attributes influence

Mail system attributes influence
Either by mail tool or webmail mail, there are a lot of mail settings, here I put these on the mail settings and the message itself is called "the mail system attribute", the following to explain these properties influence.

Obviously, one of the most important part is the content of the message. Message is too long, was slow, easy to cause the spam suspicion; content short, others just have patience. If the receiver of the message is not interested in the content, generally do not see more than three lines, only the contents of the message are interested in his talent will read. In mail content in addition to products, services and pricing information, should also contain an effective network address and e-mail address and other contact details. If possible,Email Marketingas far as possible at the end of the message." I don't need this information to increase" tips, to ensure that it does not want to receive this information have their email address is removed from the list, thus avoiding being the recipient as spam.

As the mail subject title, content, the attachment is the recipient pays close attention to most part. Typical marketing message general to the company name, product name, price advantage of descriptive statements, we want to use the title to attract people, it takes a special statement or are seductive statements. For example : the sender's real name, can improve the information degree and affinity; with thorny problems solution named recipient to open the message, temptation; with the recipients of care most about naming, is one way to temptation. In short, the title name to accept mail for the center, standing on the receiver's perspective to think, you will find the best headers. But it is best not to use deceptive language as a headline," free" to" win"" old friend, long time no contact" more easily lead to misunderstanding and deceptive words as far as possible without.

When open the message, the message content on the show in front of customers, if customers read the entire content of a message, so he read, will certainly to have some feelings such as: information, high expectations, interest, disappointed, boring and so on, these feelings directly affect the customer 's judgment. If the content does not hold the customer psychology, it is all in vain. So the content must include the excellent products, excellent service, affordable price, mature market and other major advantage, to ensure the defeat opponent, get further opportunities. The important information and the demand key arranged in the front part of the message content, preferably a screen can be read at the same time we must pay attention to prevent content; spelling mistakes and not politeness. Specific content from the customer perspective, such as in product description, minimize the specialized words and detailed description, using simple statement replace sb., particularly outstanding is that customers need to understand the information and the solutions of the problems, to enhance the interest of the intended recipient. In short, what customers need, you just let him know what, that is no worry about the enquiry, there is no lack of orders!

In the message format problem, a lot of people with contempt, in fact it is a crucial problem. The more common way of pure text, HTML form and attachment methods, each has its own merits. Due to the network speed and the effects of the virus, so most people don't open the unidentified e-mail attachments, so it is best not to use the attachment forms of email marketing, although attachment can hold more information. Either plain text or HTML form, should pay attention to the format, the text font, size, color and other visual effects, for HTML messages in the form of words and pictures, more attention should be paid to the color visual effects.

Basically, the above several forms of mail has no interaction, I think the message development trend will certainly to the interactivity of direction, in fact already have some mail using such a form, is the use of Web Dynamic Technology ( such as: ASP,, PHP, Perl, CGI, Java etc.) and streaming media Technology ( such as: flash, GIF, media etc.) to realize the dynamic exchange of messages, such as online submission product orders, delete email list address information, apply for membership, products and so on. But notable is, no matter what form, content of mail to" brief, practical, centralized information" as the basic principle.

If you use the webmail send mail, so attention should be paid to service provider provided some special mailbox management functions, such as: automatic reply, receive reports, address, signature management, mass and so on, in the use of these features before must read the relevant protocol and method of use, so as to avoid unnecessary mistakes or loss.iPhone Application developmentIf the use of bulk software, also want to pay attention to the software to set some parameters.

Here, I would like to recommend how to write e-mail article:" Ten Commandments" Harvard email
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