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In August did not stop changing place

One day in August, the train stop in Renqiu station, I saw this small town deep red sunset, the platform is low, some old, only a small number of people get off, and then disappeared in the exit door, autumn is near, a quiet and peaceful town atmosphere, travel pictures, is often appeared in many movies塑身內衣.
Beside the young girl, in Hefei section, now going to school in changchun. I suddenly remembered when young, from one city to another city to read, that kind of work and the sense of drift, and the fate of the ups and downs of the solid earth tightly bound together, and we have to walk, arrived to shore.
The girl with a computer and a box of books, such a heavy burden, but her fullest comfort, on the train we talk, the girl asked me the impression of Beijing, I would like for a long time but don't know how to answer, because she does not know all the sadness in my life are scattered across the north of the city, but I know that girl the goal is clear, is a school in Beijing would like to study, like many young people in the city of longing, so nice, her confidence, believe that she will have a good future.
We in the West flyover goodbye, will each to the other, meet or farewell, already doomed. While the pace can not stay, necessary to go to.
People with the parallel life, slow, but we can't stop.
To leave a piece of the Inner Mongolia desert wilderness in the space of photos, lone bird habitat in sparse wood branches, Cong Bei has withered, the hidden in the sky, black and white color, the beauty of despair.
A friend gave me a message, envy I have been to such a beautiful place, I said, really beautiful, beautiful enough to let the life produces transient pain, and he had just graduated from University, get married and have children, to live, to busy all day, with little time to travel, so often complain to me.
I told him, the cold and hot, will be the same, this is our responsibility, is our final home.
Have been to many places, linger in each city, because to write many words, fill the soul required, sometimes, I will read the writing on the highest point of thinking, in order to complete it, a person go, give way, even if is wandering, but heart is warm, because I know, to meet the human and landscape, it will be a day in my writing, these are the experiences I have had, I also on the life of the memorial.
Maybe some people will read it, then listen to the call of the heart, give yourself a complete exile, perhaps this is a value added, because, we need.
The text can be through the breath, soul, also is a kind of strength at.
Of course, this is not what I can do.
Over 08 years after the college entrance examination, I began to plan to go out for a walk, mother firmly opposed, she told me, social blind mixed, deceive the haze at any time, this is not my age should try to understand, father, son grow up, the need to give him an exile, only exile would grow, charge or discharge, the consequences of the undertaker, finally still is him.
Departure, mother slipped me three thousand bucks, and told me not to let father know, I suddenly tears, unable to suppress the familiar move. At that moment, I suddenly understood, the love of parents, all the time, is a great deep, but we children could not perceive.
Often go to the bookstore to find some geographic magazine reading, such a book on Chinese each place scenery and the humanities are clearly introduced, and contains a picture, with brief and profound explanation, read it, the heart is glad, because thought that one day, I can pack, bring the SLR to travel, these have never set foot in place, what fun it is.
Remember once, I went to Zhejiang, blowing in Yiwu station square, the sky was a grey purple, I take Shen Mo posture overlooking the immediate city and pedestrians, suddenly remembered once loved a girl. I think, if she were here with me, I will take her on the top of the mountain, see the sunrise.
Young love sweet sweet, but no ending連褲襪.
So many years have passed, meet people, some disappeared, and some people still remain in the life.
Places to go, still keep the vivid picture, endless flow.
Everything did not stop.
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Suitable Mid-Autumn Festival gift

September 30, 2012 is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, speaking of the mid autumn day, has a long history. As early as in the " Zhouli " in one book " Mid-Autumn Festival ", commonly known as the August Mid-Autumn Festival, moon, to worship, family eat moon cakes jiangzuo and so on customs in-depth public daily life.

In this family reunion day, as a member of the family, as a member of society, how do we make 2012 Mid-Autumn Festival enjoy a walk? In relatives and friends in the process, how to better reflect his own " gift "?

The best way to reflect the " ceremony", is a " gift ". The Mid-Autumn Festival the Mid-Autumn Festival gifts? What a good gift to send?

Many people think of moon cakes, wine, not beyond the tonic, Mid-Autumn Festival gift, some young people think to take some tablet computer, the apple mobile phone and other digital products, such as the Mid-Autumn Festival gift, not too popular, is the budget is too large, and many times not recipient will receive your feelings.

Then, how the Mid-Autumn Festival gift most worthy of recommendation?

The health care products impression, obscure, think to buy health care spending is not small, but after using no less effect, it is because we in the choice of health care products when the wrong object. A true good health care products, is the inevitable result of superior, Top Secret Ltd is necessarily ages. To meet such standards of health care products, only milk calcium powder, bovine colostrum powder, whey protein powder the dairy nutritional products.

The material life is not easy in the 80's, a family if standing dairy nutritional products, must be well - off family. While corporeal life well-off today, this kind of nutrition product is still much like people, because of their high quality and inexpensive, and good effect, not only advertising do good health care products full of water. Most people love, nature is affordable and easy to use.

Some of the giver may think, this kind of nutrition and health care products as the Mid Autumn Festival choice seems not enough grades, in fact, this is a misconception, as long as you choose brand loud, packaging good dairy nutritional health products, not only has the face, more " son", reputation and offer double bumper harvest.

It is because of dairy health products have this advantage, many entrepreneurs will such products as the company of choice for gifts. Not only issued to employees benefits when used in the Mid-Autumn Festival gifts, is also used, guanggaoliping can reflect the enterprise " people-oriented" concept, but also can let employees and customers feel warm, this is a very rare enterprise culture.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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