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protrusion to the hospital

Because of the mild protrusion to the hospital for treatment, who knows to finish after the operation not only did not achieve the desired effect, but it will lead to paralysis. December 15, 2011, Henan Province, Jiaozuo Jiefang District people's court sentenced the defendant in a hospital of Jiaozuo city for the plaintiff costs 220000 yuan.
On April 1, 2010, the plaintiff to the defendant for mild protrusion of intervertebral disc in a hospital of Jiaozuo city for the conservative treatment, during treatment, the medical staff, April 8th do interventional operation. Finish after the operation, not only have the expected effect, but also causes Lee nerve root injury, which led to the left lower extremity paralysis. In April 13th, Lee was hospitalized 12 days after discharge, to Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to continue the treatment. After a number of hospital treatment, are still left with disability. After the judicial identification, Lee's disability severity was grade four, in a hospital in Jiaozuo city on Lee diagnosis process has fault, should bear main responsibility.
The court thinks, the original illness, to the office administration, the defendant should stand mend his ways to save him a high degree of responsibility, positive for the diagnosis and treatment of. But due to the fault of the plaintiff, resulting in damage to nerve tissue, the plaintiff suffered great physical and mental pain. The defendant shall compensate the plaintiff suffers the loss. Court of the judicial identification of the judicial authentication opinions issued by the defendant, to bear the liability of 80%. In accordance with the law of the court has made the above decision.椎間盤突出
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Give yourself a window

The vast expanse of the human world, give yourself a window, let the love of friends to see themselves, to don't love, malicious comrade, shut out of the window, with like-minded friends to speak one's mind freely, singing wine, mutual exchange of needed products, talk about life, about a dream, enjoy life, happy life. Ask the bawdy, not fit to be seen, spurned things with their isolation, the dark, eerie, vulgar air out of the thousands of miles away. Called his fragile heart, do not hurt, do not talk about others comments, preventing others attack. Nearby a person of noble aspirations, goodbye cruel friends.

The hustle and bustle of the city, give yourself a window, called the rumbling noises, flying dust, sexual harassment is not to their emotions, have a cup of tea, taste the sweets and bitters of life, listening to a beautiful melody, life relax tight heart, appreciate the graceful prose, kite flying soul, far away from the world dissension, warm, comfortable enjoyment of life of quiet beauty,

Rush years, give yourself a window, at twilight water east, Japan and west fall, mesoscopic moon alternately, reincarnation, to spring open, see a riot of colour of the flowers, smelling the fragrance gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind, listen to the eaves swallow twittering, flowers bee butterfly love language, let the gentle spring breeze stroking your face, leaving thick rain intertwined in the heart. In the summer rain hung at eaves, rose in full bloom appreciate small courtyard, listen to the frog vitis. The autumn chrysanthemum charming appearance, similar to the faint fragrance, a piece of the yellow leaves from the branches lightly to my heart, see the moonlight as water in every corner of the room. Waved farewell to the sunset from goose. Winter closes the window, do not let cold rage to their small world, lonely standing at the window, watching the snow sing merrily and dance gracefully in between heaven and earth, feeling in your hair all year.

Warm home, give yourself a window body, have a look my parents are OK, life is comfortable. Beloved heart, cause without suffering, there is no need to help. The child's learning is hard, achievement has no progress, teacher evaluation.

Small business, give yourself a window, have a look whether the customer satisfaction, workers have to pain, whether the direction of social development, open up new space, a new future of fantasy.

Give yourself a window, the world learned everything essence, avoid social scum, listen to the melody of life, cultivate their own sentiments, purify their souls, better comprehension of life
by fashiongirl | 2012-01-12 12:38

Life is light like water

Like a word, called wash plumbic china. I love it as a woman, you may go and tasting her, since there will be a charm in the meantime.

Wash plumbic China, it seems to say before, with three points of vicissitudes, three mature wisdom, three points, and a simple taste. Everything is over, and she sees things behind the scenes hanging smile, tirelessly to you to that story. Or relief, or both, are very dull tone, Poly Bags Factorynot to deliberately played down then the pain and sorrow, but, really some mottled memories.

Fault, has forgiven, so, forget. Hatred, jealousy, tears, the pain associated with past wind disturbance. It looks like a long, but the feeling is very nearly memories, let you in a trance that she just looked on, rather than the government, but you also won't have any doubt, is that really happened to her story. Is such a woman, her heart of tolerance and live together, and you never see her smile is a harrowing experience honed and behavior have on this world, between perceived transparency, whatever, can laugh clear, standing there forms a years of quiet, secular secure illusion. Her as a voiceless, the only slight reverb, should don't get around much anymore is sonorous, resounding and prolonged, but not.

Wash plumbic China, not" piece silty and do not catch", but the first dyeing of silt, finally feel it unclean, eventually jump out of. Presumably this than begins with a do not know what to do sludge is more valuable, because it requires more courage and strength, after all "the return of the Prodigal Son Jin buhuan".Office Furniture LimitedIt was read to the world of life, not a lotus aloof, just with different thought, but is integrated into one, you can still be spotted her good and outstanding.

Is it right? Really washed his earthly dust, through the sadness, such as Phoenix, rise from the ashes like, thoroughly to remould oneself can be floating dust. I feel not quite, wash plumbic China, just some of the things finally read, open, free, let go. All, both, hatred, love, grace and worry, just past, then meet again, can smile min strange.

To the end of his life, how can we wash plumbic China, I can only give time. It is because of the infinite time to let us feel the limited life with no reality whatever drowned in the past how pathetic and sad practice; it is because of the relentless let us see it passes like this. Regardless of day and night, then how to repent, all is in vain; it is time to experience so that we have come to realize that only offload the heavy burden,Medosan to meet again after their.
Wash plumbic China, that is a kind of life, such as water level.
by fashiongirl | 2012-01-11 12:43

happy together

Early summer, I took a Southern University graduate, and my parents insisted that she go home. Pain makes us more lingering respectively, in addition to class, I almost day and happy together, in tears, sad with.
One night, behind the teaching building of the woods, I hold my, kissed her fondly, vowed to take care of her one's whole life. Nathan to curl up in my arms, her body warm, soft, imperceptibly, I reached into her clothes, she did not resist, silently let me touch her sensitive skin.
I trembled, slowly touched her breast, plump breast suddenly that I was unable to restrain from the impulse. The portrait was flame broils, be careless with to removed the Huihui skirt, so we rely on an old tree, hastily scribbled to complete the life in the most solemn ceremony.
After that, things get out of hand made,Ken Kam Limited throughout the summer, in the night in the woods, one playground, even the night after the end of the empty classroom building corner, we are driven by the passion, a clash with each other's bodies.
Because of confusion, we have no foreplay without touch, only the most critical parts of the contact, often less than a minute will end. But it's very strange, in a moment of Huihui skirt, she seems very soon the spur of the moment, ruddy, strongly suppressed moans, sometimes in a very short time reached a climax.
After graduation, my home, parents taught in secondary school teaching, and I was heading south to read inkstone. Our correspondence is unbroken, do v. lovesickness. During the holiday, I went to my hometown reunion with her. When my parents for our marriage is not agree, they hope that the local looking for a mate, stable life.
And then we had to endure suppressed our love. Nathan lived in his parents' home, I now Petite Auberge Hotel, a four people of room. When my parents are out, she called me, I got a sweat ran to meet her, we will fling caution to the winds to hold together.
Sometimes I could not resist, and no suitable places, we take advantage of the night went to the school abandoned warehouse next to solve physical suffering. That place is filthy, but we also intoxicated and meet.
Hard to read grind, I stay in the south of the scientific research units, while continuing to pursue doctoral. Units were divided into a single dormitory to me. My parents to see our love sthiramati deep, had promised her resignation south, after several years of respectively, we finally get together.
Then Nathan was always very cold. In July of that year, we get married, house is my dormitory, humble, very warm. Wedding night, Nathan after bathing in bed, the moonlight quietly in her white body, I gently stroked her hitherto unknown, tender, and I want to have a calm, soothing sex, and not in a sneaky way, hurried.
However, no matter how I love Huihui but no response, I lost control of pain, she almost exclaimed, I had to quickies. Then Nathan was always very cold, although she is also trying to tie, but there was no passion, I thought it was too tired, so double for her patience with yourself, in the middle of the night, patience, in the wife side secretly masturbation.
Later, the rest in a foreign company to find a job, one evening I went to pick her up from work, we had dinner in the restaurant, take a bus home. The car is very crowded, I stood behind her birthday, to resist the peripheral wall. In a road section, the car was stopped, I looked out the window a long stream, motionless.
Suddenly, I felt a hand on my body felt. I lower my head, is happy, she gently across the pants to provoke me. Days of abstinence made me a firm up. Nathan turned to face me, silent, her lower body paste.
It was spring, scantily clad, we in the wall in slightly over, my hands quietly unbuttoning my pants chain, she is leaning on my back, eyes closed, pale complexion, face intoxicated. On public transit vehicle bumps and penetrate the fear, I feel happy also reached a climax.
In our quiet little world, Nathan still cannot get excited. Gradually, she no longer hide" movement on the bed" disgust, night go to bed is turned to go, don't let me touch her.
However, in some of the passionate places, such as unmanned elevator, the night corridor, Nathan seemed to be in the best of spirits. I started to feel a perverse impulse, but the number of large, I was a bit tired, afraid of being caught.
Financing housing units, I and my all, bought an area of one hundred square meters house, at that time, I go to the major building materials market, in my efforts, the house was very elegant decoration,chitin lose weight for me and my happy life, I had bought an expensive king.
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quality of books

printing company
How to improve the quality of books
Books quality, directly reflects a country 's overall level of the printing and related industries.

Books and printing
To really improve our book printing printing quality, sheet relies on which a sector efforts are not. While the need administrative department of publication, publishing department, printing enterprises and related printing equipment industries to catch condominium together, duties, joint effort. Specifically, the government departments in the printing industry in" eleven five" development plan, for printing books printing quality to achieve the goal, we should have a clear requirements and to achieve the goal of a series of strong measures, a pressing matter of the moment is to solve the problems related to quality testing center, only in this way can be in the right and self-confident testing center of national printing products quality supervision.
In addition to this, should arouse the National Standardization Technical Committee printing enthusiasm, with reference to international standards, more equal or more effective use of international standards, advanced foreign standards of China printing industry product quality national standards and industry standards; cultivate and transport a variety of different quality management personnel.

To press, to truly put the social benefits in the first place, must not be in the tender plant only printing quotation, but neglect the enterprise equipment advanced degrees, technical level of workers, business integrity at selected conditions. Editors, especially the art editor to learn some of the printing process, printing quality standards and other aspects of knowledge, and continuously improve the operational level, printing enterprises to provide qualified good paper and other publications printed materials, establish books quality monitors, in order to supervise the quality of books.

Books and printing
On the books and periodicals printing enterprise, we must strengthen the imprints outfit quality management, specifically from the following several aspects: the enterprises with the necessary conditions as soon as possible through the ISO9001 quality management system certification. No conditions, enterprises should create conditions to solve as soon as possible. Study and implementation of advanced" 5S" site management promote the improvement of product quality. The establishment of enterprise information system, to ensure that the printing process is controlled. Adhere to technological progress, strengthen staff training, improve staff's quality.
In addition, printing equipment manufacturing department, printing equipment production departments, for printing companies provide high-quality low-cost printing press equipment, paper and various printed materials, ensure publication print quality improvement.
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hockey betting

When it comes to hockey betting, those people who understand it and does their homework gets to earn a lot of bucks in this sport. Although it may take a backseat from other wagering sports, the opportunity and revenue is pretty good, as long as you know what you are doing.

To help you build up your bankroll, we have wagering tips that can take your hockey betting career to the next level.

Capitalize on Hockey bets and odds that are best for you
Remember that the moneyline here is the same as in other sports. If this is your first sports betting game then you should read about moneylines. There is no point spread in a moneyline bet. The highest negative money is the favorite, with the positive money going to the underdog. The puckline is the NHL's variation of the spread. It is set at 1½ goals. If you bet on a team at +1½, they are the underdogs and can win outright, tie, or lose by one goal. Favorites are listed at -1½, and must win by at least two goals to earn a payday.

Know the one who's in net for both teams
Even in soccer, a goalie is the single most important player on the ice and your bet is likely to decide on his performance. Often times favorable situations occur when a back-up goalie gets the start, which is a fairly common occurrence, to provide rest for the starter. It's a solid practice to see who will be starting between the pipes for every game.

Be aware of teams on the road
Teams in the NHL play consecutive games on the road and will often show signs of fatigue. There's that particular advantage for home teams when the visitor team played the night before in a different city. Because of fatigue, the teams on the road can be seen as often slow on the ice and causes their performances to flunk.
by fashiongirl | 2012-01-06 13:21

easy to fat children

Intimate mother-child relationship is not easy to fat children
Adolescent obesity in recent years become a focus of concern and parents. In addition to diet, genetic factors, lifestyle and other factors, the United States to a new study, the mother and child relationship may be an obesity problem among young people "invisible hand pushing."recycle netbook

Ohio State University researchers take advantage of a long-term health of young people across the United States survey data tracking, analysis of the relationship between mother and child and adolescent obesity linkages. They found that the worse the relationship between mother and child, the child the greater the probability of adolescent obesity.trade-in netbook

The researchers used a scale to measure the relationship between mother and child, and accordingly the object of nearly a thousand samples were classified. Relationship between mothers and children in the worst group, the children at a young age the probability of obesity was 26.1%; most intimate mother-child relationship of a group, the probability of child obesity is 13%.

The researchers said the brain's limbic system controls related to the secretion of hormones, affecting the person's diet, metabolism, emotional control, stress resistance and other functions. They pointed out that a close mother-child relationship does not affect the child vulnerable to negative emotions, emotional control, and compression is weak, and thus interfere with the limbic system of the regulatory function of diet and metabolism, this could easily lead to their adolescent obesity.

Leading the research assistant professor at Ohio State University, said Sarah Anderson, the study's significance is to remind people, for the prevention of youth obesity, not only pay attention to diet and exercise, but also focus on improving the relationship between mother and child.man sang pearl jewellery
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Intrigue, no joy ... what you

f0174889_12393745.jpgDream of riding a shadow stack, Xia Yang Su-hand blue sky mining; clouds open and close, Hui Xiu Yu wind blowing dust. Hydrostatic flow to a lengthy, time passing by; purple street numerous, personnel and more parting; Love buried in diameter, have been years back.

Most are reluctant to lower the setting sun, the warmth of blooming brilliant time with a warm voiceless. Walking in the desolate ancient woods, feeling the season dying on the finish.

Falling leaves, vertical drop, the solution of the years grow old language signs, unknowingly pick up the city skies have been busy behind the barren years, breeze rippling the yellow leaves, so that at the moment quiet heart Hudang from the faint recollections.

Low-flying geese, a few sound mournful cry, the wind in the echo, so beautiful. Cen lonely isolated hills look to see trees Qiu sticks packing, decadent atmosphere tales dash, with the wind blowing from the temples, rippling hair pulling sentimental TV drama Love Field.

Recall the past, we like walking hand in hand restrain passengers, despite the wind gently blowing on earth or vice versa; now, suddenly a dream, is back after years. Wind journeyman's past, with life first moved in the story flowing, light playing upon a silent movement, poignant but injury.

Red have dragged, the years will still look past stranded. Blinding of the mind, the sadness alone writing the Wind, may have a feeling, Chujing sad, Xin Jing throbbing, tears? During disputes, how like Proverbs degree? Yearned for the quiet habitat, why is flashy but not alienated? Why? Qing one Seoul, life also.

Years of blackout, autumn and the winter; pillow sleepless night jealously guarding the days of the cold snow, without a word trilogy Joseph, who was away your fate in the severance of the honor? Regret this life abide death eternal love, but let stray footprints in the sea of ​​lonely heart to write a permanent imprint of Ming.

End of the World traveled the vast, lonely sad, when the wind opened the curtain parting memories of sleeping in the chest, flying my thoughts turn in time and space knows no boundaries, quiet heart my heart wake up early in the encounter, the interpretation of those brush The handwriting is years past, deep passion and your gentle heartfelt thoughts.

Red Red Petals several times, years later, if you could meet again, will remember that there are people you silently guarding the commitment will remember remember yesterday, lost dreams, remember the first ignorant?

See the figure has been doubted, but now can look back to what I was getting decidedly old story of reincarnation in the face who in the words of wandering? Thousands of the world, let me, comfort me, slander me, ridicule me who have, of false persuasion are also soaring behind a sort of disdain? Bear the worth of the Chongru and bitter, laughing profane things I love is the end of this obscure and your care. Between heaven and earth, the Buddha's attitude to the world to Purdue Nianhua the law itself there Venerable Kassapa to smile once God's response; no one can understand that no one can understand my silence, my story of the world was flooded, The story has already annihilation in my pen ...

Since then, the sight of cold eyes never end, many things in life are also excites a trace of ripple in the heart Yi, although I know not my intention. Life is short, even if we have a brain magnanimity, and few people can rise and fall of bearish things, how many dark thoughts and the dream of overnight rain left by the old track, sit scattered clouds fly ash.

Intrigue, when other trees bloom, Bangshui song oblique, bloom; that desolate Joan sticks with grace, and that the subtle fragrance of aromatic Fufeng flap, why ink decorated elegant, poetic alcohol is already intoxicated. Show video pink, Xu Ying snow wear, and has beautiful flowers blooming at the moment who the face of deep heart? Went walking to find the Huarong branches hovering between fantasy all your smiles ...

Looking back on queue information, Lianmei quiet sigh; walk of life is flowing in a hurry, looking for footprints scattered at once lost in the winding streets in the historical landscape. Life, I would like to do while winter winds, drifting alone in the earth, with a life of aspiration, with Geshi's face, just for you Yifu gentle. Aware of, know about this? Intrigue, no joy ... what you
by fashiongirl | 2012-01-04 12:39

Love is dead

Love is dead, you where,
A year is past, and the next year or so, the past. I don't know what is hidden behind a stable depression, or depressed in a safe after all.
Only after a long wait, and life, and in this way the waiting disappear. Passes in front of the flowing water in the high winds, forgotten in the tree transient floating in. Deep in the mountain spring propagation of autumn fall flowers floating in the sky be always on the move, Yan Qun.
The cold wind, blowing in the ear burst. At the end of the year, New Year beginning, life once again like the desert wind rolling a develop general flip over. Schoolbag clung to her body, day in and day out, wake up, class class, school, home, night. Winter temperature without the sun lazy shed, the heart is getting cold.
Young time is to use the time to wander, only a few moments to grow. Like memories of junior high school, life like flowing water flowing out of the lens head, remember, also so a few moments, so a few review, so a few screen, stick in the memory be too strong to break.
Do not know when the clock pointer bypassing the thousands on thousands of 12 point, through the ratio of Long March also far, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years of age. On the day after the busy shuttle in the workplace, with a sophisticated combat, for survival and busy time, being able to remember the young and frivolous and classroom evening residue sunset.
The world should also turn the world upside down, the changed.
Or high school long after graduation, and then enter the school, opened the door of the classroom dusty. In the billowing dust untidy desks and chairs. The blackboard, still have some inextricable equation inscribes a mathematics.
What is the mood.
Listen not to the rain beating against the trees. Why dont you slowly walk and chant at ease. -- Su Shi.
If it is tired, they have no contact with anyone.
Even if the rumors as travels at the speed of light, also can ignore. He who drank it knows whether the water was cold or warm.
Once I put myself with great care in the refrigerator, I am afraid, afraid you say I've changed. Can you still utter disgust, saying I was infected with a Freon smell, cold and lifeless.
Once I put myself with great care of the vacuum, I am afraid, I am afraid you say I've changed. You can still face contempt, accuse me, too I immutable and frozen, dull and stiff.
I have tried to change, to become your love. Can you abandon me changeable, like a chameleon.
So I felt, no change, no noise, no please, no longer on the world labour to please.
I no longer feel that you are talking about the changed and unchanged, no longer care you upon my endless imagination. I am me, nothing to do, I have nothing to say, nothing to explain.
Is so persist in one's old ways, like Su Dongpo.
by fashiongirl | 2012-01-03 16:09

technology development

3D display technology development
AUO display 65 inch uncorrected 3D display, Lenticular lens ( lens ) technology to design the 8 visual area, HK toshiba tabletwith the camera tracking and dynamic adjustment, reaching almost ignore zone corner windows 3D effect, and gesture recognition function. LG launched polarizing hurdle technology of 47 inches of 3D television, and can track / dynamic adjust the angle 3.5 inch, 15.6 inch windows 3D display.

To shutter glasses technology mainly Samsung ( Samsung ), launched 55 inch 240Hz high driving speed and thin frame design of the 3D television show, friends of mining shutter glasses 240Hz 55 and 65 inch 3D display. Mei also exhibited similar technology 27, 46 inch 3D tv. He predicted that the shutter glasses still accounts for the large size 3D television in the mainstream,HK acer tabletand the small size display will be more and more uses column lens and parallax barrier technology.

Touch panel toward OGS and embedded ( In-Cell )
Luo Fangzhen points out, touch panel into a plug-in One Glass Solution ( OGS single plug-in sensing glass layer ) and embedded type touch sensing layer development. AU Optronics has done 27 inch FullHD 10.1 inch high angle and AHVA FullHD plug-in OGS module, especially 10.1 inch AHVA OGS module weight down to 225g, support for gap junctions ( Air Bonding ) and direct connection ( Direct Bonding ) two kinds of mode, the latter can be in the sun still have excellent imaging quality contrast.

In-Cell TMD in-cell WVGA, published in 7 inch and 7 inch In-cell Optical WVGA touch panel, Tianma Microelectronics ( Tianma ) G / G 8 inch 2 touch, Chi Mei published 7 inch OGS panel support pen to write,HK samsung galaxy 10.1 inch G / G 10 on-cell 60Hz 4.5 inch touch, touch panel, 2.8 inch in-cell VGA touch panel. While in 2011 Q4 's In-Cell would have the panel prototype is expected to the first half of the 2012 sample.
by fashiongirl | 2011-12-30 13:19

All time is no time when it is past.

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