hard product to shop around

Petrol is a hard product to shop around and get cheaper as it is expensive everywhere! However if you do have daily long journeys it is worth shopping around on the usual route and stocking up from the cheapest place. The other tips are a little obvious in that you should leave the car at home if possible (you will be doing your bit for the environment as well!).JiaBaojigeno145geze Walk to your local shops, walk to your local school, walk wherever you can. Work out if its more economic to take the bus or take your car. Plan ahead and do a big supermarket shop, so you're not using your car to get to the shops every other day. If you know you have a numbers of errands try and do them in groups rather than one a day. If you are going a particular way anticipate all the other you needs to get done in the next few days that use the same route.

Utility Bills

Electric and gas bills again are very hard to reduce especially as we are all used to switching the heat on and off whenever we fancy. Again chopping and changing energy providers makes very little difference. They all declare millions of pounds of profit every year. They appear to have very little sympathy with their customers do not appear to be that bothered knowing how little choice we customers have. The only way I have managed to have any control over these is to break down the massive winter bills and pay by direct debit. The savings made by paying by direct debit are not really worth mentioning. But maybe it is worth following the little tips like turning down the thermostat by 1 degree, time the heating for when you really feel you need it, for example first thing in the morning, when you get in from work,etc. Wear warmer clothing - biscuit tin box I can't survive without my cardigan and socks first thing in the morning!

If you can afford to have the loft insulated, the government now have grants for some families on some low incomes and receiving tax credits.

Double glazing is very expensive but if you haven't already got it it's well worth investing in especially if you have long term plans to stay in that place.

Should you have a small family you should definitely have a water meter fitted. Water meters are fantastic way of making big savings. I managed to cut one third off my bill. Other smaller ways of making savings are by having showers instead of baths. Only boil the kettle for the amount of water you needs - this saves water and electricity. The water companies provide free expandable bags which you put in the cistern uses less water every time you flush. Only use the dishwasher and washing machine when you have full loads.tin box for food Try not to use the tumble dryer if the weather is good! Turn everything off standby contrary to what some people believe standby does use electricity!
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All time is no time when it is past.

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