Screen type

Screen variety, according to the general form, theme, material and technology division of the majority. Recorded in ancient books screen type is rich, the" notes Xijing" with" Zhao Hede house Zhaoyang house with wood painting screen". " Tang" is" Fang Xuanling collection of ancient and modern home commandment book on screen". The Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu said: "the silver candle autumn cold screen, light Luo Xiaoshan fireflies. operable wall Its cool water at night, Petunia vega." Qing Qian Longdi as" wear Yang said" one article, right " hit" idiom questioned, Qian Longdi ordered craftsmen produced 12 fan folding screen, personally the 538 word pen writing on screen.

According to the construction division, the screen has the screen ( also known as a screen ), folding screen ( also known as Qu Ping ), hanging screen, screen, Kang Table screen (also known as the inkstone screen ).

According to the subject, the screen has the history, literature, religion, mythology, folklore, landscapes figures, Longfeng birds and flowers, there will be framed calligraphy and painting Yu Ping surface or on the screen directly calligraphy painting. In addition to elegant chic antique screen, with antique glassware and exquisite accessories for the subject matter, many with flower, do not have a bookish, meaning " on the ancient but knowledge and ability, can the world museum".

According to the material and technology division, the screen has the lacquer screen, carved wooden screens, stone screen, silk screen screen, mica, glass screen, glass screens, bamboo screens, metal screen,operable partition screen, disk block Enamel Inlay screens etc.. The different process of making screen each has its own merits., jade inlaid class hierarchy is clear, exquisitely carved; lacquer painting class colors, can such as Fairview; carved fill Qiangjin class lines smooth, magnificent; engraved grey run color class blade sharp, rhythm and. One of the categories of lacquer screen, generally to pine for the fetal bone, wood is stable, not easy to crack shape. Some high-end screen screen is painted carved lacquer painting, red sandalwood, rosewood and other high-end frame for wood

Screens are generally site type and multiwing folding type two, in the form of a transparent, translucent, closed and the hollowed-out type.

In spaced, generally closed for good, high above the horizontal line of sight of people. In order to Wai Kok, can adopt a hollow type, is lively and vibrant. If it is used to shelter from the line of sight of people, will be the best screen made of ninety degree angle form. If only for decoration, is a transparent or translucent effect is better. Different seasons can also choose different textures, different colors of the screen. As of fall, screen colors should be bright; summer, should choose light color, can make the bedroom appears fresh cool.

The fashion is iron screen, according to different seasons replace the upper cloth. Chinese screens, all through the ages a wide variety. In addition to the traditional site type, a folding fan, and appeared in recent years, hanging screen, table screen, screen, such as fire phone screen, decoration in addition to painting, painting, silk screen, there are bamboo, straw sticking Tim screen carved screen, bamboo, silk screen inlaid wood panel, frosted glass screen, high bamboo stick partition screen, these more decorative effect. On display should be with the overall home furnishing environmental harmony.

Screen is the home of wealth Guardian level, want to keep home in wealth, in the audience must pay attention to Tibetan wind one, this screen will contribute to the house." Wind of gas reservoir". company formation The color can be lucky, have color screens is the improvement of a simple method for the fortune Feng shui. Application of screen colors to match the range home the five elements attribute can be flourishing wealth.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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