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British female Wu Chi European Communication Chinese Kung Fu went to Wudang Mountains to learn Tai Chi
" British Wudang disciple Lucia so dedicated, HTC flyer p512not only learned Tai Chi form, but also learned Tai Chi god!" The day before yesterday ( lunar January 6 ) at noon, the news channel of CCTV new year" Wuzhou line" special episode," British female Wu Chi, ten years the work " for the problem, reported the British Wudang female disciple Lucia during the Spring Festival with master Yuan Limin in Paris ( France), Amsterdam ( Holland), D sseldorf ( Germany ), Rome ( Italy) to teach Kung Fu.
It is understood, and the Jieyuan, 10 years learning to promote the Tai Chi Lucia is now the European center trainee reporter of cctv. From 2002 onwards, she joined London to teach Tai Chi Master to learn Tai Chi, 3 years later, Lucia traveled to Wudang Mountains, met the Wudang basaltic sent fifteenth generation descendant of Yuan Limin.
In the 6 month trip to Wudang Mountains, Lucia mainly learn Tai Chi, Tai Chi sword, its every day to practice 6 to 8 hours. Though life is a bit hard, but she felt very happy, also with the brothers learned some simple chinese. " In order to make better understanding of Tai Chi, I began a systematic study of Chinese language, Chinese characters, writing Chinese characters",samsung galaxysaid Lucia, Chinese learning process actually and learn Tai Chi process has many similarities, all need to lay a solid foundation, step by step. Therefore, in order to learn Chinese, Lucia has been devoted to return to his alma mater University of London Kings College a year studying chinese. In 2010, the school 's recommendation, she went to Beijing Normal University. In the summer vacation, she returned to Wudang Mountains official worship Yuan Limin as a teacher, becoming the female students. Later, in the fifth session of Tai Chi International fraternity convention, she won the silver medal.
Last year, Yuan Limin bring his disciples to France for Wudang Kung Fu show great success, Lucia learned that his dream is to make the Kung Fu in the world carry forward, like Shaolin Kung Fu as well known, this let Lucia sprouted up in London opened and taught reading. Subsequently, she posted everywhere through network and advertising, the first class will attract Laishiyu students. Although the school is the place in London to a small library in the community, but we get very seriously. With this good start, Lucia hopes to Wudang kung fu training can insist to do, and do better and better.
Now, in the master Yuan Limin 's advice, Lucia consciously take the spread abroad of Wudang martial arts mission, to become a cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign folk ambassador.
With Yuan Limin yesterday told reporters, study mandarin in Wudang Mountains, similar to Lucia's story and there are many," every year to Wudang martial art learning foreign disciples have twenty thousand or thirty thousand people, they all the time in Wudang story staged, is the cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries continue to write a new chapter!
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All time is no time when it is past.

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