flash explosion

Crooked eye bye hook flash explosion eye makeup
How to create a charming eye? Painted eyeliner and shadow is the key! Little eyeliner and shadow is also the great learning. Dashed over askew eyeliner and eye shadow appear trite and insignificant said Bye Bye, small today make up teach teach you how to draw eyes, to sell bigger God "size uppercut" eye makeup. The new year the most eye-catching appearance, in the few pen!
Eyes are small, in the makeup is very important. But many people often complain about the makeup, difficult to draw out. Many MM certainly have had with colorful colored eye makeup tools but do not know how to do. Today Xiaobian teach teach you how to draw eyes, to sell bigger God "size uppercut" eye makeup. The new year the most eye-catching appearance, in the few pen!
Variety of Eye Makeup Foundation: small uppercut
Just draw the eye will not appear monotonous oh. A single picture on tail slightly on the pick" hooked", will be able to look for charging. If coupled with new year golden shine and inward eye shadow, vivid and eyes of God, the 2012 brightest must belong to you.
Step 1: matte brown eye shadow
Use eye shadow brush dipped in earth colors eye shadow, from below the eye brow concave back belt, eye type variable depth, nose Yamane more stereo.
Small tips: with Yu Fendai to the post orbital office, can create a natural sense of three-dimensional eye shadow, instant formation!
Step 2: pearl eye head
Dip the pearlescent meticulous eye shadow, the eye shadow stick to do before the 1 / 3 eye head up, increase eye lively sense.
Step 3: Golden Eye
The gold Eyeliner fine paintings in the original rise above the liner, increased eye level sense. If the fear of too exaggerated, just draw the eye first 1 / 3 place.
Step 4: bright eye liner
Selection of angle eye shadow brush, dip in with shiny metallic eye color, painting on the roots of eyelashes, so that the eye more amplification!
Variety of eye makeup Sublimation: small uppercut + big uppercut
If you feel" small uppercut" is not eye-catching do? Use eye shadow to strengthen it, can make makeup effect soft and not sharp, but also adds color to the sense of hierarchy, plus eye end false eyelashes, immediately turned gorgeous beautiful eye!
Step 1: Shadow enhancement effect
Using chromogenic effect excellent Eye Pencil Eyeliner, paintings stacked above, can strengthen the effect of liner, and the ratio of only Eyeliner appear more soft, full of color layers.
Step 2: an elongated end of eye
Use sponge stick eye shadow from inside to outside to do detailed halo, in the ending position of the eye shadow halo elongated.
Step 3: the silver liner
Silver eyeliner can neutralize strong sense on the makeup, the silver eyeliner to fill in the eyelids, can make your eyes become bright god.
Step 4: the end of eye lashes
False eyelashes halved, from the end of the 1 / 3 line began to paste, make makeup effect more charming
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All time is no time when it is past.

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