Life is light like water

Like a word, called wash plumbic china. I love it as a woman, you may go and tasting her, since there will be a charm in the meantime.

Wash plumbic China, it seems to say before, with three points of vicissitudes, three mature wisdom, three points, and a simple taste. Everything is over, and she sees things behind the scenes hanging smile, tirelessly to you to that story. Or relief, or both, are very dull tone, Poly Bags Factorynot to deliberately played down then the pain and sorrow, but, really some mottled memories.

Fault, has forgiven, so, forget. Hatred, jealousy, tears, the pain associated with past wind disturbance. It looks like a long, but the feeling is very nearly memories, let you in a trance that she just looked on, rather than the government, but you also won't have any doubt, is that really happened to her story. Is such a woman, her heart of tolerance and live together, and you never see her smile is a harrowing experience honed and behavior have on this world, between perceived transparency, whatever, can laugh clear, standing there forms a years of quiet, secular secure illusion. Her as a voiceless, the only slight reverb, should don't get around much anymore is sonorous, resounding and prolonged, but not.

Wash plumbic China, not" piece silty and do not catch", but the first dyeing of silt, finally feel it unclean, eventually jump out of. Presumably this than begins with a do not know what to do sludge is more valuable, because it requires more courage and strength, after all "the return of the Prodigal Son Jin buhuan".Office Furniture LimitedIt was read to the world of life, not a lotus aloof, just with different thought, but is integrated into one, you can still be spotted her good and outstanding.

Is it right? Really washed his earthly dust, through the sadness, such as Phoenix, rise from the ashes like, thoroughly to remould oneself can be floating dust. I feel not quite, wash plumbic China, just some of the things finally read, open, free, let go. All, both, hatred, love, grace and worry, just past, then meet again, can smile min strange.

To the end of his life, how can we wash plumbic China, I can only give time. It is because of the infinite time to let us feel the limited life with no reality whatever drowned in the past how pathetic and sad practice; it is because of the relentless let us see it passes like this. Regardless of day and night, then how to repent, all is in vain; it is time to experience so that we have come to realize that only offload the heavy burden,Medosan to meet again after their.
Wash plumbic China, that is a kind of life, such as water level.
by fashiongirl | 2012-01-11 12:43

All time is no time when it is past.

by fashiongirl





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