperation is on the key problem and strengthen people's association, but also reality but truly know to two many stateowned challenges and rift.While handling these rifts, keep the value of the United States.That time of you

Hui in the Luo house says that help American companies to do business in R.O.C, will be halt China ambassador's daily pursuit of important part, he compromises challenge and China that both parties face to leader the contact of carrying on the plain dealing but honesty, will carry out existing and the future commitment is a policy to have the initiative.Hui in the Luo house emphasizes that carry on all-directions contact in region and global business top and China, develop two soldier relations, push forward a mutual trust.

Hui in the Luo house means that the United States halts the facilities in Shanghai consular post and renews, then can adapt to a visa application augmentative need;Will continue to concentrate on cooperating with State Department, shorten a Chinese visa to wait for time.In addition want to strengthen in public diplomacy in R.O.C.On the hearing, the senator has no such as anticipant of ask a tough question, majority of problems are platitudes, Hui in the Luo house also gives the officer the type answer.

The Senate diplomacy relates to committee chairman say in gram, the US-China Relations makes a key very very, beautiful medium can not sink into zero with the orbit of game, the United States wants to be a colleague with China.Go to youth

Hearing carrieds on more than 1 hour and then ends.After the hearing easily passes, Upper House still needs the nomination to Hui in the Luo house to carry on a vote.Analyst in Washington widespreadly expects that the ordination of Hui in the Luo house's passing in the Senate should have no problem.
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be subjected to

The love that can not sink to be subjected to
A few days ago receive a friend's telephone, very Qi coldly say, one of her friend's traffic accident, I ask her is how one return to matter.She says his friend sees his ex- girl friend, ex- girl friend because brokenhearted, but oneself but have been loving deeply an ex- girl friend.So for the sake of 1 I see already very cheap love, for comforting her, but dying in the traffic accident of road, I introspect this to love, this love compares with life which lightly which heavy.Women wear suits

This is the love in the university and love to also love not pure.Don't know loving is who, university in say at most is also:"I love you", this is getting more blurred, the love also loves not over, because you of the choice is so many, if you keep secret a work well done, you can also step two ships by feet.Cent also the cent isn't over and match long necessarily divide, divide long the regulation necessarily matching also present to public between the lover.But why her friend the bigotry is at one person, why exactly?Although have been already broken up, because love, don't give up.This is the loving shadow and arrived to break up hereafter or die to tie up a lousy dozen, is still that the dying of love live, we should admire the courage that he loves to still say him too opinionated?You say the somebody else breaks up and close you what affair, also run so far, for the sake of how many comfort?On dead hour in, own probably of the close relatives take place sader urge of affair, I doubt greatly and early, the 1 that you are to rise's swagger ground goes toward back to rush through and compares them, more unworthy.Our lifes are more unworthy, for the sake of a very misty love?Or a dated love, but my friend praises the greatness that he loves and disregards for the sake of her, really hope own boyfriend thus to oneself.You say that you are much brokenhearted how many, hide on dead hour and cry so how many, our man still has fun rise?Your letting what us play is a life, this is what we can not bear.The love in the university overflows very much, can appear in public and then love, the loving point of departure is very low and like this and easily arrive a high tide.Consequently break up very easily, break up is also an university student to often have of matter, simple meal, Be different from a high school so gossip the other people were so-and-so to break up.So-and-so be in love, the root was impossible and usually grow 1:00 be at a graduation, the last embrace of of lover, the last kisses, the last meal.From a life essential to have get person, arrive the person of not essential, now a walk is simply have no, a walk it, each rush prospect, you walk you, I walk mine.How to don't make us sad sad, but afterwards but more and more.Darker skin

The body nearby keeps company with in the university together of person less and less, Be different from the companion of childhood years.A group of friendses, in addition to fear teacher and parent what also wasn't afraid of, treated together dare dare be.Don't seem to be like this to have too many fears, before looking forward after attending to, now, nearby of the person reduced really slowly and started meeting is have rice together.Play a basketball together, also can't tired, the day like this is also a past matter and become 1 kind to entertain wild hope.But time a long, the persons, who discover nearby,s all started falling in love, the person, who was in love, was more many.Nearby of the person is more little, so slowly also seeming to be the person in the university is very"solitary", in fact is a loneliness is choosing you, not our choice solitary, so don't an and again and again and three emphasize oneself loneliness, in fact solitary is also a scenery and also want to thoroughly enjoy the loneliness of such a person.Not the loneliness is just regarded as strange affair, university in the affair wanting to do is too many.The person fallen in love, the morning of male attends early your dormitory down stairs to wait you very much since.Be greedy for in the evening black send you to return to, be really rise to early be greedy for black, fear all not enough for a day and 24 hours, so stay to our time seldom.If a persons of dormitory are all falling in love and feel that they are really tidy uniform living work and rest, permitting can not do some other affairs, time a long.Thus a favour lives, really substantial, however, we also praise the variety of their the other party, the man starts in some needlework.Rush through before festival, or her birthday of time send to her, she smiles a to smile, you feel very a value, and woman and slowly make it a rule to a man.Learn the man does some affairs, so some people in the university are already that the male isn't male now.The female isn't female, such a person, this whether reaches the affair that the Er text didn't anticipate, 10,0<0,00= don't thought of.

The university inside is really a place of very suitable in love, don't need to spend money degree a honeymoon.The school also really didn't thought of to do cushion like this and achieved so many lovers, only the person of library is some faces that original persons acquaint with very much and Be different from at school, some balcony station Xie, water side, on the bridge, in the flower bush, path side, have a new comer every day.Let we these loneliness of the person still want the check and also need to spend money and run an outside and swim and turn for a week and deeply fear us thus on making, walk to here, pushed many peoples to all open, they should appreciate us, they more add and appreciate our person of these lonelinesses and make us steep in the classroom, library every day, and both parties win with each other.We will also while having no person, choose that the place of scenery the United States in the school halts enough once and sees lover.We still go forward and pour 1 you make track for the time that I rush through?Seem a place like this can not endure us and only because are singles for us.The right that connects to appreciate all give deprive, a silk doesn't remain.In fact I pour is don't harm rashness, just I treat in all aspects here, their very much in love, some can on TV the screen sees get or is stolen by the other people to clap of appearance.A single glance takes in allly and nakedly in front of me, what they loved deeply sinks, completely can't care us.So I still keep going away and wait male leading role on turning head to take aim me and perhaps also want to greatly open rule against killing, I beat not to rise, or can hide rise.Wear silver

Because the love in the university overflows very much, isn't that we put on wing, is an angel.We can be in love, that what I fall in love with you is what, is your beautiful facial appearance, aureole is still you, if is you of the words of facial appearance.You may be also restless and also have than you of more beautiful of, you will also slowly become old of, so you have been worrying my to leave.If is I fell in love with you of wing, you of have an unique style, the light being you is bad, so we can during a lifetime together, so of love we then can last long.Our loves grow green.Also remember, small of time, love the time of a person very much, really want to take she goes far away.While being also unreasonable in childhood, that in fact loved and urged what person go forward.If you just enjoy two people's life, that bitterness tired own parents.Is also spending money to fall in love, a lot of women like the action that the male friend takes out money to help her the check most , to the our university student ability Tao several times, meeting Tao get completely.A text doesn't remain and turns head you to see parents again, many several silk grey hair.You say to spend, every time is be not want the time of money to the parents will have too many fears, but take out money?

The love of university, self-respect, otherwise we will accept to can not stand.Such a love, if you love a person, hope you are to fall in love with his body up of aureole, this kind of aureole urges a person to go forward.Only just go together with like this rise to love a person, no wonder that poet seat Mu's permitting will choose to become an evergreen tree.At you necessarily through of street corner, you once walked of time, float zero of the defoliation is my love to you.But don't become a person, at you necessarily through of street corner, just fear oneself not enough excellent, enough not up, that dazzling aureole.
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starts recovering

The pearl profession starts recovering
Non- daily life(-0.58%)
Manufacturing industry(-0.44%)
The agriculture and forestry herds fishing(1.19%)

New five plentiful(11.210.02%s)
Medium Chang sea transportation(9.589.99%s)
The big Kang herds an industry(15.198.5%s)
China English agriculture(22.13.95%s)
Western herding industry(15.483.89%s)Molecular activity

Wang Ya3 Wei gets the China of title to fasten a fund of so heavy Cang below the hills the lake(002173) is mainly a pearl profession after global financial crisis and have already followed recovery orbit currently.

2010 every year reports suggest that below the hills the main business duty pearl product of lake mainly depend on exit, last year the pearl product export comparison had the comparison of main business duty near 70%, but solded inside the country to have ratio not arrive 30%.2009, 2008, export of have compare higher, attain 73.11% and 76.17% respectively.Natural pearl

The quarterly report suggests that below the hills the quarterly degree main revenue in lake go into to continue significant increase, together compare increase to reach to 26.21%.However affirm because of the company high new technique business enterprise for full three years, in 2011 business enterprise income tax the tax rate is adjusted to 25% by 15%;In the meantime, the bank lending rate raises and makes the company finance expenses increased, the quarterly degree net profit increases to descend and increases as 7.27%.Great Depression

However, at pearl profession recovery and Wang Ya3 Wei's dint stand of in the meantime, below the hills lake of high tube nasty the set is now.Last year, president Chen Xia Men Ying of the company, general manager and director general's navy Chen of the finances and vice president Ruan light the Yin and the building of vice president come to Feng, board director, Sun Bo2 Ren, then and repeatedly pass big religion trade and second class market Jing price bargain the set is now.On May 11, it is 351,600 to control a shareholder, president Chen Xia Men Ying to trade to dump a company once again share through a Jing price and clinch a deal all the price is 16.32 dollars.
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Jewelry small

Jewelry small knowledge
Gao stone(English name:Zircon)is a sour a kind of Huo salt mineral, it is the main mineral stone that refines metal Gao.

The Gao stone is extensively existed to acidity igneous rock, is with other deposition things also produced to metamorphic rock.lead super mark

The chemistry of Gao stone contains settled property, so can also see the Gao stone of precious stone class in the headstream gravel.

The Gao stone contains a lot of kinds, the different Gao stone will have a different color, such as red, Huang, orange, brown, green or have no color transparent etc..

The precious stone class Gao stone after incising is like a diamond very much.believe lightly

The Gao stone returned in the past drive was called a Gao English stone or hyacinthine stone.Shu chewing gumHide

The Gao stone can bear be subjected to heat of above 3000 ℃ , therefore can used to the unique hot material of aerospace machine.
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designs a master

The international jewelry designs a master
His occupation career and top-class luxurious jewelry brand in the world are closely related.He successively once served as several design director generals of luxurious jewelry brands and chief designer, serve as a famous jewelry brand ENZO chief creativity of the United States currently director general.He is the famous design for integrating the building art into the jewelry design master OMAR Mr. TORRES.

He costs few decades and creates the sign of a numerous golds and precious stone work, while his another importance for working is part of, is development and top-class jewelry designer in the instruction world.MARIA SHRIVER

Reporter:It is a jewelry to design a master, please talk the Chinese jewelry market in the your eyes.

OMAR:The Chinese jewelry market still just started its had better ages, a lot of consumers start to be interested in colorful jewelry, probably and soon after, they will be like Europe and America, the consumer of Australia is similar, to the colorful jewelry make use of from such as.The consumer's understanding toward jewelry of the Europe and America time is longer, so they will have more own choices.But the Chinese jewelry market just was developed, the consumer still needed time cultivated and guided.I hope that the consumer of China can understand, the jewelry is the thing that expresses personal emotion, different emotion, can express with the different jewelry.Therefore, choose that the jewelry that you think to match a yourself expression method most is very important.The Chinese market is very big, the opportunity is also a lot of.

Reporter:How are you to treat jewelry current?How to carry on jewelry and vogue clothes to match?

OMAR:The current is an affair that personalizes very much, the jewelry current is also such.If jewelry not ability and wear the words that the personality emotion of wearing combines together, however is some beautiful rocks.Therefore, jewelry suit you, be match you of current of.In fact the vogue personage is divided into two kinds of, 1 kind is the person who creates current, 1 kind is the person who follows close behind current, we all hope wes are a members that creates current.How does the jewelry carry on with vogue clothes to match?1:00 of key BE, wear the jewelry wearing and make personal personal status embodied more classic.

Reporter:Abroad of design principle and local design principle have what dissimilarity?Does getting into the Chinese market need to have some special designs?Artist enters

OMAR:In fact design is have no national boundary.The good design is all perfect expression to the living manner.The jewelry designs, besides which, , all of building, art and household products are such.China is 1 to have the long history cultural nation, I appreciate Chinese culture very much.I also see a Chinese female like these cities in Peking and Shanghai and more and more think greatly of characteristic thing now, therefore, we will also design a lot of characteristic jewelries to provide Chinese consumer's choice.But, I can't in brief put into the thing of some elephants directly my design is in the middle, but meeting match an emotion expression in Chinese culture of part of organically integrate into my design, become a Chinese consumer, even are all the design that the global consumers like.

Reporter:BE what chance and opportunity and the chance urge you with the cooperation of international well-known jewelry brand, what representative works are there?

OMAR:I am to like to be a jewelry designer in the beginning, so I studied during the days in the university of is a building design.Probably at I at the age of 20 , a friend of jewelry field asked me to have interest to do some jewelry designs for him, I thought this to have no what too great difficulty, hence promised him.I think for the study of constructing the art and make my comprehension to the lines and usage had more thorough research, these help me to complete a jewelry design.I hard to say which design is my representative work, all a little bit different because of concept and directions of each brand.Precious gemstones

Reporter:Where does the design inspiration of this quarterly mainly come from?

OMAR:My design inspiration comes from the female's appearance and to the concern of the emotion;Come from the female's daily life, and they are each each time engrave the demand to the expression emotion.Design the process of jewelry at me in, mainly is integrate the nature natural color to my design in.
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becomes popular

The true or false pearl becomes popular a vogue show field
"Jewelry (costume jewelry)of Costume", elfevident, its material all is a not- valuable resin, plastics, enamel, shell, porcelain and ceramics, crystal, and stainless steel...etc. material, they have great difference in quality, and value...etc. and usage platinum gold, the diamond"Fine Jewelry"(deluxe jewelry) of etc. processes but becomes and weigh style but light quality, aim at with lend jewelry to show personal magic power, or form harmony or opposition with clothing to unify of whole.The costume jewelry has abundant but loud and clear history, as early as Victoria period already in the middle of reaching an officer and showing Huan widely in order to spread, the Victoria queen is the extreme achievement advocator of costume jewelry, its husband is clay-cold, her be in mourning the jewelry is a Ma Lai's resin, hard rubber, black rubber and black glass necklace of string connect but become.The rise that exercises along with the craft art, the costume jewelry universal"increase heavy", the brass material becomes haughtiness of the very influential and;Get into Edward's period, the embellishing of costume jewelry work preface can be perfect, can the initial realization "pass imitation for genuine article".Diamond production

In 1924, a rightness of black and whites double color imitated a pearl earring to establish COCO CHANEL concerning bequeathing to posterity of costume jewelry influence.When she in consideration of the customer probably needs the jewelry match clothing, she then begins a design and includes costume jewelry among them.The selling price of these jewelries jewelry is much lower than the real jewelry, this makes female can 1 time purchase many pieces, and exert a homology none of each shape.Extremely interesting BE, CHANEL always Gao Diao4 enounces imitating of jewelry true, nowise Hui speech by himself/herself for deluxe jewelry of intentionally mimicry, this kind of way of doing the ages in jewelry symbol identity position a such as potent medicine, will at that moment of the woman thoroughly brainwash, they start imitating a CHANEL dress method and pile up bunchy pearl necklace(certainly false pearl) before chest, and lead the Hao of thinking."Don't quality goods at reasonable prices, as long as shocking is astonishing", the CHANEL bold declaration has epoch-making innovation meaning, this not only the embodiment mixs the shape method for taking in the true or false jewelry up, CHANEL is similarly first Lai bacterium the stone(a kind of false diamond) insets in full dress high class of the skirt and makes to order a designer, this kind of nails a bead type and late packs in now and looks sparse usually, at that time but is a kind of hard hope it item the fashion for carrying on the back.

In recent years, the costume jewelry stimulates once again, the fashionable dresses elites bring about the unrest of wearing"counterfeit article" in succession.The Lanvin jewelry jewelry has already become the importance of its fashionable dresses series to constitute part, quarterly Alber Elbazs will match the chicken tail wine skirt with every kind of necklace each time, and their none exception owns astonishing size:The piece-like in shape organic glass hangs to hang to before the chest, pearl even big like lamp bulb, metal turn then imitates a Buddha to come from industrial lather.

Mold giant jewelry, the costume jewelry undoubtedly has the advantage of with abundant resources, their material opposite lightness, be easy to put together to answer, the designer can get away from the conservative burden of traditional expensive material, thus more Ma Xing's vacant land in the sky is free to develop, it become a kind of fashionable dresses derivatives the costume jewelry.Oscar de la Renta gripped the get type full dress skirt to overaly amethyst and numerous metal steel slice of each difference of size before getting department and chest;Christian Dior becomes in the shoulder department two sides feather-like in shape inset a pigeon of gray crystal, the plait Jian of the ducal satin edge as well sees a mulberry color crystal, or crushes crystal, paillette and overalies and puts on the surface of chest full dress skirt in the pink, luxurious arrive extremely.Polished glass

The spring of 2009 summer, the fever of costume jewelry plays more strong more, the fashionable dresses house collectively moves forward toward the adornment jewelry realm.Givenchy doesn't wear the silvery brooch of five Cape stars and"a arrows wears heart" shapes on the white full dress shirt, this kind of wears a method later on drive Japan 《vogue 》fashionable dresses director general Anna Dello Russo draw lessons from, the latter matches its hussar jacket of Balmain of inseting the jewelry, certanly will carry on existence throughout.The costume jewelry of this quarterly widespreadly emphasizes to pile up of adornment function, Louis Vuitton the wood quality eardrop of the African style is like an eight claw fishes to occupy at the eardrop bottom carries and run about keep on "tread to shake";CHANEL connects the mountain camellia, and sunflower...etc. various flower type jewelry string into a necklace, color full of angry, the black tends in pole Chien;Alexander McQueen in great quantities insets the small crystal of sewing the anomaly in anticipating the elasticity mesh of net noodles and connect the dress trousers transmute into "precious stone dress" that tosses ground to have a voice, it make the person can not help associating jacket of gold threads for ancient emperor king to bury along with.Polymer clay
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docile been refused

The docile been refused
I think that I was an over sensitive.I am a seedling clansmen, have never seen a big world, also be not good at calculations, rare guard against of heart.I always have some to keep around, other people to I good I always want the impassioned, which afraid is a stranger.Say with our seedling clan words to is a friend.All seedling clansmens are friends, is all mutual help.No matter arrive where, I have been using the philosophy of life like this treats circumferential person and matter, I think, and the good man always has.Earth canals

Descend class, the new country in June is really hot at noon, I ride bicycle to go toward back to rush through.Before there is a girl of our company, we all have no factory to take, she and I are newly arrived.See the chest card of her hand, I stopped down, I thought that I can carry her a road.

"Go where, can I carry your[one] road?"I just think while on the way Shao she is a distance, the sky is too hot, and her walking like this isn't way.

The other party watches out for sex very high, this year can not say."I again incognizant you."The girl's voice is also full of hostility and is full of awe dint.

I am from the underclothing pocket in take out chest card, say:"We are a company of and carry you 1."Characteristics

The girl didn't hesitate, but firmness' saying:"I am still incognizant you."Her tone had no hostility, but was full of obstinate, voice even than just still had to be emollient.

The weather is hot can not say, I hope road ascend hurried rush through a homing colleague, I think that they are definitely hungry to be getting worse, also the heat Be getting worse, earlier return to a house still okay.Hoped girl's one eye, she that vision that firmness but doubt make me don't know that social toward this expression what kind of feelings.

I was to take superfluous action."I am leaving."I make an effort the pedal of Deng bicycle, the in the mind is a kind of difficult to express sorrow, are in this social people's sorrow to this society and life.

What girl didn't hestitate says:"Good!"Her tone completely had no any malice and still kept saying very simply and was like an answer problem of that kind of is in brief concise, the but again is so good enough and similar.

Don't turn head, I rode quickly and jilt her mercilessly at back.The good intentions originally can be also refused, and refuse make you have no of reason.The girl has no wrong, I think that she just learned to protect I.I should congratulate her and substitute her happy.My sorrow of should be the society of this thing desire crosscurrent, is that it forces a young girl thus of treat itself, treat an activity at social in of people.Aspect situation
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Loving is easy

Loving is easy, at bring the other people the every act and move of warmth of

He is reviewed service parade guards, because of an action-gentleness of a stretch hand.Oldest running lottery

Rainy day mire, snow road in the sky slippery, he will habitual ground hand those recklessly very naughty kids and Chan to hand to act inconvenient blind man and that this ascended age of old man.

It are like the first for more than 10 years.

He is a prosperous city center road segment...

He is reviewed service parade guards, because of an action-gentleness of a stretch hand.

Rainy day mire, snow road in the sky slippery, he will habitual ground hand those recklessly very naughty kids and Chan to hand to act inconvenient blind man and that this ascended age of old man.

It are like the first for more than 10 years.

He is that the prosperous city center road segment hand over Jing, is also this city citizen's model.When reporter covered him, he on TV the lens was ex- to cautiously say with smile:"Because that bed very thick newspaper quilt."

Gao San that year, on his fan play a game.Hate iron not to become mother one Nu of steel under took a feather duster to beat him, he stubbornly ran away.The train jolted to lead several stations, he flowed to get off with the person of Xi Rang, but discover that money in the Dou disappeared.It is getting dark, the algidity is gradually heavy, he downcastly sits in the waiting room and see the person flow such as the smoke gradually spread to the utmost.He thinks that it has been a night since he's fearing Quan in the waiting room wanting to be icy cold here shrunk.

He back and forth walks first, afterwards the Xiu begin Quan on the ice-cold chair.The chill that can not resist rises Teng upward from the feet bottom and finally spreads his whole body.He thinks of one bed warm quilt, a thick solid of coat, which afraid is a piece of broken-down blanket also good.

All over feel a tingling sensation at him, the hand and foot is ice-cold and sleep in a daze moment, the person feels a burst of and light and soft overlay.He is the dry wrinkly face of an unfamiliar woman on arousing to work properly to climb.Covers one of her coat with old ash on his body, also have the 1 F the very thick newspaper, from the chest until feet.She is in the daytime at station newspaper seller old mother.She kind and genially smiles:"Sleep, kid.If my son is on the hoof and also be like you so Be getting bigger."

He understands, for looking for to lose contact of son, she resigns a work and sells newspaper in the train station, already more than ten years.

After midnight, he enjoys a very sound sleep.In the morning, the old mother steeped hot side for him, buys ticket for him and has already sent him to get on the car.

All the way up, all of his brain insides are old mothers that vicissitudes of life but again kind and genial face:If my son is on the hoof and was so greatly also like you;If he is in the outside asleep, hope someone also is his cover piece clothes, which afraid is a few newspaper.United States citizen

Return to a house, the mother is contacting television station hair to look for missing person an apocalypse, a see him crying.The mouth is hard of he didn't say half sentence soft words, but from now on made great effort and had never touched game machine any further.Afterwards, he passes in examination a transportation school.

That covers, he on TV says:"My mother is getting older, the reaction is also slow, I hope at the time that she went shopping someone also ability the Chan hand her once.What I did is only the heart used parents to attend to read aloud each heart that kid use a kid to feel thankful whole day under of parents ……"Private lotteries

Numerous mother's eyes are getting moister before the television, .

Loving is easy, at bring the other people the every act and move of warmth of.
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Improve and guarantee

Improve and guarantee people's livelihood always is Tibet to develop an initial task
News in State Department does the achievement that peaceably relieves to develop a circumstance and obtain for 60 years for Tibet today to hold a news conference.The interborough people's the chairman of the government white Ma in Tibet red wood emphasizes while answering that the reporter lifts to ask that improvement and guarantee people's livelihood especially increase the agriculture herding people's income, always is the initial task of economic Tibet social development.Thin smile

The white Ma red wood points out that"15" periods, autonomous region in Tibet mainly carried on to take housing project as the socialism new village of group leader to constuct and threw in more than 100000000 dollarses 170 this period, more than 270,000 doors, 140 many ten thousand farmers already live last the safety apply of house, the people's livelihood gets the improvement of very great degree.

Aim at "25" periods how to improve people's livelihood, white Ma red Lin Cheng , "we still need to guarantee and improve people's livelihood and increase the agriculture herding people's income, this is the initial task of economic Tibet social development."

White Ma red wood points out that the ground wide person of Tibet is sparse, the radius of public service is big, cost Gao, so improvement people's livelihood of the difficulty is very big."We put forward now'25'period the concentrated energy carry on'eight arrive farmer'engineering.Is a road, electricity, communication and broadcast television and Zhao spirit and beautiful environment, and postal service...etc., these 8 have to arrive farmer.This construction gets up possible devotion also and wants to promise to chased a road for common people first very much greatly and gives or gets an electric shock on."makes me mature

"Raise the agriculture herding people's income, say being a first-class important event for the government.If the common people can not increase income and improve not production life condition, the common people wants to thoroughly get away from beggarliness, or heads for more wealthy road, difficulty very big."The white Ma red wood puts forward, the second improve people's livelihood of raise Cuo be open widely an increasing of agriculture herding people to accept an outlet, the income of practical increment agriculture herding people.

The white Ma red wood also points out that enlarge the devotion to the education, hygiene and social guarantee further, real attain kid's top of letting the common people must rise to learn, best learn.

In the aspects of educating, hygiene and society guaranteeing, the white Ma red wood said and had already adopted some improvement measure "15" periods.Educate aspect, learn ex- three young son education and agriculture to herd from the town two young sons educate a beginning and arrive stage in the senior high school and all bring into the policy scope of"three packs of" ex- the learning of area."Be wrap to eat, wrap up, wrap study expenses.This expenses is 1800 dollars and have already raised to 2000 dollars now."The white Ma red wood emphasizes that"25" ends, Tibet works hard for to raise this expenses to 3000 dollars and make the owner able to ascend rise to learn.already grown wound

The white Ma red wood emphasizes the target that Tibet will work hard for to carry out an administration village to build up health room and equipment "25" periods two country doctors.Will also enlarge a social insurance guaranteeing in the meantime
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All time is no time when it is past.

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