the old Tangqi

Film is engraved with the old Tangqi
In 80, the Tangqi sugarcane great reputation. Every November, water sugar cane market begins lively rise. The farmer put sugar into boats, buyers directly on board the selection of suitable sugar cane,Hong Kong water slide shipped to Suzhou, Shanghai and other places to go, the general will continue to Spring Festival around. Sugarcane planting in Tangqi was a major economic source of income of farmer.
Chia was when Tangqi more characteristics of an old alley, now it has built many houses. The woman, dressed like this is a very fashionable. At the end of the 80's, a fashion wind blowing, the young girls began to pay attention to dress up.
At the end of the 80's, franchise bike shop, but the bicycle or common people home large. At that time travel by walking, who a bike that man. A bike for 160 yuan, the equivalent of two months' salary.

At the end of the 70's, the ferry is busy every day. Henan shore to shore, Hebei farmer vegetable farm, choose the ferry, a boat can take more than 20 people.
American fried chicken fried duck appeared in Tangqi, caused a small sensation. The shop door every day of a long row of the team, people of all ages and both sexes of this emerging food are very interested in business, full
This place is called character bridge, this bridge is the axle oil. Axle oil connecting both sides of the canal, HK plastic woodis an important transportation channel. Now the axle oil had been removed, the picture of old house can all make only superficial changes.
Trainee reporter Jin Jing
From 1978 December start, candid young friends" canal wind", began with footage of Tangqi.
The first film festival, these photographs, engraved with the old Tangqi foundation.
Candid young friends" canal wind" is 58 years old this year, the Yuhang Linping, home to 15 kilometers from Tangqi.
He said:" the 70's of the last century, I just started playing the photography, also do not know what film, Tangqi close to home, and the canal from the town across the river, the life is very interesting, I often took the camera to shooting over there, on 1985 was established in the Yuhang area Photographers Association, association in Tangqi. Various folk activities, I often go to Tangqi, started the project, system of Tangqi ancient town people's lives, water style, characteristic street ... ..."
This concern is 30 years.
" I look at the old photo, a lot of places now have become a many-storied buildings. Social development is very rapid, Tangqi has changed a lot. I put the photo to see some great habitat, they all have feeling very much, because they had experienced, see the familiar scene, but also to tell a story with me. But after 80 young people do not understand these photos,Hong Kong safety surfaceI look to them, they feel very strange."
Snapshot snapshot network is being carried out in the first film festival. Will choose a champion in 2, the award of film 100; runner-up 2, 50 runner-up in the award of film; 2, the award of film 20.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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