The first memory

Someone once asked what I believe in, I said I what all not faith, not only what I don't believe in China, at least 13 people like me, not what the belief. He listened very surprised, he felt no faith is a very terrible thing, because there is no faith means no bottom line, and once a person has no bottom line, you can do whatever you want, including crime. So later to some so-called "interest" thing, often someone asked what I believe in, I will say that I believe in Buddhism, I said I believed in Buddhism is not to say how much I know about the Buddha, I don't even know what is Buddha, just read some Buddhist music, read some books about Buddhism. Buddhist music can make people settling down from the impetuous, can from thousands of their own to find the most fundamental himself, while Buddhism proclaim interpretation of life. In the Buddha's definition, life has no beginning or end, the existence of any life is to practice, practice is the result of an effort to better improve their own. Buddha said: after death, there will be an invisible thing out of the body, this kind of thing without any of the weight, no shape, just is a ray of light. But this light gathered tens of millions of the world's energy, he is constantly revised, so again and again into plant and animal or human, until one day he felt that he had the most perfect, without any defect, then into Elysian Fields, enjoy the inexhaustible joy. Buddha said: a person can decide life and death, but when the moment he left the body, suddenly wake up, no longer adhere to the world, he will weigh whether already from the world got what they wanted, if have, he would leave without hesitation, then look for another he does not have a thing.
Faith, your letter, he had. Although these against science, but always don't believe that the destruction of the. Everything comes from nature, numerous small molecules and molecular ratio of smaller things together into some specific things, if one day this combination can't keep balance, but is these specific what is broken, but the formation of those molecules and the score of sub smaller things still walk in nature. So, a lot of what we've lost, he has in fact been on our side, but he is no longer with peculiar shape, but they had never left. So, if one day, to those who have lost, we are sad sad, please do not believe that they had gone away, but they now Elysian Fields distance more and more near, or they have been in the Elysian Fields enjoy endless joy.
In the face of great difficulties, one is always easy to despair, everything seems to be due to the difficulties cease abruptly. Everything seems to be no hope. So tortured in too pessimistic in their own thoughts, is blocked until almost schizophrenic. In fact, every person, every family life will experience at least one great difficulty, because all things are in a spiral, in the rising process will have a low, while the lowest valley is the biggest difficulty. This is why people should be vigilant in peace time, in the face of great difficulties, compared to the pessimistic, people should be more optimistic, even forcing your optimism. This is because, first of all, once you reach the bottom, then must start to rise, that person's luck once bad to the extreme, and the inevitable is getting better and better. Secondly, the mood of people is a small magnetic field, everything is interrelated, the pessimistic mood will only attract more pessimistic. Moreover, all its own, what must happen, why do unnecessary worry all day. Whenever you don't forget, man is but a drop in the ocean, want to control everything with the spirit, can only be called the absurd.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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