Industrial Ultrasound Cleaning

Applying a protective coating layer (copper, zinc and etc.) on a metal surface demands carrying out a complex of measures. pondli Doubtlessly, a cleaning procedure is one of the most essential preparation tasks that implies remnants of conservation or drawing grease elimination. The procedure aims at coolants, salt raids, mechanical impurities and metallic corrosion elements disposal.

How it works

The procedure of cleaning consists of a series of complex physical and chemical processes. Most often, surface cleaning is carried out in detergent environments. Cleaning medium should have a high chemical activity, plus it should effectively loosen, destroy and dissolve the dirt film, eliminating undesirable substance from the surface of the material. In addition, lamm cleaning fluid must have the anti-corrosion properties to guarantee extensive reliability. To improve the quality of cleaning an extra effort is typically required, and this effort power is achieved due to the ultrasonic vibrations.

Ultrasonic vibrations phenomenon lainglaing

Ultrasonic cleaning method is based on the phenomenon that occurs in liquids under excitation of vibrations of intense frequency. What is especially important is the phenomenon of cavitation -that ensures gas bubbles slamming (the bubbles are emerged during the compression and expansion of the fluid). The reason for the exceptional efficiency of cavitation consists in affecting the surface of the material directly. Cavitation is also accompanied by extensive hydrostatic pressure that contributes to dirt elements detaching.

Producing ultrasonic vibration camellia502's diary

Today ultrasonic vibrations are mainly generated by piezoelectric transducers based on lead zirconate titanate. When exposed to an alternating voltage on the piezoceramic plate, it begins to oscillate intensively at certain resonance frequency. Transferring the ultrasonic vibration transducers in the solution is carried out by radiators, which have a certain size and shape to create the necessary conditions and the occurrence of cavitation as a result, improve the quality of purification.

It is believed that ultrasound cleaning blows away a better part of its competition: the eco-friendly and totally effective cleaning personal In the age of austerity, frugality and thorough optimization the cleaning method that boosts the performance of a standard technique seems to be totally profitable.
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