studies in the meta-analysis

According to Zhou Yong introduced, in all studies in the meta-analysis, for a large consumption of Allium vegetables reduce the risk of gastric cancer, the onion, garlic, garlic ( leaf ), leek, onion, particular analysis results were similar: daily increase of Allium vegetables consumption of 20 grams, can be reduced by about 10% of the risk of gastric cancer, " generally speaking, reishiis the 1/5 onions, or a head of garlic ".
Garlic can prevent gastric cancer natural delight, but the public to eat the onion and garlic in various ways, different eat whether the effect would be different? For example, some people advocate raw, some people advocate cooking and eating, more people will be fried garlic and its scent, who still loves to eat vinegar water. Well-known tumor nutrition expert Professor Shi Hanping thinks, eat garlic anti gastric problems quite important, if which undermine the allicin, even if it is to eat more no use.
" All plant foods either vegetable or fruit, are the best raw. " Shi Hanping said, eat raw garlic will cause stomach stimulation, may cause stomach, taste is hard to swallow. Recommend raw garlic do not fasting to eat, the best way is to eat after the meal. If not eaten raw, recommend the best processing method is the microwave oven heating or steam, can reduce the damage of food nutrition.
According to Shi Hanping introduced, in our daily life the most commonly used boiled method can make food in the water soluble nutrients loss, and fry is in addition to destroy nutrients, high temperature will cause a harmful chemical substances. " Many people are afraid of garlic taste stimuli, that a good soak with vinegar, but will also destroy the garlic nutrients in. "
However, experts emphasize, maintain a healthy diet is just one aspect of prevention of cancer. Keep a good living habit, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, eat smoked foods high in sodium,reishi sealand refused to tobacco and alcohol to be able to make the body more healthy. While the long-term consumption of garlic can prevent gastric cancer, but is not equal to the " treatment " of gastric cancer. If you suffer from gastrointestinal disorders, still should promptly seek medical treatment.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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