Like golf

Golf is a superior sport, is the movement of a few people, successful people to own reward, once a bonus for your past efforts. We can think about a thousand acres of ground, there are so many service people, but it can only accommodate dozens of people playing on it, it is impossible to become a mass movement, I have not seen such possibility, if you must To think so, that is a lie, I tell the truth.

I probably hit more than 100 balls a year, the average spend 2000 dollars a ball. Go south in the winter to play, play to spend 20 million yuan, the stay is 10 million, and a total of $ 30 million. I am 50 years old, I have another 30 years of ball I play the money of 10 million yuan in the future, which is not consider inflation, does not consider depreciation. A working-class or even an annual salary of 100 million people did not dare to like me so play, he could play 30, 40 games, the annual salary of 100 million people can not put 30% of his income out to play, 公司註冊 dba2a06dkhe was for the house, but also There are a lot of consumption.

So I think this is a movement of a few people, but it does not matter to most people, it is a great temptation, drove a green grass and beautiful venues, you will tell their own efforts, successful, become a successful person, will it be possible to enter the stadium to play, this is encouragement to many young people.

Like I used to support the REN's statement, China said the house is very expensive, many people say that you must spend a lot of money to buy, because it is a scarce resource. Why do you say to a young man just graduated from university to buy affordable house, it is unreasonable, a university graduate will be able to enjoy the same thing to me, that the past few decades is not white we did this ?

I have often said, the opportunity should be fair, a lot of people want to become directors, and no one can be when, but not everyone is a director of the brand, I have my brand precisely because after many years of hard work and struggle. Therefore, I think that is the dream of a successful golf to a lot of people depicted. My experience is playing for so many years golf: Golf is the movement of a small number of people can not belong to the majority of people in the future; it will take up a lot of my time, but I'm willing.
by fashiongirl | 2013-02-01 11:25

All time is no time when it is past.

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