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hairdressing special prescription

The network spreads hairdressing special prescription true or false to recognize
Various as well really as well the hairdressing special prescription of Huan is on the network really popular very for a while, each all say so movingly so the reality can believe, at that time it is difficult to tell the truth from the false of.The persons whom not a few beautiful skin hearts slice were all willingly numerous"small white rat", among them, some people keep shouting penitence, but some surprised pleased then thousand times.In general

1.Keep off black food, its meeting"dying is black" you of the skin is solving:×

Some people are afraid to become black to black food respect but far it, first receive to treat unjustly of is soy sauce.In fact and greatly need not there is worry in uncertainty like this.Skin color of black or white Be decided to the wheat in the body pulls rather dye how much and distribute appearance, didn't relate to with black food.The modern dietetics thinks"black food" not only the nourishment is abundant, and has the aging hairdressing effect of the anti- to show Zhao, is a real hairdressing saint article!

2.Wanting to get rid of orange skin organization will keep off carbonic acid beverage is solving:×

Usually listen to person say, Leisure Dressgetting rid of the orange skin organization has to keep off carbonic acid beverage.The in fact orange skin is what skin descend organize pile up of level gravamen is whole to result in, with carbonic acid beverage without directly relating to.The orange skin organizes a skin to much appear on the office worker and students who often can not sit and lack sport, get rid of this kind of orange skin organization, need to be used some tight to skin with go to a corneous body beauty product, and match with aggressive sport.

3.Department the wood is a good fair product is solving:×

The department wood's live composition is B Mao salicylic acid and all imply salicylic acid, this composition in a lot of fair cosmeticses, so might as well a try.That's right, department the wood really imply B Mao salicylic acid, but it is water to dissolve composition, it it is can hardly for effective composition to pass a callous periostracum, but is absorbed by the skin.Moreover, if dispense a comparison not to, the medicine side effect will bring injury to skin.

4.On the true silk pillowcase Yang's sleeping is the best beauty sleep is solving:√

Theoretically and speech the side sleep or lie prone to sleep easy oppression face, the skin will more easily produce wrinkly plait, Life and careertime one long crease also have no can avoid.The bedding of the true silk can't compress tightly a skin, is more ideal choice.But grow a reason still a skin of the most of crease the gum is original fiber of run off, the influence extremely minute of sleeping posture.If there is no habit that the Yang sleeps at ordinary times, not demand because of afraid long crease but intentionally force oneself.

5.The piles cream can dispel in addition to the eye bag is solving:×

The piles cream once became popular a network hairdressing forum and became to dispel in addition to a big magic weapon of the eye bag.Although the piles cream has to definitely decrease swelling to turn a Yu function,the musk composition containing has very big stimulative, may permeate into a human body through a skin and results in the bad influence on body.Piles cream if carelessly get into an eye, also break cornea, existence health Be concealed to suffer from.So dispels with the piles cream in addition to the eye bag root isn't scientific.

6.Cure a pimple with the toothpaste, the economy is again efficiently solving:×

Unless you at hand in addition to toothpaste what the things all had no, can temporarily cure with it.Of so have a liking for go to effective, is because disinfecting of toothpaste and cool off composition can reduce the unwell feeling of infected part, double oxygen water contained can help to ease a pimple swollen and inflamed, inflammation phenomenon in the toothpaste fair composition, but double oxygen water also has a certain incitement function, may cause a skin very much allergy, on the contrary lose more than gain.The Company
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should dedicate

And associate feelings of three years of male friend met bottleneck, whether I should dedicate a body in him?
I and it has been three years since my male friend got along with, had been walking till a work post from the university, two of uses' feelings is always very good.He is a good boy, the beginning just associated with me of time said with me that respected my feeling, at making sure can with can't establish relationship with me before I get married, afraid if can not marry I will hurt clean and pure of I, in the reality he also always carefully obey wear promise, a lot of times can obviously feel he again overcome own intense emotion hard, oneself even sometimes runs to the health solution.

But two of uses' feelings seemed to meet bottleneck recently, each other always difficult to express animation with become angry, feel each other of feelings is also thin many, hold the hand and kissed embrace to seem to be all to become a kind of have intention to is it of behavior.A few days ago I unexpectedly camed across the diary that he writes, just discovered that he is such feelings of a delicate person, all of insides are two of uses' feelings careers and also have him to sex of viewpoint, he at in write to sometimes have intention to suppress he, very suffered painful but feel that the sense of responsibility makes him feel to do like this, for a long time suppress also and feel very despair could not see tomorrow.I suddenly feel whether I should dedicate a body in him, he is a good man, will never be that kind of the man who plays with feelings, whether really be like a net to up say of then sex is at the beginning moistenning of feelings to make two of uses' feelings re- found back of felling

If you didn't give° you him, your feelings started to be wrong of words, so, you should want well, because a boy's son really loves you, he will etc., but, he but because can not get your body now, or say that you can not satisfy his desire now, take your management inside so long-term feelings says a matter, really can quietly consider, yes, now your feelings order a problem, you you give he, if next time your feelings again wrong, your body can also work out problem Yao, I think can't, really conduct really not easy so for a long time, but work out a problem to also want reasonableness, BE, you can be medium elder brother's quiet place, thoroughly chat, each other speaks endocentric viewpoint, you love each other, should be frank to each other, I believe, since two people love each other, have no what can not solve of, the lovers falls in love dependents,

If you of the heart idea is very traditional, will can't have been having a psychological stress for him, whole day anxious and fearful, this is the demand circumspect of, when the time comes he like, you had pressure again, or would influence your loves and talked to haven't got married for three years now, definitely existence objective reason, and are the reason that both parties all have scruples about.If you gave he, but reality disallow you together, he also meeting face the choice of righteous, or will influence your future, since you connect to can not stand pre-marital sex, had better make oneself do, in case of have a little mistake afraid you all accept to can not stand.You can discuss with him, isn't a work pressure to greatly cause him to the sexual desire, because this is also the decompression means.Hope earnestly to be inhibitted and then feel fidgety to your loves?Or you don't dedicate a body to don't have sense of security his love to you.You have to make sure he why be eager to the reason for establishing relationship, but not because sorry and ashamed dedicate a body in him.Still have, you can ask to both parties' parent, if they agreed, you can also ease some pressure.Can be appropriate moreover of separate a period of time, from quarrel jump out the dispassion ground love that wants you exactly where trouble, meet again will be calm a lot.Meet a problem and calm down to consider, can not act impetuously.Wish happiness.

The description that pass you, I feel that he is the person who can entrust the whole life.You can associate for three years and live together and return ability the Jie body is like jade and really admire you, boyfriend admire you more, he is a good man, you want to thoroughly treat him, now this kind of society be like his good man like this already not much, true of, although not ability Chien is simple single of pass these aspects to judge a person,be good enough to prove your feelings is clean and pure, he has a very strong responsibility.Love in lack necessary, it can alleviate people's pressure, can promote people's feelings, it isn't complete to have no the love of sex and intense emotion, but, you have to make know his annoyance and apathy really because this, since already together three years, completely can speak the in the mind words to him to listen to, see whether work last pressure or what another annoyance, if really is oneself suppress too long words, you can try to untie your own heart knot, because of suppress too long will healthily result in influence to the person's mind and body.
Wishing your love is smooth and escape from annoyance soon.
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people disaffection

West to benefit air attack activity the day consume USD 100000000 to lead people disaffection

On March 21, the Li wave the inside antiair cannon fire of Libyan capital city shoots to the air.21 in several locations in the Li wave of the Libyan capital city encounters bombing, this is the western nation the third day in a row evening adopt a military operation to Libya.

After beating the antiair system of Libya, the western national battleplane maintains a beginning so-called"forbid to fly area".If battleplane in all countries patrols in the Libyan eastern sky, TV BACKGROUNDso the flower sell between USD 3000-100,000,000 every week.If the western nation finally decides and extend"forbid to fly area" to Libyan whole territorieses and anticipate every week expenditure will be about USD 100,000,000-300,000,000.

Spend money"bottomless pit"

Though American solider said, will soon unite conductor department or NATO allied troops commander's headquarters to hand over the Libyan air attack activity conductor power to the method English, other nations perhaps don't wish as well to easily take up.Optional transferAct as a supporting roles ratio to make main force to want easily and get much after all.It is after all regardless England and France still other NATO nations, may face the embarrassed situation of the military expenses serious shortage as well.

The analytical personage points out that the United States is very astonishing for the devotion of air attack Libya.If this code keeps on time for longer than a week for the activity of "Odyssey dawn",History Theme Hotels the Pentagon probably will be forced to apply for more budgets toward the congress very much to make up to"owe debts".In case that the successive air attack still can not make Libya leadered card to tie thin resign on one's own initiative, the circumstances of west nation on the contrary will be more difficult.

Two wars that the American solider launches in this century have been already proven that while hasing no circumstance that the ground troops gets involved, the list depends air stroke to carry out its strategic target.Afghanistan inshore tower benefit although the class falls from power in the American solider's air attack,the influence is still strong and give the new government results in huge threaten, Location styleIraqi former president Saddam once stood as well the American solider is many air attacks"did not pour for 13 years".(The people of the Ren)

Encouraging can fly in the world at a time

After making use of guided missile and launching the first stroke, this report Xun's American solider 20 sunrises move the invisible bomber of the most expensive battleplane of world type B-2 and launch a new stroke to Libya.

The battleplanes B-2s each one costs to USD 700,000,000(a say to USD 400,000,000) and farthest attackstone scope about 10000 kilometers of, on the way's encouraging then can fly in the world at a time.Light and ShadowIts special feature is special shape design and invisible coating make it almost can not be examined by the radar, and can take 8 normal regulationses GBU-37s systems to lead to drill ground to play.It is said that two B-2s that take precision system to lead weapon then can carry out 75 tasks of normal regulations battleplanes, the biggest weapons carry a lotus 2.26 tons.
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outer circle

First since outer circle

All say if you sincerely love a person, so you can't care the side person's viewpoint, because he is the best in your heart of, his whole weakness' looking is also all dvantage.Can that just after loving deeply, in love initial stage, have especially is at man return indetermination he or she of the time of feelings, he will specially care the other people's viewpoint, this friend or colleague etc. who had nearby does a month old, bring together men and women similar, so never see his friend's strength less, one of their words the top of the crest you do of a lot of matters.At you of pursuing and acting formal beginning before, first around commence from him, opportunity to seek understanding his friend(pass you of friend, or know on one's own initiative) must leave a good impression for his friends, this very key!The friend who passes him again introduces you to him, or at he front of usually bring up, can arise his endless interest.

In addition to his friend, can also pass his family, the family have a very important position in the man's heart.Tried to please his family first, not afraid he didn't arrive you, the television insides all often hadn't a few womans whom the wills that the men aren't for doing disobey parents even don't like with oneself to get married all big someone at.

Need Lao by Yi

A lot of boys once meant not to like they's girl friend multifarious make a phone call, bothered his normal work, waste for few hour in having no the chat of purpose, don't like to listen to loquacious, so didn't need to usually make a phone call for him, if he liked, he will call you.You can call his concern once he, chat a few gruels that are getting better, don't be active to the Bao telephone!

While coming back, sitting on the sofa to depressed and not talking muchly smoke, he never think that you go up to chat with him and then can explain and convince for him.As man is needing silent dispassion, , he needs to calm down to consider, .Probably he was scolded by the superior, also probably he met not and satisfactorily of affair.This night, his performance thus depressed.Please make the his body up bestly comforted.Remember, the man sometimes needs to alleviate pressure with sex.Forget in 1 kind I win, they would let out their their own grief and disappointed.He usually probably spoiled on his own initiative, but he that day in a bad humor.Let today so you come active

Intimate small act in the public place

No matter man or woman, ignore much have already loved deeply the other party, will notice outside influence in public situations, every moment notice own image, so you don't want to entertain wild hope him to will come to to you at the public situation abrupt small intimacy.In fact, all of those are the mans to lend, if he loves you very deep of words, he also cares so many?Will he care outside vision?You see avenue madly in love medium of youth, seize by a sudden urge and then will embrace recklessly the heat kisses, even also have some not beau action, because they is at madly in love in, at their eyes in, sees the other party, press a root and then didn't see others.If you of the man presumes to follow you one small intimacy in some public situations and so congratulates you, you found out a man who loves deeply you.

For example, be you have a meal with friend in the hotel of time, he caresses you in the table bottom, or you stand together of time, his handle knob is slippery the shirt into you caress you of carry on the back.These small actions usually can't show other people of, so this isn't for vindicating your relations to the others and just make the other party known, you totally have a space in the boundless huge.The exchanges on the speech or vindicate is all outside, but act to express a lot of internalities that deeply sink.These public situation of intimate small action, is making a show of his romantic remaining to still every moment tell you his heart.
Often kiss your eyes

The different man kisses chemisette part all different, you can also from the part that he kissed you to see through he loves you have much deep.

The feeling arrives deep place to kiss, the absence of mind is crabbed to cope with is a kiss of greatly hate, seem to be not a respect more in the meantime, profoundly infatuate with, infatuate with shut last double the eye is the biggest praise to the other party.

No matter you with at the time that he kissed the time liked to shut an eye or opened a pair of eyes, he still kept liking to kiss your eyes.If you like to shut a double an eye, so he feels the window that your eyes are very charming, is a mind, so he likes to kiss your eyes, so that he approaches you more of heart.If you like to open a pair of eyes to kiss, so he likes to conquer you and makes you shut the last eye under the offensive of his mightiness and heartily enjoy to kiss of wonderful time, let you infatuate with among them.

He hopes the love knight who likes to conquer, and can be love sacrifice everything.With this kind of man together, you can experience personally exciting in love and feel infinite intense emotion.

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very boring person

Don't know why always think of a lot of things recently, discover oneself really is a very boring person.Feel to live very solitarily, close very much.The friend of the nothing, forever all just a person.Whenever wait for the last QQ to see arrive so many people are on-line, indeed having no person can chat.QQ forever all online, but openings of time didn't pretty muchyet of a.Friend's classmate that sees them ever and most be good friends with indeed don't know to should chat what now.Probably everyone ownly lived, someone leads very someone to also lead not okay.Still have how much still remember ever crazy day together, ever in each other's confidence can talk to the nothing words in nowadays.Feel very helpless, is that you become still do I change?I can only with say like this, you have been having never changed in my heart, or say that our friendships are to can not stand a horary test.......
Graduation also quick four years, want out for these more than three years of work, oneself still a matter hasn't results to show.The work also changed three to divide into and also had among them a little bit successful of, just because the other people's a words and not at insist.If the persistence should lead of ratio now order!I never will say penitence, now also will not just now think of to have a little unfortunately.After all I am to lack money to use very much of person, the person of Taurus is only to make them feel to have a sense of security of should be renminbi!Who know I don't understand myself as well, want to let other people's understanding very difficult?
Burst an asking of fantasy friend, like me how.None of results is too ideal, original is also hardly have fun together at ordinary tiems.Separate of want to gather to be far again still really difficult.Say each time that gather all of results are nobodies, all very the favour want Mo have no money.Most of also chat just in the Q, have already grown a vain feeling, not enough true.We why 80 back of will live so boringly, all for the sake of the life, the pressure is also very big, because we don't have a wealthy old daddy.Have to depend on oneself to put together to fight......
My nothing pursues, the day leads very ordinarily, every day is press the department class.Nothing prospect, the friend says of didn't be annoyed to doing not pursue, but sometimes emotion come of time will move to think the west thinks, think 1 heap has of have no.Daydream finish doing, a face the realities still oneself!
Feelings this aspect, always all rather go without than accept inferior.The love road that once walked to fail very much at a time, should be feelings this time.Thoroughly changed me to the love standpoint, the friends all didn't to the boyfriend say before that wanting is too good.They don't know to cherish, your also can't see very much.Didn't understand the real meaning of this sentence before, had already finally deeply realized now.No matter you have already loved him more good, don't enchant in fan fog of feelings.Ha ha think cachinnation so much, why know to say like this now?Oneself at walk the time of that road don't think like this?Finished walking just to there is a fart using in my useless talk, already a lot of holes, fill with still really difficult!
Whenever the time thought of the tearses all beat to turn in the eye, have to force?Oneself goes toward tears to return to Yan.
Now think of don't blame him as well, hate him?After more than a years of baptism, that hates to slowly eliminate thin, time is indeed as expected the good medicine of treatment.Very oddness be they hear we divide into of time, they all say like this:Or he?Just divide into now?I in the beginning not was optimistic about, also thought BE....Why say I so spend heart, the heart is suffered!I think that they don't understand, Be with him.The friends has no how many approve of, I is just as since go toward of heel?Own feeling walks.Persist very much, get hurt on the whole.They see of also only have me of smiling face!Not think that the other people have mercy on me, also not need to be sympathetic toward.Is that that is very obstinate?Of I, very stubborn of I!
Start to chat segment feelings now, although still keep deploring greatly, or will want to weep aloud, but my proud tell me to can not be sheding tears, try very hard to of listen to song, try very hard to of read novel.Vent a way very oddly.They will call me to start a new romance, my answer hasn't come out, not started to be new.Will not take other people treatment, don't want to let other people down as well.Do they ask me and still keep lying a bosom very much?Is still very big to your influence?Yes, originally not easily confiding I, more difficult believe now.The heart leaves one very big shadow, the person who is full of sunlight again very difficult run into for me.Otherwise he can illuminate that shadow, I will also live!!!
Did I have been standing to wait for at first?That person's appearance, you once promised I say my happy you will be responsible for of, since you can not carry out a promise however.Can not give I, I only have been waiting for that to appear for my happy person!!!!!

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special prescription

The baby recruits the breeze ear special prescription useless 5-6-year-old surgical operation the featest
Recruit a breeze ear always in the ancient fortune telling, face reading book of greatly hate:"Two ears forward and take the air, break to the utmost property in the house and ancestor, the youth lives a good life middle age to hurt, the end year old is destitute to guard Gu poor."Therefore, a lot of parents still keep thinking the way save, even if a lot of kids grow to the huge ear and seem to be special amiability, they find out of the soil have a lot of ways:If take plastic cloth and stick ear, sleeping press the etc. to the ear.

The medium mountain university memorial hospital orthopedic surgery Shu Juan Doctor of Pan of Sun Yat-sen says that various in fact civil soil ways, the effect is all not definitely accurate.

So-called the ear recruiting breeze be again a breeze ear, flat even ear, is a kind of familiar congenital abnormal, Be seen to double more a side.Express for the ear Kuo obvious anteversion, the Lu ear Cape(the angle of the ear Kuo behind and skull on the side) enlarges.Concrete go to the appearance of ear Kuo to up then express for ear A to obviously become big, disappear to the ear round.

This kind of abnormal have no influence towards listenning to dint, don't influence external ear growth as well, but very outstanding in the face, influence beauty, the pointing out of others will make the kid result in with derision very big mental influence, therefore need to be corrected through a plastic surgery.

Recruiting the best time of surgical operation of breeze ear is 5-6 years old

The Shu Juan Doctor of Pan says that the external ear of general 5-year-old posterity namely develop completely, therefore majority of patients can at 5 years old after do surgical operations.Time of the surgical operation suffers from the pressure of son acceptance more and early more small, the mental state develops more uninfluenced.Generally speaking the most suitable should carry on recruit the breeze ear corrects of time is 5-6 years old.

The surgical operation can close to two sides outstanding ears toward the skull and make abnormal ear the Kuo recover natural appearance.The surgical operation isn't complicated, the doctor passes to carry on correcting to the skin and the cartilage, mutually to sew up ear cartilage formation tube form, remould to the appearance of ear round.The age youngly still doesn't know that the kid of match needs to carry on general anaesthesia, the adult then can adopt local anesthesia.Usually the surgical operation takes around 2 hourses.After operation the ear behind will leave a line-like in shape scar formation, but along with horary of change it will downplay faintness gradually.

Shu Juan Doctor of Pan says that the person, who has, only simultaneously recruits a breeze ear, but even if only an ear recruits breeze, also often demand double side in the meantime surgical operation with make two ears attained balance symmetry.

The nasty and chronic middle-ear infection needs to postpone surgical operation

The Shu Juan Doctor of Pan says that get the treatment that the nasty and chronic middle-ear infection wants to carry on a middle-ear infection first, need a condition to alleviate, burning disease cancellation behind then can develop surgical operation, but has the crowd that the scar formation increases to living physical endowment then should not carry on surgical operation.

The complications that the surgical operation a little bit often appears is a pair of sides ear Kuo dissymmetry, to ear round appearance sharp-edged not enough tactful wait.The still having minority of patients will appear to relapse, usually was seen to don't cut open a cartilage, this was because the cartilage elasticity time shrinks dint to lead greatly and tore suture to take off to.Still having moreover minority of patients may also appear wound, and cartilage infection...etc. may, prevention counterplan for round a surgical operation period to strengthen an anti- infection treatment.

The Shu avoids eating seafood behind

The Shu Juan Doctor of Pan reminds that recruit a breeze ear orthopedics and mow a pair of eyelids and swell up of nose similar, is a small surgical operation.The general normal regulations applies for antibiotic 3-5 days and then opens a dressing to remove stitches for around 10 dayses after the Shu.But should avoid eating stimulating food such as:Ginger, living a spring onion and living garlic, hot pepper, and seafood...etc..Internal help after recruiting the breeze ear orthopedics Shu will avoid oppression and bump a shot ear department in the near future, the in order to prevent internal suture splits.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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