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Mom and Dad love

"Why not call 'mother'?" His father asked him at the dinner table. He remembered the day is the beginning of the September, there was no rain position over several weeks, the house vaguely smell a smell of mold.

"Why cry?" He asked: "is she with?"

His hand suddenly lifted into the air, he went to see his son for several seconds, and let go.

He pretended not to see, Mentou eat, ear a long sigh. The woman, he thought, compared to how his mother吊襪腰帶?

One day three years ago, father had received official home. The woman called her mother ordered his pipe, he stubbornly raised his head, with a look to her, the woman was tall, with dark skin rough, wearing a dark brown plaid Dacron shirt, black pants swings the swing in the ankle, it didn't seem to be a woman. At that time father raised her hand, the woman stopped father said, the child is still small, want to give him a little time to adapt.

From the woman stepped into the door to their house that moment, he didn't love her. Once his friends said: "don't ask, see her uncomfortable, people meet for the first time or money, or to buy clothes, she could go, back a big bag of walnuts to our home, black hard -- and she looks like a kind -- say what oneself for baby, children eat more clever, I was forced to eat two...... I don't like her, one minute can also did not like."

My father works in the relatives of the architectural team during the construction of highway, away from home, home in the months and years pass by. Only he and the woman life. The woman responsible for taking care of his daily life, but he is more accustomed to one person. Breakfast is very poor, she has never bought him to be just perfect white fermentation as soft bread like steamed buns, steamed buns that were not really eat steamed buns, but she cooked steamed buns -- yellow, like the place for several days, just take a look at it is hard to swallow. And the old can not eat their own like chili, the woman said in his age children should eat chili. Lunch is worse, every day is the same -- garlic bolt fried meat, tomato fried egg, water cabbage soup, can add the sweet and sour lotus white. When he said the food is too salty, under the Dayton food will be as bland as eat chalk; when the protest has no taste, under the Dayton food will be extremely salty entrance. Dinner is rice porridge, black do not know with what, there is unspeakable taste. This makes him want to do not understand, why the woman even rice porridge can't honestly do? There's a rice porridge more simple thing?

The day after school early, he and the girl in our class go home together. The girl saw, pointing to a figure of garbage collection station said, that is not the man you home? He took the girl to the direction of the fingers, saw the man wearing a black and brown plaid Dacron shirt, carrying a basket carried on the back, holding a wire long clip where scavenged the garbage. Although never want to know exactly what the woman, or the woman what to have nothing to do with him, but he certainly said to the girl, not in our family, my dad to earn money for the family, is not about to descend to pick up litter. When the woman returned home, he had walked into the living room, a past hope musty sour taste will blow against our faces, which makes his heart leaping nameless anger. It also did not have even dinner, late at night only to bubble bowl of instant noodles for myself.

Later that day, he often eat out something to go home, go home, symbolic to eat it back to his own room, and shut the door, the moldy rancid taste but also in his nostrils.

The woman worried look at him, touching his forehead to ask him: "you this time is it right? Not too comfortable?"

He hated to see her one eye, pushed her rough manly hand said: "I'm fine you take care of yourself!"

The woman was surprised to see him a few seconds, he also gave each other, until she returned to her kitchen.

"It is past hope!" he thought.

The desk is the mother and his group photo, my mother was a tall, fair skinned woman, wearing a light blue flowers cheongsam, oval face, eyes gentle, good-looking hair even in the picture is reminiscent of a vibrant garden. She was in his arms, his mouth open, missing teeth, sweet smile.

What the mother is why leave us?

He didn't answer, eyes looked at the photos, the heart gradually float a fact -- I don't want to find the answer.

He began to hate his father, hate the woman, then hate. He thought, why this body also grow old? What time to get to school? How time passes so slowly?

University is good, he finally said to myself.

Finally to high school, he was a tireless machine, have to get to sleep until two in the morning every day. The woman may have to call my father. The father on the phone, he must go home for dinner, must eat walnuts every night, must go to bed early緊身衣.

His father asked him to do not want to do -- food hard to swallow, walnut and astringent and bitter, during this period of time to go to bed early is not possible. Think, think the woman holding a feather when the arrow is more hateful.

Anyhow, the college entrance examination, to the admission, away from home, he felt free, even the air is sweet.
by fashiongirl | 2013-09-18 12:25

Like golf

Golf is a superior sport, is the movement of a few people, successful people to own reward, once a bonus for your past efforts. We can think about a thousand acres of ground, there are so many service people, but it can only accommodate dozens of people playing on it, it is impossible to become a mass movement, I have not seen such possibility, if you must To think so, that is a lie, I tell the truth.

I probably hit more than 100 balls a year, the average spend 2000 dollars a ball. Go south in the winter to play, play to spend 20 million yuan, the stay is 10 million, and a total of $ 30 million. I am 50 years old, I have another 30 years of ball I play the money of 10 million yuan in the future, which is not consider inflation, does not consider depreciation. A working-class or even an annual salary of 100 million people did not dare to like me so play, he could play 30, 40 games, the annual salary of 100 million people can not put 30% of his income out to play, 公司註冊 dba2a06dkhe was for the house, but also There are a lot of consumption.

So I think this is a movement of a few people, but it does not matter to most people, it is a great temptation, drove a green grass and beautiful venues, you will tell their own efforts, successful, become a successful person, will it be possible to enter the stadium to play, this is encouragement to many young people.

Like I used to support the REN's statement, China said the house is very expensive, many people say that you must spend a lot of money to buy, because it is a scarce resource. Why do you say to a young man just graduated from university to buy affordable house, it is unreasonable, a university graduate will be able to enjoy the same thing to me, that the past few decades is not white we did this ?

I have often said, the opportunity should be fair, a lot of people want to become directors, and no one can be when, but not everyone is a director of the brand, I have my brand precisely because after many years of hard work and struggle. Therefore, I think that is the dream of a successful golf to a lot of people depicted. My experience is playing for so many years golf: Golf is the movement of a small number of people can not belong to the majority of people in the future; it will take up a lot of my time, but I'm willing.
by fashiongirl | 2013-02-01 11:25

Riding in the car

That the tofu brain too delicious, good that small town, he wanted to go eat that the world's best to eat tofu brain. So their children will stay with him all the way to this place has a special meaning in his.3:00 got up to here with the whole six hours!

Although tired, but the elderly but very pleasant this time, the spirit is excellent, the disease seems to go half Similarly,children have also obviously been encouraged to feel this tour of the town comes value, he determined still to come thereafter, she has to come this come and now. Because their children are quite busy, he is very familiar with everything here, gradually on their own bike to.

Riding in the car, to the content naturally come out of his hearty voice seems to have improved octave. His expression told me unequivocally his victory. Yes, he really won. The spirit of the elderly are getting better and better, faster and faster to walk, talk more and more loud, he not only lived for two years.

10 years, and now has more than 20 years, and living longer rod, living longer and young. Finally, the elderly fondly,I would like to thank my family, I want to thank this town and soybean curd breakfast, I would like to especially thank my bike, he gave me health, gave me joy to my confidence, give me longevity. Me today is it to me, I would never and it together here to eat breakfast!

Old man Tears I also deeply infected. A day over 100 miles of riding, has become a way of life for the elderly, keep riding, constantly turning, constantly extending the length of life, continue to extend the meaning of life, continue to extend their passion and vitality!Recommended articles:過年的時候春節殺豬年McLaughlin jade is accused of murderThe townIn an ideal world
by fashiongirl | 2012-11-30 18:03

The soldiers of wounding drink play " amnesia" referred not remember the circumstances

Last week after beating Japan ' ashleycla soldier, the other side says do not remember the circumstances.

Japan Okinawa County police said in the U.S. Army Kadena base interrogation of the 24 year old soldier. Kyodo news agency quoted police sources said, he told police, nothing.jessicamm

The 1 evening about 8 soldiers in Okinawa County read Valley Village building a layer of the pub for a drink. 2 days of before dawn at about 1, he broke into the 3 layer of a resident room, wounded in a 13 year-old boy, jumping escape fall, 4 days after discharge.amandamm

The source said, the police found, the incident was not serious enough to require us to over perpetrators Japanese degree.brittanyyu

This was the two in second months time in Okinawa or. In October 16th, two American rape of a Japanese woman, was arrested by police in japan. This incident aroused public anger in Okinawa. sarahmeiThe direction of an apology, prohibit soldiers at 11 am to 5 pm the next day to go out.
by fashiongirl | 2012-11-07 12:29

TCM treatment mammary

TCM treatment mammary gland hyperplasia what methods

For mammary gland hyperplasia emotional fidgets boil down to the patients and stomach type, this kind of patients relief liver-qi give priority to, for example, can use some Chinese medicine to ease dissipate. The second for work pressure, long-term physical strength overdraft fatigue these patients we is mainly the spleen resolving phlegm. The third for menstruation to be not moved,yunzhi reishidab4d56ck the breast before the Chinese medicine treatment of mammary gland hyperplasia very distinctive, mammary gland hyperplasia mood to boil down to the impatient patients and stomach type, this kind of patients relief liver-qi give priority to, for example, can use some Chinese medicine to ease dissipate. The second for work pressure, long-term physical strength overdraft fatigue these patients we is mainly the spleen resolving phlegm. The third for menstruation to be not moved, the breast before the treatment of patients with this kind of pain with Chinese traditional medicine recuperates the blunt the appointment of two to ease the soup.

In the specific study we often take some traditional Chinese medicines, according to the drug composition, major functions and clinical research background material. For example we can choose listed addictive drugs such as estate milk cream treatment, these drugs help with digestion promoting blood circulation function, to mammary gland hyperplasia of the existence of patients and symptom of the stomach, a specific therapy, the effect is good, the study and we are still in progress. This is about the mammary gland hyperplasia inside and outside the method to cure method. In addition to these methods we still can use other than some diet for mediation, for example, we can use some herbal tea treatment, in traditional Chinese medicine and tea drink for treatment. For example we commonly used, with chrysanthemum, rose four grams each, had four grams, to the FangZiDai tea drink, just like tea drinking a little every day,Chinese Herbal Product the mammary gland ill will have very good prevention, the patients also play a very good health care function. Below I will then talk about breast cancer early detection and treatment of some of the problems.

The clinical manifestations of mammary gland hyperplasia with pain and mass is given priority to, look from etiology and qi-blood relationship close, pathogenesis is mainly and qi stagnation, TanNing, blood stasis and causes of malfunction, phlegm and blood stasis resistance in the meridians. Stomach and qi stagnation, angry machine impeded can produce pain symptoms, phlegm and blood stasis resistance can be produced in the meridians mass. So TCM treatment of mammary gland hyperplasia to ShuGan qi, invigorating spleen to remove blood stasis, phlegm, cultivate rushed for treatment of principle. At the same time also may according to the mass, the shape of the quality of a material, menstrual cycle changes on syndrome differentiation and treatment etc.

Clinical treatment commonly used drugs including line qi and activate blood circulation medicine such as fumaric, danshen, root, sichuan melia japonica son, etc.; ShuGan medicines such as qi was, root of herbaceous peony, frankincense, myrrh, orange leaf, turmeric, etc.; Eliminating phlegm to soft firm medicines such as dried tangerine or orange peel, this method, seaweed, kelp, etc.; Kidney rubbing medicines such as radix morindae officinalis, barrenwort, dodder, fairy spear, etc.

In addition to the traditional Chinese medicine treatment, but also by TCM acupuncture, local topical, physical therapy, beauty361.com/blog/magnetic therapy methods to achieve remedial goal.
by fashiongirl | 2012-07-04 12:32

Fitness equipment needs

Fitness equipment needs more focus on the small office
Sports can bring people pleasure, but some enthusiasts to pretend not to care, often in a game or a training course after the end,coriolus versicolor found that the feet to wear a blister.

In addition to shoes do not fit, the sock may also wear is not suitable.
How to choose a pair of suitable sports socks? Beijing Sport University education professor Sun satellite, picking socks have four principles:

One, should choose cotton texture. Soft cotton material, Sweat-absorbent, dress up and feel comfortable.

Two, the elastic sock. Elastic socks fit, not easy to skid. Cheap socks have been washed after deformation, fiber cluster, leading to the site is not uniform, people in motion will feel feet grinding. Buy socks, socks cuff to elastic fibers are fracture, if any, can not buy.

In third, according to the specific situation to decide on thin or thick. In general, the foot sweat easily, should choose thicker;LED Lighting manufacturer dab4d55ck otherwise, choose a thinner.

Some sports, such as badminton, socks are too thick effect of foot, so I want to buy a little thin.

In addition, if the ankle injury, should wear socks, the ankle to fixed and protective function. Finally, to participate in certain project to wear special socks.

Some antagonism strong project, baby wholesale clothingsuch as football, socks have high waist, the purpose is to protect the calf, movement must not ignore.
by fashiongirl | 2012-06-26 12:14

Significance of Windows Mobile Platform

If we compare Window operating system with other operating systems, like Android, MAC and RIM,ipazzport bluetooth keyboard the popularity of Window OS is definitely at a remarkable level. Many development companies are focusing on Development because most of the organizations use Windows based operating system. There are many reasons for the popularity:

* Applications like PowerPoint are widely used by Businesses all across the globe.

* Has worldwide development support and this factor eliminates the cost of development and integration of new software. Hence the Total Cost of ownership for is less compared to other apps development platforms like Blackberry.

* Since application is based upon.Net, it brings in the Microsoft advantage in the Window mobile development process.

With Daffodil, you can exclusively hire developer for custom Windows application development. Daffodil is a trusted name for and web development services. Since its inception in 1999, the Daffodil team has been passionate towards cutting edge technologies. Daffodil possesses a rich resource pool with diverse skill sets. In the mobility domain, we offer development services on popular platforms like: Android, iOS, Blackberry.

The long term success of any Windows Applications depends majorly upon the technical expertise and creativity of developer working behind the screen. We understand the significance of in application development and hence, we have groomed our resources well and surely have some of the best developers of the industry.

As a result of passion for latest cutting edge technologies, we are amongst the few early adopters of technology. With Daffodil, A19 LED Light Bulb dab4d52ck you can hire Developer with the right kind of expertise and knowledge that is required for developing Apps which can bring expected results with long term and short term objectives.
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N and trina solar TSL

Solar manufacturers suntech power STP. N and trina solar TSL. N says, because have to dial out funds to cover the United States imported from China imposing anti-dumping duties solar panel, solar panel dab4c51ck to its first quarter gross margin compression.

The us department of commerce decision last Thursday, the Chinese solar enterprise products collect not less than 30% of the punitive tariffs on imports, for ruling to the American market at low price these enterprise dumping solar panel. ID: nCN1554442

But suntech power and trina solar material gross margin in the second quarter are expected to pick up, for will further reduce costs and increase demand expected.

World's largest solar pv module manufacturer suntech power is expected, the second quarter gross margin in 3-6%, wholesale baby shoes ogkewe25dwe higher than the first season of just 0.6%.

Suntech power says the first season Maori and gross profit margin by the U.S. countervailing duties and anti-dumping duties related dial the blow for.

Trina solar expected gross margin about 10% in the second quarter, this may have been incorporated into the countervailing duties and the anti-dumping duties dial the influence of the prepared. The first quarter profit margins of 5.8%.

performance in the first quarter

Suntech power and said, the first season may be relegated to adr (ADS) holder a net loss of $133 million, or $0.74 per unit of ADS losses; The same period last year for $31.9 million per unit or net ADS surplus of $0.17.

The company revenue decreased by 53%, to $409.5 million.

Trina solar first quarter net loss of $29.8 million, or $0.42 per unit of ADS losses; For the same period last year earned $47.7 million, personal computer remoteor $0.63 per unit of ADS surplus.

The company revenue is down 37% to $349.9 million.
by fashiongirl | 2012-05-28 16:11

Requirements for lighting

The restaurant is the center of the table. Requirements for lighting to make the meal table, cloth, food, flowers and other table all appear bright and beautiful, the food can cause loss of appetite.Health Supplement dcb4a51kk The table lamp is the most frequently used chandelier. According to the table size, available from 1 to3. If the restaurant is not too large, the chandelier completely can be used as a table lighting and general lighting.

The restaurant is usually used for3000K color temperature, color rendering index in more than 80 of the light source, to better highlight the food color.

Bedroom basically is to sleep in space, the first requirement is that the lighting should play a hypnotic effect. In room is used in different ways, lighting can meet before bedtime read a book, watch TV, makeup, clothes and other lifestyle behaviors. Proposals for general lighting and local lighting balance.

Bedroom lighting
Hypnosis with the lighting fixture itself intensity can not be too high, not too bright for general lighting. The bedroom can be used with cover lamps exhibit a desired atmosphere.

For the elderly people 's bedroom is necessary in order to midnight on the toilet, at the foot of Mount not too bright lamp.

Selection of light source, attention should be paid to the bedroom tonal and as consistent as possible, but also should pay attention to in the whole room to maintain the consistency of color. T8 LED lampThis can in general to maintain a moderate visual atmosphere, avoid jumping and rigid sense. Because different people on the bedroom light environment requirements are different, so here 's color temperature and color index of
by fashiongirl | 2012-05-21 16:54

competitive pressure

Due to the different needs of customers and competitive pressure, with zath surrogate consultant" half-breed" business of large, through the introduction of different national essence,Yun Zhi eggs, produce good genes" baby".

or these is designed according to the need of the" half-breed", mostly from Eastern Europe beautiful woman eggs, sperm from Western Regal, sperm and egg in the United States after fertilization, embryo was finally shipped to India, implanted in a surrogate in vivo.Hong Kong Company

Huai zath surrogate consultants two boss Cory and Singer said, not birth families of infants require more demanding, rather than simply choosing the sperm and egg. Their genes and gender has a significant requirement, even some still asks must be golden hair and blue eyes, baby hope smart, good-looking, athletic.Problems and benefit of Offshore Company.

Then, Cory and Singer developed an" wholesale baby clothes suppliersagreement": after genetic diseases and IQ tests, they will be in Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus and other Eastern European countries, the attractive young woman photo in the network, allow the prospective parents from carefully screened egg donor. Because the eggs should not be frozen and transport, Eastern European countries surrogacy also rarely.

So be selected Eastern Europe beautiful woman take long-haul aircraft to the United States of California or Boston, then injecting anesthetics do operation take eggs, donated a eggs can get 750poundswhat is mutual fund

But from Western Regal sperm can be frozen and transport, also can be stored indefinitely. The sperm and eggs in the United States of America fertilization is completed, baby shoes wholesalesome states of America lab can choose the sex of the baby, while men are superior to women to choose the sex of the baby in India is illegal.
by fashiongirl | 2012-05-09 16:40

All time is no time when it is past.

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