Maintenance of fabric sofa

Cloth sofa colors, fashionable, can unpick and wash, easy to take care of, by the welcome, here are some how to choose the maintenance of fabric sofa knowledge for reference.

Cloth sofa choice: now cloth sofa style and brand more and more, but more choices but more do not know how to choose. Not found satisfactory, but love too much, Landscape product dab2d12ck do not know how to choose.

The choice of colors

The color of the sofa and color to the living room decoration contrast, that is to say, living room and the overall color coordination. If the color of the living room decoration is deep, brightly colored sofa may choose, such as white, pale green, sky blue, orange, the entire room to break the boring visuals; if the floor and walls the color of shallow, sofa to the relatively dark color, can choose to gray, brown, black.

In addition, the color of the sofa and timber and other living room furniture line. If the TV cabinet, coffee table to choose walnut color, the color of the sofa if not the same color, preferably have the same color, and handrails, sofa is the best stand of walnut; if other living room furniture, metal, glass structure, the arm of the sofa, metal stent is the best, the color can be deep sofa available light.

Size selection

Sitting room area is larger can choose from 1 + 2 + 3 sofa, can be placed in pairs sitting type, family sitting together to have a harmonious atmosphere; living room small, a corner of the sofa with a randomly placed footstool is enough, after work in the singles can lie or sitting on top of it, and can also be a loved one back to back or embracing sitting above the chat, watch TV, babyclothwear to create two world romantic.

Choice of fabric sofa pay attention to what

Of course, the choice of sofa should not ignore or the quality of the sofa. Quality assurance, the first to choose the good reputation of home furnishing stores, the mall has not only quality assurance, can also provide professional delivery and installation services.

At the same time we must pay attention to the following details: first, fabric sofa frame should be to exceed stable structure, dry hardwood, should not have prominent place, but the edge should have the edge in order to highlight the shape of the sofa; secondly, the main connection to a reinforcing device, connected with a frame through glue and screws inserted, either, bonding, bolted or whistle connection, must keep every connected firmly to ensure life. In order to safe and comfortable seat, backrest must have the same requirements; finally, if the sofa with foam material, biscuit tin box its surrounding must fill cotton or polyester fiber, in order to ensure comfortable, no deformation.

How the maintenance of fabric sofa

Cloth sofa design beautiful, comfortable to sit, but there also will always worry about the cleanliness of cloth art sofa. But now the cloth sofa sets can unpick and wash, if necessary, we can even for sofa order several different " coat ", at any time to sofa " dress up ".
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