Love is dead

Love is dead, you where,
A year is past, and the next year or so, the past. I don't know what is hidden behind a stable depression, or depressed in a safe after all.
Only after a long wait, and life, and in this way the waiting disappear. Passes in front of the flowing water in the high winds, forgotten in the tree transient floating in. Deep in the mountain spring propagation of autumn fall flowers floating in the sky be always on the move, Yan Qun.
The cold wind, blowing in the ear burst. At the end of the year, New Year beginning, life once again like the desert wind rolling a develop general flip over. Schoolbag clung to her body, day in and day out, wake up, class class, school, home, night. Winter temperature without the sun lazy shed, the heart is getting cold.
Young time is to use the time to wander, only a few moments to grow. Like memories of junior high school, life like flowing water flowing out of the lens head, remember, also so a few moments, so a few review, so a few screen, stick in the memory be too strong to break.
Do not know when the clock pointer bypassing the thousands on thousands of 12 point, through the ratio of Long March also far, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years of age. On the day after the busy shuttle in the workplace, with a sophisticated combat, for survival and busy time, being able to remember the young and frivolous and classroom evening residue sunset.
The world should also turn the world upside down, the changed.
Or high school long after graduation, and then enter the school, opened the door of the classroom dusty. In the billowing dust untidy desks and chairs. The blackboard, still have some inextricable equation inscribes a mathematics.
What is the mood.
Listen not to the rain beating against the trees. Why dont you slowly walk and chant at ease. -- Su Shi.
If it is tired, they have no contact with anyone.
Even if the rumors as travels at the speed of light, also can ignore. He who drank it knows whether the water was cold or warm.
Once I put myself with great care in the refrigerator, I am afraid, afraid you say I've changed. Can you still utter disgust, saying I was infected with a Freon smell, cold and lifeless.
Once I put myself with great care of the vacuum, I am afraid, I am afraid you say I've changed. You can still face contempt, accuse me, too I immutable and frozen, dull and stiff.
I have tried to change, to become your love. Can you abandon me changeable, like a chameleon.
So I felt, no change, no noise, no please, no longer on the world labour to please.
I no longer feel that you are talking about the changed and unchanged, no longer care you upon my endless imagination. I am me, nothing to do, I have nothing to say, nothing to explain.
Is so persist in one's old ways, like Su Dongpo.
by fashiongirl | 2012-01-03 16:09

All time is no time when it is past.

by fashiongirl





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