chrysanthemum wound

Previous incarnation things of the past still has chrysanthemum wound
Remnants joss-stick break, Liu Si Han, before the window bright moon harm, water still Mang, person's separation and reunion, river side plum remnants, the evening person's leave, the tears wet green Shan is full, one song disappointed top of tree, Yan wet eye in the door spends.

Long station month is curved, depend on shore in the sparse dream, a song longs for for who play?Separate shore breeze Lian, assortment the distressed person is disappointed and draw the bridge fragrant full mountain, who person light Qing cup the wine Be empty to stay a month, the pipa shallow voice with the flowing water, what then the person go, sheding tears dress the top is dry.

The You dream Xuan window, the smoke flower passes away an autumn to copy and free to things of the past dim moonlight double eye, the dust is full memory of painting Lian, the flower fades Liu Se to spread, misty memory of facial appearance, only tread in the yellow flower to pile up place, wander about unhurriedly in aqueous of 24 before the bridges, have never looked for autumnal winds to turn, withered away this chrysanthemum joss-stick.

The Se Se horizontal pond, the carefree song, hopes to not and to the utmost kiss water wild goose and write on the paper dissatisfied of carefree sorrow, flower from float zero, twilight dust the joss-stick is full and pour one cup inferior win, the 廋 is a new sorrow, moonlight the as before person is empty thin, the wet eye buries flower when rest.

The Xi copies the evening full court to spread and stays a cripple red month to copy wound now, gets empty to stop poem book to fall a chrysanthemum set and what then breaks Xian to die to have no voice.Who sigh pure chrysanthemum to float, the night color autumn grass blares, the breeze pure chrysanthemum voice, only the Ling remnants flower sing.

Draw a bridge side, fallen petal shore, whistling Mu rain, Mu rain buries cold joss-stick, bright moon light, copy loneliness, sigh to the utmost the human life matter if the floating cloud spreads.

Think of the old days red candle to cherish old joss-stick from the pity shadow dance, inebriate long station road of the leave in night side two boundless, the east hedge overflows the wine river's water and toasts to invite bright moon alone, bright moon depend on sparse reflect a bowl of bottom, book Lian regardless of autumnal winds idea.The passing years easily dies how may the facial appearance is old, wet eye pear flower who know beauty Jiao, the evening swing depends on to break bridge, disconsolate like dream, how know that the spring scenes is infinite like.

Lonesome like Si, the sadness is like phrase, who sends a grief, the bise dies chrysanthemum to cover up You joss-stick, but for autumnal winds such as knife Huang Ye4 die boundless.Tears still have the dress scar the remnants, dark fragrant end of the day deeply drunk, before the river river water whistle voice night, the gusset dark Yun is cripple chrysanthemum Fang, several reposition of redundant personnel water autumnal colors, the autumnal colors chrysanthemum set lane side exhibition, but for facial appearance frost temples white, the dust contains mire joss-stick to cover up in shadow.

Autumn waters before the western wing, side, die chrysanthemum to return shadow Pian Xian, thin the floating cloud Cheng blue sky outside book.Toss a title, the Cang is how many cool, who sigh aforetime facial appearance, gloomy setting sun west bottom, chase wine one song new phrase.

The flowing water lightly fondles Xian in bosom before the bamboo, the fallen petal full cup contains chrysanthemum Ming and plays one song"high mountain flowing water" and cantillates "plum flower three lanes", and the Yi sends a daisy and tells the inch inch sorrow bowel.

Chrysanthemum Yi, the dark joss-stick stays, autumn moonlit night, the Shu shadow resembles Huang.Keepses a petal remnants chrysanthemum, hatch one Xiu smoked joss-stick, open at this time, at that time fall, turn an eye and is an in a flash Fang China.

The green dress is like painting, who disorderly who separate the trace of a life time, the red candle light is cool and ask who spread the Chinese foot vegetable in the dream.Have no the language Ning chokes and attach elegant for thousand years, eventually however go to a long distance mist-shrouded waters inside of turn in a sudden one dream.

In early years feeling, Kou month who can solve, read aloud early times, heartless also rains and winds, tears thousand lines of side musical sounds broke, the dream is difficult to stay, long for paper of top who thousand lines of, the Chi was 1 and inebriated a , the fallen petal didn't understand an idea, things of the past with the flowing water, a don't spread for thousand years.

Balcony lock, smoke Liu Han, water Cang Cang, one Suo smoke rain is thin, the flower fades destroy chrysanthemum, and the evening leaves the dulcimer to the wine lane and only stays poem book joss-stick for a night.The flower flies to the utmost, the person is empty to lose, not Ci mirror inside from deliberate, ex- wet eye in the door who disappointed, gloomy one song bright moon is more grieved.
by fashiongirl | 2011-12-09 12:34

All time is no time when it is past.

by fashiongirl





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