Kinhom furniture procurement

Factory wholesale model lift Kinhom furniture procurement of a new era name
This month 7 days, by the National Federation of home furnishing decoration industry association led by global home furnishing trade distribution platform first provincial office furniture wholesale center Kinhom office furniture factory in Shenzhen Sungang in the wholesale city. dab5d63ck Hundreds of thousands of office furniture, more than 1000 category combination exhibiting, coupled with substantially lower than the market price of the factory wholesale price, office furniture factory wholesale city opening its first day of operation to absorb people have more than one million million, clinch a deal tr90 ageloc.
Sungang hippocampus is a has a 60000 square meters of office furniture stores, as the largest professional office furniture store, the office furniture factory wholesale city in the operation, caused the attention of all circles personage. The reporter understands, wholesale city site brings together various category of various styles of hundreds of thousands of office products, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, contracted wind wind wind wind, deluxe ... ... Have everything that one expects to find, meet the needs of different consumers, it's no wonder that the site can attract huge crowds of people flow, and caused the industry once again caused a stir, office furniture again blowout sale reenex facial.
The author field tour found, many showrooms are poll emerges move, lively and extraordinary, the factory representative was to come to the procurement of office furniture products, the customer to round, everyone busy to help customers under the orders, the scene of popular sentiment continued. Furniture warehouse responsible person said, with the sharp rise in the volume of orders, has been ahead of supply arrangements, to ensure adequate volume, can satisfy the consumer purchases a large number of demand.
The seahorse office furniture factory wholesale city the biggest characteristic, is the use of F2C mode, i.e. directly from the factory in the face of consumers, eliminating intermediate links in circulation, for consumers to save cost. Office furniture and civilian furniture differs in that office furniture overall nature and the enterprise, the rigid demand characteristic makes office furniture procurement has limitations. From a professional store cannot be provided to the consumer products rich, comfortable, perfect customer service, sales maintenance, the hippocampus Sungang office furniture factory wholesale city in order to enrich the product as the biggest attraction, through simple product category plus a rich combination of furniture, package recommended, style list and material combination optimization category structure, with dimensions effects of cost sharing, realizes the affordable price and rich category of organic union, for all the procurement to provide a high quality office furniture procurement platform.
According to the hippocampus Sungang office furniture factory wholesale city responsible person said,Office furniture cabinet wholesale city opening operation on the first day of all types of office furniture shipments to the first half of 2012 peak, wherein, classes Taiwan sales significantly, up to 5 become, this center warehouse colleagues also intensify the shipment, and strive to do follow warehouse management work, make sure furniture on time to customer office.
It is reported, the wholesale city live prices substantially lower than the market price, enterprises and individuals to purchase can share the factory wholesale price, all the factory wholesale price office furniture products, there are wholesale city "unlimited" supply guarantee, supply adequate, affordable, in addition, can enjoy a office provides high quality after sale service. It is understood, wholesale city begins the first day ( August 7th), the hippocampus Sungang office furniture factory wholesale city to induct to flow more than 10000, 10000 sets of furniture for the singular, set the office furniture industry single single store sales record.
Industry experts said the global trading platform, home furnishing center first provincial office furniture wholesale center located in the hippocampus of office furniture factory wholesale city, can effectively promote the office furniture industry development, its high integration degree also can fundamentally for consumers to save cost, on the future of office furniture industry development trend has a profound guiding significance.
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