Intrigue, no joy ... what you

f0174889_12393745.jpgDream of riding a shadow stack, Xia Yang Su-hand blue sky mining; clouds open and close, Hui Xiu Yu wind blowing dust. Hydrostatic flow to a lengthy, time passing by; purple street numerous, personnel and more parting; Love buried in diameter, have been years back.

Most are reluctant to lower the setting sun, the warmth of blooming brilliant time with a warm voiceless. Walking in the desolate ancient woods, feeling the season dying on the finish.

Falling leaves, vertical drop, the solution of the years grow old language signs, unknowingly pick up the city skies have been busy behind the barren years, breeze rippling the yellow leaves, so that at the moment quiet heart Hudang from the faint recollections.

Low-flying geese, a few sound mournful cry, the wind in the echo, so beautiful. Cen lonely isolated hills look to see trees Qiu sticks packing, decadent atmosphere tales dash, with the wind blowing from the temples, rippling hair pulling sentimental TV drama Love Field.

Recall the past, we like walking hand in hand restrain passengers, despite the wind gently blowing on earth or vice versa; now, suddenly a dream, is back after years. Wind journeyman's past, with life first moved in the story flowing, light playing upon a silent movement, poignant but injury.

Red have dragged, the years will still look past stranded. Blinding of the mind, the sadness alone writing the Wind, may have a feeling, Chujing sad, Xin Jing throbbing, tears? During disputes, how like Proverbs degree? Yearned for the quiet habitat, why is flashy but not alienated? Why? Qing one Seoul, life also.

Years of blackout, autumn and the winter; pillow sleepless night jealously guarding the days of the cold snow, without a word trilogy Joseph, who was away your fate in the severance of the honor? Regret this life abide death eternal love, but let stray footprints in the sea of ​​lonely heart to write a permanent imprint of Ming.

End of the World traveled the vast, lonely sad, when the wind opened the curtain parting memories of sleeping in the chest, flying my thoughts turn in time and space knows no boundaries, quiet heart my heart wake up early in the encounter, the interpretation of those brush The handwriting is years past, deep passion and your gentle heartfelt thoughts.

Red Red Petals several times, years later, if you could meet again, will remember that there are people you silently guarding the commitment will remember remember yesterday, lost dreams, remember the first ignorant?

See the figure has been doubted, but now can look back to what I was getting decidedly old story of reincarnation in the face who in the words of wandering? Thousands of the world, let me, comfort me, slander me, ridicule me who have, of false persuasion are also soaring behind a sort of disdain? Bear the worth of the Chongru and bitter, laughing profane things I love is the end of this obscure and your care. Between heaven and earth, the Buddha's attitude to the world to Purdue Nianhua the law itself there Venerable Kassapa to smile once God's response; no one can understand that no one can understand my silence, my story of the world was flooded, The story has already annihilation in my pen ...

Since then, the sight of cold eyes never end, many things in life are also excites a trace of ripple in the heart Yi, although I know not my intention. Life is short, even if we have a brain magnanimity, and few people can rise and fall of bearish things, how many dark thoughts and the dream of overnight rain left by the old track, sit scattered clouds fly ash.

Intrigue, when other trees bloom, Bangshui song oblique, bloom; that desolate Joan sticks with grace, and that the subtle fragrance of aromatic Fufeng flap, why ink decorated elegant, poetic alcohol is already intoxicated. Show video pink, Xu Ying snow wear, and has beautiful flowers blooming at the moment who the face of deep heart? Went walking to find the Huarong branches hovering between fantasy all your smiles ...

Looking back on queue information, Lianmei quiet sigh; walk of life is flowing in a hurry, looking for footprints scattered at once lost in the winding streets in the historical landscape. Life, I would like to do while winter winds, drifting alone in the earth, with a life of aspiration, with Geshi's face, just for you Yifu gentle. Aware of, know about this? Intrigue, no joy ... what you
by fashiongirl | 2012-01-04 12:39

All time is no time when it is past.

by fashiongirl





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