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eats the taboo of the fruit

The pregnant mother eats the taboo of the fruit
Behind women are pregnant, will have gestation reaction, eat the acid, sweet or something like that in love, but the one that should pay attention to is, haw berry and products, the pregnant woman does not eat. Modern medical science verifies: The hawthorn shrinks function, if a large number of edible hawthorn food of pregnant woman on the woman uterus, will stimulate the uterus to shrink, even result in miscarrying.

I am a very delicious pregnant mother, hear from friend, can't eat hawthorns in pregnancy period, also say such fruits of litchi, longan should be eaten few too. I wonder whether there is a taboo too to eat fruits in pregnancy period?

Eating the principle according to medicine which should be cool before production, the pregnant woman should avoid eating the hot food, because hot food make human body hot to aggravate, hinder organism gather blood raise child, litchi and longan belong to this kind of fruit exactly.

Behind some women are pregnant, will have gestation reaction, eat the acid, sweet or something like that in love, but the one that should pay attention to is, haw berry and products, the pregnant woman does not eat. Modern medical science verifies: The hawthorn shrinks function, if a large number of edible hawthorn food of pregnant woman on the woman uterus, will stimulate the uterus to shrink, even result in miscarrying.

It needs to pay attention to the following several points to eat fruits in pregnancy period:

A taboo pares fruits with the kitchen knife: Because the kitchen knife often contacts raw meat, fish, raw vegetables, will take the parasite or parasitic worm's ovum to the fruit.

2 taboo drinking water fruits are too much: It is in fact non- scientific to treat fruit as the meal to eat. Though the fruit is nutritious, nutrition is not overall, especially there are relatively less protein and fat, these two kinds of materials are that foetuses grow and can't lack too.

Eat fruits and does not gargle in 3 taboos: Some fruits contain many kinds of fermented carbohydrate materials, have stronger corrosivity to teeth, if do not gargle after eating, the fruit residue in the oral cavity is apt to cause the decayed tooth.

Eat fruits immediately after a meal in 4 taboos: Eat fruits immediately after a meal, will cause bloated air and constipation. So, should eat fruits 1 hours before in 2 hours after a meal or meal.
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End of life

End of life
Before about two weeks, I saw a group of pictures in QQ one group of mails, did not know it is everyone and what has been trimmed hair, call " the end of life ". In the picture is all the scene that people cremate in the men-smelting furnace after dying, make people shocking after looking, yes, reaching the end in life is a pair of ashes!
In my sight, have an old and short and small figure, often appear in my home. Grandmother tell me whether you grandmother Wang of neighbour's in hospital, check, it comes out to be lung cancer one day suddenly. I have not spoken after long silence, is looking at the corner on the wall silently, the unconscious one thinks something in the brain, I do not know either at this moment, there is only a blank, but I want to see that old and short and small figure after I know, will be very difficult.
Our home moved to here in 1993, we knew no one while just moving to here, living in time slowly is long, know the villagers of much neighbourhood in this village too, including she. Maize ground and the maizes of shes our next to,the every when sowing autumn harvest in spring, I will see it is being fat that she is reciting the peasant family which is filled with a pocket in that old and short and small figure, shouldering it to the mountain, I just look quietly, full of sympathy to her in the heart. Several years ago, health of her very hale and hearty, go up a hill, cut firewood in bundle back, very much strong even plane ground, just she at that time was from coming to my home, I can only see her working quietly, sometimes, she sees me playing on a swing in the courtyard quietly too.
In only spring last year, she began to often drop in our home, let the grandmother chat. Finish farm work she will backyard come in by little door from my home, though I do not speak with her each time, but I always get her some ice cream and fruit and pass her, let her solve and quench one's thirst to have a rest for a moment, at this moment will smiling in she look at by I,full of grateful face.
Am I thinking sometimes, why do the old men in the countryside like tilling land? Why they do not go for morning exercises, play chess, it is favorable to physically and mentally healthy activity to do some, why will they go to work in the fields soon at 3, 4 o'clock in the early morning of every day? Later on I know they like morning exercises to play chess, but they must need one's own work to eat meals. In rural aged person being to have pension, meet filial children give to support parents fee 100-200 just at most all the year round, other economic source of income take by crops that oneself plant away and exchange money to change some articles for daily use all.
She lived in the institute once in March of solar calendar of today, our home did not come in two weeks, the grandmother goes to ask about her condition, others all say it is the water accumulation of lung, have not troubled greatly. She leave hospital later on, we ask how she feel, she oneself say, play sidelight for two weeks so agile too. She went the hospital again by May, the same as last time, continue having an intravenous drip, it send for some time and,on the such several several roll over do by pieces of comprehensive review either all the time, children negligence perhaps, will never expect serious disease she so terrible win. Serious in July, that old body that becomes thin faints to on the ground on the mountain, send to the hospital, through checking in an all-round way, lung cancer later period when the result has been already confirmed, can only maintain the life by the medicine, will calculate for one day in one days. Children have connected her and gone home, have concealed her condition, is the same as previous, the bit can be good to tell her to make for a few days, she takes it seriously, can not know the step of the death very well to her approaching step by step. She continues going up a hill to till land still the same as before, weed, carry the firewood, though the faint sick body is difficult to support the so enormous manual labor, but she still insists on, says, this serious disease is just good, the health is not interesting to the grandmother, it would be better if raised again. The grand-mother knows the truth but not dares to tell her, can only advise her to wait and do again agilely well, she does not hear.
Until the beginning of month in this month, she fell down at last, could not stand up again, travelled to and fro between the hospital for several times, still invalid. She know one's own condition, she say to children oneself want, take some traditional Chinese medicine have a try, perhaps the condition will take a favorable turn, children have told her the truth having no choice, she is in despair, do not eat and does not drink. She demands to go home, she does not want to die in the hospital. Just when the son gave her a piggyback to get off, she sees the grandmother passes in front of her house, does she tear the hands living in the grandmother and ask, our sisters have been good once, why conceal my truth? I lung cancer, as you know, you affirm, know why tell I? The grandmother have to stubbornly refuse to admit, assert emphatically, do not really know oneself.
So long as the grandmother will go to accompany her as soon as being free these days, accompany her to spend the last time. The grandmother came back to say, children had got the shroud filial piety shirt cloth of coffin ready, wait for her to breathe one's last, feel bad in the heart. Reach end is so dreary unexpectedly, person who watch group of children, man Suns woman life, the greatest house, savings in all one's life praise the wealth under, will part forever soon, thinking in her heart what it is at this moment? I guess, it is bitter and short whether can have life, the life is variable, life and death is empty, sigh with deep feeling this all one's life in vain? But she is still asking children at this moment, how much is the oxygen cylinder rented for her. Well I hear these, can only sigh
I want to see her very much, read several sentences of Buddha's symbols for her, can be regarded as and see her off too, but I have courage, can I'm afraid oneself scene to see birth and old age,sickness and death sentimental crying, even cry bitterly, so I have chosen to escape, quietly, quietly, pray to Buddha and chant scriptures for her, hope that can dispense with the bitterness of the samsara in her soul, must grow the pure land.
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Love, what is it?

Love, what is it?
A lot of things are always intricate in this world, but no more than the love touchingly; No more than life and death solemnly and stirringly, and love, will let a lot of people give up the life.
Last night, I saw the film " disguise of an evildoer " shown newly. See a scene curtain in the film and give up one's own emotion and scene of the life for the lover, my tears have stopped falling down. As to the story, have been moving all the time, can't be forgotten for a long time.
The story different from content of the original work: Military officer Wang Sheng, has rescued the beautiful fox in millennium from the enemy army - -Small only, small to have millennium attainments of a Taoist priest, give birth to, stare one quarter instant such as she in king only, fall in love with he, then love and evil born therefrom. Small only side keep she appearance of common people Zhang that, take lizard to be smart to look for heart that come on for her, growing and doing all one can to catch up to the king on one side constantly, is determined to win. It is kept a firm hand on not putting to the love that Mrs. Wang wears Rong, but at the end, in order to protect the life of all people on husband and town, but would rather give up appearance and life Pang Yong originally gives birth to the brother going through fire and water with the king, after parting for many years, still the profound meaning of the feeling heavy to wearing Rong, in order to want the woman who help oneself and love deeply to have a happy family, go through the frustration, do all one can except that seductive. Finally, the goblin killed, the person dying survives, the story is with a happy happy reunion final result.
But the final result let people appeal for Xi already Spend for lover fault way little to only, sacrifice one's own pendant Rong for love too.
The little only love is destined to be a tragedy. Because that at one glance, she love the man that she does not can receive. Because she is a goblin, think that has ability to surmount the mankind oneself, will strive for even more; Because is unreconciled, so can be persistent; Will be injured so that disappeared finally. People, can not always see through some things in the world, it is only the goblin to be and little, she does not understand. Act as small to see, wear Rong choose, drink poison come protect Wang Sheng, only, she does not understand that wore Rong to say at that time " In fact you do not understand love " Meaning of sentence this, she see king grow, hold, wear Rong to be unwilling to go all out later on, saying loudly " I love you forever " ,Then wear Rong while growing and committing suicide for the king, just know some things can't be got forever in this world. Wang Sheng says to her that but act as " I love you " When,only been the small already the content with one's lot, love against her, deeply sad only too. For the person that loves deeply, it is efficacious that she has crushed millennium of practising austerities personally, have rescued the person that she loves, that was left is to stare in a flash finally. Think about inside the love, it is a kind of deep-rooted pain sometimes to be persistent.
Wear Rong, the gentle virtuous, such a woman is like a pool deep water, but because of loving, as to the thing that some things look calm, in fact overwhelmed with sorrow already. However, for Wang Sheng, she drinks small poison that only passed over, promises all small conditions that only put forward. While it is deep to be poisoned, have one's mind filled with the hurt and wronged her just quiet looking at Wang Sheng too. So quiet existence, seem not to exist generally. This kind loves, persistent and brave, moving, let people cry.
Wang Sheng, on morality and justice and friendship, he understood he has loved a person that shouldn't fall in love with. His grief is not to dare to admit one's own love and fact that does not like. Because of loving, so is unwilling to see everything of the thing clearly. While wearing Rong and dying, he still says that " loves you forever " ,But when he knows littly it is only a goblin, what he planned to exchange life for and wear Rong, when survives, at the last moment in that, he was to only saying small at last: "I love you, however, I have Rong of wearing "
Their expression, cool so straight, however, where a persons to have also, is the great wave of heart turbulent never?
Come, say the other person can't forgive, can in world of the love at ethics, what with the fault correctly is there? If the emotion can be controlled with theoried, those a lot of entanglements are destined not to happen. Wear the love in Rong - -Optimistic, unselfish, a very grave love; Little love that links - -Although selfish, domineering, that share of her imprint on the bones and inscribe on the memory, who can say her love is not enough for the weight?
In this case, what is the love on earth? Is it persistent or look at afar? Wait or give up? Sometimes restrain the words and deeds but can not fetter the thought; Sometimes is clear in the heart that but would rather be confused; Sometimes monopolize obviously but would rather share; Sometimes try to get and settle giving up finally
This word of the love, with what kind of sentence is really wanted to annotate? It is pale that I still feel the characters. Until love, can only realize I,can't speech.
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Come down calmly, it is the best state

Come down calmly, it is the best state
So low to waste all all the time, in so how oneself can make such a long time in such a post animosity, nowadays can be regarded as real finding out, why do should be how to go, how could fear wolves ahead and tigers behind, sway.

I hate oneself, have such a diagraceful oneself too, in life such as the oneself at the edge, how I is should do,it's time for what kind of abilities to last going out of temporary predicament better, I seek all the time, seek one's own, should one's own independent space, however, such space is so narrow and small, so narrow, how 's place of going, finding one's own is I should, I find direction and in the goal, I it knows to be should how do, High pressure pumps Piston Pumps| Reciprocating Pumps| Metering Pumps long long agoknow how it should, go, clarify oneself behavior all the time either, the thing done before me, I am very annoyed, I am the environment that oneself is in, it is unable to strike back but the worried one does not know where oneself will moves towards, know oneself do anything, does not know oneself what does it think of on earth either, people can not recognize clearly oneself in most grieved thing, but people see oneself too thoroughly in most grieved thing, what kind of person and I am one, I do not know, I do not really know, I do not really know.

Not knowing these words, there are too much remote distances, there are too much remote requirements, have too many reason let I until consciousness recognize oneself more, know oneself how it is on earth either, I know, once such a decision is worked out, what kind of blow or what kind the ones that will give to me will be to cause coolly, however, I can not even stay in a true one day, it is wrong to do in one day, should be with what long time is wanted to remedy one's own sin, I know I to know oneself how does it take in the face of all these have in mind, really either, how to do I and go by proposition of Cong He,coming back again, I can getting getting more confused more so spend days such as one's own, I can go at all to think oneself will be a thing done while being confused, unless I the getting more ignorant very, in that case,it know how much said I all over, words such a to appear repeatedly on dictionary of me, such a thing, let me so many taboo so, I bump into heart into pieces to have who can understand, receive, everything of me, such. What my life, is this sample, should I do, what I can do.
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Select the car like selecting the husband

Select the car like selecting the husband
What kind of car does the woman want to have most? This is a benevolence person's question of seeing benevolence. Most woman will want, have one a safe a bit one, handle sense to be fine a bit driving performance high train a bit, the compact car is a good choice. And the actually compact car is only a general term, to most people, it seems that the automobile body is some short, displacement is a bit smaller, the wheel a bit smaller one is the compact car.
What kind of husbands does the woman want to have most? This is that the wise see the question intelligently. It is handsome and graceful that most women will want to have one, sense of safety, man that will make money become a husband, where it will be such man then and woolen cloth?
The friend often said, person such as his bike, car such as person. Then, are the women according to letting the husband's standard select the car too?
1,The feature is the first barrier
Say " the woman is the visual animal, the man is the animal of the sense of hearing " Some people may say, so long as this person is kind to you, don't go to mind these things. The words can have no fault, but the primary impression is really very important. At the time of the interview of the job market, some companies also should employ some persons with good looks now. Feel it is a kind of visual result for somebody. If this person grow ugly, and of soil, great majority will repel to some extent then, list him in the walking type not liked. So, to most women, select the car, appearance is goodlooking, the fashion is absolutely first-selection, such as the girl more than 2 years old, can never go to select MR with old mannish appearance a car, and is selected the absolute serious offense mr of probability of polo, this does not have any objection. So long as it is pleasing to the eye to look at, that is nearly that 80% decide to select you. Certainly, can't say it is 100%. Also want the individual character, this is the time that an individual character publicizes, ardent youth, white collar clan Will show one's own individual character when being appropriate.

2,Sense of safety, absolutely get the second barrier
Modern society, people must lack sense of safety, feel the crisis more and more. And look for one and have sense of safety husband, it is each woman's dream. And the security idea of the modern society is changing, the tall and big and majestic and violent man, it might not be the first-selection, in peace times, we do not need men to take barral of a gun to fight, do not need to hold the hoe to go to the field either. Can have strength change coal gas, pay telephone rate, can push away in the younger generation when on the plane, it is just enough. Social security, give it to the police just, what the woman wants is real, the security of the true family, security in the slight place that can experience. So,this security of car of performances, too that woman take a fancy to most, appearance though the important, but safe consciousness must consider too, so some have oil spill, brake car to reflect question can favor by the woman.

0.15 kilograms of feelings are happy and indispensable
Poor and third-class at man subdivide into, first-class man, can go, worship, it regards as to be companion of ideal, can't be really obsessed with him. Inferior man, give you confidence, enable any woman to see one's own value, that is stepping-stone. Medium-sized man is the most suitable, let you give up as hopeless nor. The car products can be regarded subdividing as advancedly and hitting end and low end products. The first-class car is the imported goods, dozens of up to a million input easily, it is a supreme ideal to regard as; It is the sample goods to make and wait for bus, look, has not gone to really buy; The medium-sized car is the most suitable, the cost performance is the highest. How to find this medium-sized car? So long as you go to the street to have a look and know! That kind of car is the most, that is. Ten minutes at the station on Shanghai Nanjing Road, you knew. Tin Box China Tin Cans Dvd Box Wholesale Tin Containers Tin Can ManufactoryCd Box Supplier Metal Tin Box Manufacture Tin Box For Food Leather Handbag Pet Carrier Leather handbags
4.Life thrifty and sweetness and bitterness
Select the husband or consider living, the little woman who especially actually would not live, must look for another hardworking and thrifty good man talent and walk. " only buy the right one, does not select the expensive one " It is very suitable that this folk adage is used here. That to select car want, select fuel-efficient car, buy car consider while being essential!
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All right, the above it is little woman that summarize come out select the to select the car to pass, only for big fellow's reference, can't the original edition is copied word by word
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The true and false of the South Korean cosmetics is distinguished

The true and false of the South Korean cosmetics is distinguished Corporate banks

The market of present cosmetics is really a feast for the eyes, hard to tell whether it is true or false, especially foreign import cosmetics. This text teaches everybody for example on several sections of famous-brand cosmetics in South Korea what a true and false question of distinguishing cosmetics it is.

First, the love of true and false beautiful ETUDE is distinguished sweetos

1.ETUDE words of packaging of normal product feel, get on, have unsmooth sense, but fake products pack words at very smooth. To build face liquid LOTION form that form relatively, have light light perfume, scribble, turn on while being easy very normal product, the fake products are done very much, is lotion form, it is very difficult to push away. sell in May and walk away

2.Normal product first letter of ETUDE have a left-falling stroke, similar to the literary style of French at the E, fake products such. berrybabe

Second, distinguish the method in true and false of the blue sesame

Someone discerns the true and false of the blue sesame, depend on the number that is seen on the gift box, the ones that are thought to have with 88 beginning are true! Two pieces of in fact beginning of international standard yard of the South Korean products that 88 is, and all South Korean products,Pet Carrier it is not merely a blue sesame, all products are with 88 beginning, thus, it is a bit not proper to discern true and false with 88 beginning!
The products of the tube of the blue sesame all have two pieces of embossed seal! And bottled one, are all date of production and some Korean explanation like the foundation cream and bottom which isolate the bottle! Water water of the blue sesame and bottom of the cream bottle, have date of production only, it was the laser that hit. Can not erase, the mouth of the bottle is sealed! Not sealed when having bottlenecks to wash one's face! grapem

And the products of all blue sesames, so long as put into the product originally, manuals are all Korean! There is no English explanation.

Third, South Korean true and false of vov discern the method

1,General fake products are all more coarse, read the picture and can find out too, the color of the general fake products is very rich and gaudy only, the fake products have pungent smell.
2,Look over the explanation of the goods carefully. The fake products often have the following several points: Color number is wrong, the print is coarse, the price is cheap and extraordinary, the rest need to depend on the judgements of experience and intuition too.
3,See carefully that can or can be distinguished from the packaging out on quality. For example the external packing of the muffin is coarse, much of coarse fibre of mascara, eye shadow box quality is very poor ...... Wait, this can only be according to experience and intuition.
4,Another kind is thing that vov has not been produced at all. Some domestic producer watch vov now fire very,on begin, make various they think kind thing very, then brand to stick vov, website of vov print, phone ...... Oh, that look is better than true vov packaging.
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Accompanied by love

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Accompanied by love

The sound passing time just as the bird unfolds the sound of one pair of wings. As if walked on the sandy beach barefoot, a lot of days overflowed one pair of feet like the tidewater pouring, have impression.

All sorts of flowers, cool breeze, round moon of autumn, white snow in winter of summer where mother's love accompanies me to pass by spring silently.

---Remember the question

April in the afternoon, the sunshine comes down in torrents gently. Look at the vast sky, it is without any cloud in the sky. Take the single-board guitar on the wall, is playing " Romans loving it " silently, I like playing this song a little more neutral, needn't pursue and bring home to one's heart, urge the result under people's tears sedulously, should really behave and " love " ,One is wider and loving generalizedly that then behave. In the beautiful melody, no matter sorrow or happiness is all thin, will give people broader imagination space. The accompaniment of " Romans that loves " is very beautiful too, as simple and simple and honest as melody, the harmony has only used e small and mediated three chords of E major respectively too, but there is not a dull sense at all, ripples limpid to three transparent connect with sound decompose chord accompany, flow softly, in succession, like water light wave, lake surface ripples in spring ......

This wooden guitar very worthy was given to me six years ago by mother. At that time, I who was also going to Senior Two was fascinated by the network game, one that thought was all " legends " in the class, what the tabletop is put is the textbook, under the textbook is the attack strategy of the game, what the teacher says to close one's ears to at all. The first thing after leaving school is and several best partners go to the Internet cafe to play games by motorcycle, with discussing props and personage in the Internet cafe fiercely on the road.

At the very beginning, I am still hiding from Papa and Mama. Later, the form master told all my situations mother, and said to her: "Your child catches network addiction now, it is impossible to be admit to a university. " Mother is extremely sad, she has resigned the well-paid bank and worked, stays in home and looks after me. Mother has never said she resigns for me.

I remain unchanged all day bubble in Internet cafe, mother tow tired out health one Internet cafe an Internet cafe look for me since 12 o'clock at mid-night often, did not find me until 3,
4 o'clock before dawn. For me, mother is so worried that one's heart is broken, I wonder how many tears are shed stealthily. But I had not rested assured to have at that time, remembered now that regrets it extremely, thought that was unfair to mother very much.

A chance of the chance, the boss that mum found a musical instrument and walked on the way of looking for me is a big boy that is not much older than me, she does one's utmost to recommend me to study the guitar, has bought the best wooden guitar in the store at that time for me.

This big boy is a cloud, and my best iron brothers now. Under the guidance of cloud, have practised the basic song " Romans loving it "s of several months, " play and sing " It was teacher Liu TianLi's teaching material that was used, " in one party of water ", " the moon is dim, the bird is dim ", " I am a film cloud ",etc., in a word are all Mr. Qiong Yao's vocal recitals.

Because there are one's own interest hobbies, I have been far away from the Internet cafe gradually, mother sees my change is very glad, she is trying to buy a lot of books for me again, I like seeing SherlockHolmes, mother buys " SherlockHolmes detects the complete works " for me. One day, mother placed mark Twain's novel on the pillow edge of me silently, I leaf through at will, have been moved by the content with witty, humorous novel, finish reading the content that I still talk about the novel to mother with more expression after the novel. That time, mother is very glad, she has shown the gratified smile for the first time after resigning.

Mother prevent me from continue, surf the Net, I can time had physical education Friday afternoon to spend play with " the legend " by motorcycle with cloud also. But achievement of me a little raise, because I have already been no longer crazy about the network game as before. So long as I progress little by little, mother will say to me: "Son, you are excellent. " Under mother's encouragement, I like studying further, after college entrance examination was finished, I have been admitted to one famous-brand University of Science and Technology the excellent achievement unexpectedly. Holding the glittering university admission notice, understood much motives of mother's at last, looking at a wisp of gray hair before her thin and weak body and volume, brimful of tears, I clasped mother to one's bosom gently, shedding tears will say to her: "Mum, the son was thoughtless in the past, let you suffer hardships. " Mother is overjoyed with tears.

In the evening before walking, I played and sang a " accompany by love " for mother, thank mother for mother's love to accompany all the way. A scene curtain of past event, can't help playing and singing and " accompanying by love " again, the gentle landing of tear.

Mum, love me for using up you with all strength whole-heartedly,mp4 players silly and tired for me for me, you do not regret the trials and hardship.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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