diode multimeters test methods

Ordinary light emitting diode multimeters test methods

Using a multimeter to R x 10 K gear measurement

Utilization of x 10 k Ω to block of an analogue meter can approximately determining the quality of the light emitting diode. Normal, dab4d58ck diode positive for dozens of resistance tolerance to 200 k Ω, reverse resistance value is ∝. If positive resistance value is 0 or for ∞, reverse resistance is very small or is 0, the damaged. Kind of testing method, can't see the light shine on the tube, because x 10 k Ω block can't provide larger LED to positive current fully furnished apartment.

To use two pieces of a multimeter with measurement

If there are two pieces of pointer multimeter (best model) is better able to check the glowing leds. With a wire will be one of the multimeter "+" terminals and the other a watch "" terminals connection. The rest of the "" pen be measured by the positive light tube (P area), the rest of the "+" pen by the glow of the tube was negative (N area). Two pieces of a multimeter all buy x 10 Ω block. Normally, it can be normal after connect to shine. If brightness is low, even light, can be in two pieces of all dial multimeter to multiply one Ω if, if still very dark, even light, show the leds performance bad or damage. Should pay attention to, not a start measuring will two pieces in a multimeter multiply one Ω, lest too much electricity, damage the leds Travel deals.

External auxiliary power measurement

Use 3 V voltage source or two series of the dry batteries and a multimeter (pointer type or digital all can) can be more accurate measuring leds light, and the electrical characteristics. This may according to the figure 10 shows connection circuit can. If the VF in 1.4 ~ 3 V and between normal light brightness, can explain the normal light. If the VF = 0 or VF we 3 V, and not to shine, and that has bad light tube.
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