happy together

Early summer, I took a Southern University graduate, and my parents insisted that she go home. Pain makes us more lingering respectively, in addition to class, I almost day and happy together, in tears, sad with.
One night, behind the teaching building of the woods, I hold my, kissed her fondly, vowed to take care of her one's whole life. Nathan to curl up in my arms, her body warm, soft, imperceptibly, I reached into her clothes, she did not resist, silently let me touch her sensitive skin.
I trembled, slowly touched her breast, plump breast suddenly that I was unable to restrain from the impulse. The portrait was flame broils, be careless with to removed the Huihui skirt, so we rely on an old tree, hastily scribbled to complete the life in the most solemn ceremony.
After that, things get out of hand made,Ken Kam Limited throughout the summer, in the night in the woods, one playground, even the night after the end of the empty classroom building corner, we are driven by the passion, a clash with each other's bodies.
Because of confusion, we have no foreplay without touch, only the most critical parts of the contact, often less than a minute will end. But it's very strange, in a moment of Huihui skirt, she seems very soon the spur of the moment, ruddy, strongly suppressed moans, sometimes in a very short time reached a climax.
After graduation, my home, parents taught in secondary school teaching, and I was heading south to read inkstone. Our correspondence is unbroken, do v. lovesickness. During the holiday, I went to my hometown reunion with her. When my parents for our marriage is not agree, they hope that the local looking for a mate, stable life.
And then we had to endure suppressed our love. Nathan lived in his parents' home, I now Petite Auberge Hotel, a four people of room. When my parents are out, she called me, I got a sweat ran to meet her, we will fling caution to the winds to hold together.
Sometimes I could not resist, and no suitable places, we take advantage of the night went to the school abandoned warehouse next to solve physical suffering. That place is filthy, but we also intoxicated and meet.
Hard to read grind, I stay in the south of the scientific research units, while continuing to pursue doctoral. Units were divided into a single dormitory to me. My parents to see our love sthiramati deep, had promised her resignation south, after several years of respectively, we finally get together.
Then Nathan was always very cold. In July of that year, we get married, house is my dormitory, humble, very warm. Wedding night, Nathan after bathing in bed, the moonlight quietly in her white body, I gently stroked her hitherto unknown, tender, and I want to have a calm, soothing sex, and not in a sneaky way, hurried.
However, no matter how I love Huihui but no response, I lost control of pain, she almost exclaimed, I had to quickies. Then Nathan was always very cold, although she is also trying to tie, but there was no passion, I thought it was too tired, so double for her patience with yourself, in the middle of the night, patience, in the wife side secretly masturbation.
Later, the rest in a foreign company to find a job, one evening I went to pick her up from work, we had dinner in the restaurant, take a bus home. The car is very crowded, I stood behind her birthday, to resist the peripheral wall. In a road section, the car was stopped, I looked out the window a long stream, motionless.
Suddenly, I felt a hand on my body felt. I lower my head, is happy, she gently across the pants to provoke me. Days of abstinence made me a firm up. Nathan turned to face me, silent, her lower body paste.
It was spring, scantily clad, we in the wall in slightly over, my hands quietly unbuttoning my pants chain, she is leaning on my back, eyes closed, pale complexion, face intoxicated. On public transit vehicle bumps and penetrate the fear, I feel happy also reached a climax.
In our quiet little world, Nathan still cannot get excited. Gradually, she no longer hide" movement on the bed" disgust, night go to bed is turned to go, don't let me touch her.
However, in some of the passionate places, such as unmanned elevator, the night corridor, Nathan seemed to be in the best of spirits. I started to feel a perverse impulse, but the number of large, I was a bit tired, afraid of being caught.
Financing housing units, I and my all, bought an area of one hundred square meters house, at that time, I go to the major building materials market, in my efforts, the house was very elegant decoration,chitin lose weight for me and my happy life, I had bought an expensive king.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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