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Agricultural Sector

Efficiency of American agricultural sector is incredible considering how much is left over for the export market. Once the biggest companies within this sector are taken over and properly managed by the public, they'll be able to provide oceans of high quality organic food at virtually zero cost while continuing to need less and less workers to operate. One need not even mention the reform of currently homicidal subsidies to not grow. Eventually, after sufficient automation, the global farmer population will dip to less than 1% of 7-9 billion humans (not counting amateurish micro-industry hobby farmers).
Current popular trend of grass roots farm redecentralization and localism is the product of the economic crisis and decades of inefficiency within suburban living (that requires very long energy expensive transport and chemical saturation to mummify/preserve the food). Such decentralization can be accomplished from the top down with competent management. For instance, central regional or national governments can tackle such classic corporate villains like Monsanto and Dole Food Company by:

1) Having their various headquarters raided simultaneously and all their physical and financial assets frozen
2) All their employees kept in place, wages increased, cooperative profit/product sharing introduced, and flatter directly democratic worker management introduced (to maintain technical talent)
3) Splitting key hyperindustrialized mega farms into however many parts are desired, mass constructing new smaller farms near or within the cities, and putting the smaller farms under local city, county, or state management (see below)

Rather than most people fleeing the cities to escape oppression and becoming farmers (ex: Rome well into its decline), we'll eventually see large entities taking advantage of economies of scale and rapidly mass constructing vertical farms to localize food deep inside the urban zones. Skyscraper farms will be a service and a fixture under local popular control the way police stations and libraries are. One must remember that current agricultural tech is so advanced that it allows us to easily feed a population of 50 billion humans. In effect, food is and will be recognized as a "too cheap to meter" utility and its delivery will be akin to the post office.
by fashiongirl | 2012-02-24 13:38

man more majestic forearm

Four let a man more majestic forearm movements
The man increased muscle in addition to several pieces of important large muscle group, the forearm muscles also showed strong symbol of man, so don't ignore it exercises. Four recommended action from all angles all-around stimulation of muscle, can make the forearm muscles more full.
When it comes to man by muscle, luck2012pectoral muscle abdominal muscle but is, or was, thigh back these regular exercise area. It has neglected muscles? The answer is yes. If you often go to the gym, you ask yourself to exercise a few times the forearm muscles, Xiaobian bet, trained people must have no more than five times, even many people never practiced.
Today Xiaobian introduce several methods for the forearm muscles, I hope everyone can help to create truly strong powerful arms, increase a man's charm and sense of security.
Positive grip wrist curl
Course of action: his hands are holding a barbell ( palm down ), grip and with broad shoulders, arms close to the body side. Upward bend barbell, up to a limit after slow down the reduction. The course of action in forearm muscle groups always maintain the tensioning force state. The main exercise forearm extensors and lateral upper arm muscles.
Reverse wrist curl
Course of action: sitting on stool end,96325two palm upward reverse grip barbell, grip and with broad shoulders, forearms placed on the thigh, wrist relax. Push barbell bent upward to cannot bend. Then relax reduction. This action can be forearm pad in the flat bench, also can be done with dumbbell. The main exercise forearm flexors.
Four let a man more majestic forearm movements
Hand pronation curl
Course of action: sitting, holding a dumbbell end ( or dumbbells ), another hand brace, a bell hand forearm attached stool or oblique plate. The inner family outside the action executor. Can increase the weight quickly, in order to improve forearm muscle strength and sensitivity of.
Volume load rope
Course of action: standing, holding a scroll, forced the suspension weight roll, control of reduction. The first is the volume, repeated. This practice will make the forearm muscles more sturdy. In addition, the pinch grip, grab the barbell piece and so on practice is the development of effective methods of forearm muscle.
Small make up tips:
Exercise muscles of forearm, the methods and perspectives, forearm must be fixed, and in strict accordance with the action required to do, make the forearm muscles in the course of action has always been a tensioning force state. There is in the choice of equipment weight when not at random, luck2012 to choose their own weight, remember prefer light a little too heavy, so as to avoid damage.
by fashiongirl | 2012-02-23 11:59

understand the sorrow

Someone says, there is a kind of feeling lost in the distance, it is deeply helpless, only a lover can understand the sorrow?
I never knew, what were you thinking, perhaps all love has nothing to do with me, just as many minutes and seconds,fengjie my heart is so tired, so tired, can not find the antidote to heal, the heart pain than physically hurt more people suffer?

Ya Mo scolded me, who is worth you for him so haggard, sooner or later you will regret?
Max deplored, sister, you are always so easy to cheat?
Are you kidding me? Or I have been doing to keep myself tomorrow regret, I don't know, I just remember you said, all the words in it are said to the false, so that one day I graduated, they will understand?
But, that day, are you?danna520We will not be separated further?
Very love you customized ringing tone in the" hand"" I give you the last love is letting go ... The stain of love is time to bleach, put love in the left pocket on my chest ... My heart is a station, waiting"?
I can do now, is to open, then, wait...?
Tomorrow, do you still handed me a piece of chewing gum, writing above the number, and then said:" don't hurry to wrappers away" ...?
I wrote a page you can't read the flourishing, farewell I have a different time and the memories of the past, and say goodbye to you ... laodie20 From now on ... I don't want you, just waiting for tomorrow? ... ...
by fashiongirl | 2012-02-22 12:04

Public Security

September 9th morning, Changsha City Public Security Bureau Furong Branch of the police station in Wulipai received a nearby public reporting, a group of men in the eight one road and Wulipai Road intersection at the crossroads of the bridge in a flagrant way selling tool control.
The police rushed to the bridge, an empty head, poly bag suppliertrafficking tool vendors already decamp.
Police on the flyover peripheral region launched a carpeting. By 9 a.m., the flyover near a suspicious appearance and movements of men were captured, spot in its backpack and found 7 Zhi Shuo materials simulation pistol, hundreds of hair ball bullet. Men were subsequently brought back to the police station in Wulipai.
" After the arrest of criminal suspects, backlash is very high, with the trial account details, for I do not know is true." The afternoon of the 9 day, the Wulipai police station a responsible person said, after the interrogation, the man who has come from Sichuan Province, Aba Prefecture Heishui County, Changsha alone to make a living.
In Wulipai, police interrogation room, the reporter saw igor.
A reporter asked:" pistol from where?" "make plastic bagTo whom?" " Know this is illegal?"
Igor intermittently replied:" pistol is my fellow provide goods, partly from Wuhan, partly from the local Hunan; fellow did not stay in contact, fixed time we will meet in the automobile east station transaction; I know that this is illegal, but I also in order to survive, these are toy guns ... ..."
" The gun is not real, but the shot is a steel ball bullet, at close range can still cause some risk of lethality." Out of the interrogation room, a police told reporters," plastic bullets will be able to play more than 10 meters, and is close to use steel ball bullet!"
Police said, the 7 simulation pistol in appearance consistent with real guns, for no professional knowledge of ordinary citizens,Offshore companythe threat is inestimable.
by fashiongirl | 2012-02-20 16:49

man temptation

Woman tired most vulnerable man temptation
If you feel no progress, I suggest you often change the appointment time, place and manner, to take her some of her unfamiliar places, making her constant novelty. Moreover, from the familiar to the environment of personnel atmosphere constraints, her to relax and have fun.
Woman is shy, mostly hidden, especially Chinese woman, under the influence of traditional education, active little time. You may get along for several years, also be confined by hand, by kissing,maymmyu still cannot enter the marriage hall. This may be due to you do not know how to grasp the subtle mind girl. At the critical moment, maybe if you more careful, then forward a step, have long admired her, will be your man. You may want to take advantage of the.
Extremely tired
Women in frustration, or mental fatigue is easy to accept male friendship, which is why some women in love, will be very easy to accept another section of sentiments.
In addition, the female during intense exercise after feeling spiraling out of control, then you need to the warmth and care.
Auditory stimuli produce effect when
Women are visual animals, when two favors words lingering sentiments, the heart of a woman in a complete mess at this time may have been too soft, easily produced affection, you put a little more force, is a good time to propose.
On visual stimuli sensitive male and female to auditory stimuli sensitive. On the phone in the male tenderness Music discourse can quickly moved female. Males should fully mobilize their own language charm.
The end of a date
Women than men like fantasy. When in the same male dating after a very long period of time, the women's physical and mental are extremely unstable long stay in the dating of the tone, revel and look forward to the next exciting. If you catch the female mentality, at the end of the date, further touched each other, feelings will be sweeter.
She alone with you when
Men and women alone, most easily. Since that time, women generally do not hide their feelings, mostly in the true faces. Due to the third person, relatively speaking, she will be very relaxed and alert mind.
If the third person in, she is mostly used to the state, to hide their true feelings. Males hold two people alone time, active point, meimayyufeelings will often have unexpected progress.
In an unfamiliar environment
Know why there is a man who try various devices to ask a woman out tourism? This is because women in unfamiliar unfamiliar environment, mood is easy out of control, will not consciously side men as depend on the object, in the psychological sense of dependence.
So, if you feel no progress, I suggest you often change the appointment time, place and manner, to take her some of her unfamiliar places, making her constant novelty. Moreover,maywer from the familiar to the environment of personnel atmosphere constraints, her to relax and have fun.
by fashiongirl | 2012-02-17 12:55

Chitin Lower cholesterol

Cholesterol is the indispensable material in vivo. As the cell membrane components, can be converted in the body of bile acids, mother's daysteroids and vitamin D. Cholesterol metabolism in normal on the body is beneficial. But too much cholesterol, accumulate in the vessel wall, the vascular lumen narrowing, blood flow through the blocked.

Myocardial ischemia and hypoxia in the occurrence of angina pectoris. High cholesterol blood viscosity is prone to thrombosis, part of myocardial necrosis, myocardial infarction. Cerebral thrombosis can occur in cerebral infarction. Chitosan can reduce cholesterol and its mechanism:

1 impairs cholesterol in vivo absorption of dietary cholesterol in the body, subject to the action of the enzyme into cholesterol Jia Ke suester can be absorbed in the gut, a process that requires the bile acid in. Bile acids are surfactant, it have emulsification of lipids. Chitosan is easy and bile acid binding and excreted, due to cholesterol around the bile acid disappears, this enzyme is unable to convert cholesterol to easily intestinal absorption of cholesterol ester.

2 prevent fat absorption because chitosan is positively charged cationic compounds, in vivo so it gathered in negatively charged lipid droplet formation around the barrier, and hinder the absorption of, at the same time it also can and bile acid binding effect of lipid emulsion to make the absorption reduction.

3 promote the conversion of cholesterol cholesterol in the liver into bile acids, bile acids are important constituents of the digestive fluid in the gallbladder, certain amount of reserves, bile acid performed normally on fat digestion and absorption by the small intestine absorption, then back to the liver, the bile acid enterohepatic circulation."".

Because chitosan easily and bile acid binding and all excreted. So, in order to maintain the normal content of bile acids in the liver, it must be the conversion of cholesterol into bile acid,varicose veins tips the result is the cholesterol content in blood is the inevitable decline.
by fashiongirl | 2012-02-16 13:33

New Countryside

Construction of new rural area, must" catch two tactics", the hand grasping urbanization, hand grasping the construction of New Countryside

Balancing urban and rural development, not only the urbanization, especially big city, city group, city circle, do not speak the equalization, do not speak the new rural construction; only the industrialized, city to change, do not speak of agricultural industrialization, agricultural modernization. Domestic and international experience proves repeatedly, the urbanization can t replace the new rural construction, city to change a process to must with agriculture, rural development coordination.

Industrialized, city is changed is to drive agriculture, rural development driving force, agriculture, rural development is industrialized, city to change material security, ecological barrier, is the new workers, the main source of new citizens. Construction of new rural area is not the town building pirated, should maintain rural characteristics, is conducive to agricultural production, farmer life; is conducive to maintaining rural scenery, historical and cultural heritage conservation; is conducive to good ecological, health and environment.

Urbanization must be" Gu two", a head, a head is reform activist
Urbanization basic vector is land, urbanization land development is the reduction of rural collective land. The nature of the land conversion is not infringed, privative farmer land rights and legitimate reason. Land contracting management right, land use right, collective income distribution rights, is the law entrusts with the farmer 's property rights.

The farmer legitimate land rights protected by the law, with the status of whether the conversion, and how to obtain employment, regardless of where the employment has nothing to do, regardless of whether they need to do basic safeguard, also no matter whether they are in the countryside or in town, no one has the right to deprive. No matter how difficult, no matter face much risk, must promote the reform of land expropriation system, public interest, private benefit of further clear, gradually narrowing intermediate interest space, further expand the use of legal means, administrative, economic, society narrow use means disposed land disputes in space.
by fashiongirl | 2012-02-14 12:58

Stupid mobile phone

" Stupid mobile phone" road in He Fang
2012-02-13 Huicong electronic statistical data shows, in 2011 the global mobile phone sold a total of 1550000000,acer tablet than in 2010 increased by 150000000, grew 10.7%, wherein the intelligent mobile phone in mobile phone sales growth played a key role. In 2011 the global intelligent mobile phone sales reached 468900000, compared with 2010 282000000, grow 66.7% compared to the same period.

Intelligent mobile phone mobile phone manufacturers in 2011 sales ranking change also plays a role in determining. Nokia in 2011 pin out of 470000000 mobile phone, while keep its mobile phone sales of the first position, but the market share dropped from 32% in 2010 to 27% in 2011. motorola xoomAs the Nokia mobile phone R & D in intelligence retardation, led to the Nokia mobile phone market share continued to decline.

Samsung is sold in 2011 329000000 of mobile phone, and the mobile phone intelligent card, make Samsung and Nokia in 2011 the narrowing gap. According to the French Research Institute IDC forecast in 2012, Samsung may exceed the Nokia mobile phone sales of the first brand to become.

Intelligent mobile phone only sell the apple in 2011 surpassed LG ZTE and, in third, the total sold 93000000 mobile phone, which accounts for 6% of the global market share. ZTE is more with its affordable price, excellent performance of the Android system intelligent mobile phone, the Sony Ericsson, HTC, Motorola ( HTC ) and blackberry brand off, firmly holding mobile phone sales volume fifth position. ZTE mobile phone in 2011 Annual sold 66100000, occupy 4.3% of the market share.

Market research agency TransparencyMarketResearch latest report prediction, intelligent mobile phone sales at the end of 2015 to 1050000000 the Department of.

Through the above data can be seen in the intelligent mobile phone in mobile phone market occupying the role play a decisive role, non intelligence" stupid mobile phone" while still occupy the mainstream market, but for intelligent mobile phone have been superseded by the day is not too distant when.htc flyer " Mobile phone so stupid" after all is the road in He Fang?
by fashiongirl | 2012-02-13 17:22

Malignant competition

Malignant competition, excessive physical examination, price and quality do not match, management is non-standard wait for a problem perplexes industry development
Although development is swift and violent, but the reporter understands in interview, many consumers of medical industry, especially the private medical institutions of professional, accuracy, normative questions.
" Our examination are units of the organization, a few years ago is a public hospital medical team on-site service, two years into a private medical institutions, the environment and facilities do better than before, but from the entire examination process, feel money Douhua in pride, staff level is too bad even the terminology, some say not clear." In a Beijing institution work of Ms Xu told the reporter, the most amazing is that a medical report, the Department of more than 40 people in the routine blood test results were similar, both in the normal range. "In the past, every year can be detected several people have problems, there is also a long-term cholesterol exceed the standard colleagues, this is normal, it makes people doubt whether they test our blood? Is it right? With reference to the normal value fill data?"
" Once I got iritis, in private medical institutions examination the doctor did not see it, I think that the eye fatigue, almost delayed treatment." Working in a foreign company Sheng Lili tells a reporter, then she and her family had been at his own expense to the public hospital examination.
Another netizen hair post tells us in a private medical institutions experience: do B ultrasound examination the doctor doing examination, side and daughter chat. When the doctor said plainly check B ultrasound of the liver a little problem, in the physical examination report became the gall bladder problems.
A number of private medical institutions of the price, also let consumers like have a blurred vision, difficult situation. " I mainly in the online for parents choose medical card, some institutions project hundreds of yuan, and then hit a low discount. I compare, check the project almost, different body prices do much worse, plus those medical terms, we these laymen really cannot read!" Ji small says helplessly.
In response to these doubts, weeks was born to tell a reporter, health examination market due to the higher degree of specialization, asymmetric information, more need standardized management. In his view, the current main existing excessive physical examination market and malignant competition problem. " Some medical institutions to compete for high-end medical market, launch included pat CT, nuclear magnetic resonance and other radiological examinations of the project, do not waste the limited medical resources, to customers of the body also hurt."
Price war is the most common form of medical institutions to compete. Week students:" there was once a medical institution in advertisements: 296 yuan 300 physical examination, an average of less than 1 yuan a, may? By reducing prices to attract customers, on physical examination for the healthy development of the industry particularly adverse."
"The price is really part of the private medical institutions the existing problems." Sun Liguang told the reporters, non-profit medical institutions pricing strictly abide by the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission to develop medical service fees, private institutions due to execute price record system, its pricing is mainly based on market supply and demand relationship determined. Beijing City medical quality control center in recent years the inspection, found that some medical institutions price oneself out of the market, more is to contend for the market, in the market marketing try various devices to depress the price. An industry source, reduce the cost of a lot of ways, for example from the field of small outpatient department employed medical personnel to reduce labor cost; subtracting the necessary physical examination project; the use of cheap reagents; the purchase of second-hand equipment.
by fashiongirl | 2012-02-10 13:42

the old Tangqi

Film is engraved with the old Tangqi
In 80, the Tangqi sugarcane great reputation. Every November, water sugar cane market begins lively rise. The farmer put sugar into boats, buyers directly on board the selection of suitable sugar cane,Hong Kong water slide shipped to Suzhou, Shanghai and other places to go, the general will continue to Spring Festival around. Sugarcane planting in Tangqi was a major economic source of income of farmer.
Chia was when Tangqi more characteristics of an old alley, now it has built many houses. The woman, dressed like this is a very fashionable. At the end of the 80's, a fashion wind blowing, the young girls began to pay attention to dress up.
At the end of the 80's, franchise bike shop, but the bicycle or common people home large. At that time travel by walking, who a bike that man. A bike for 160 yuan, the equivalent of two months' salary.

At the end of the 70's, the ferry is busy every day. Henan shore to shore, Hebei farmer vegetable farm, choose the ferry, a boat can take more than 20 people.
American fried chicken fried duck appeared in Tangqi, caused a small sensation. The shop door every day of a long row of the team, people of all ages and both sexes of this emerging food are very interested in business, full
This place is called character bridge, this bridge is the axle oil. Axle oil connecting both sides of the canal, HK plastic woodis an important transportation channel. Now the axle oil had been removed, the picture of old house can all make only superficial changes.
Trainee reporter Jin Jing
From 1978 December start, candid young friends" canal wind", began with footage of Tangqi.
The first film festival, these photographs, engraved with the old Tangqi foundation.
Candid young friends" canal wind" is 58 years old this year, the Yuhang Linping, home to 15 kilometers from Tangqi.
He said:" the 70's of the last century, I just started playing the photography, also do not know what film, Tangqi close to home, and the canal from the town across the river, the life is very interesting, I often took the camera to shooting over there, on 1985 was established in the Yuhang area Photographers Association, association in Tangqi. Various folk activities, I often go to Tangqi, started the project, system of Tangqi ancient town people's lives, water style, characteristic street ... ..."
This concern is 30 years.
" I look at the old photo, a lot of places now have become a many-storied buildings. Social development is very rapid, Tangqi has changed a lot. I put the photo to see some great habitat, they all have feeling very much, because they had experienced, see the familiar scene, but also to tell a story with me. But after 80 young people do not understand these photos,Hong Kong safety surfaceI look to them, they feel very strange."
Snapshot snapshot network is being carried out in the first film festival. Will choose a champion in 2, the award of film 100; runner-up 2, 50 runner-up in the award of film; 2, the award of film 20.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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