Malignant competition

Malignant competition, excessive physical examination, price and quality do not match, management is non-standard wait for a problem perplexes industry development
Although development is swift and violent, but the reporter understands in interview, many consumers of medical industry, especially the private medical institutions of professional, accuracy, normative questions.
" Our examination are units of the organization, a few years ago is a public hospital medical team on-site service, two years into a private medical institutions, the environment and facilities do better than before, but from the entire examination process, feel money Douhua in pride, staff level is too bad even the terminology, some say not clear." In a Beijing institution work of Ms Xu told the reporter, the most amazing is that a medical report, the Department of more than 40 people in the routine blood test results were similar, both in the normal range. "In the past, every year can be detected several people have problems, there is also a long-term cholesterol exceed the standard colleagues, this is normal, it makes people doubt whether they test our blood? Is it right? With reference to the normal value fill data?"
" Once I got iritis, in private medical institutions examination the doctor did not see it, I think that the eye fatigue, almost delayed treatment." Working in a foreign company Sheng Lili tells a reporter, then she and her family had been at his own expense to the public hospital examination.
Another netizen hair post tells us in a private medical institutions experience: do B ultrasound examination the doctor doing examination, side and daughter chat. When the doctor said plainly check B ultrasound of the liver a little problem, in the physical examination report became the gall bladder problems.
A number of private medical institutions of the price, also let consumers like have a blurred vision, difficult situation. " I mainly in the online for parents choose medical card, some institutions project hundreds of yuan, and then hit a low discount. I compare, check the project almost, different body prices do much worse, plus those medical terms, we these laymen really cannot read!" Ji small says helplessly.
In response to these doubts, weeks was born to tell a reporter, health examination market due to the higher degree of specialization, asymmetric information, more need standardized management. In his view, the current main existing excessive physical examination market and malignant competition problem. " Some medical institutions to compete for high-end medical market, launch included pat CT, nuclear magnetic resonance and other radiological examinations of the project, do not waste the limited medical resources, to customers of the body also hurt."
Price war is the most common form of medical institutions to compete. Week students:" there was once a medical institution in advertisements: 296 yuan 300 physical examination, an average of less than 1 yuan a, may? By reducing prices to attract customers, on physical examination for the healthy development of the industry particularly adverse."
"The price is really part of the private medical institutions the existing problems." Sun Liguang told the reporters, non-profit medical institutions pricing strictly abide by the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission to develop medical service fees, private institutions due to execute price record system, its pricing is mainly based on market supply and demand relationship determined. Beijing City medical quality control center in recent years the inspection, found that some medical institutions price oneself out of the market, more is to contend for the market, in the market marketing try various devices to depress the price. An industry source, reduce the cost of a lot of ways, for example from the field of small outpatient department employed medical personnel to reduce labor cost; subtracting the necessary physical examination project; the use of cheap reagents; the purchase of second-hand equipment.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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