Happy birthday

I wish my dear dad. Happy birthday. Always health, peace. And mother always happily, "hold your hand, and son". I love my family.

More than eleven, suddenly to remember always remember, tomorrow is my birthday. So late is not much thought was called to want to give a surprise, a familiar voice, a sorry, dad has been resting. Can also be I wake up, should not. Think Dad the habit of staying up too late or did not change, but live load really let dad have changed a lot. Dad is old, tired, have white hair. These are not just the years trace left behind, as children we added.

" Dad, happy birthday." The first sentence of my dad 's accident. I asked my dad," November 19th know what day is it? Is my dad 's birthday, Dad. Remember? Dad, happy birthday." His answer made me sad:" Daddy don't remember, now is not the time to remember them."

My dear old man, happy birthday. How even their birthday remember? Every day for us life rush about tired, you hold how much heart, tired many circadian. You are tired, tired, but even his birthday is not remember. As a child I can now only be humble to deliver a blessing, wish my dear old dad can feel our one family 's heart tightly connect with. I hope my dad is safe, healthy.

Now I think I thought is mature, compared with before, really can understand family feel. Is empathy. Instead of the previous willful ignorance. These are the years of precipitation, family love touched me. Stand at the present time in the optical memories for treason and his family had said a few words: naive I will stay away from you, and never return to this home. Now replace is home to attachment and dependence. Kind of practical and sense of belonging. The happiness of heavy loading.

Because of love, we will never abandon. Home, always in. One family happy, happy, flat ANN, better than anything. If you can, I am willing to use my Lightyear for parents more happiness. Not too many flowery words, but also because of the oratory also modified not as deep strong love. Just want to own the most real discourse expression. Give me love mum and dad.

Always wanted for my mom and dad to write something for doing further memories, but always can't carry a pen. Because your pen will not be recalled long love. More afraid of their own poor writing write a love like that, but I know my heart is full of very full. Because of these, I can even more treasure. Originally want to learn Zhu Ziqing writers have made writing, want to give their parents wrote the preface," shadow". The idea for a long time, after all, not quantity, change is deep remorse and poignant, more was moved. Promise unfulfilled, just because love is too heavy, to the pen, not only is the preface preface. Any of the words are not modified.
My way to grow, in return is your way to the old. The hair in the bright dazzling white root. Ring still, was no longer young. What is our enjoyment. So I was disturbed, extreme uneasiness. Like the sentence" what youth is equal to have a death wish", too comfortable life for me will be deeper reflection and heavy. From small to large, my brother and I never let you down, is still proud of your children. At least, we learn a crucial point, how to do. Dignified and imposing man, hard man.
by fashiongirl | 2012-01-14 16:14

All time is no time when it is past.

by fashiongirl





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