pearl is expensive

The best pearl accounted for only 10% of pearl is expensive
Pearl in China has a history of more than 4000 years, pearl crystal dignified, elegant and pure, rich and colorful, and agate,pearl jewelry crystal, jade and are known in ancient China, the traditional" treasures"; in the west, pearl is known as the" son of the sea" and" Queen gem", the international gemstone will also pearl as the June birthstones birthstones, married thirteen anniversary and the thirty anniversary stone.
Pearl misunderstanding

First of all, many people believe that pearl is everywhere, cheap, quality is not high. But in fact, it is because of pearl quality gap is too big, and the quality of the output is limited, a bunch of cheap Necklace 100 yuan, but a jewellery necklace on the level of up to one hundred thousand yuan or more. High quality pearls are not many, truly achieve the level of only 10% jewels.

Furthermore, many people think that the fresh water pearl as seawater pearl, in fact not at all. For example, a diameter of 8mm freshwater pearl and a 8mm seawater pearls, freshwater pearls pearl layer can be close to 8mm, plastic bag manufacturerand seawater pearl to remove the encapsulated nuclear, pure pearl is likely only 3mm, it seems, freshwater pearl pearl cheaper than no sense.

In addition, some people think that fresh water with round pearl degrees than Shanghai water pearl, it is true, but it is because of the freshwater with round pearl less, can produce a pearl probability is very low, so I think the same diameter of a circle of the freshwater pearl necklace price should be higher than the seawater Pearl necklace. As for the brightness and luster, freshwater pearls than seawater pearl slightly inferior, but as an ornament, and should the wearer's own characteristics of perfect matching can show individual charm. So, not blindly seek merely seawater pearl.

Drinking water
Never wears a pearl, take a shower, water from the micropyle ( especially necklaces and played full bore wear chain style ) infiltration into beads, easy to cause the bead layer detachment. Such as the Pearl comes into contact with water, should use a dry cloth to wipe it dry, and then placed in ventilated and dry place.

Avoid heat
Remember not to Pearl long time exposure, or stored at high temperature. When stowed, use a clean soft cloth wrapped, stored in a cool place, the optimum storage temperature is 18-26 C.

Avoid acid-base
Not wearing pearl under the kitchen, because the oil fume is acidic; do not wear the pearls makeup, perfume, mousse, nail polish this kind of cosmetics on the pearl is a great disservice, first makeup, then wear a pearl. In addition to often use a soft dry cloth, do not let sweat or body fat secretion of long time stay in the surface of pearls, because these substances are acidic.

Avoid hard
Don't take it and some sharp objects together, so as not to scratch the bead surface. When the pearl surface enclosing the stains, cleaning is required, the correct method is: use a soft cotton cloth dipped in clean water pearl's surface, then the buckskin dry bead surface moisture,office furniture do not use detergent.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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