how from measure

The disease of human body comes from the impervious Chinese medicine in the body teach you how from measure
Thousand cold easily in addition to, a wet difficult go.The wet is sticky muddy, such as oil go into noodles."
Now person, eat meat to eat too manily, eat of there is pollution in the food, exercising the quantity is little, the body Yin prosperous sun falsely, wet evil inside Yu, so the bowels can not be normal.Why model move bowels few?Speak in Chinese medicine, Pi falsely then then Tang, the Chinese originally should take the grain miscellaneous food as to eat, now the food of the knish is lord, don't eat meat to feel for many people a day very Kui, over a long period of time so, hurt of is an appetite, the Pi is what carry turns water wet, the Pi suffers from injury, water is wet not ability complete luck turn, pile up in the body.So, the bowels doesn't take shape to mean the Pi also means to have moisture inside the body falsely.

A, moisture heavy severity endanger healthy body, is the source of ten thousand diseases

At to the breeze of disease, cold, hot, wet, dry, fire this"six Yin evil ways" is medium, Chinese medicine most afraid wet evil.

Permeating most easily is wet.Wet evil never the Gu soldier courageously fight and always want to act in collusion for evil purpose with another evil ways.

The moisture meets cold then become cold wet, this compare to the time in winter, if weather dry, no matter how it is cold, the persons still can accept of, but if moisture heavy, the person is getting more suffered very much.South of winter make person suffered more in winter than the north, be because the southern moisture is more heavy, cold wet set of person.

The moisture meets heat to then become hot and damp, this compares to the mulberry in summer to take a sky, is hot and wet, let the person breathe heavily however annoy, obviously rather scorching sun overhead, weather aridity of time come to heart's content.

The moisture meets breeze to then become rheumatism and get rid of breeze very easy, but once becoming common practice, usually is a chronic disease, at that time half will the son didn't well cure.The moisture is under the skin, form obese, also not the healthy problem of processing.

Two, the ego diagnosis is inside the body whether have a wet method

While getting up-see a felling

If the time got up everyday morning feels special fatigue, the hair faints and beat not to rise spirit, or was like to wear the piece wet clothes, the whole body isn't refreshing, the person is also lazy to move ……so can affirm your body inside have wet.

While going to toilet-see the bowels

After the convenience in the morning, can observe once move bowels.Whether glue on the toilet, water still hurtles not clean.Inconvenient observation toilet of, can also observe toilet paper, normal words 12 pieces of papers enough, if 35 pieces of papers again and again wipe to also wipe not clean,(this is to ask to diagnose a list a top why want to ask the reason of the bowels) also explain to be wet inside the body.Color and shape of moving bowels can also inside the in aid of judgment body whether is wet.The normal bowels is a golden color banana form of, but few someones are this kind of healthy bowels now.There is wet circumstance inside the body under, the color moving bowels delivers green, Tang soft not clean felling for doing not take shape,(this is the falsely important Pi sign, the many peoples all have) always have a row.Time grew, the night then output toxin accumulated to stay in the body, all kinds of troubles up then.

While washing Shu-see tongue-coating

Ascend we usually started washing Shu after the over toilet, we might as well draw out for several seconds and toward a mirror to see his/her own tongue before brushing teeth."The tongue is the seedling of heart, is again a Pi outside wait", the tongue can reflect our body condition by sensitive ground.

The healthy tongue is pale red and lustrous, the tongue noodles has the 1 F the tongue-coating, thin white and quiet, dry wet just right, not slippery not dry.If the tongue could not reach these index signs, that explains that the body function has already appeared a problem.If the tongue-coating white is thick and look slippery but moist, then explain to be cold inside the body;If the tongue-coating is rough or very thick and deliver Huang Fa Ni and then explains to have hot and damp inside the body;If the tongue quality is red and red to have no Tai and then explain inside the body already hot arrive certain degree wound Yin.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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