Select the car like selecting the husband

Select the car like selecting the husband
What kind of car does the woman want to have most? This is a benevolence person's question of seeing benevolence. Most woman will want, have one a safe a bit one, handle sense to be fine a bit driving performance high train a bit, the compact car is a good choice. And the actually compact car is only a general term, to most people, it seems that the automobile body is some short, displacement is a bit smaller, the wheel a bit smaller one is the compact car.
What kind of husbands does the woman want to have most? This is that the wise see the question intelligently. It is handsome and graceful that most women will want to have one, sense of safety, man that will make money become a husband, where it will be such man then and woolen cloth?
The friend often said, person such as his bike, car such as person. Then, are the women according to letting the husband's standard select the car too?
1,The feature is the first barrier
Say " the woman is the visual animal, the man is the animal of the sense of hearing " Some people may say, so long as this person is kind to you, don't go to mind these things. The words can have no fault, but the primary impression is really very important. At the time of the interview of the job market, some companies also should employ some persons with good looks now. Feel it is a kind of visual result for somebody. If this person grow ugly, and of soil, great majority will repel to some extent then, list him in the walking type not liked. So, to most women, select the car, appearance is goodlooking, the fashion is absolutely first-selection, such as the girl more than 2 years old, can never go to select MR with old mannish appearance a car, and is selected the absolute serious offense mr of probability of polo, this does not have any objection. So long as it is pleasing to the eye to look at, that is nearly that 80% decide to select you. Certainly, can't say it is 100%. Also want the individual character, this is the time that an individual character publicizes, ardent youth, white collar clan Will show one's own individual character when being appropriate.

2,Sense of safety, absolutely get the second barrier
Modern society, people must lack sense of safety, feel the crisis more and more. And look for one and have sense of safety husband, it is each woman's dream. And the security idea of the modern society is changing, the tall and big and majestic and violent man, it might not be the first-selection, in peace times, we do not need men to take barral of a gun to fight, do not need to hold the hoe to go to the field either. Can have strength change coal gas, pay telephone rate, can push away in the younger generation when on the plane, it is just enough. Social security, give it to the police just, what the woman wants is real, the security of the true family, security in the slight place that can experience. So,this security of car of performances, too that woman take a fancy to most, appearance though the important, but safe consciousness must consider too, so some have oil spill, brake car to reflect question can favor by the woman.

0.15 kilograms of feelings are happy and indispensable
Poor and third-class at man subdivide into, first-class man, can go, worship, it regards as to be companion of ideal, can't be really obsessed with him. Inferior man, give you confidence, enable any woman to see one's own value, that is stepping-stone. Medium-sized man is the most suitable, let you give up as hopeless nor. The car products can be regarded subdividing as advancedly and hitting end and low end products. The first-class car is the imported goods, dozens of up to a million input easily, it is a supreme ideal to regard as; It is the sample goods to make and wait for bus, look, has not gone to really buy; The medium-sized car is the most suitable, the cost performance is the highest. How to find this medium-sized car? So long as you go to the street to have a look and know! That kind of car is the most, that is. Ten minutes at the station on Shanghai Nanjing Road, you knew. Tin Box China Tin Cans Dvd Box Wholesale Tin Containers Tin Can ManufactoryCd Box Supplier Metal Tin Box Manufacture Tin Box For Food Leather Handbag Pet Carrier Leather handbags
4.Life thrifty and sweetness and bitterness
Select the husband or consider living, the little woman who especially actually would not live, must look for another hardworking and thrifty good man talent and walk. " only buy the right one, does not select the expensive one " It is very suitable that this folk adage is used here. That to select car want, select fuel-efficient car, buy car consider while being essential!
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All right, the above it is little woman that summarize come out select the to select the car to pass, only for big fellow's reference, can't the original edition is copied word by word
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