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Traditional Chinese medicine preparation" Daddy soup" elimination of a beer belly
Addicted to drink beer, in addition to grow a" beer belly", due to abdominal long cold gas invasion, but also indirectly caused by the wet of spleen and stomach.

Beer belly, also called" prominent paunch". With the increase of age, male deep sleep stages decrease, due to poor sleep quality, hormone secretion decreases, the lack of hormones so that the body fat and increase the accumulation in the abdomen, but the older more apparent effect. In addition, many middle-aged people long time sit the office, lack of exercise, easily lead to abdominal fat accumulation. In the pressure of work, many people will be eating too much, cause indigestion, it is also easy to cause excessive weight.

Beer belly buster" Daddy soup"
In China, Hongkong and other places have a traditional Chinese medicine preparation by" Daddy soup" is a beer belly Buster, the soup can not only to the lower abdomen cold, elimination of abdominal fat, and warm in winter and the effect of weight loss.

Material: 200 grams of water celery, crucian carp 1 ( about 1 kg ), ginger little.
Traditional Chinese medicine: 5 grams of Amomum villosum of Cyperus rotundus, incense 5 gram, yam 3 grams, 3 grams of semen hoveniae.
Production: fish plane net viscera to the wash, oil pot, fry yellow approximately eight cooked after the stand-by. Celery and various medicinal uses ten bowl of boiling water 20 minutes, join carp with boil for about 2 hours. If the water celery, single use crucian carp are also available, and taste depending on personal taste seasoning.

How to remove a beer belly?
In order to eliminate the" beer belly", need from many sided joint efforts:
In 1, at least 30 minutes of exercise every day
Japan medical experts developed a set of whenever and wherever possible to do sports, to eliminate the" beer belly" the effect is very good. One is holding hands and legs, and; two elevators, walking upstairs; three is where to stand . It, the best stand completed, such as et al, call, reading the newspaper, shoes and socks.
Stands slightly on tiptoe, the body in a nervous state. The experts also suggest, to lose belly fat, preferably in enhancing systemic movement situation, strengthens the abdominal exercise again.

2, to three meals a day: should not ignore the breakfast and lunch
If you do not eat lunch, you might be hungry to back home, at the dinner table to eat a big meal. Eat snacks: only carry a low fat, low energy food or snacks, such as fruits, vegetables, such as cookies.

In 3, desk bottle of water
One day will often drink. When you want to eat something sweet, drink water, eat sweets wishes will soon disappear. Don't let the mental pressure to eat: when there is stress, don't pick up food, but go out for a walk. Physical activity than to eat more conducive to relieve mental stress.

4, do not eat outside.
The restaurant food more often than a home cooked meal contains more energy and fat. Pay attention to your unit is provided near the low fat food restaurant. Don't go to the fast food chains, where the choice of low fat food rarely.

5, not a person eating
And colleagues, friends eating. Focus on the companion's conversation, not the food. Don't eat buffet: Buffet often leads to eat a lot.

6, pay attention to drink
Alcohol with higher energy, it can prevent the consumption of fat, but also reduce the willpower. If you want to drink some wine, preferably with soda drink mix. Drink plenty of water and low energy drink.
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