A ponytail

I am 34 years old this year, many people are not familiar with the sight of me, that is about 25 years old. A ponytail, sports clothes, and my husband went out to buy fruit, the boss asked:" is he your father?" ( she can think of our age difference are very big, and speech expression was very close, so the questions to ask my husband of 37 years old ), a doctor, in fact, maintenance of good. Maybe I looked so young, so misunderstood.
Said above, is not to show off, just feel qualified to send this post about experience. If the sisters felt wrong, also had seen a laugh.
I think women have a recipe for eternal youth, no more do two things: to maintain the body, the skin of young.
A lot of girls to lose weight, or use advanced skin care products, but the effect is not ideal. Because of these two, is from the external to repair the body, but the most fundamental, but should pay attention to the intrinsic. As the slogan: the beauty of a woman, to be by inside and the maintenance.
My inner nature is not good. His frail health, the university had a small accident. However many years tone down, my body restored many, even than I have many classmates good health. Then I will talk about my experience:
Get up in the morning, drink a cup of honey pollen royal jelly water, eat a spoonful. Although the royal jelly have hormone, but usually do not eat fried chicken and the like, simply never mind, my legal holiday has been very accurate. Now many by hormone ripening of poultry, actually contain much higher than the bee products hormone.
Then, is the bubble a pot of tea. I drink tea has for two years, weight loss of seven or eight kg. Of course, this is a very slow process, my intention is not to lose weight, so don't care. Feel the biggest benefits, let me excretion. Not have loose bowels, but has the law, every 1-2 time, drink one or two cup, have the feeling to the toilet. Women than men, the digestive system is weaker, so women are more likely to have constipation. This is the archenemy of female beauty: see so much rubbish in vivo, to health harmful. Therefore, it is very important to excretion, I every day until it too, can feel at ease to work and eat.
I drink tea, turned out to be my husband of a patient to send.
Drank a few cups of tea, after using the toilet, the stomach is hungry. If it is not summer, also not menstruating, is to eat a few mouthfuls of homemade gelatin. I was " Dong'e county" add add sesame walnut ( sometimes not buy, with sesame paste ) and red dates and medlar brown sugar boiled, these things have twisted plane trip to break.
Eat donkey-hide gelatin after eating grains, sweet potato is placed in a microwave oven to cooked, or porridge, or convenience stores to buy corn. If there is appetite, eat an apple. Finished the work ( I usually go to bed early, get up early, so let me breakfast beat that: - )
In the unit, I drink tea. Most own fruit, in the afternoon to eat a little. I was at home with a little teapot, where to put a small cup, put it on the table does not account for what place, units in the drinking water machine. Instead of boiling water, enough heat on the line. One day down, tea light, after work no longer drink, or there may be swelling and puffiness.
My lunch eats in the unit, only one element eating, sometimes will eat the fish, but not fried fish, nor touch the hairtail fish like high cholesterol. If it is oily dishes, in the water dip entrance.
The dinner is more complicated, I cook a pot of soup of Tremella red dates, wolfberry, add, lotus seeds, beans, barley, corn, black beans, angelica, Radix Codonopsis, astragalus, laurel Park ( winter ), mung bean ( summer ), Lily ( summer ), almond and so on. Everything with less, like a pot. I try to buy the supermarket organic grains, but every time you eat less, you point.
After dinner, go out for a walk in the village, more than 1 hours, take a shower before going to bed back to sleep, drink a cup of red wine. I always drink wine Emperor Xuan of senior dry red. In fact it is not too expensive, seventy or eighty piece of one bottle, can drink a few weeks. Previously tried thirty or forty piece of one bottle, taste much. Wine and tea, but also pay attention to quality.
The above is my diet, may appear trite and insignificant, but these diets is our long-term experience and learning from around, believe that inside the dietary structure is very reasonable, and is particularly suitable for woman. Bee products and supper Tremella miscellaneous soup, for women's skin is very useful, Pu'er tea and is given priority to with element lunch, and shaping. Of course, the greatest benefit, is good to the body. As long as the long-standing, can see the effect of.
by fashiongirl | 2012-01-19 16:06

All time is no time when it is past.

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