Give yourself a window

The vast expanse of the human world, give yourself a window, let the love of friends to see themselves, to don't love, malicious comrade, shut out of the window, with like-minded friends to speak one's mind freely, singing wine, mutual exchange of needed products, talk about life, about a dream, enjoy life, happy life. Ask the bawdy, not fit to be seen, spurned things with their isolation, the dark, eerie, vulgar air out of the thousands of miles away. Called his fragile heart, do not hurt, do not talk about others comments, preventing others attack. Nearby a person of noble aspirations, goodbye cruel friends.

The hustle and bustle of the city, give yourself a window, called the rumbling noises, flying dust, sexual harassment is not to their emotions, have a cup of tea, taste the sweets and bitters of life, listening to a beautiful melody, life relax tight heart, appreciate the graceful prose, kite flying soul, far away from the world dissension, warm, comfortable enjoyment of life of quiet beauty,

Rush years, give yourself a window, at twilight water east, Japan and west fall, mesoscopic moon alternately, reincarnation, to spring open, see a riot of colour of the flowers, smelling the fragrance gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind, listen to the eaves swallow twittering, flowers bee butterfly love language, let the gentle spring breeze stroking your face, leaving thick rain intertwined in the heart. In the summer rain hung at eaves, rose in full bloom appreciate small courtyard, listen to the frog vitis. The autumn chrysanthemum charming appearance, similar to the faint fragrance, a piece of the yellow leaves from the branches lightly to my heart, see the moonlight as water in every corner of the room. Waved farewell to the sunset from goose. Winter closes the window, do not let cold rage to their small world, lonely standing at the window, watching the snow sing merrily and dance gracefully in between heaven and earth, feeling in your hair all year.

Warm home, give yourself a window body, have a look my parents are OK, life is comfortable. Beloved heart, cause without suffering, there is no need to help. The child's learning is hard, achievement has no progress, teacher evaluation.

Small business, give yourself a window, have a look whether the customer satisfaction, workers have to pain, whether the direction of social development, open up new space, a new future of fantasy.

Give yourself a window, the world learned everything essence, avoid social scum, listen to the melody of life, cultivate their own sentiments, purify their souls, better comprehension of life
by fashiongirl | 2012-01-12 12:38

All time is no time when it is past.

by fashiongirl





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