Stupid mobile phone

" Stupid mobile phone" road in He Fang
2012-02-13 Huicong electronic statistical data shows, in 2011 the global mobile phone sold a total of 1550000000,acer tablet than in 2010 increased by 150000000, grew 10.7%, wherein the intelligent mobile phone in mobile phone sales growth played a key role. In 2011 the global intelligent mobile phone sales reached 468900000, compared with 2010 282000000, grow 66.7% compared to the same period.

Intelligent mobile phone mobile phone manufacturers in 2011 sales ranking change also plays a role in determining. Nokia in 2011 pin out of 470000000 mobile phone, while keep its mobile phone sales of the first position, but the market share dropped from 32% in 2010 to 27% in 2011. motorola xoomAs the Nokia mobile phone R & D in intelligence retardation, led to the Nokia mobile phone market share continued to decline.

Samsung is sold in 2011 329000000 of mobile phone, and the mobile phone intelligent card, make Samsung and Nokia in 2011 the narrowing gap. According to the French Research Institute IDC forecast in 2012, Samsung may exceed the Nokia mobile phone sales of the first brand to become.

Intelligent mobile phone only sell the apple in 2011 surpassed LG ZTE and, in third, the total sold 93000000 mobile phone, which accounts for 6% of the global market share. ZTE is more with its affordable price, excellent performance of the Android system intelligent mobile phone, the Sony Ericsson, HTC, Motorola ( HTC ) and blackberry brand off, firmly holding mobile phone sales volume fifth position. ZTE mobile phone in 2011 Annual sold 66100000, occupy 4.3% of the market share.

Market research agency TransparencyMarketResearch latest report prediction, intelligent mobile phone sales at the end of 2015 to 1050000000 the Department of.

Through the above data can be seen in the intelligent mobile phone in mobile phone market occupying the role play a decisive role, non intelligence" stupid mobile phone" while still occupy the mainstream market, but for intelligent mobile phone have been superseded by the day is not too distant flyer " Mobile phone so stupid" after all is the road in He Fang?
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All time is no time when it is past.

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