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In the industrial sector for the LED store may be infeasible vexed when, yesterday, the Shenzhen city green Semiconductor Lighting Limited ( hereinafter referred to as the green lighting ) in Beijing high-key roll out for the domestic market of high-end brand -- " happy hundred years", dab8d29ck and in Beijing in ten lanterns decorative city built the first domestic high-end LED lighting store shop reenex facial.

In people impression, LED lighting is lighting market, sales of " luxury ", they are often on display in the lighting market, large supermarket in a certain corner. In the industry say, they want to store, must have crossed product line single, high price, lack of professional talents, lack of brand, product positioning is not clear wait for a few Dakan.

Recently opened "the happy hundred years" store in Beijing area of over 100 square meters, products include flat lamp, ceiling lamp, lamp, grille lamp, track lights and a series of products. Green lighting general manager Chen Baodong disclosed to reporters, " Hi " one hundred years of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Urumqi and other shops will also be in the fourth quarter opened. " In 2014, we should be in the whole nation built 30 operations center, 300 stores, 500 dealers. " Chen Baodong says.

What gives the green lighting so much energy? The reporter interviews understanding to arrive, green lighting is currently the largest domestic LED flat lamp manufacturing enterprises, is the LED flat lamp Yao Jia Tao lean fold > Xun steep a ED network " the first half of 2012 China LED interior lighting export competitiveness ranking statistics, green lighting flat lamp research and development and sales in the nation first. The Shanghai World Expo the Russian Museum, China State Grid Corp Xidan office building, built in Shenzhen city since the largest investment projects -- photoelectric projects have adopted green lighting products reenex.

And other LED lighting company to order corrective is, has 15 years of history of the green lighting attaches great importance to product research and development. The R D investment accounted for over 6% of sales, research and development technical staff accounted for about 10% of the total number of staff. Only since 2008, green lighting LED lighting have obtained 37 patents. In August this year, the company became the first domestic international carbon footprint of the lighting business.

China's semiconductor lighting industry alliance project and the deputy secretary-general Yang Lanfang to reporters said, LED lighting registration as long as breakthrough price point, LED lighting market will suddenly enlarged. Green lighting is high-key the establishment of store, Android TV remote should see the tremendous opportunity.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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