Distribution of mobile

Distribution of mobile Internet application build top video carrier
The application of mobile Internet emerge in an endless stream, is expected in the mobile Internet watch TV whenever and wherever possible, especially to watch live show needs have not been fully reflected, so far in the apple AppStore, Android Market has not been a capable of integrating hundreds of television signals, powerful, has a perfect user experience of the application of products.

Recently, Chinese network TV station CNTV combined days source media science and technology limited company officially for the global iPad users based on mobile terminal top video applications -- China mobile phone TV, has now begun global pilot. China mobile phone television is the mobile Internet video within the field of an important breakthrough, Mobile Applicationthe CNTV and days of cooperation is not only the combination of mobile Internet, expand the 3G layout of new media application important performance, but also the industry's milepost.

The day is responsible for the construction of development" Chinese mobile phone television" is committed to creating the first cross media interaction of mobile phone TV station, CCTV and will rely on huge content resources and video products audio-visual production capacity, China, interactive world, for users at home and abroad to provide the most authoritative, the most exquisite free, the most convenient, best look Chinese television program broadcast services. First time users can enjoy the smooth, clear, high speed video viewing experience.
Mobile Internet" media cloud services" platform

Days as the most professional digital high-tech enterprises, is rich in the " media cloud services platform " construction experience. Days of construction of the" China mobile phone television hitherto unknown" mass movement" media cloud services" platform construction, the platform is divided into two parts:Digital Marketingone is to achieve a CNTV hundreds of distributed television signal integration road code collection, while the realization of the mobile internet terminal large-scale live streaming push service, being able to support 5000000 users online high performance CDN distribution network, has garnered from signal processing to real-time coding to multi protocol, multiple terminal broadcast stream publishing process. Two is the terminal software platform based on quick release, days of unique TMFC days based application development library, to the rapid development of deployment support Android, iOS intelligent terminal client application, ensure the best user experience.

The project is based on the international commercial H.264 coding technology, realize the 512Kbps rate can reach standard quality. Rapid construction of 7 days of EPG, 10 seconds screenshots of the enhanced stream application service. HTTP protocol based on debris flow transmission technology, can completely ensure that in the public environment stable lossless transmission, substantially better than the existing RTMP protocol flow instability in push mode. China mobile phone television to achieve a coding multiple delivery, in a coded, using a general flow structure reuse technology, video data is multiplexed into different types of broadcast stream terminal adapter. Support for Apple HTTP live streaming specification and TS flow, meet iPad, iPhone, Android series of intelligent terminal. The" media cloud services platform" business system reached a hitherto unknown scale.

Leading mobile Internet video industry development
Day is a leading global media cloud computing services, built in Wuxi video cloud computing industry base, is a 600 server is one of the largest mass television intelligent processing and information service platform. The launch of the Chinese mobile phone television is relying on the days of strong live video service cloud, Cloud Computing Adoption processing mode, on the television program fragment processing, to ensure the smooth seamless viewing program.

Days the company thinks, video field is the mobile Internet the next gold mine, the next killer application. Fragmentation, Plate Heat Exchanger whenever and wherever possible, free to watch video is the mobile Internet video applications a big characteristic, but consider video technical computing quantity is huge, to a first-class experience of users must rely on the cloud, the cloud service manner. Can say, the video processing cloud computing is the mobile Internet future development of an important support, is the trend of future development.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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